Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, December 16, 1912, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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MMproun matl trttujnr mmoiio. omwox. Monday, DKrHMiuw in, 1012.
On Tih!r from 2 to S Mrs. fieri
ttlhlm cHlfr(alned nlno Indies com
liHtaontnry to Sin. O. W. Martin
who linn J list rotimioil from Idaho,
wIiofo 'imo BpcAt tlie Biminior ns the
Riiest at I)r. a Jul Mrs. J.' W. Alley.
1). K. 'Hcnhu wns called east of
Hoar rfurk.lliU morning to do eono
howIiijc ni'achlnp rftphirliiR.
For goaiinca Mike, have IL A.
Uolaies, tho Insurance man wrlto
your Insurance. Ho knows how.
L. M. Lyons was In Ashland Man
da) on hnslness.
Two '"good ita now" motorcycles
for anle, bargains. Pacific Motor
Supply Co. 22S
Tom Osgood, county surveyor, loft
Monday for a few day's surveying Job
on the. mountain tops cast of Ash
no sura to glvo us plenty of tlmo
to clean your clothes for Christmas
at tho Pantorlum. 22S
It. L. Ilcnnctt was In Ashland
Monday on business.
.M a bargain. 123 tiers or dry fir
wood, at wholesale. Apply at 433
South Fir streot. MedTord.
J. W, Canipbcll. general superin
tendent of tho Southern Pacific,
passed through Med ford Sunday on
train 13. Station agent Iloscnlmmn
accompanied him as far as Phoenix.
Did you know about tho basket
ball gamo Thursday? 230
Charley Mori left Mcdford Monday
for Japau, whom ho goea to bo mar
ried. Ho loft Japau for the United
States when ho was 1-1 years old, and
Is now 28. He will return to Mcd
ford bringing his wife with him.
12000.00 or fraction thereof to
loan on Improved country real es
tate, at current rates. Carkln &
Taylor, Jackson County Bank BIdg.,
Clean-up Kilo on pcpls until Christ
mas at Ireland's Smoko Houso.
It. I. Stuart, who has tho contract
for putting In tho concrete founda
tion for l)r, Pngo'a now opera house,
expects to comjilcto Ills contract this
week. Men aro now nt work exca
vating a basement underneath that
part of tho building to bo used for
n stage, which will bo of sufficient
size to permit a team and wagon to
drlvo into nnd turn.
Tickets for tho Los Angeles excur
sion aro now on sale at S. P. depot.
TIiom) flgurlns on going should write,
phono or call at the office to enable,
agent to securo reservations.
Fruit labels In any color printed
by tho Mall Tribune. tt
J. T. Itchardson, of Harris, Mo..
Is In Mcdford visiting bis son, Sam
lllchardson, and family at 39 North
Orango street.
Miss Ethelwyn Brown left on No.
20 Monday morning for a flvo days
business trip to towns north of Mcd
ford. Miss Brown Is traveling sales
woman for tho Otto Cum and Sales
company, of San Francisco, and has
Leon in Medford for a few days visit
to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. I.
Brown, at COS South Newtown. MIsb
Brnwi will spend thn holidays in
Medford after which sho will make
a tlvo months' sales trip over all the
Pacific coast states.
Over $12,000,000 In dividends will
bo paid to policy-holders of tho New
York LI to Jnmirauco Co, this year.
C. V. Tengwald, Mcdford National
Bank BIdg., with J. A. Westerlund,
Mr. twill Mrs. Sam ttlehnrdson spent
Suntlny with Dr. and Mrs. Hart ut
tho latter k orchard Home, near
Cottago flrovo is tmift. So is
Mcdford. 230
John Arnell returned Saturday
I..:n a i,eeral ivoclfs huslnoM IhII
to Settle.
Ilaskut ball .Medford High is. Cot
tago Grove Thursday, l'Jtli. 23ii
Mrs. J. C. Neff" loft Monday morn
ing for Portland whero sho will
spend tho hol(lay;i with her huHband.
Clvo Iter for Christmas Common
ity. Diamond Kdgo or World brands
silver plnte, Flat Ware. V. W. Shap-
Iclgh Hardware Co., 28 South Cen
tral. W, A, and p. L- Koblnett, of
Holly, Oregon, who have been in
Medford for mivciuI days visiting
their iiophnw, O. W. Murphy mid
fanlfly, und' otli'or relatives, i
turned to their homo Monday morn
'Kodak' f fillalilng, thn best at Wes
ton's, opposlto hook store,
Mrs, Y. M. Snilth, who recently un
derwent an operation at Sacred Heart
hospital anil has been visiting with
Mr. and Mrs. Gourgo, Hcnrlcks of
Knight street since, will return to
her liomu at Sterling this week.
