Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, January 06, 1913, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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ansDuomi matt; trtttunr MrcnFOKT), oiratioy. Monday, .tanfany o, ima.
MMHPoto Mail tribune
TM ryshtsofMltf Tim, The Milford
Mull, Thti Medford Tribune Th South.
rn Ornronlaw, Tlio Afchlnmt' Trlhuni.
Ofric Mnli Trtbwin- llulUUnfr, S5-27-S4
North Dr irt?et. phone, Matn J0S1.
OROnUB, PUTNAM. KcJItor nnd Manager
Kntwd 'An Mconil-eTass matter nt
Medfnrd, OrtRon, under tho net of
March 3. W. , ,,
Offlclel Paper of, the City of Medford.
.Official Vnper of Jackson County.
Ono year, by mall JS 00
Onn mouth, by niAll. .. ... .... .. .. .to
l'rr month, ileltvonM hy carrier In
MrtirnriL Jacksonville ami Cen
tral Point .'. . .80
f-'nturday only, by mail. nr yr . 3.on
Wevklr, PT Vri . 1.80
Dally avernRn fur loveii months end
Inir November 30, 1911. 2, SI.
Tlio Mali Tribune Is n wile at the
Perry New Htnml. !n hYnnclopo
Itortlnml Hotel Nena tftnml. I'nrltand
Portland NVws Co., Portland. Om
W. ). Whitney. S.vuilr Wnnh
Tall X.tud Wlr UnlWa Press
Metropolis of Himttiurn Oregon and
Northern Pallfortilii. ami tlio fn.ilii.t
crowina oily In UrKo.
Population V. 8, census 1Q10 s0:
mtlmtB1."lJ15l1MeO. "
FtVo hundred thousand dollar Ofnvltv
Wutnr Pyslem mnnd. t.-d, Kiin fii.-w
"iit'l'ly pore mountain wntrr. ami 17 1
mil'" of street tuiMit.
IMatoffht receipts for war ending
Novi'inlior 30, lilt, show Incrt-tia of 1
per eent.
llanner fruit oily In Orrron Horii
ltlvT Spltwnhorir apples won 8vp.
Makes ptltf and title of
-AjppU jelnjr of tht World"
nt tti Niitlotml Anph .show, sfpolcano,
1S09. and n car or Newtown w'On "
rint rrtr In 1910
nt Cnnftillnn Intrrnatlonnl Apple Show,
Vnnrouvr. II. P
rim rri in ion
At Kfiknni National Apph Show won
hy carloml of Nrwlown
- XT- : -- - -li "-.a - ,JC
The HoRito Hlv r o-orwrat'xp
Krult Growers' AMoclatlon was form
ed at a meeting, of a number of In
tcrvktcd grower. hi;ld Saturday aft
ernoon. J. A. Perry was elected chair
man and S. A. Nye was elect
ed secretary. Tho first incakor, S.
C. George, extolled tho co-operative
plan and gave as his opinion that tho
present Hopie IUver Fruit & Prod
uct) aosoclatlon Is on tho wrong tack
In gelling and moreoxcr docs not co
operate with the majority of the
growers. He said that tho condition
aud tho sale of fruit should be tho
care of tho association while It was
still upon the trees. That our pears
and apples are unsurpassed, but that
tho middle western markets never
boo any of it, and that finally tha
valo of our fruit should be regulated
and the cost of production cut down.
F. II. Cowlcs said that tho most
Important thing to be considered was
tho control of the association by tho
members and tho way that tho vot
ing power should bo separated. This
could bo brought about best by al
lowing to one man only one vote, no
matter how much stock ho might
F. J. Newman told tho 'members
tho stato laws regarding tho forma
tion of both the co-operatlvo and tho
slock companies and tho advantages
and limitations of both.
Mr. Newman then mado a motion
that n co-operative association be
formed. The motion wan carried
without a dissenting vote.
It was decided, upon motion of S
h. Dcimott that tho membership feo
bo placed at $10. Carried.
Question of what tho Indebted
ness of tho association should be
Hmltod to brought out suggestions Of
5D000 nud or (10,000. No action
was. taken on tho matter.
Tho question of a namo for tho
association was then brought up.
