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Oregon HftTtrful iHhk
Medford Mail Tribune
I'm I r tonight unit HHHiwjr
Mnv. 10 .Mln. It(t cooler.
Purly.sitronil Trsr.
DnllytUytinlli Vmr.
NQ. 214.
Dulfjarlan Says Mis 0iIIiiiImii Mas
Flown anil That There Is Nolhltifj
for It But Flht Turks nefuje to
Meet Demands of Allies.
Adrlanoplc Is Bono of Contention
Turkey to Appeal to Powers for
LONDON, J ii n I -Drohinillon
ttllll lllllll for HKII hctett (III) Unt
il mi tlinttm mill Turkey luul entirely
vaulie. vi Hd vulroil linrtt tonight bv
llulgnrlnn premier Daunff nftur hit
hml tlliiHil irlvtuly at lint ('niton
Hotel ltli Itoiolilil IMkliii, the load
1 it K Turkish envoy. Daueff ad
mlt (imI ho trlml lu convince llesohld
1'iihliti of (ho futility of further par
leying by the Turkish envoys hut
fulled Uurller In the day Premier
Daneff hml aiiliouurnl thitt hopes
(or n Mttltttuuiit of I hit dlffletiltloN
wore bright.
"Ituntimptlttn nf war." said lluiii((
ullttr iIIiiIiik with ltechld Pasha,
"I iilmnut n certainly Tint sllim-
lion U H grave a It poMilhty roulil
bit M traditional llulgarlan optl
in loin has entirely illimppearml "
(in Daneff ami ltcolilil 1'anhn took
Ihih'Iiwiii lotti'thcr privately IhUewui
In nt Urn Cnrltoil llnlrl. It wn
until Datntff tried to rout lure Itenchlil
Pasha Hint further roiimnnen by I tin
Turkish envoys would bo futllo.
I.I:AI.S0('I. Km.-, .I.i.,. I
I'lll' lllllnll llll'll T t M; -'lltl'ili'M here
lor hiiImu fully irmi-H.liiiK- il.uiiinnle
wcie Jnbilnut o(Ir i it tin' action til
lilt' I'nitctl Slate court ol' iipikimU in
(Ilil'llU'O IlilllllttlllK tllOMI to Imil, pend-
inn tin niitonmo of their niolloii Tor it
mm' Irlnl. Today'. iiiiiiI, Iiowomu.
iliit not liriiiu mi miter of mliMiKit for
ini of III" ilyiiuiullers.
Wllllll IUMVS of I III' ClIllllV lll'lillll
rt'ii ithril the prison, giiHhl Miy, one
of lint prisoners turned to II, S.
Iltmklu iiml mi Id: "Tluuo l no rimMin
Tor uii lo lie liliul ovi't- tliU thine,
l'"r It won't do ymi miv good. You
"III not xrl out."
Thu lleitlllon icooid of tint nioo
lint completed mill nil luivi' now been
assigned o legllllll' (tulle.
POItTLAND, Oro, .Inn I VIh
Ihly oxuri'lNtiil by nttni'kH iiuiiId on
vaccination by Mm Luuru ('. Little,
iiiuiIIciiI lecturer, who he was publicly
debuting on n nrcluutlon Ihsiio, Dr
t'u hln S. White, secretary ot tint
statu lion id of lii'iilth, nriiHo In IiIh
pliu'ii on Iliu pluUoriu iiml challenged
MiH. I.lttlo to Hpmul four Iiouih In
tlio pestlioiuu with him to hio who
would coutriU't Hiimllpux flint. Hit
In today not only n victor In tho
ilubuto by popular acclaim, but liU
clialliiuKo Ih turuoil down,
Tho imnnuul Mih, I.lttlo hml flu
IhIiiiiI hur linpuaiiliinont of vaccina
tion Dr. W'hlto riibhuil to thu front
or tli ii platform ami Htiongly IiihIii
uatliiK that who hail niado iiilH-reiru-HoutattoiiH,
fucoil hur iiml hotly do
(darinl: "I am vmulnatitd, Mih. I.lttlo, ami
you are not. I challuiiKO you to ac
company inn lo t tut poHthoiiHo whom
wo will fonwo all precautions in
opuiily tit'atliiK Hinallpox ciihom, to
Hint who coutvnrlH Hut iIIhoiiho flint."
