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Felix G. Kertson, Editor.
Published Every Friday Morning.
Kotered In the Postofitce at Medford, Oregon,
as Second-Class Hail Matter. -
Mkdfokd, Friday. Oct 28, J 892.
Peoples' Party Met.
If athan Pierce, of Umatilla Co.
; W H. Oalvani, of Washington.
Sudl H. Holt of Jackson Co.
W. G-. Burleigh, of Wallowa Co.
Ilea. S I Wftllmltl A frlf DpAMlflrlMIAl
rii6i 1U.1151UIS iui neaiucuiiai
Hathaa Pierce, of TJmatiKm Coun
ty, to Fill the Vacancy.
. Colonel Robert A. Miller has de
clined to allow his name to be used
' as a candidate for presidential elec
tor at the coming election, and has
withdrawn from the democratic
Nathan Pierce, of Umatilla coun
ty, nas been nominated by the dem
ocratic state central committee to
nil tne vacancy caused by Colonel
Miller's resignation, and Chairman
D. R. Murphy went immediately to
-- fifllpttl fil fTlA nnminafinn in fit a
office of the secretary of state.
The following communication.
addressed to D. K. Murphy, chair
man of the democratic state central
committee and to all whom it may
1 1 -wi . a
concern, ana signea uy noDert A.
filler, explains his declination:
:Take notice: That I, Robert . A.
Miller, do hereby, and by these
presents decline to allow my name
to be need as a candidate for presi
dential elector atjthe election to be
held in thejstate of Oregon on Tues
day, November 8. 1892, and . I do
, hereby resign said nomination for
aid position, and withdraw my ac-
- eeptance thereof on file in the office
of the secretary of state. My rea
son for declining is as follows:
"On account of advices received
r i . .
imm 1. mm nnririnfli nAmiviMTm tm-
' : mittee, I find myself not eligible to
. fill the office if elected. Witness
my hand this 20ih day x October,
A. D. 1892." .. ' -X
finKftrri YuA and awirn fi nn . fit
above day and date.
"; Upon receipt of Colonel Miller's
letter of resignation, Chairman Mur-
pny called a meeting 01 tne state
central committee, which was held
' ft the democratic headquarters on
.'. Saturday afternoon, to consider
matter. As the national democrat-
". J- B. WEAVER. .
ic committee had advised that Col
onel Miller was ineligible to fill the
!o8ition of presidential elector, if
elected, there was nothing left for
the state central committee to do
but to accept his resignation, which
was done.
, The question of filling the vacan
cy on the ticket was then taken up
and thoroughly discussed, and Na
than Pierce, " of Umatilla county,
who is also a candidate for presi
dential elector on the people's party
ticket, was the unanimous choice
of the committee, and received tho
nomination, which Chairman Mur
phy was instructed to file with the
secretary of state at Salem at the
earliest possible date.
It is expected that the combined
democratic and people's party vote
will be cast for Pierce, which in
sures his election bevond a doubt.
All these reports about Mrs.
Lease's "coming out for Harrison
are quashed by her letter to an
Eastern paper denying in most
vigorous language any such pur
pose, and saying in it,';God forbid
that I-should be guiltv of such an
act." ' ' .
Tbe linis has come when men trith hearts and
Must rise and tako the misdirected reins
Of government, too Ionic l in the hands
Ot tricksters anil of thieves. He who stands
And sees tno mighty vehiclo of Slnto
llnuled tUrungh I lie mire to sonic Ipnolile fate.
And makes not such bold iroloct as he ran.
Is no American.
-EUa Wheeler Wilrot.
The Conspiracy of Silence.
Tbe maimer in which tli reform presfl
criticises the news gatlierin;; ami reports
of tho Associated Press is snnietitnes
deemed too severe. Brit it is a fact
known to others as well as to reform
press editors that tbe daily press report
are sent oat by Associations owned and
controlled by monopolists, over wire
owned and controlled by the arch
tnouopolist of tbe conntry. anil that
news from tlx-se sonrces is luannfac
tured. color d. cpiin.tseJ or otherwise
An evidence in point is the clinost
total silence of the plntocra'ic press con
cerning the prcat and enthnsiastic meet
ings of the People's parly in the' west
and south. Tbe ignorance and raisin
formation of many a man who does not
desire to be unjust is traceable directly
to this source. -The conspiracy of si
lence" has worked well for long time.