Tho Mcdford Co-operatlvo Fruit as
Boclatlou was proposed, boconded and
defeated. Tho following names wero
thou suggested: Co-operatlvo Fruit
(rowers' association of tho Rogue
Illver Valloyj ltoguo lllvor Co-oper-utlVg
Fruit association and finally
the name which waa adopted, Kogue
Illver Co-operatlvo Fruit arowora'
Tho chairman upon motion- theu
Appointed tho following committee
of seven to submit all necessary de
tails for tho permanent organiza
tion of tho association to be com
pleted at a meeting to bo held next
Saturday: William IJudgo, 8, A. Nye,
8. C. Ceorgo, N. L. Narregan, F, II.
Cowlea, L. II. Houston aud J. A.
Tho books wero then opened and
tho following growers signed for
N". h. Narregan, William Uudgo, J.
J. Sk'lnnor, W. M. Shoblo, A. Aim
ing 8. C. Ceorgo, A, W. Stono, J.
II, Carlton, F, II. Cowles, A. A. Uor
nnrd,G. H, Peck, Charlc-H Darby, W.
h. Scantlln, W. II. Ilrown, Holdrldgo
& Son. John Slsty, Ceorgo tauns
nach", T). A, Uonar, K. T. Noal, T. J.
Williamson, J. Q. FryE. D, Hall,
F. g? Carpenter, MJA. Dlckorson.
(iooiifo Andrews, J, IT, Darby, II. A.
arey?Jr.;j. F, Wortman, J. h. Wil
son, 8. h. Dennett, Houston Dros.,
8tone& Fobs, J. 0. Goro, J. A. Perry,
8. ANye and W- H. Watt.
THE iTnckaon oouniy court that bas. ,iust jxono out oC
offico dosoi'vos a word or approoiation for the pioj?uess
made by the county under its regime.
The members of this court have given Jackson county
tho first macadam roads in southern 'Oregon. They have
started tho foundation for an extensive system of fine
highways. They have built many fine bridges across our
streams. They Jmvc opened up new parts of the county
and made possible greater development.
The court has made tourist traffic possible by work
done on the Pacific highway and on the Crater Lak'e high
way. It has left enduring monuments to its progressive
ncss throughout the county and will be far more appre
ciated in the future than it is todav. It is said that the
court left tho county in debt yes, but the debt is a more
bagatelle compared to the wealth and resources of .; (
county, and without tho debt, the improvements could not
have been made, and the improvements arc permanent.
It is easy to find fault. The man who knows least ia
always a wiseacre. The man who never saw a mile of
gootl road is the only man capable of building one in his
own estimation. The man who never managed any sort ol
a business successfully always can run the other fellow's
nud these are the ones who' find most fault with the old
The court has been cruelly and maliciously libelled,
for political effect. Two character assassinating editors
spattered it with muck. But their wild accusations proved
false. Tho members of the court emerged with clean
records and untainted hands, while one of their detractors
fled to Oklahoma to escape a libel prosecution and
the other gone to a more congenial clime.
The court made mistakes who doesn't? Under the
American system of electing, men at small salaries, un
trained for public office, we expect mistakes and forgive
tliqin il t he v only do tilings
judge rseii nas none much lor tlie count v. lie never
turned down a meritorious proposition. 1 1 is fault, if it was
a fault, was in trying to do too much. Practicallv everv
1 bridge in the county was constructed under his adminis
tration and he will live in history as Jackson county s
bridge builder.
James Owens has been tho conservative element in tbe
court, and a treasury watchdog is always needed. How
ever, .Air. Owens has been progressive and in favor of ex
pensive road and bridge work.
missioner. .
Frank Brown has only held office for a year, but has
made such a good record that it is greatly to be regretted
that he refused a nomination and election. He is the type of
man who ought to servo the pu'olie, but who has such ex
tensive private interests that he cannot well afford the
Searcelv a section of Jackson countv that has not re
ceived substantial- improvements under the retiring court
and we are sure there is not a section in which the mem
liers of the court are not held, in grateful esteem and that
the entire countv joins in wishing them a happier New
Year in private life than the
public life.
IX the consideration of franchises, the city council should
bear in mind that the development of the adjacent
country by an interurban trolley is more to be desired than
the building of electric; lines within city limits, which while
a convenience to the people, do not mean much to the pros
perity of the community.
. From a development point of view, each mile of operat
ed railroad outside the crty is worth more to the city than
two miles within. Tt is tlie interurban feature that is the
developer, not the lines within the city.
