Southern Oregon mail. (Medford, Or.) 1892-1893, September 02, 1892, Page 3, Image 3

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See Woltert' adv. It'lsadandy
Dr. R. Pryce is back and his arm is
doin j well.
Dry popcorn at Elder's.
A. M. Woodford visited Grants Pass
Sunday and Monday.
Subscribe for the Mail.
J. H. Tborndike visited Josephine
county Sunday.
Fine job work at this office.
W. L. Miller was over from the
county sent Tuesday.
--Fruit jars at Davis & Pottengerjs.
E. w. Starr was up Irom Geld mil a
few days ago.
Go to Elder' for the best tea in
L. A. Cose rode down from Phoenix
Lamp chimneys at Wolter's gro-
Serv. - j
Tsreal Harris of Sams Valley called
on us Saturday.
Quaker Boiled Oats at Davis &
Saml Randies of Lake creek was in
the valley Saturday., r j
Glassware at cost. Davis & Pot-
A. W. McCormack'of Big Butte w
in this city lately.
Pure Cider Vinegar at Duvis &
Pottenger's-. . -
. L. Plvmale of Jacksonville is on
the Mail force these days. ; .
Pure maple syrup at Davis it Pot
tenger's. .-. . -
A. J. Brophy
has arrived fronvl
"Wheatland. ...
Soda water 5 cents a glass at C. W
"Wolters.' - . .
W. Green made a flying trip to
Lr rants t ass tnis weeK.
For teas and. coffee try Davis &
Col. R. A. Miller arrived from the
north Wednesday.
this office.
visiting cards printed at
J. R. Wilson's new house is
rushed along nicely.
Fine spices and extracts at
4; Pottenger s.
J." H. Clayton, from Ashland, was'
doing Medford last week. .
Go to Davis & Pottenger's foi all
kinds of soda drinks o cents a glass.
Ten cent Cuban Blossom cigar for
five cents at Davis & Pottenger's.
W. L Vawter visited the Willamette
a couple of days this week.
We give a cosh discount of 5 per
cent en all purchases, Anglo & Ply
male. J. B. Dungon visited this section
from Gold Hill this week.
The monkev and the has-pipes made i
the rounds of town this week. i
Hurrah for straw hats. All sizes ;
and styles below cost at Angle & Ply- j
male- . -
" W. A. Arnett deputed for McMinn-
"L'r -u:ZrZ- "
ecucoi una wwier.
Largest stock of men's youths', and i
childrens' clothing in town ac Anglo &
r, , . , , . ,t
G. F. Schmidtlein of Woodville, nad I
a horse bitten quite severely by a rat
tlesnake on the 26th inst. . . I
Trunks! Trunks! Valises! Valises!
Largest stock; lowest prices at Aaglo
& Plymale'B. . . ' "
Ed Anderson, one of the prosperous
citizens of Phoenix, was doing business
in town this week.
Go to O. Hoi tan, tailor, and In
spect his goods and pricas before buy
ing elsewherfC
A large number of the People Party
leaders wera in session in Medford
Saturday. -. --
We claim to ttfrn out the best and
neatest job work in the valley at rea
sonable prices..: - .- - ..
Mrs. Dyer and son. mother and bro
ther of Mrs. A M. Woodford, are np
from Grants Paas visiting in this city.
Slover -has the only fountain in
town and gives a large, loaming glass
of soda for 5c. " - -
Mrs M. H. Graves, mother of Mrs.
F. G. Kertson, after several months
residence in this city, returned to Polk
county Monday. - -.
Wanted At Medford nursery, one
Chilled plow and two iron cultivator
wheels small size. - - 35-tt
The Medford nursery has a new adv.
in this issue. Their stock is of the
best, call on them when in need of
trees. .
ihjinorest Bros., dentists. Nitrous
oxide gas administered for. painless
extraction of teeth.