Many people begin to see and under
stand it. It is a knowledge that will
lead to wisdom at last. No republic can
afford to let one class of citizens monopo
liae its -telegraph facilities. Nationalize
the railroads and telegraphs! Chicago
A Warning.
Doa't you believe one word yon hear
from the ring element between this and
the end of tbe campaign, and don't be
lieve anything yon read in the ring
newspapers. The opponents of the
farmers have tried to bulldoze and scare
them, but have failed. They have de
nounced the farmers as not being Demo
crats, and splitting the . Democratic
party, and as vulgar rowdies and igno
rant people, and this has all failed to
check the grand reform movement.
They have tried big and little caucuses,
with closed doors, and this has all failed.
Now yon may look out for the country
to be flooded with all manner of false
hoods and slanders. The hope of the
ring b to confuse the farmers and turn
them away from their duty by alarming
and sensational tales of impending
danger and financial ruin, but stand
firm, farmers, and yon will win. A
Farmer in Southern Alliance Parmer.
A Superb "Bisk."
Nevada friends of General Weaver,
knowing him to be poor, generously
took out a $10,000 (Mutual Reserve, New
York) life policy. The agents said that
"the general is the most superb physical
risk that they have passed upon for
years,- his lung expansion being fully
six inched. He is, in fact, ah iron man
with silver rivets, capable of immense
endurance and unlimited fighting and
working qualities." He was born at
Dayton, O., June 13. 1833, is S feet 10
inches in height and weighs 100 pounds.
National Economist.
And Orders Are Obeyed.
The press associations have given
orders, it Is said, to operators to cut off
cipher in reporting the crowds that
go to hear Weaver speak. In that way
"5,000" would read '-500." It looks like
this-is true, for at one place in Georgia
the press report said he had a crowd of
600. We learn that 6,000 were present.
At another the press reported 300 when
there were 8,000. If a lie is traced np
they intend to get out by saying that a
cipher was left off by mistake. Pro
gressive Farmer. .tl.
Phoenix School Report.
For month ending Oct. 21, 1802.
- Number enrolled 30, average attend
ance 36, number neither absent nor
tardy 20.
The following are the names of pu
pils whose average did not fall below
90 ia tbe monthly examination: Linn
Kahler, Mabel Rpbbins, Allio Dunlap,
Lily Keames, fflollie Towno, Jessie
Nyswaner, Sarnie Robbins, Mary An
derson. Minnie Critchlow, Lottie Stan
cliff, Lena Calhoun, Lily Wolters, Jane
Wilson and Willie Jacks.
. B. R. Stevens, Teacher.
Number enrolled 48, average attend
ance 40, number neither absent nor
tardy 12. S. C Sherrill, Teacher.
Strength and Health.
If you are not feeling strong and
healthy, try Electric Bitters. If "la
grippe" nas leit you weak and weary,
use Electric Bitters. This remedy
acts directly on tbe liver, stomach and
kidneys, gently aiding those organs
to penorm tneir Junctions, il you are
affected with sick headache, you will
find speedy and permanent relief by
taking Electric Bitters. One trial will
.convince you that this is the remedy
you need. - Jarge. bottles only 50c. at
G. H. Haakins' drugstore.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
1 1 cy
11 x
m m m ksw
Vast Preparations are
Being Made from All
Parts of the Coun
ty for the Com
ing Rallies.
The final Rallies: Jos Wald
rop, of Portland, Speaker of the
day: Sams Valley, Tuesday, Nov.
I, at 2 p m, Essls Point, Wed-
nnsday, Nov. 2, at 2 p m, Union-1
town, lhursday, Nov. 3, at 2 pm,
Jacksonville. Thursday, Nov. 3,
7:30 p m, Medford, Friday, Nov.