The Barnum application means the electrizing of the
Jacksonville line and its extension through the city and its
operation along lines made famous by Iiarnum. it means
no new territory opened and developed, and cannot, in
the nature of things give much of a stimulus to the devel
opment of the county.
Tlie .Mnnicy proposal, on the other hand, moans the
opening up of a new section of the country, is built primar
ily to develop the land traversed, and is the first Jink in an
interurban belt line that will
ley. Hacked bj' a successful company whose chief business
is land development, it should mean new people, new
11101103 new enterprises and new payrolls.
For those who have the future of-the city as well as
country at Jicart, there scents only ono thing to do, and
that is secure an up-to-date trolley system while wo have
the chance.
Why Talent
T:ilcnt jw growing. jiy) Bct'tiut-o
il is Httrroiu'.ile.l by the largest body
or forlHo roil u? any town in south
ern Oregon.
Kust lit'tv (V linlf township o the
bofct of orchunl laiid. Tlio 400-iicro orchard is in tliis belt.
Wet lies tin i'muous Mountain
View orchard, with 1'lnwinj; nrfesinn
wcIIh, boni.tloh tho Oeorgo Morrin tliiec
hundred uud twenty acre tract which
in nil either orchunl or aiileu land.
one of llio moil productive bodies of
lurid in lho valley.
Tho lTiimimlcr of Huh west half
town Is iernn too nuiu
erottfs to mention, but nil liavo tho
best of laud.
Tuniiinr'tlio 'oii.Ux on around to
(ho nut tli of Talent there you find
tho cream of tho valley, both in noil
and 'water condition. Andorwon
miuijjtf race, the old mill ditch and
Hear creek, all living olrcamH, llow
thrqupli tlii land. Tho largest berry
farms niid iiuent gaitfuiib of tlio val
ley nru found there. And alfalfa
need no water to jrron" four crops
each year.
Dairying, too, comes in for ils
and keep their hands clean.
He has made good as com
muekrakcrs gave them m
eventually encircle the val
Is Growing
hharc in tlio section north of Talent.
Tho southern Oregon experiment wtn
tion i located there because of (he
exoceilui; fertility of oil.
South of Talent is Wagoner creek
vnlley. Fruit and duiry fyirminjr are
on one of tho best pitying batd in
tho valley. I). Holdridgu mid 1.
K. Fokh have cnch orchards thefo
Hint are not excelled in Colorado.
Tho Itapp orchards nud iilfalt'n farm
hats mado its owuern independent, au
Iiiih tho IJeoKon brother crove. Kach
of therie own an autumobilu and aro
011 oiiriy htrect, iih aro many otliorn
in tho boiitliern part of that town
ship. Only a hiikiII portion of tho
young orchardH arc in bearing iih yet,
ho there are bettor timed abend for
Talent, and larger pay rolln in tho
fnt nru.
Talent biibiucBg lioiiscH nud enter
prises at present are: Talent State
Hank, u $2-1,000 public Kcliool build
ing, three 'fine churches, n !?1'',0U0
cannery, a i?'JO,000 wulor nyHteni just
about completed, two largo Ktoien,
dry goods and groceries; 0110 grocery,
0110 bakery, thrco confectionery and
yal't drink houses, 0110 largo pool
Ileal INtuto Trunfot-H
tlurtou J. Palmer et ux to W.
1). Roberts, 26 acton lit sec.
It, twp. 3S S., It. IW
Henry Kofoidt et ux to R. K.
Cowlo, laud In sees, S and !,
twp. 38 S 11. IB
R. Schuler ot ux to Ktntim C.
Clltio, portion of blk. I,
Sliort'H Add. to Medford
U A. Abbott ot ux to W. M.
Abbott et ux, portion of lot
14, Ashland llomestond
Asi'n tract, Ashland
Janio 8. Day to U A. Smith
lots 5 and 7. blk. I. Conlral
Add to Kaglo Point
Kmallnp Odcn to J. T. Oden
land In see. .12, twp. 31, 3.
R. :t West ..
Karl H. Fohl, ot ux to II. V,
Wllon, portion of lot 2 Con
stant Add to Central Tolnt
Henry Sharer, Administrator to
draco K. Houston, property
In Phoontx 1 1
F. A. Furry e( ux to Henry
Shnfrr, ot ux, popwrty In
Phoenix ,
I.. C. Applegnti et ux to IMwpy
Smth ot nl, land In c. 21,
twp. :;.,' S. R .1 v t
W. J. Smith et ux to Crcll I..
Smith .'.