The business college is now furnished
throughout with new furniture and
presents a home like and business' ap
pearance. Use flour from Eagle - Roller Mills
and you will find it better than the
best. For sale by Angle & Piymale. tf
Brophy & Mathcs are now quartered
in their new butcher shop, on C street
just off of 7th', where they 'are prepared
to serve the best of meats.
The celebrated Manhattan Food for
horses, cattle and poultry. Guaran
teed to cure chicken cholera. For sale
at the Strang drug store, Medford, Or.
Died in this city Sunday night, the
four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Perdue. The child was only sick four
Maxcy handles all kinds of soda
water at 5 cents a glass. -
Mrs. HilL mother of Mrs. W. I. Vaw
ter, returned from the Willametta last
week, after an extended visit with her
sons at Eugene. ';
Mason fruit jars at C. W. Wolters;
largest stock and variety.;. . .
Rev E. K. Taylor will preach at the
Christain ' church Sunday evening,
subject, "Why and what think ye of
Christ, whose son is He'V
Alex Galloway and a friend rode out
from Portland en bicycles last week
The young gentlemen are visiting
G. W. Galloway, father of Alex.
Cast your eyes over Slover's . new
adv. and then go and inspsct bis new
material. ' Artists will find this store
a paradise in their line. '
We have come to stay. ' Call and
see us. - Brophy & Mathes.
Rev. S. W. P. Richardson, of Polk
county, occupied the- pulpit at the
Christain church in tels city Sunday,
dav and evening and delivered a lect
ure at the same place Monday evening.
Tho bonds issued by the "town of
Jacksonville, are being steadily ve
deemed.. : The board of trust.Hjs haiM
just called for the redemption of SluO
Smoke the Detroit Free Press
cigar at C. W. Wolters'.
County Treasurer Dean of Josephine
couuty, has received a draft from the
State Treasurer for $2,240,25, Jose
phine's portion of the State school
Buv your school tablets at Slover's
and get a good lend pencil free. .
Miss Belle Coleman, who is now
teachinsr at Rock Point, and formely
one of the teachers in the Grants Pass
school, has accepted a position in a
winter school at Myrtle foint, uoos
Rubber tin lead pencils 10 cents
per dozen and up at Slover's.
If you miss the opening exercises of
tha business college you will miss a
treat. The program to bo presented
is the best ever offered to the public of
this city. Monday evening at the
Babtist church.
. The finest sweet water grapes on
the market at Wolters's.
The forest fire raging below Wagner
butte has taken both sides of the creek
and is encroaching closer toward Ash
land every dav.' Tho sooner it is ar
rested by the citizens the better it will
be, so says the Record -
- . Large and small melons at all
prices at C. W. Wolters.
The Modford Distilling and Refin
ing Co., challenges the world for
purity of goods. Their goods are
mada from the best of corn and rye
and are absolutely PURE. Whole
sale house at Medford Ore. Your val
ued orders solicited. ,
1 Complete list of Oregon school
books at Slover's.
The ladies of the Episcopal suild
held a bazaar and iej-cream festival at
tho opera-house Friday evening, in
which manv ladies and gentlemen of
Medford took a ' lively interest. It
was a handsome aflair and netted a
neat sum.
Placer and quartz claim notices
for sale at this office.
The Smith Bros, spring near Stien
man is coming out ahead of any other
resort in the valley in the way of pop
ularity and accomodations. Tho pro
perties of tha water have b Jen proven
beyond a doubt to contain medicinal
qualities for bodily ailments of nearly
all descriptions.
Hanging lamps at cost. Davis i
Messss. Bayuton, McPherson and
Onne. on their, blind ledge adjoining
the Jewett ldije, are sanguine of hav
ing a rich thing, the ore running from
$Sl to $UX to the ton. The proprietors
are row down adout twenty fast, and
the prospect improves as they go down.
' Go to Brophy &' Mathcs for good
meats. -.