Phone us your orders for milk,
cream, biHter and buttermilk. Two
deliveries, dully. It. It. Creamery,
Mrs. Olllo Wallers of Talent vis
Ued Mrdford relatives Ktitnrday.
a . i .
Carkln ft Taylor (John 11. Car
kln and Olcnn O.TayW), attorneys;
nt-taw, over Jackson County Bank
Building Medford,
Prank It, Nell of Big Butte was
In Mcdford Saturday, mi his way to
Tho Itoso Maiden Is coming.
J. H. Cay or Central Point made
his son, qhnrlcs B. Gay, a visit Saturday.
K, I). Weston, commercial photog-
raphern, negatives made any time- or
plneo by appointment. Phono M.
1471. '
H. G. Wiener of E.iglo Point and
George AVhlto of Derby tarried In
Medford Saturday. homo-made bread at DoVoo's.
Mrs. Kugeue Thompson nnd Mrs.
Lewis Ulrlch were over from Jack
sonville Saturday afternoon.
Artistically printed letter heads on
fancy bond papor mako flno Christ
mas presents. Let us show you
samples. Tho Mall Tribune tt
Porter J. Ncff lcrt for Spoknno
Saturday In the interest a fruit grow
ers association.
Weeks AMcGowan Co.
'Wnw'wi H
Mfki m Jr. w.wmxs son
, i , JL'7. MM
&A A:
Soft wood $2 a tier. Gold Ray
Realty Co,
Kdniund Burko transacted business
In Medford one day this week.
Roso Maiden, Doc, 17th at Nat.
Mrs. R. L. Demoreo of Grants Pass
passed Saturday with Mcdford
llavo jou tried our peanuts, they
aro thn best In town nnd aro roasted
fresh every day. We also haudle a
flno II in; of shelled nnd bleached
nuts at' tho Pop Corn Store, 103
West Main.
Mr. and Mrs. O. Crawford spent
Sunday with relatives living at Gold
Hill. .
Christmas presents. Pcrculators,
chafing dishes, casslrolcs. etc. In
copper, brass and aluminum. F. W.
Shaplcigh Hardwaro Co., 2S South
Thomas Farlow was down from
Lake creek Saturday and Sunday.
For tho boy's Christmas, wagons,
coasters, skates, guns, velocipedes.
etc. F. W. Shaplcigh Hardwaro Co.,
2S South Central.
Robert M. Klnrald has returned
from Los Angeles, where lie went to
attend tho funeral of his late
brother, Oscar O. Kincald.
Build up your own locality by buy
ing home-made goods, always fresh
at tho Pop Corn Store, 103 West
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Nelson of Hu
geno have ben making Mcdford a
Vapor baths and scientific mas
sago for men and women. Dr. R,
J. Lock wood, chrlopractor, 203 Gar-
nett-Corey BIdg. Phono HG.
Mrs. W. T. Shoults left Sunday
for California, to visit her mother,
Mrs. N. It., Johnston, who will tc
turn to Mcdford with her.
Collect those scattered sheets of
music you valuo and' have them
bound In book form at the Mall
Tribune. tf
Mr. and Mrs, John Martin of
Coleman creek wcro In Medford Sat
urday. Don't buy thoso cheap, Portland
factory mado candles for your Christ
mas tree when you can get home
made, pure cream candies for 25
cents per pound .at tho Pop Corn
Store, 103 West Main.
H. D. Norton, tho Grants Pass at
torney was at Jacksonville Saturday,
beginning a civil action against an
Ashland doctor for mal-nractlca.
Born to tho wlfo of L. W. Whiting
Sunday, Dec. 1SJ 1912 an 'eleven
pound sou. .Mother and sou are do
ing fine.
Mrs. H. L. Young of Browusboro
bus been visiting In Mcdford.
Basket hall Mcdford High vjr. Cot
tage Grove Thursday, 10th. 230
Leon B. HaskliiH has returned
from Portland, where ho attended a
meeting of tho Stato Board of Phar
macy of which ho is a member.
Soti tho big gaum Mcdford vs.
Cottage Grove. 230
B. L. Dodge of Itlvcrdalc has gone
to his home at Akron, Ohio, and will
be gono until about March 1st.
W. H. Moultou of Salem is making
Medford a business visit.
uruer your pop com for your
ChrlHtniUH treo early. Pop corn
bulla mado to order nt tho Pop
Corn Storo, 103 Went Main.
J. C. Hall nnd Ben Shi-lilun made a
trip to GrantK Pass Saturday.