Mih. I.lttlo Hontly hut firmly do
(illuud (ho luvltntlou,
JONES $21,379
Sheriff Turns Over All Money Due
County and Expert's Report Shows
No Shortage, Yet Money Has Mys
teriously Disappeared.
Jones First Hears of Shortage on
Christmas and Raises Money by
Heavy Sacrifice.
.Slicrirf Wilbur A. .loiivn Icmcx ol
I'ltT with no nliortiiKt' i'Iiiii'imI iinlnt
liU mlmiuiiitiiilioii, nccordiii to tlio
rcHiit of ,, II. ulH)ii, txNii in-
ivmiliiMt Tor tint iMimity. It nhowt.
lliHt nil iiiouii'H that nhoulil In lie
t'ouuli'il for 1ihu Imhiii tunii'il over to
the I'ouuly lieiuuiitr. Yet holding
oft ieo lint. H.t the -liftitT fJtl"H.07
in iii'lmil I'tihh, which ho mined in tint
ihm( t'eu ilnv" to inn Le up ii ilcfieii'ii
ev in hi iHilliTlioiiH whlelf Iihh liiyn
tenoiinly iimiiH'HIi1 illlllllic hlx tour
t i. of iifMer.
I'11'n.l I lean. It ( InlMiim-.
The futl tlinl Slienlf .loins knew
of the nhoitiice wn on the iiiorniiiK
of December '.'II nl'ter he hml leturn
eil fiom "peiuliiiu (.iiriimin with nl
lltil!. Itttfoltt lemillK Tllc-ilns III
leruooii, December L'l. he lulrinteil
Chief Deputy It. II. Dow to turn the
moiie over to tin' treuxiirer D w
replleil that he woiilil.
When JitiiiNt enlercd lux iTfiec
.'I'liuiilHy iiHirnlnc lie nolieeil that
Dow wiih while mill nenoii
"Wliiil'. the imiller. Hob,"
Joiie' cnwtliiK'.
"We'ie tilntrt."
'How inueliP
"I ilmi'l know there niv
Jitie limkeil thum m it. Tin hoit
lit' In' Mtdiid wh hIiuiiI .fJIMHIil.
"WTiritt i it, ItoUP wii- hi- next
"I ilmi'l know."
" I toll," eoHlililleil .lone, ''illdu'l
nu le Coliiimni -f 1(1,000 to Hipuire
up liU lulling iiml luiHllii" liceiiff
"N'o, Nir."
'"Then where in the niniiev t"
"I ilou't know itV none."
Veilflc (tut SlmiliiKo
Jonon elieekeil oor hi, book n
wdII an he I'oiihl iiml Miliiliud that u
ohoi'tnge. of uboiit WO.OUII eited
iniiuvillutuly uotilled hit boiuUinon
iiml County .lmlj:' Ni'il. He then lie
sun to niiho tint money with which lo
unci the hlioi'tiiuo.
Mr. .Ioiiim hiiyi. that ho bus no iilim
wheie the money went, or how il
went, tliut .Mr. Dow luia ulwu. look-
eil utter the fimimtiiil end of the of
fice, thut ho hml implicit faith nod
eoiiniluiifti in him, that both e.vpcil
Wilhon mid Dow leixnteit luxt July
Ilint the bookn und ciiIi biilanccd.