Joan. Pauley ana J. c, fclau wera
tfranteu ice ngntlo sell liquors on tne
lair ground near Central Point bv the
socretarv, Mrs. YV J. Piymale." The
bid was $2!5.a, the highest ever paid
for the privilege. . .
Jocas, one of our letdiaj cdu-
eators, who has besn teaching school
besn teaching
Jon Big Butto is gellinif out material -
to subdivide his place und go into, tha i
hog business on a more extensive scale. J
Misses laa Jlatney and Mamie v. n?y
a Mf.S!, j. w. JP. r,,o,M n,,J
Clinton Wiley havo gone to Crater
lake and thev intend to return via old
Fort . Klamath, where Miss Mamiot'-rTbis is a precaution taken to
ucy' expects to remain awhile visit
ing friends in Klamath county. .
The Jacksonville Dramatic Associa
tion, which gave such excellent per
formances at Jacksonville and Mediord
last winter, intend to repeat their suc
cess in a short time. Of course, they
will bo liberally patronized by the
The Savage Bros, are doing the
threshing for the Woodville farmers
this season. While threshing for
B., F. Carter, one of the men was'
struck by the derrick fork and knock
ed off the. feeder's table, receiving a
severe wound on the breast.
John Wolters, the' late Jacksonville
baker," has moved to Medford and will
run the bakery of C. W. Wolters.
As Mr. Wolters is a master at the
business his wares are sure to be in de
mand. Messrs. Hardin and Brown have
made a rich strike on the face of Paddy
hill, near Gold Hill, exposing a rich
pocket of quartz. John - R. Hardin
went out from Medford lately to look
after its development.
Rev. E. E. Thompson, lata pastor of
the Methodist church of this city, has
been appointed to fill the pulpit for
the coming year at Grants Pass. Rev.
E. E. Phipps will succed Mr. Thomp
son. Rev. E. S. Thompson has boen
transfered from Central Point to Ross
burg. ...
' Secretary Silas J. Day, of the S. O.
Pioneer society, wishes us to say that
all persons who may visit Jacksonville
to attend the Pioneer Reunion, on
Thursday, Sept. 8, and pay 25 cents
for a ticket at Medford to" ride over
the R. R. V. R. R, to Jacksonville, can
get a free return ride to Medford on. a
certificate from the sec'y of the Pioneer
society, on any trains that may run
that day.
The barn of John Ocander burned to
the ground Sunday night. . The origin
of this fire is only one among several
mysterious blazes which have occurred
in town with the week. One of the
out-buildiDgs of the school house was
also scorched the other night, but
prompt action prevented much dam
age. The mysterious purpose of this
hellish work is only equalled bv the
invisibleness of tha culprits. r
There is some talk among our
citizens of having the county of Jack
son, state of Oregon, divided so as to
givo Jacksonville the court house,
Eagle Point county (that is to be the
name of tho pew.-, county) all of that
portion of the old county lying on the
east side of Bear creek, , including
Sams -valley and upper Rogue river
and have the county scat of the now
county at Eagle Point. . Won't that be
nice? Then all of us can have' an
office, and we can run a new debt un
til we have a little more than we can
carry and ' then wo -can divide again
and give Sams valley the debt and
siari anew, we will have to build a
court house anyway, for we have so
much legal business to attend to here
that it has become necessary to have
a deputy district attorney appointed.
Our new district attorney was over to
attend the Meeker, Dunlap, Allen (Old
Rhoda), Carter trial and appointed our
old stand-by. t Dr. Stanflold a " his
deputy for this part of th.i judicial
district, which embraces four pre
cincts. Record Cor. from Eagle Point.
' Celluloid in shoots for fancy work
at Slover's. . ;
' Jude and Mrs. Crawfo.-d Vivo at
the county this week.
B. F. WaJjof Tubii Hook pr.-oiuet
ttas bjen iu this vicinity lately.
Don't forget the Peopls's party rally
at Gold Hill this (Friday) evening.