P. It. Gray to It. I). Spcnrer
20 acres In sec 29, twp. 3S,
S. R. 3 West
Winifred Cameron to Spencer
M. Marsh. IHO am lit sec
V 22. twp. 40. S. R. 3 Kant
Alfred A. linker to 11. K.
Drown. 10 ncros In sc. 17,
twp. 3S, s. R. 2 West
John Morris et ux to (Soorgo W.
MorrN ot n.x, portion or lots
r. and 0 In Woolen's Add to
J. O. Ittaai-fon ot ux to J. F.
Halo, low IS, I". 20 In blk.
1 Grand View Add to Cen
tral Point
Henry Humphry et ux to Kr
net C. Rowoll, lots 2 and 3.
4. 7. S. 11, 12. U. IG. 19
In blk. 2, Orchard Home
Lucrolla KUIff Knyart to First
Nat'l Dank. Medford. lots
1 and 2. blk. 17. In Medford
J. M. Rico-to It. Hash et ux. 1
aero In sec. lfi, twp. 39, 3. R.
2 no
1 Fast, also property In Ash
land .
Eugenq, C. Dartlott et ux to
Joshua Patterson, 160 acres
In sec. 13, Up' 39, S. It.
4 Kast
I. D. Plttman to W. C Swing,
property In Ashland .-..
Minnie Lewis et vlr to M. 1).
Jones, lots 5 and C, 7 and 8
in blk. 21, In Jacksonville . .
II. C. Garnett el ux to W. I.
Halley lot 4, blk. 23, In Mod
ford I.011U Arthur Roso et ux to
Frank W. Wllber, lotM 1. 2,
3, 4, S, C, 7 and 8 In blk. 10,
In Phoenix
James D. Simons et ux to Syl
vester Patterson ot ux, 2 lA
acros In sec. 9, twp. 39, S.
R. 1 East
K. E. Phlpps to Kdyth Philip
land In twp. 3'.i, S. It. I
East', also property In Ash
laud 1
United States to I.oiiIh Schnei
der, lfiO aero In soc. 0, twp.
39, S. It. 1 West Patent
Guy A. Ross to Allco Hollowny
and Fred Huff, quart Mining
claim In Jackson county
Daniel Illlkoy nt ux to Marlon
A. Rrtder, property In Med
ford Daniel Illlkoy et ux to Marlon
A. Under, land In sec. 25,
twp. 37. 8. It. 2 West
T. J. Williamson ot ux to Trail
Lumber company, 1C0 acros
In sec. 22, twp. 37, 8. II. 3
Albert H. Lnwrontz to D. J.
Iiwrontz, property In Mod
ford Ernest C. Rowell et ux to Jamoa
Howling, 1 ttcro In Orohttrd
Home Addition
Robert Kyfo ot al, Trustees to
Fjrst Prohbyterlan church of
Central Point, lots 7 and 8,
blk. 9 In Central Point
J, H. Gay et ux to J. L. Cllno
lots 3 and' 4, blk. 40, lu Cen
tral Point -
James L. Cllno ot ux to Albert
V. Whitney, lots 3 and i, blk.
40 Central Point
E. K. Phlpps to Kdyth Phlpps
property In Ashlnnd 10
IlenJ. C. Sheldon to Emma C.
room, tliwo real cstalo offices, two
barber shops, 01111 storo,
0110 furniture atoro, 0110 livery stable,
two blockMiiitli "Imps, sasli and door
uud box factory, electric sub-station,
two meat inarlictH, hoo store nud re
pair shop, 0110 jewelry store, drug
store, lumber yurd'ilepot ami freight
warehouse, postoffiooNuid 1. (). O. F.
hall, three line lioIOIs, huge frail
packing house experiment station,
and county poor farm.
I'laiiH aro being drawn for a .flO,-
000 Odd Fellows .bull.
8hldouv 170 acres In mpo.
20, twp, 30, a. It. I Weiit . It)
Laura II. Cantonm to William
II. Johnson, land In suu. 12,
twp. Jill, a. It. 3 West . . ., 300
K. H. Sooley ot ux to O. It. 1'.
UorcH property In Mudtofd 10
O. II. l.lhrels to p, j( Halley
property lu Mmlford 10
W. D. Cnroy ot ux to W. T. Ills
soil ot ux, portion ot lot (1,
blk. US lu Ashland 7ft0
James L. Cllno ot ux to Albert
V.AVhltiiey. lots 3 and 4, blk.