The inouiiy, he sIiiIoh was kept in tho
Mile in the county eleikV Mtiill
iiml the Nufe wiih iim'iI jointly
by hhcnlt nml clerk. I here were
only three Kc.Vh, one held by ,lonc,
mm by Dow mid one by Clerk Cole
iiiiiii. Hunk dcpohiih were uimlu fnnn
the Mile.
I'pcit WlNoii is of the opinion
(('ontltiuod on piiko 2.)
HI PAN), Tomih, ,lmi. . uuulile
to M'cui'e fuel or ore on account of
a hlrike und Din I'reiylil embargo on
nil .Mc.icun railroadx, Hie (Iiikkcii
lutiin Hiui'lleirt at Chiliuuliua, Moil
terey, Akiiii Culienles and Yelnrdeun
urn expected to eliwe down tonight
until more ipiiet conditions are ic
Htored, 'I'IiIk iiiiiiou would vemUir MI.OOO
Mexicans idle, und probably would
iiugnieul the iniikH of the rcbcU,
.MiuuK employing tluniHaudH of per
hoiih depending on Hie smiilteirt to
handle their ores, probably will also
1)0 l'ul'CA'd (o dose,
f- lJMrB I9 ' - .v IT Bl M"rTijj m
wmimm tiii
Ni;Y YOilK. .Ian. I. Coinbiniiig.
the phonograph nml uioxiug picture
machine!., Thomas A. l'.dion, ha
deuioiiKtritled today at his Inborutor
ie' in lli Oninge, N. 'J., Iiik most
recent invention thu kiuetophoiie
considered u umrvel of
ingenuity. The invention will be nut
oil the market in uboiit tliiilv dayx.
Seven iuuIh of filniK were run
through the inaeliiiie, mid each char
acter'; voice w'Up. repiodneeil, grow
ing lowdor iu the performer up.
proaelicd the leiw of the camera ami
vice vitmi.
"The fiuet operas nml be-.! dramas
will be within the le.ieh of the ioor.
est mint," Mild r.OVoii
OF 1912
WASIIINHTON. Jan. -I. -Senator
Moc4 II. Clupp of MinncMotu inlro
ilueed in the hciiale today u resolu
tion extending the power of the cam
iaign eoulribiitioiiH coaunittce to
pi-obe the timuieiiig of the Ull'J emu
pi'ign. Senulor Clapp staled thai he ex
pected lo produce testimony us to
who paid the bills of candidate,-, prior
to the lust election.
The reMilutioii went nyr despite
the objections of Senator (leorgo T.
Oliver of Pennsylvania.
MOIIII.i:, Ala., .Ian. I, -Because
mi engine of u New Oilcans, .Mobile
und Chicago railroad passenger train
proved too heavy for a tivntlo at
l.euf, .Mi!,,, cikiiMiig the structuru to
collapse, (wo iiorsoiis ate known to
bo dead today and u ueoro injuied.
ITIIIIIITE miL IT illlirillS
Jan. 4 All vUltorH to the Rovern
meiit prhou hero hnvo been barred
bocautte official of tho penitentiary
ami the government agents who d I'
ll v rod tho thlrt) -three union men
convicted of unlawfully truiuportlng
dynamite to the authorities hero
have received threatening letters.
Kvuin newBpaper repnibuatatlves are
The rontonu of the threatening
Inttem have Iumii necrut but Warden
.McAiighroy ailinlttcd tho receipt of
anonymous letter written with red
Warden McAughrey U holding all
letters addressed to prisoners anil
will not puss any until they have
been, thoroughly examined by prison
The threatening lo.tturs are ald to
predict violence for tho officers hav
ing tho piiaoueiH lu churno,
Tho warden later admitted that
Attorney, ( Wlekorslinni had
ordered tho exclusion ot all vh)ltorn
winhlng to see tho dynamiter:.