. The Jacksonville public schools will
reopen on Mondnv. Sqt. 12, U02.
Col. J. N. T. Millor is la the Kla
math country looking after his stock
interest. .
Miss Mary Thiess, of this city; has
been engaged as a teacher in tho
Salem schools. . .,.:
W. J; Plymalo has recently taken
charge of the. business department of
the Times. .'
Thos. Mc Andrews returned a few
davs ain from Smith's springs much
improved in heultb.
Judge W. Crawford visited the
county seat ' one day last week on
professional business.
A numbir of the Woodville folks
arj preparing to go to tho hop yards
oolow tfrant s r"as8.
Tho atmosphere is still full of sraoko.
A general shower Of rain would not bs
out of place just now.
Mrs". F. Roper has been at Medford
several timos recently, having her
eyes treated by Dr. Geary.
G. T. Horshberger arid Win. Carey,
two of Central Point's business men,
were in towu Thursday.
Mrs. Mary Pickering and family
arrived from Iowa lately and joined
Mr. Pickering at this place.
Rev. G. W. Hoxio of Williams creak,
proposes rebuilding his sav-mill which
was recently destroyed by tiro.
Mrs T. A. Harris and infant of Mcd
foru, have been visiting her sister,
Mrs. B. R. Willits, in Ashland.
A numoer oi improvements are go
ing on In Jacksonville. Too old town
is improving steadily, if slowly.
Mrs. F. Roberts of Glendale. arrived
latelv for a visit, with relatives and
friends in Jacksonville and Medford.
Mrs. Gaskin, of San Francisco, who
has been visiting her father Chas.
Schultz at Jacksonville, has returned
Fred Hogg has been down to Central
Point, fitting up a building for tha oc
cupancy of the photographer, there,
Mrs. Nichols.
Robt. T. Armstrong has returned
from his trip north and will remain a
few days, when ho will leave for Cali
fornia in quest of a location.
Harvest Is now at its zcuilh. The
croj-B will not be so large as last year,
although they arc in many cases turn
ing out much brtt ir than expected.
Miss Delia J. Pickcl and Miss Mary
Theiss left for Salem Tuesday where
'her have accepted positions to teach
in the public schools at that place.
Mrs. McKinley and Mrs. McCorJ,
who have ihran visiting the family of
W. U. Parker for some weeks, have
taken up their residence in Medford.
" C. W. Taylor of Eagle Point, this
Columbia, ia tho hopo of rccovertuff
1 hrs health. . Ho will be absent several
Mrs. W. ,T.. Piymale went to Poi t-
md lust week to attend a niwtint of
the committeo which is making ar-
rangomenis to entrta:n tne sovereign
grfind lodge I. 0. O. F. .
" The ics factory is running at night
at present .and lying idle during the
ward off any attempt to set fire to tha
plant by fire-bugs.""" - j
Chas. Vall and wife of Flounce Rock
precinct will leave for their old home
ia the Sandwich Islands next week,
sad will tnke the remains of their son
with them for burial there.
A gentleman interested in the
fisheries at tbe monlh of Rogue River,
is looking for a place to put in a
hatcberv. He pronounced tho mouth
of Big Butt- ah excellent place. .
The boys of -Medford .varo. tolled off
the streets nights at nino o'clock
by tbe Grand Cenlr&i hotel bell. This
is a good law and should always bo on-
forced. ' '
Lee Burch informs us his crops on
the whola turned out fairly well this
s;a-son. He threshed J, 600 bushels of
barley from 35 acres of ground. At
present he is lattening luu hogs which
will a vol age 200 pounds each.
Wadhams & Co.. of Portland, have
established a sugar depot in this city
at C. V. Wolters' grocery. A car load
of sugar will arrivo immediately and
distribution will ha made from herj by
Mr. Wolters to all retail merchants in
this section.