Aat 2 pm, Ashland, Saturday,
Nov. 5, at 2 pm, Central Point,
Monday, Nov. 7, at 2 p m. i
At the above places tho largest gath
erings of the campaign will congrogute
and especially at Medford tho meeting
will number thousauds.
Medford will baro a pi-ceesoion from
all directions aud preparations aro bid
ing made for forty-thre j young ladies
on horseback, each representing a
state. Aslilaud and Talent and also
Phoenix, will send their delegations
accompanied by the Talent Glee Club
and banners. Guld Hill and other
points in that sectiou have sent word
to watch for them and their flags. '
Let every club ia tho County send its
delegation and don't forgjt the flag
and banners.
The forty-three young ladios will be
selected from all parts of the county,
therefore it is necessary to have a
many on band as xsible.
Get in line with every vehicle and all
the horses possible and show the old
parties that this means busineA.
Mrs. Harrison, wife of President
I Iairisoii, died on Tuesday, Oct. 25
at 1:40 a. in. This is the second
death of a President's wife in the
White House. The Nation mourns.
It is a heavj blow to the President,
especially at this critical time.
People's Party Picnic.
There will be a People's Party pic
nic at WoodviUe. Oct. 29, lS)i A
Weaver & Field flag-polo will be raised
in tho morning and ut 1 o'clock P M.
there will be speaking by W. C". Ed
wards of Grants i'as. and at Wimcr
in the evening. All are invited to at
tend. G. F. Schoiidtlein. Wood ville Or.
Gold Hill Nuggets.
Fred Miles has taken con
tract to deepen the mill race of
Morelock & Lambert and has sev
eral men employed. -
Messrs Morelock it Lambert ex
pect to have their mill ready to
grind within the next three mouths.
Dr. Stanley of Sams Valley, is
opening up a large stock of general
merchandise in the building form
erly occupied by Jack Williams.
Gold Hill can now boast of having
one store at least that will compare
with any in the country.
Everything in the mining indus
try is quiet, though there is consid
erable prospecting being done and
no doubt there will bo some good
pockets found.
The political pot is beginning to
simmer in these here parts, lhe
Democratic Butcher was here re
cently and slaughtered the Republi
cans in great shape, but took care
not to tackle the People s Party.
It makes us tired to hear these old
fossiliferoua political prostitutes
howling around that this People's
Party is only a side phow gotten up
to break up the particular party the
howler happens to belong to. Fact
is they are a dishonest, hypocriti
cal set of liar9, and every honest
Democrat and Republican admits
this fact
We admire and respect every (politically) be be Dem
ocrat or Republican, Populist or
Prohibitionist, but if there is any
one individual that we hate and
despise more than another, its the
laboring man that belongs to a la
bor organization and votes with the
Plutocratic class. He is a Sneak. -
It has been suggested that the
populists have a big street parade
in Medford the day that Joo Wald
rop, the Oregon Orator, speaks there.
iiy all means let us have tho par
ade. Let every farmer and his sons
and daughters, come out, on horse
back if possible. Let ench club get
up some kind of a banner with
some appropriate motto inscribed.
Gold Lill club will be on deck with
a Weaver & Field streamer. ,
: It is just now beginning to dawn
upon the great daily papers, such
as the Orcgonian, Chronicle, Exam
iner and others, that there is some
thing wrong in this country. The
Chronicle is advocating government
ownership of railroads and free
coinage of wlver, while the Orego
nian is going into hysterics about
this country being over run with
paupers, anarchists, &c. J. W. M.
Thore Speeches.
.' Grants Pass, Oct. in., "!)2.
Editor Southern Oregon Mull:
I send you "an epitome of Senator
Dolph's speech hero last evening in tho
Opera Hall. So far as it rolatos to th o
principles and objects of tho P. H.
I give his Btatomonts without
his proofs. Tho senator was uwh
ered into the Hall amidst tho booming
of cannon and the stirring mimic of our
brass band.l which by the way the "brass
uud noistr" being but the shadow of
coming events.) Speech: "There is
room for only two great parties in this
country." Ho did not say which party
had to go but everybody thought il was
the OTHER party. ''I have never read
or soon tho little book "Saven finan
cial Conspiracies, but it -is all false."