Oak tier wod for sale. Gold Ray
llllv O.n ' " '.
Mrs. Laura A. King and Mrs. A,
W. Short, Mr. and Mrs. C. Carey of
Phoenix precinct wcro lett-nt visitors
I.. '.. 1...I I ' ' ' ' . . 4
,11 lUUIUrU.
Roso Maldon, Doc. 17tli at Nat.
Mrs. H. J. Kubll of Jacksonville
has gpno to Portland to upend tho
Logal blanks for salo at tho Mall
Trjbuio offico. ' ' tf
Fred Tlco madp a rl to Ashland
H. E. Kcntnor left for Albany Sun
day evening, on a business visit.
Oak tier )vod for sale. Gold Ray
Realty Co.
If, F. Meailes of Talent spent Sat
urday jn aicurora.
Bring that old" book with , torn
binding 'down and have It rebound
nt tho Mail Tribune office. Costs
but little. tf
Charles Dufllold and Prof. Dally
wnro tit Gold Bay Hnturday, on a
hunting expedition.
Ilenj. M. Collins, cashier of the
Hank of Jacksonville, left for Port
laud Saturday night, tn bo gono n
short time.
Dr. R. J. Conroy has moved his
office to tho Hutchison A Lumsdcn
building. Thcso offices wore for
merly occupied by tho ''commercial
club. Drs. Conroy and Clancy havo
dissolved partnership.
Miss Grace Nelson of Sterling left
Saturday night for North Dakota.
where alio will resldo with a married
J, S. Barnett of Central Point pre
cinct was among tho many who
transacted business III Mcdford Sat
urday. Did jou know that tho pop corn
that wo will use for Christmas was
raised near Mcdford and la tho best
in tho world. Try our Cotspcttcs
and not buttered pop corn, 103 Wosf
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. K. Anderson of
North Phoenix shopped in Mcdford
Mr, and Mrs. George Wilson at
tended tho performance of "Tho
Typhoon" at tho Grants Pass opera
house Saturday, a nleco of thelr's
plajtng one of tho principal parts.
Legal blanks nt Mntl Tribune.
A. I.. Strickland of North Bend
mado Medford n short visit during
the week.
Harry Luy, Harry Lewis and O.
Thompson of Jacksonville went Med
ford visitors Sunday.
Everett Holmnn of Grants Pass
visited with friends in Medford Sun
day. Fletcher Stout of Jacksonville
mado n business trip to Mcdford Sat
urday nucrnoun.
Miss Alberta Stuccy was among
her Medford friends the forepart of
tho vvcok.
Dr. E. P. Geary of Portland who
has been at his farm In Griffin
creek district during the past fort
night, left for his home Saturda).
Mrs. J. W. Merrllt of, Central Point
visited In Medford recently.
Mrs. G. N. Lewis, Mrs. M. M. Ta-
lot and Mrs. Conuo wore down from
Jacksonville Saturday afternoon.
Joseph Morris of Spokane arrived
In Medford Sunday on his way to the
Siskiyou copper belt, whero ho has
large Interests.
Prof. II. Ager of tho Phoenix
schools, was a Mcdford visitor Sat
urday. Mr. and Mrs. Wnlter Kentncr havo
been making relatives living la Jack
sonville a visit.
W. C. Bartlett of Dunsmulr, Is 'so
journing In Mcdford.
Brown Dnw., havo moved their
cigar stand and billiard and pool par
lors from up stairs on Front street to
218 East Main street, first floor,
whero they aro now shaping their
fixtures and goods for an opening
within a few days.
8. M. Kepner, of Lordsbury, Cat.,
who has been In Medford visiting his
son-ln-Iaw, A. C Mack, and 'family,
left Monday for tho south. Mrs.
Kepner, who accompanied her hus
band to Medford will remain hero un
til after tho holidays.
G. D. Hoffman, traveling sales
man for tho Cudahy Meat company
of .Mcdford left Monday morning for
Klamath Falls.
Sir. and Mrs. p. A. Cornell of
Copomlsh, Mich., and Mrs. If. M.
Samj8, of Vancouver, B. C, who havo
been In Med, ford for a few days' visit
to Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Hall, nt 308
Palm street, left Monday morning
for Southern California.
E. V. Coffin, traveling salesman
for tho Masou-Eliriuan Co., whole
sale grocers qt this city, loft Monday
morning for a week's trip through
Klamath county. ,
Stephen H, Crooks, of Mt. Pleas
ant. Midi., Inft for tho south Monday
morning after a few (Iii)h' visit with
G. W. Hall and family.
W. M.' Damon and family of Oro
vllle, Cul., are In Medford visiting
friends and relatives, tticy having
been called hero at this tijuo Ity tho
death of Mrs Damon's mother. Mr
fvBL. JL 1VB.