A. A. Davis went north Saturday to
look after his milling interests on the
Sound. Tho mill at this place is being
repainted to obliterate the marks left
by tho late fire. Tbe mill is running
night and day at present. C. N. Has
tings of Spragno. Washington,.is night
miller and W. nalley, night engineer.
Wm, Olwell is still general superin
tendent. , , ' j j- -: v ' ' ; ,
The first annual convention of the
Jackson Countt Christian Endeavor
Union will take place at Ashland nt
tbe Congregational church on Tuesbay
and Wednesday, Sept. (Jth andJth. Tbe
first work of tho convention will bo the
election of -officers.-which - will bo fol
lowed by an excellent program. A so
ciable will be given on the evening of
tbe first day's session, commencing at
7 o'clock. Each society is entitled to
fiye delegates.
"The common school," says Rev. A.
D. Mayo, "is the- place of all others, to
inculcate the great industrial, social,
and civic virtues of honesty, chastity,
truthfulness, justice, responsibility for
social order; all the moral safeguards
of national life.
If you were absent from the com
mencement examination or did not at
tend'tho Medford schools last year und
wish to enter . this, don't fail to meet
tho principal at tho school buildiog on
Saturday. --!
The teachers are requested to moet
at the schools ut 2 o'clock on Saturday.
Good Looks. , ... .
' Good looks are more than skin deep,
depending upon a healthy condition of
the vital organs. If tho liver bo in
active you have a bilious look, if your
stomach be disordered you havo a dys
peptic look, and if your kidneys be
alloc ted you have a pinched look.
Secure good health and you will have
good' looks. Electric Bitters is tho
great, alterative- and Tonic nets -directly
on these :. vital -organs. Curos
piuip'.os, blotches, boils and gives a
foot! complexion. Sold at G. H. Has-'
iu's drug store, SC-c. per bottle.
Used in Millions of Homes
State of Oregon vs. John Walters.
J. N. Shook vs. Samuel Colver and
Geo. B. Curry ; action at lawtottcover
L. "L.. Burtenshaw vs. B. F. and E.
13. Mver ; same. -Tinics
Defioest vs. O. N. L. S. Asso
ciation; same.
J. Kahn vs. Buena V. Webb; same.
J. N. Shook vs. Samncl Colver and
Goo. B. Curry ; application of sheriff
of Klamath county for allowanco of
fees. -
H-3iiry Amraurman vs. G. M. Pierc?
to recover real proparty and damages
J. B. Brown vs. C. W. Skeel.
J. B. Brown vs. N. B. Bradburv.
C. Magruder ct al. vs. Frank Amy.
C. Magruder et al. vs. F.. T. Down
ing. Spencer Cbilders, Jr., vs. . M. P.
Phipps: damages.
James Hamlin vs. Newell Harlan. .
A. S. Johnson vs. J. W. and Melissa
Emma Cooper vs. I. J. Phipps. ct al.
Mrs. I. L. Fanning vs. M. F. Hurst:
S. S. Pence vs. James Harvev.
M. D. Wells & Co. vs. Fountain &
Wm. Ulrich vs. R. L. Duscnbury and
H. E. Cooper.
' E. A. Smith vs. I. J. Phipps and C.
P. Phipp3.
West Ashland Ditch Co. 2, vs. Wm.
Geo; injunction.
Hattio B. Winters vs. Geo. W. Win
ters; divorce.
Slaver & Walker vs. John D. Chap-
pel, et al.; foreclosure.
Sarah A. Hull vs. Silas H. Hull; di
Susan. A. Dodgo vs. Jesse Dodge; suit
in equity for an for support.
Jesse JDodgo vs. Susan A. Dodge; di
Annie M. Thomas vs. C. X. Thomas
Alfred Gunter vs. C. H. nosley ;
foreclosure of lcin.
l-i r - v. 1 1 .... XT
C. Mesjen-er. ct al.; foreclosure of
Lizzie Kmgsburv vs. B. R. Kios-
burv; di vorco.