Query: How did he know that having
never read it? "Government stamp is
not necessary to make good money,
money must posess intrinsic value.
THAT makes money." It was painfully
evident that the Senator did not under
stand the first principles of finance.
aud when be announced that be was on
the committee on finance, in tho Seu-
ate, then we. understood sometuixus
more plenty. "Th third party was
like David who fled to tho cave of Ad
ulura. where ull-the discontented tied to
him." This smart hit wo thought was
to our. account, for David with his dis
contents soou took the kingdom and
himself took the throne. So mote it
be now. "The American silver dollar,
is worth in Mexico $l.C0 of their own
money, notwithstanding there is moro
silver in their dollar than ours."' Here
we failed to see the point, unless OUR
stamp made OVR SILVKR good tuon-y,
on account of our superior credit. Bat
the Senator' was proving the other side.
See? And so wo PASS. "The South
did uotsccved on account of slavery,
but oa the tariff." This was news.
How-ignorant we poor mortals are.
Vs hopa tho Senator will write a now
history of the Southern Rebellion. It
may be that he is one that sent a sub
stitute, to the war, aud is. therefore ex
cusable. This is a sample ot his
s:xech. Unsounded in contradictions
und conundrums. He drank a good
deal of waUr duriu his spe ch. which
was prima facia evidence that he had
not drank much before the spoaoh..
On the whole, the speech reminded
me of that immortal stanza written by
Gen. Elisha Applcgato before fame bull
marked him as her own:
Tbe bull frog cocked his tail on high
And gallop-.-d o'er the plain.
The bumble bee came thundering by
And then came down the rain.
I. W.
P. S. This morning tho P. P. are
all happv and the ltepub s are mad as
wet heus.
Rosstu'Ku, OR., Oct. 24lh, 1SV2.
KJltor Souliieni Orva Mali:
I had the pleasure of listening to
"Hon. Binger Herman" at Oakland, ou
tho.iJndL insU II was a happy eftorl in
the interest of Protection, high tariff.
&c' but be admitted that onv-haif of
our import were on the FKKK LIST,
and said also, that many articles man
ufactured in America could bj lnld
down in England cheaper that: Engl.-.nd
could manufacture iheru HEUStLK, but
he did'ut explain what relation this
bore to competition with cheap foreign
labor, which he was endeavoring to
prove was such a curse to us. Hjsp ko
sneeringlv of the People's party, a did
htscolleague.Senator Dolph. Said they
were running the country by their
howls of calamity, which was alt false,
in fact that mortgages were evidences
of prosperity, although none present
seemed to kuow just how that was. and
would prefer a clear title as a better
evidence. We came up on the train
together to this place. Had some very
inUresting talk, principally on the
Tariff and Finance, nearing the end
of which he asked me if I knew just
how much gold or silver we had at pres
ent in the country. I said I did cot.
He looked at me with contempt, made
some rwmai'ks pertinent to the con
tempt. J suid 1 cot'.ld tell him what tbe
Seeretarv of the Treasury said it was
as I had It in my pocket. He said "IS
replied ves. then I asked him to tell
me, as I wanted information. He gave
it to me in round millions. but I pressed
him for a more definite, answer, then
he camo approximately to thousands.
I asked him how he knew.
He said ho counted it just before he
left Washington. This for a moment
paralysed us and there camo over u
an overwhelming senso of his supreme
ability to count money, and while we
pondered upon the absurdity and utter
falsity of the statement and the high
source from wheuco it came, tho whis
tle blew and we were in Kosoburg,
Mr. Herman's home. Now, 1 said to
mvself. here if anywhere, ho has
mado his impress ou tho cople, aud I
almost despaired of getting a hearing
hore. but the large crowd who met me
at tho 'Ckmrt Houso a few moments af
ter, and the hearty support they seemed
to accord our Party and principles.
broke the spell and gave us new hope
for the conflict ami our final triumph.