1 ".' I'M BK ' tHt i
llninti i.v. Hull have iniiinl llieirlill
lilt III lllll llll' lllMII II M'I'Ullll htllll Io
iilitiuli mi Ninth Intuit xticct tr Hie
(.lino ninin at 'JlH ImimI. Maui hi met,
nel iloor o tlie Stur llii'iilre. Tlm.v
iiivo hwlullcil new rhinitis itml will
mil iv a full linn of eigurx, tiilniiinii.,
ami ilpi'. The nun nlniii will lie up
mi tlii evening. Dm'. Ill, nnil tlio fin'
mill iipniilug will lie 'i'ilim.ilii,v evuu
iug vvlien iiiuslo will Im a Icnluiv
Tim new stme U olio of tho iml mo
iloru in the eity.
n i in I
This afternoon there will be a
special benefit mntliiim for poor chil
dren nt the Star Theater Complete i
change of program this evening
WJooo Suoes"
Damon was formerly a Mcdford boy,
but lo,ft hero seventeen years ago
and tins Rlncubcen engaged tn busi
ness In Orovlllc, and whero ho has
been Postal Telegraph malinger for
a great "h,er,2f vears. This Is
his llrst vlslt( tordfonl since he
left hero seventeen esrs ago. und
the Improumcut 'made In the clt In
that length nt tliuq are derldedly
regular meotlng on Docembor 17,
, 11)12, for n llcqnso to soil splrltuus,
vinous and mnlt lluuors In quantl
tlca less than a gallon at hla placo
()f buslnoiis nt No. 17, South Front
street, in said city, for a period of
sl months.
Dated December 3th, 1913. i
V csrrr vory comnlit tin nf
dnterrlrn. Inert onrlitttia. flvtur. la.
nnd do nil clnssp of iiptioUKrInK. A
i.....ti.l ..ii,i. I.. livLftrfMr IhtM vurk
rxclimlvrly nnd will sir n sooil
.'rvlc ns Is toimtbl to sl In avn
Ilia Uritrnt elite.
Wooka & McQownn Co.
stfSS!ssrrj,i,s! uric acid causes it- &&s. cubes it .
Jvvcry variety of Rheumatism in causcil by nn cxcca.1 of uric nchl In thn
J IiUhnI; the (lilTcrrtit forma of thutlis.a.'.c(lcK.'mUu); on whether thin uric nchl I
Notice Is hereby given tint the un-
ISII'Sf V. MV H1 1IH'VK'IV',IIIK ' ! w-o
FOIt RHNT -Furnished hnuw. iliw. nrenltackctl( thamiiJciiIar form allow ttc nuirckn tn Ik: tho Beat of ttuu-l
In. M. A. Under. M 1 .i II to. l,lc, while tuutilfestaUoiwcf nrticular Rheumatism arc evidence that the
joltit.4 arc being-ilinoiHcl. Io cure Kiiciimntiani the nrlcnciil mitnt Ihj re-I
moved from the IiUhkIj the circulation must be made putc. Thhi cannot '
lcnocomiiUslinl with cxtcnml applications; micli trviitmcut may furnish'
temporary relief from the juin, but it ilocs not reach the producing cause.
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30 good as new wHh latest Im
proved Mnrlln sights and good
leather case at lams Confectionery j s. S. S. curat Rlictimatlsni of every nricty nml form because It jiurlfictitlio
store, opposlto depot
FOR SALE At u bantam a new mir ,
horse 2 3-S Mollue farm wagon '
with Bolster springs alxo new henv.v '
single harness for miik- Janie j
Howling. 'JO South Peach Si
230 blood. It goca down Into the circulation, Jicittraliica the nclda nnd dis-
nohtti the irritating deposits which are pressing- cm the rcusitivu ncrvcii
ami tiasur.i, and puxlitcini; pain. Whether your care of Rheumatism Im
nctitc or chronicK. S. K. in the medicine you uccl; it will cute you nml nt
the name time build up tliecntiictiystcni by itn fine vegetable tonic cflccta.
Jkx-lioii Rheumatism and advice free to all who wtite.
Wc have moved our Billiard Parlors from tipstairs
on Front Street to 218 East Main, next to the
Star Theatre, where we will carry a full line of
Cigars and Tobaccos in connection. Wc will be
glad to have all our friends come and see what a
nice place we have fixed for their entertainment.
Open for business tonight, December 16th. Grand
opening Wednesday, December 18th. Music in
attendance. '
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