Zach Cameron vs. Cvms H. Parker.
et al.
foreclose of mortgage
H. F. Barron, cuardian of the minor
F. Barron, guardian of the minor
of M. Walker, vs. C. H. Harris.
h.-irsof M. V,.-..r v C. H Hrr!
ct al.; same.
T. A. Harris vs. Lydia D. Harris ;
motion to modify decree of divorce.
Martha M. Cobksey vs. C. G. Rippey;
Levi Gartmaa vs. Stephen Boors;
J. D. Maxom vs. Lillian Hails; suit
to quiet title.
Manuel Silva vs. Wm. F.eddinjj; in
junction. Almira Whetstone vs. 5i!a J. Day,
administrator; foreclosure.
Henry Arcmermau vs. H.-C. Ecgie,
et al.; foreclosure.
Ht-nry Atnmerman vs. Thto. H
Enjrle; foreclosure.
Mary H. Litilo vs. Harvoy H. Little:
T. M. Howard vs. Ceo. S. Walton ;
Robert A. Gray vs. Annelta Gray ;
Jackson County Bank, corporation,
vs. Honeyman. DeHart & Co.
Prouoanced floprlcso. Yet Saved.
From a lettvr writton by Mrs. Ada
E. Hurd, of Groton. S. D., we quote:
"Was taken with a bad cold, which
settled ou my luuga, cough set in aud
linally terminated In consumption.
Four doctors irave mo up, savinir 1
could live but a short timo. I pave
myself up to my Saviour, detarmined if
I could not stay with mv frionds ou
earth, I would moet my absent ones
above. Mv but band was advised to
fet Dr. King's Now Discovery for con
sumption, coughs and colds. "I eavo it
a trial, took in all eight bottles; it had
cured me, and thank God I am now as
well and heart v woman." Trial bot
tles fro at G. II. Ilaskin's drug store,
regular size 50c and$1.00
Kedford Business College.
There is always sweet music iu a
chime of bells.whcrethe different tones
blend to;cthor and form one chord. and
it is with pleasure that wo listen to tho
tones as they peal forth and fill tbe
Btmosphore, as it were, with rich,sweot
corded music; but if a lull Is struck
whose tone is not in unibon or does not
blend iu with tho tones of tho other
bells, what a discord it makes, and how
distasteful it is to those who are ooliged
to listen. I wish to say this to the cit
izens of Medford, that it is tho same
with a community as it is with music.
Every community is made up of people
of different tones and different classes.
This is necessary. And where those
different tones and different classes
blend together and all work for one
noble purpose.. how happy is that com
munity, and how people love to come
and dwell with those communities. All
seems to bo peace and prosperity, but
let a person of a joalous, selfish depo
sition, one whoso estimation of himself
is greater than all tho estimation uf
others have of . him, come into a com?
munity and how quick a discord is
sounded, how unpleasant it is for those
who are ohlig-cd to resido there and
how careful others art of moving in.
Liet us, citizens of Medford, encourage
nothing that will makt a discord, but
let us all as one community,- work for
one noble purpose with one object in
view. And lot that object be, to work
for tho best' interests of our town, to
keep In good will und unison all classes
ot which our town la composed, and
keep up such u harmony that those
from other communities who visit us
will be captivated by tbe even chord of
tho different classes and professions of
our community ana coma to '.dwell
where all Is good-will,, peace and pros
perity. ; .- . .......
The doors of our Business College
will be open for visitors and those who
wish to make inquiry regardin? the
school ; also for students who wish to
plan heir work for the coming terra,
both Saturday and Monday, the College
Principal will bo in tho rooms both of
the days - for! the purpose of entertain
ing visitors and examining- studonts.
Hoping to- sea all at the opening cx
err.isws r.t the Baptist church Monday
evening. Respectfully,
14. E.- RlODY.
40 Years the Standard,
Farmers, Attention.
Tho tariff bavin? been taken off of
flour wa are selling full roller process
flour for SO ets. per ick. Angle & Ply-
Good Stablea.