An entry made today In the prUon
reconU Hhowod that Olaf Tveltmoo
of San Francisco had served elKhtoon
montliH lu tho Minnesota state peni
tentiary. SOON TO BAY CITY
SAN FUANCISCO, Cat., Jan. -Sam
I.angford, tho HoHtou negro
hcavywelKht who recently knocked
out Sam MoVey In Australia. U com
tug to Sail Fniuulsco about tho last
of January, aeeordlui to word re
ceived here today.
l il s. HOCKIN.
2 P. U. HYAN.
NKW YOHK. Jan. --Sit tight,
say little and keep the organization
This, in effect, was tho watch
word agreed upon here today by re
publican loaders, who conferred pre
liminary to the "rehabilitation ban
quet." to bo held by republicans here
tonight ami at which President Taft
will deliver the principal address.
Committeeman Mulvane ot Kan
sas said tho party's future Is safe
ami predicted lepubllran success In
It) lt. Others predicted that tho
administration of Woodrow Wilson
would be a failure, especially In re
gard to the tariff and thu trusts.
CKDAK KAPIDS, Iowa, Jan. -I.
Following mi attempted jail bleak ut
Marion, six mile-, front here, llurvey, cliurged with burglary. heUI a
Mttiad of officer nt bay with a bot
tle of nilni-glyeeriito und a revolver
for nearly an hour today. then
opened fire nml Officer Clturle. Oil
liu of Cedar Ktipids wus killed with
the first shot. The other officers
then vmdied und wu. overpow
ered. Sheriff I.oftu-, awakened uboiit 1
o'eloek by mi explosion, discovered
the telephone wires of the Marion jail
cut. lie niuniigcd, however, to sum
mon help. None of the other prison
ers eseuped.
- v
Duke of Ahcrcorn Dead
LONDON, Jan. -I. James Hamil
ton, second duke of Ahorcorn, Is
dead hero today of pneumonia. He
waif 7-1 years of age,
!(J (Jllff
Expert Wilson Reports on All of the
Offices in the County With No De
ficiencies Reported Hurje Sums
Are Handled by Officials.
Only Accounting Now to Be Made is
by Clerk When He. Turns Over
Small Balance to Successor.
The new county court has a clean
slate on which to begin IU adminis
tration. Kxpcrt J. II. Wilson today
filed a report with the retiring coun
ty court In which no deficiencies aro
shown in county offices. The only
money yet to be accounted for Is the
small state fund In the bands of tho
county clerk who will turn this sum
over to his successor Monday. The
county clerk has satisfied tho ex
port that he has the money on hand.
On Thursday, January 2, County
Clerk Coleman, according to the re
port paid a deficiency in his fuuds.
amounting to 1303.75, found by the
expert in April, 1912, and 3S found
by tin expert In July. 19 12. TbU
payment squared him up.
The report shows that ho record
er's office has earned and collected
fees from July 1. 1912. to. January
1, 1913, a total of I300S.2S. all ot
which were promptly turned over to
the treasurer, as earned. The urrica
according to tho clerk has been pro
perly conducted In all matters.
In regard to the county clerk's of
fice the export states that from July
1. to January 1, he earned and col
lected S2G91.65 In fees which were
turned over to the treasurer.
The hunters and anglers licenses
Issued during tho year amounted to
IGSI2 of which 5110 has been for
warded to the state. Tho report
does not show where the difference
Is but It Is said to be In the clerk's
fuuds which will be turned over to
his successor.
On last Thursday. Jan. 2, accord
ing to the report the county clerk
turned over 1337.75 which was duo
January 1, 1912, and which was
found when the expert wont through
tte books a year ago.
The report cf the expert does not
Include tht money now In tho hands
of the clerk which aro to bo turned
over to his successor Monday.
Tho treasurer's office according
to the roport has received since July
1 the sum ot S205.SG4.7G which with
tho balance ou baud July 1. makes
u total ot S3:' 1.013 53. He has
disbursed S22i.G0C.C2 and now has
on hand S79.G0G 91.