Now in the language of Senator Dolph
and his echo Mr. Herman, I will say
stand bv vour partv boys and wo will
teleirrauh Gen. Weaver tho 8th day of
next Nov. that tho P. P. have carried
the state by 10,000 majority. I. W.
Editor Southern Oregon Mult:
Haurisiu'RO. Oct. 26. -I ant onco
more iu tho land of tho "Willamette."
How different from Jackson Co. Tho
fences, roofs of the houses, are covered
with moss, also moss hangs from the
fruit and forest trees. Tho cattle I saw
from the car window looked poor and
from the rapidly passing train, thoy too,
looked As though moss was hauging
from their "lacteal reservoio's." And
so far as tho larger towns are concern
ed, it scums too, that the majority of
Used iu Millions of Homes
, the men have moss on their backs,
for while most all confess to the justice
of our complaints and faith in our pro
scribed remedies and In tho ultimate
success of our priuciplcs, vet argue
thusly, "you ain't strong enough yet to
ao auytning. as soon as you arc, we
win help you, (this indicates moss also
ou the braiu) ''tie dout want to throw
away our vote," (just as though they
uiui not been doing bo for the last twenty-live
years) "there is a great issue
now belore the American people, the
Tariff." (long r.) Most of them them
sucm to have just heard of it and that
this election will settle it. Ah well!
with moss on the back and brain 'tis
not hard work to pull the WOOL over
their eyes and the iurtv lussoo over
their nucks und perhaps on the Politi
cal wave of PARTY I'REDJUDICE ride
again into power for another four years.
However we nave tne COUNTRY intelli
gence and justice on our side
und truth shall win, for if "crush
ed to curth will risj again for
the eternal years of God are hers.'
aud why should we not have the coun
try tlio larmers owning less than
- per cent of the taxable property
they have to pay 80 per cent of our
taxes. Senator Dolph said: "Tht
fa i i its aro being educated better than
ever before, which is not onlv true.
but is also tho knell of the slowly dying
old plutocratic parties.
e bad a grand rallv and enthusias
tic meeting in Kug:.e l:ut eve, and
nine new men joined the party. I will
speak here to-night and pros)ects look
some brighter than ycsleruay and we
feel confident of carrying the itute.
1 tieurd ii, Herman, congressman.
speak at Oakland and the following
are my notes ot his lecture:
"joining comes so close to a man as
the tillo to his home." "Harrison de
sires to accomplish the will of lhe peo
ple, in iMid mere was coin enough
in the TJ. S. to redeem all the green
backs." "Tbe foreigner pays the tariff
lax., "Tho poorest states are the
agricultural ones." "The tariff de
creases the price of goods and increases
tae price ol labor. It was a demo
cratic invasion to exclude the Chinese"
"Many of our manufactured are sold
in Europe chenper than they can make
them " "Wool is worth 1 J cents per
pound more in this country than in any
country in the world." "One-half of
our imports come in free. "The
third party men claim that tho tariff
has made ail the miliionairs." I. W.
'' Spikenard Items.
Some of our folks arj wondering
when the reports of premiums awarded
at the fair will be published. Quite an
exhibit could have been made from
this neighborhood hud Rule No. 52
been a little less ambiguous. No one
cared to advance 10 per cent of all pre
miums offered; spend a week at the fair
and Uike chances. That poultry show
"was a daisy." Black Miuorcas en
tered as Black Spanish. The Minorca
is in every way the better fowl and
owners of il need not hesitate to show
it under its own name. Then those
Doininick monstrosities entered as
Plymouth Hocks' Th Langshans with
B. Leghorn markings were equal to a
circus for fun. We move that a com
mittee be appointed next rear who
knows a Plymouth Rock frora a grouse.
Intelligent breeders do not care to ex
hibit thoroughbred poultry against
monstrosities. There is a poultry
Mandard in America, but its dollars to
cents that thai committee who admit
ted that poultry, never read a line of
the book nor any other poultry litera
ture. We noticed that an entry of
pears was made which was listed as
Bartlctt. Tho awardiug committee
ruled it out because of improper nam
ing. Correct. There is a tendency in
our fairs to award premiums to big
things, regardless of quality. Sizeand
quality are two very different attri
butes. Both are essential in all farm
products and must be taken into ac
count in naming judgement .upon an
article. I once saw a turnip that
weighed SO llw, but for all inn purposes
of a turnip one weighing two pounds is
better. Potatoes weighing T or S lbs,
are common, often, but they are of no
value except as freaks. Wormy apples
too. look bad on an exhibition tabic.