First class rigs of all descriptions
can bo procured at all timos of the day
or night at the Clareudou hot.,-1 livery
stables. Drummers and citizen uscing
teams should give thin stable a trial.
Satisfaction guaranteed; charges n.a
souablo. Advertised Latter List.
The toilnnrtnr It the list of letter reci&inuic
uncalled (or in Uie MoUur-J. Or., potioSlce on
AUKIM13I. l!VJ :
Ool:er, Frank 8 Oinnell. O. W.
Callanaa. MxkxIo Habbar.1. M. S.
Ntulngrr. C. E. Kllcy. Lclhs
Worth. Jay Wbce lor, Wulluce
Porsoc calling for the above ptemrte ay "Ad
rcrttKCit." J. S. lioWAKD, h". M.
On Dead Indian range, one black
mare, four years old. AraUan stock,
slim mans and tail, a Utile white
around the eyes; braudod oulsftshoui
dar with letter "J." I will pay liberal
for her delivery at Clarendon Hotel,
W. G. Coorr.R.
2ha State Fays Promptly.
MEDFORD'Ore., August 8, ISPi
Received from the Statj Insurance
company, of Sclem. Ore., through
their agent Mr. J. E. Enyart, the sum
of &U7.-I0 in full sct'.fcment of my
dwelling which burned recently, and I
fully recommend this company to my
neighbors and friends wbo need in
surance. Signed, W. P. FAULOVT.
Ashland Club.
E. E. Ditnirg writes us that at Ash
laud thev havo a People's Party club
with a membership of 29. Thev meet )
on Friday evening at the city hall and
will ke?p tha ball rolling 'till Novem
ber. Mr. Barnes made come gord re
marks to the ciub last Friday and sev
eral songs were sung to enliven the
?? v nf
Tbe officer are: Abram
j Bish, Treas.; E. E. Doming. Sec.; Capt
Teel, P. E. Fitzwawr and Wm. H. !
lireesa, executive cOmmitU-e.
Keal Estat Tranafera.
i John WiWvmfi to p. c. PuUsent : I crw
j Jcb
' P -. Co . i
Cba. H. Were to l.eri J Pierce ; 4TSt3? srrcs
IntvrcT. tlaS. K S E. l. f
U T. inkjw to U. S. rot : SWV of SE.
See X). Iwp 3 S. K S E. fJjj.
Asm Carr 10 E&o Ulair : lot? 9 tvl 7. block
-T6. Coolliice add lo Asbiasd. Subject to man i
Caweofllx C3tO j
In Se. twpSJS. KS V. fTJt.
Ivory M. Marbal lo Iftac Carpenter : all cf
lou 3l. JO. -T: aud M, block A. KaUroad AU lo
Asblaad. InO.
Eraim and KUa L V."r!l to U. T. lclow ;
S W j, of N KVi. S-c SI. iwp 3. Sl-Xi.
I" s. galeai lo ilrnrv i'ae. Jr. ; KO 1 acre
iu p a. iwp s. n fc
- How Is This!
We offer Oi riaudrd Dnllara nc
J ward for anv cas of Catarrh that can
not bp cured bv Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CnEXET& Co. Pmm.. Toledo.O.
We, the undorsigned. havo known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and b-v-lieve
him perfectly onorable in all
business transactinhand financially
ablu to carry out any bligalions rnadd
by their firm.
West & Truax, Wholesale Drusrgis!,
Toledo. O., Waldiog, Kinnan & Mar
vin. Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Curo" is token iator-
nnlly. actinc directly cn tho blood and i
mucous surfaces of the system. Price
J. I (Antic. OU1U OV UIl 17rUl?lS.
Testimonial free.
Oood Irfjpic.