SAN FUANCISCO. Cat., Jun. 4. -After
Investigations lasting more
than a year Into thu murder of
William Wlnslow, a rancher ot
Sunol. which occurred May 4, 1909.
and the slaying of llotje Cordes, a
wealthy hermit near Midway, Sup
Joaquin county, Jauuyar 19, 190S.
Dotectlve J. U. Marl; ley of the dis
trict attorney's office here has se
cured tho Incarceration aboard tho
cruiser California, of Itlchard
Charles Rtidge, alius Wagner, a mu
rine, whom It Is alleged porpotratod
both crimes,
Markley located Uudgo last April
at Itremerton 'Navy Yard, but fulled
to establish completely tho Idoutly
ot tho suspectod man.
Markley based his suspicions upon
a confession alleged to have been
made by Gladys YVallaco, at Mc
Cloud, Cal., In which the woman is
said to have declared "Kudgo Is
the man wanted,"
Tho Wallace woman, It is belloVed,
received a large share of the murder
loot. Slio formorly lived with Kudgo,
according to tho detective,
, 1
Ships Collide Off Norfolk and Many
Go Down in Sea Storm Raging on
Atlantic Coast Responsible for
Heavy Damage.
Fishing Smacks Are Lost off Massa
chusetts Coast New York Suffers
From the Storm.
NOKFOI.K. Va., Jan. 4. Wlro
Icss li8putche8 received hero this
afternoon say three! men and ono wo
man the latter supposed tf be tho
wife or Captain Gilbert, lost their
lives In the wreck of tho freighter
Luckctiback. Tho vessel carried a
crew of 33 men.
Reports received here today s.iy
tbo heavy billow swamped tho
Luckenhack's lifeboats, throwing out
the members of tho crew. Seven
men including the first officer, man
aged to cling to the wreckage until
rescued, but suffered terribly from
Tho tug Rescue Is speeding from
here to aid thu rcTcnuo cutter
Apache in tho search for bodies.
Another; SteannT Klnkf',
sinking ot a second steamer off
Smith Point, at the mouth ot tho
Potomac river, is reported In a wire
less message Just received here from
thu revenue cuttpr Apache, which Is
steaming at full speed for tho scene
of the Luckenback disaster.
Tho messago stated that tho
hteanier Florida had Informed thu
officers of tho revenue cutter of the
second wreck.
It Is believed here that tho second
vessel Is the Indrakaulka which is
reported to have been the vessel
with which tho Luckenback collided.
Huge Storm Damage
NKW YOUK. Jan. 4. Aa a re
sult of yesterday's hurricane here.
two persons are known to bo dead.
another reported downed and fifty
uorsons Injured front falls besides u
property loss estimated at $250,000.
Tho gate which had prevailed
since yesterday. Is subsiding. Tho
wind ranged from CO to 90 miles an
hour, unroofing buildings und dam
aging harbor craft.
Tho storm Is general from Capo
HUttoras to tho northern coast ot
FMiermeu Lost '
HOSTON. Jan. 4. More than half
a dozen small fishing vensels were
wrecked und many persons Injured
as u result ot tho galo sweeping over
Now Kugland today. Much damugu
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'Owitiir to recent developments, I
utvu decided not to ainmiut . II.
Colemuii my chief deputy, in thu
sheriff's office, us 1 hud uiniounced,''
stilted Sheriff-elect August I). Sing
ler Saturday.
"1 Itavo not determined whom J
shall appoint. I have several appli
eatioiis und shall make a choice soon.
"When I chose Cnlciuuu I was not
conversant with affairs at tho coiiit
liouse as I am ut piesciit. Since I
hnvo decided to eluioso some .otio
on (he outside.' t
"I had intended to devote my en
tire time to the sheriffs cud of (ho
work but 1 will now give a part of my
time lo the tax collections in order lo
guard ugaiiisl uuy aliurlnges. I
shall keep a daily cash hook and turn
over tho funds collected each night to
thu tremimer,"