40, Contra! Point 10
C. W, McDonald ot nl to Jose
phliio Clausen, lot 2, River
side, sub-division lu soo. 21,
twp. 30, S. It. I West .. .. 128".
Klttatipth Stownrt ot al to F. K.
. Morrlok, trustee, 10 acre In
Stewart sub-dlvlslon 1
F. i:. Morrlok, trustee to R. A.
rinlnyson, 10 acres In Stew
art sub-dlvlslon 1
D. O. Kariui to Oeorgo 12.
Cowdon, lot 10, blk. 19,
Rutin Falls' 10
I). (1. Karnes to Edgar E. Smith
lots 11 and 12, blk. 19,
lltttto Falls 10
John MorrU 0 ux to W. .f.
Mooro, portion of lot 1', blk.
28 lii Ashland . ... 10
Marriage l.lreiipt
R 11. Sriornrd nud Clara May
Hiilso. both of Medford,
II. A. Hnnscom and Carrie Sav
age, both of Medford.
William Haunott and Anna Can
ton, both of Central Point.
Circuit Court
Stato ot Oregon vs. F. W. Luoiun.
Stato of Oregon vs Cleveland
Wilson. Dismissed.
State of Oregon vs. Wm. llaxtnr.
State or Oregon vs. Thomas II.
'Robertson. Dlsmlwod.
State ol Oregon v. J. A. Mcin
tosh. Distillled.
Htato or Oregon v. Henry Davis.
Stato or Oregon vs. Chas. 3. Rob
erts. Dismissed.
State of Oregon vs. C. W. Stockam.
Dismissed. Indicted under nanm of
John Doc.
Stato of Oregon vs. M. A. Finney.
DlMtilsktfd. Indicted under namo ot
Richard Doc.
State of Oregon vs. Daniel Maltar.
Indicted under name of Win. Colo.
Stato n( Oregon ys. Mark Finney.
State ot Oregon vs. Dan Mahar.
Circuit Court
I. J. Phlpps vs. City of Medford.
II. It. Allon vs. Geo. A. Hoover.
Thomas J. Campbell vs. James
Campbell. Dismissed.
Mlunlo Kitnbull vs. Elliott Kim
ball. DccrtHt granted,
Lizzie Walpolo vs. Harry K. Wal
pole. Dcrcii granted.
Farmers & Fruitgrowers Rank vs.
Henry Vinson, ut al. Verdict for
Stato of Oregon v. W. A. Marvin
Formln Zana ot al vs. L. L. Lovo
nt al. Decree.
Lottie Pulton vs. Medford Natl.
Rank- Dismissed.
Madeline Hay Parker vs. R M
Whltesldn. Vnrdlst for defendant.
Gnrnett-Corey Hardware Co , vs
II. II. Graham ot al. Order confirm
ing sale or real proporty.
Stato or Oregon vs. E. C. Mont
gomory. Dismissed.
Bedford Nat'l. Hank vs. John M
Root. Dismissed,
First Nat'l. Rank of Eaglo Point
vs. S. U. Splicer. Judgment by de
fault. Sadie Elizabeth Drake vs. Chas. II
Drake. Dccreo granted.
Medford Hardwaro Co. vs. J. It.
Wright. Judgment by default.
California-Oregon Power Co. vs.
Opp Mining Co., ot al. Deorco, do
fauU. Stato of Oregon vs. T. A. Lo Mas
ters. Order changing plea.
Wm. J. llenrdsloy et al vs. J. W
Dressier. Judgment by dofnult.
Htato or Oregon vs. Phillip Martin
and Frank Doylu. Potlt larcony.
Jokoph P. MrClaugherty vs. Roguo
River Electric Co., for 2G,000 dam.
William Ulrlch vs. Almlra Wilson,
et al. Docreu by default.
ThomiiB McAndroWH vs. E, M. Sav
age, et al. Ordor confirming salo of
real property.
E. Oraco Plyiiialo vh. Victor Tly
male. Divorce.
Nellie 8. Dodge, Ilurilotto L.
Dodge and Frunk II. Thuls vh. tho
Unknown heirs of John Lougsworth,
deceased ot al. Suit to (pilot title.
pavo Smith vrf. O. M. Crouch ot nl.