In talking with gentlemen lately
from Sptht-ru Orefron, it i their deairo
to have railroad connection with this
place, as it would greatly benefit both
them and us. They raise the Tinest
hay, grain,' fruit, etc., oa tho coast,
and considerable would find a market
hore. There are a uutnbcr of flouring
mills in Southern Oregon that manu
facture tha finest grad.s of fl-jur that
would also be a benefit to us. Tho only
drawback to building a road is that our
harbor is not as safa in wintor as it
might bo on account of storms, but
with Government aid, could bo
safe. It is tho natural shipping point
for Southorn Oregon and Northern
California, and with a railroad one
hundred milos in length, would tap
the wholi entiro inland country, to
connect with stoam and sailing vessels.
uresccat mty lie-cord.
4 Mathodist Conference,
Tuesday, Aug. 00, witnessod the clos
ing session at Portland of the Oregon
Methodist Episcopal conference at tho
Centenary church on tho east aide.
Just prior to the formal adjournment
of tho conference .the appointments
were made by tho bishop for the calon
edcr year of 1 f 93. Among othors w
note the following:
, Ashland J. S. Smith. . . ; . -Grants
Pass E. E. Thompson.
; Gold HiilTo bo supplied.
Jacksonvillo and Coutral Point C.
M. Bryan.
Klamath' 'Indian ': Mission D. L.
Spaulding.1111" ' ' " ' -Klamath-Falls
To be supplied. ' -Lakeviow
R. T. Baldwin. -Kngle
Point Thomas Starnes.
Phocnix-Goorgo Kooklor.
Rosoburg E. L. Thoicpsou,-- i
Medford E. E, Phipps. . ,.
,; ' '' Thu World, Enriched. :'. .
i The facilities of the preicut day for the
production of everything that will con
duce to the material welfare and comfort
of mankind are almost nnlimtted and
when Syrup of Tirjs was first produced
the -world was enriched with the only
perfect laxative kuowu, as it ia the only
remedy which ia truly pleasing and re
freshing to the taste and prompt and
effectual to cleanse the tvsteni gently in
the Spring time or, in fact, at any time
end the belter it U known the
We buy for Cash, and we buy to sell. -
We buy direct, and we bay iu quautities. . ......
You will alwavs find our stock complete.
We sell at oue price, and that tbe lowest. : ..
We treat you courteously.
A satisfied cutomer is our best advertisement.
Our constant aim is to give you the bast goods at bottom prices.
We make your interests ours.
Your child will be served as cheaply and politely as yourself!
A comparison of our styles and prices will convince you that yon
should trade with us. '
The Popular Gfoeet
c. w. WOLTER
iSlaple Bit Gooils, Groceries, Misioas,:: '
We Pay the Cash or Exchange Our Merchandise
for All Farm Products-
Juno ii, 1892. Yours Respectfully, J. NUNAN.
WM. AKt'iLE.
ANCLE & PLYMALE. Proprietors. -
I General Merchandise Ghroceries,
! Fresh Bacon and
Lard, Choice
Cigars and Tobacco, Canned Fruit?. WgtUbles and Meat.
Extracts, Spiweo, Flour, Matches. Etc.,
Y. B Produce Taken-ifi Exchange. . , .
I. A.
Hardware, Stoves, Tinware ...
;t and Fine; Building Material
Xarnuited CatlMy, Crp&Vn and Builders Touts. FtaMn Tickle. A.mmattloa, Elo.. Et
Redjacket Force Puuips, for doep or ehollow wells. Tin Shop Attacked
. i
Jaekson County Bank.
CAPITAL, . - $50,000 ; Medford. Oregon.
Loan money on approved security, receive deposits subject to check,
aud transact a general banking business on ths most favorable terms.
J Your Business Solicited. .. "
Correspondteiits: . '
Corbiu Banking Co., N. Y. , lcific Bank, Si Fl-antisco.
.Commercial National, Portland.
Strained Honey. Pure Cider, Vinegar
and Paper
. ; . Casater.
: J. .
Jtast. Caaawr
;Ladd & Basil, Salem.