There was much of interest at the fair
and it was on the whole, commendable,
but- there were some very ridiculous
exhibits. Tbe Board ot management
will want my scalp for what 1 have
said. Thev will have a long string of
scalps if tbey take those of all who
laugh about that poultry show.
A Little Girl's Experience
In a
Mr. and Loren Trescott aro keepers
ot tne uov. uigntnouse at sana ueacn.
Mich., and are blessed with a daugh
ter, tour years old. Last April she
was tuKen down witn tne measles, (ol
lowed with a dreadful cough and turn
ing into a fever. Doctors at home and
at Detroit treated her, but in vain, she
grew worse rapidly, until she was a
mere "handful of bones." Then she
tried Dr. King 8 New Discovery and
after tho use of two and a half bottles,
was completely cured. They sav Dr.
Jvings Actr Discoverv is worth its
weight in gold, yet vou may get a trial
bottle free at G. il. Haskius' drug
w no win oe President? Send your
answer, with eight two cent stamps, for
a sample copy ol the ianajian
QUEEN, containing rules and conditions
and secure one of the following valua
ble prizes:
To tho first correct answer will be
awarded a Stein way or Chickcring Pi
ano: the two next, each a pair of beau-
tnul Diamond fcar-x-Jntgs: the next ten.
each a lirst-cluas Sewing Machine, and
to the last ten will be awarded each a
full Silver Tea Service (valuo fsiO.00.)
In addition to these, every person
correctly, naminglho next President
will havo their choice of a magnificent
Diamond Bracelet, a puir of Diamond
Ear-Rings, or au imported Opera Glass.
Contest closes November 7th. Auv
letter post-marked that date will be ac
During the contest special prizes will
be given to the first ten answers received
each day, without regard to uiimo of
All prizes for the U. S. freo of dutv.
Address: Dept. "A."
Thj! Queen Publishing Co., Lld.,
Toronto, Canada.
so Years the Standard.
Two Thousand Dollars in Prizes will
be Equitably Distributed.
For seYcrstl ym past competitions ol aa instructive order have been offered by reputable
boxineiui bousea and manufacturer! in England with tbe object ot increasing: their sales and
interesting their customers in their respective goods. These contests, on account of the in
queattuned fairness displayed in conducting tnem. have interested tbe bet people- ot Gnat
liriluin. Believing that competitions offered by a manufacturing concern such as ours, and
conducted in the same honorable manner, would excite universal interest among the Intelligent
people of the Uuited Slates and Canada, our Company have decided to offer a Prize Com petition
n which our ttnst effort will be to make it strictly paik asd impartiau The intention is to
satisfy everyone uolering this competition that they nave been duly credited with the poatUoa
which their efforts have earned for them. We are sure that this class of a prize contest will re
ceive the approval of parents and all those having tbe instruction of young at heart. Tbe prizes
to be awarded in this competition will consist entirely of articles or evmcawi vavck to bs
appreciated by every person receiving one aa a fair rvward for tbe efforts nut forth by then.
Our Intention Is to divide the amount to be given
dollars to one hundred dollars each, and we enter
entering this competition to disburse fairly TWO
AWARD Or PRIZES. Ten of the leading ministers of our city will be in
vited to attend and atsist in tbe award of prizes.
We will pay ONE Hundued Dollars in cash to the first person who eor
rectly answers the following questions: Where in the Bible do the following
three words first appear: 1, Rain: 2. Bread: 3, Milk. The second tierson
answering correctly will receive Seventy-five Dollars in cash. The third
person sending correct answer will receive FIFTY DOLLARS in cash. The next
ten will each receive an elegant Coin Silver (hunting casi) Watch. The
next ten will each receive an elegant SILK DRESS pattern (sixteen yards in
any color). The next t?n will each receive a first-class pair of OPERA GLASSES.