Suit to foreclose a mining claim.
Sophia Roblnott vs. Porter Itobl
nott, Dlvorco.
Arthur NIcIioIh vh. J. E. Rralnurd
John A. Perl
, 28 fl.niAlvi'LETT
Plume, JI..47I and )7J1
Ambulunco Service , Deputy Coroner
and Jnuo Dee tlrnliiiird. Action for
OluiM. L. Sohleffoltii vm, Medford
Nursery Co. Autlon for money.
atnto of Oregon vs, C W. Htncknin.
atnto of Oregon vs. llerhort Frost,
ut al, Dismissed.
atato of Orogoii vs. llort OuiiiiiiluKi.
Indicted White Slavery. Ploa not
Lottie L. Potion vs. Mod'ord Nnt't.
Hank. Dismissed,
Wm. Mondoiihnll vs. Uovemiu Min
ing Co, Dismissed.
John llultaiison vs. City of Ash
land. Dismissed.
Stato of Oregon v. O. F. Cowlo
vs. I!. T. Fuss. DIsmlsHud.
Lewis atengor Harbor Supply Co.
vs. Mrs. Wm. Diinlup. JudRineiit.
FarmntH & Fruit Grower Hank vs.
W. It. Philips. Dlsmlsood.
Statn of Oregon vs. llort Cuiilliilngri,
Indlntod for murder. Not a truo bill.
Miirlhu M. Johnson vs. W. P, John
sou, ot al. PlmuiiHicd..
ChnrbM Nelson llalght vs. Harold
Kelly, ot nl. Distillled.
A, L. Vrooiiiiiu s. Alberta Lyon.
O. II. Plorco v. John M. Root.
A. P. Donnhti vh. Mary L. Clark,
et nl. Dismissed.
L. A. Martin vs. Grovor C. Gilt nud
Wm. Gill. Action tor money.
William Word vs. K. 11. Wood and
P. G. Swodonburg. Antlou for money.
David l.u Wood and W. I. Vuwlor.
guardian tt. K. A. Woods and F. G.
auedoiibiirg. Action for dnmugo.
Th Jnokon County Hank .1. D.
MrArdlo. Action to room or money
PIMM CI'ltUD IX TO 1 1 ll.WS
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M . dull vw"b f' JL
Alwnys In tho Lend
Compter,. Cbuiigo of I'rogiani
PltntlHUl TODAY .
AL HATHKlt, tbu Singer
Host Musis nud l5(fcU AND 10c
Mntlxoos Dully. 3 to B p. m.
I'oiulng Koiituroi
Sarah llcruluinli In "t,'ueen IJIIa.
Is'lli," two reels,
"'llio luviidern," sn oxpltlng Indian
and frontier life plrluru. It's a
"Kay lloo" In 3 rools.
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.1 l.adlos 1 LadlK I
Th (nivMrJrk Comedy Art I
f .tintiKHA's vptir 'it Tin: f
t I'liolo Plit)N Sunday At .Monday T
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Matlnco .Sutuidiiy mill Sunday
(-K-t-J-t-H-M-H -l--H-l-M-l--HH-V .
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on apple. pvNPh and rhorry lroM fur
u short tlm. No flnor slock grow.
Wrtlo us nt one and sno mousy.
Riddle, Ore,
Clark a Wright
Publlo Uud Matter: Final Proof.
Dirt lnda, Contt mid Mining
Cllno Xflrlp.
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I I r, ( i in. .
Weeka & McGowan Co.
Steam and Iot Wator
All Work (liMntnlKwt
I'rli'M IIuuwxihIiIu
33 llowara lllook, rntrsno on 0th St.
Home I'lione a lo.
atftM:l'S-iA Bft located
& popular
AZSSw135 hotel in the
City. Running d&lillcd
ice water in each room.
European Plan, a la Carte
Tariff on Rooms
1?. roonu .... $1,00 encb
00 room .... 1.5(1 ench
HO rooms ... 2.00 each
(10 rooms iib iiii! titih 2.00 each
GO room vritti print hlh 2.C0 each
30 suite, bedroom, par
lor and bath - 3.00 oach
For morn than ono auosttdd $1.00
tKlru to tho above ritot for
' ouch additlousl guilt,
Roduttlon by voek ov month, C
,V(.ia'.ion( CliOtttr W. Kittty
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