LAST PRIZES. The thirty-three persons sending the thirty-three cor
rect answers which are received LAST will receive duplicates of the prizes that
are awarded for the first thirty-three correct answers, the last correct answer
receiving the One Hundred Dollars, the next to the last the Seventy-five Dol
lars, and so on until the thirty-three prizes for tbe last thirty-three correct
answers have been awarded.
SPECIAL PRIZES. A prize consisting of an elegant Lady's or Gentle
man's Watch will be given to the person sending the first correct answer which
is the first received from their State or Province.
Answers must be accompanied with fifteen United States two-eent postage
stamiw for oue package of Peaulifoam, which is the latest scientific discovery
for cleansing and preserving ibe teeth. Our object is to introduce and attract
attention to Peaklifoam, which is the only preparation whose manufacturers
are willing to offer a reward of fire Hundred Dollars to any dentist who can
(bow that it contains anything injurious to tbe teeth. A mouthful of pearly
while teeth is tbe sure result of its constant use. It is recommended by the
b.-aders of tbe dental profession everywhere; ask your dentist what be thinks of
it. PEARLIFOAM is sent by mail, postpaid, and free from customs duty.
Be sure and send your answers to-day. You may receive a valu
-:artificial ice:-
Brewing, Ice and Cold Storage Company,
Ice delivered in small and large quantities for ONE CENT A
POUND. Wagons will deliver ice daily in Medford. Tu-sdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays in Jacksonville and Central Point- Mondavi,
Wednesdavs aud Fridays in Ashland.
Eagle Roller Mills.
Tie Best of Flour, Graham, Con Meal,
and Chopped Feed of All Kinds.
Wheat Exchanged at all times on best terms possible.
C. FRTIiVI, .sliland, Ore.
Machinery and Vehicles,
Weil Farm & Spiina Wagons, Buggies. Carries
Carts, Harness, &c. Canton. Gang, Black Land, Clipper and Hill
side Plows. J. I. Case Gang and Clipper Plows. Gale and Bis
sell Chilled Plows. Canton I Cass Leaver Harrows. A full line
of Machinery of the latest improvements constantly kept on hand.
D. T. LAWTON, M'fjr Medford Branch.
Land Office nt Rowburg-, Or.
Srpl. a. iSm.
Notice la hereby given tout the iollowinp
named settler hiw filed notice of his Intention
to make rtnal proof iu supoort of his claim, and
thai auid proof will be made before the Judge
or county clerk of of Jackson county, Oregon,
nt Jacksonville. Oregon, on Saturday November
t'ith. 1892. via; Homeatend Hntry No. 4v9, of
William J. Rodgera, for the Eft of N Wk and
N WofN ace. is, ud& E.'4o(8Yi kc.
lO, Tp J5 S, R 1 V.
He namoa tVe following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
ol, snid land, via: Israel Hurris, of Sam's Val
ley, Jackson county. Orcxou. William P. Lin-
rCe. . . layer, of Betutle . Jackson coun
ty, Oregon, Oeo.--W. Slnltli. ,of Beagle,
Jaekwn county JOregoa. . ' .
away In prizes, varying in value from eight
into an boxokablb aorezmext with thme
TjNlTKn Status T.ixn n
w.i i. i V . ., twa. f
V - iiieu wai ue MUovlor
named settler has filed notice ol his retention
!Sm"k?nn1SroV;l.touPortotneltai. and
that said proof will be made belore the iudreT
or clerk ol the coomy court, ot Jackson countr
2reKonL , Jsouvule, Or, 00 iiaturaV
Koreniber 10 u vi. . u r.C . '
W3. for the southeast o
toNKV of SE'4 NEW ot
w.v .vaawuiaj wuuwsims to tirov
Sfd&viaf10" UP0 w32
"rp Churchman and Justin Morton, of
Phoenix. Edward Churchman of Ashland and
Gre0ne 01 Mttd,or. JackSa coo".
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