Southern Oregon mail. (Medford, Or.) 1892-1893, July 29, 1892, Page 4, Image 4

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T muxja blt:
Chocolate Pudding; l$oil one quart
pi milk, add a teacup of butter, oua ot
agar, and three nonces of grated choo
law. ; When cool add the yelks of four
eggsLlPour In: a pudding dish, lined
with stale cake. Bake, cover with
meringue and brpwn. ,-; , ..
Almond Pudding Make a" sponge
.calce, bake in a long pan, have the cake
bout two inches tick. Blanch apound
of almond and pound them in rose'
water, mjtx wjth four grated crackers,
aix eggs, pound' of butter,, a pouui. of
sugar and wine glass ot grape jolly.
;Pour on the. cake, apt -in the oven
twenty m.nutns, cover: with meringue
flavored with extract of almond.
Pig Pudding Ciiop half a pound of
Bga one, mix witff a teacup 01 graica
bread crumbs, half a round of shxar.
teacup of melted butter, Ave. ounces of
isapdiedf orange rpuel and citron, one
grated nutmetT and five . well beaten
fSU--1 Steam four hours - and serve
with sauce. '." V "
Citron Pudding Beat the yelks of
ten egs with a pound of sugar and
half a oound ot butter. Cut a pound of
vrtrojt ivpieooav stir :--inv Lino a pudV
.ding dish with.stale cake. Pour in,the
ws tore- ana bake. - Kaiviu sauco.
Cocoanut Pupding Take half a pound
. of gr&tod cocoanut, half a pound of bul
- im nd siic-ar each, tho Yelks aud
lemon aad a teaspoonful of extract of
Economical Pudding Take four cups
of flour, one of suet, one of dried rasp
berries or black oerries, one ana a nan
jcuds of molasses, and two beaten eggs.
' Mix all together, flavor to taste, put in
a mold and steam two hours. Eat with
hard sauce. .
Railroad Pudding Beat one esc and
'cod of sugar, owe- t&blespoonful of
melted butter, one and a half cups of
flqiir, one teaspoonful of baking pow
der, halt a cup of milk and a teaspoon
ful of lemoh axtraev - ifake id a greastd
pan and Serve with lemon sauce. -
Angel's Pudding Two ounces of flour
two of sugar, two ot - butter, a pint of
cream and the whites of three eggs.
Bake in patty pans, cover with icing
faa servo without sauce. -'-"
r- eampaim la th Silvr State.
St. Locis. July 21. The People's
party camnaign through the silver
states has boen mapped out. and Gen
pral Weaver and General Field fired
pff the "first gna inD.'nver,July it
and 27. Prom there they go througn
- Colorado, , up and down. the.. Pacific
' coast and back tfver the Northern Pa-
The Florida Convention.
Jacksonville, Fla., July 21. The
aanwa voriy. uxwy.mnuiniueuiur set-
tetry vf jate R, "A; Montsarvage? for
(roDremq, court, D. L. McKfainon.' The
r platform reaffirms the. Omaha declara
tions and pojid,enins the house of repre-.
ABtAt.lva I fne izm fsiUur-A tl njc th
; tt-Pinfettbh bill. ' '-.. -
. 1 -
Vh Oaatpatffu Fannally 0pn4 in
. w Yracennea, Ind. - ' 1 -; ;
t ;- ypiCBSlJXS,Ind.t July i Za-The
eopie's ?:rt2held a juMleel atthe
fair grounds here tcday, General
Weaver, the- presidential candidate,
luin AMtrtpf nTVtH -TT. nnlrA
7 . , - .. " - - -
jot nro ooun o
land and transportation. A letter was
received fpom" Vlce-Presidcntial' Can
didat3 Field, and A. M. -Barnott, can
didate for governor of Illinois. .Tele-
, grams were received from the silver i
leagues of Colorado and Nebraska,
- promising the elcotorial vote of - those
States to Weaver and. Field.. Weaver;
in his speech said among other things
that the blood of tha martyrs at Home
stead cries out for vengeanc? at the
polls. A resolution ' was adopted ex-'
pressing detestation of C.irncgi3 find
pis policy, denouncing Pinkertonlsm,
and extending hartfelt sympathy to or-
"ganiz3 labor at Homestead. 'When a
collection was called for-the use of -the
prganization, silver 'dollars " were
rained into - a bushel - basket until it
"was half full. The executive com
mittee held a secret meeting.iid announced that the campaign
was formally opened and that it will
be pushed with vigor.
- -
The Sturdy Georgians
ri ATtAHTA,- July 20. Three
""dred sturdy Georgians, most of them
farmers, gathered at the hall of the
Itouse qf representatives today. It
was the first convention of. the; white
men since the war with the avowed
purpose ofbreakrag-np the democratic
party, and these men are in -earnest.
A number, of spirited addresses were
made and a platform was, adopted re
affirming the principles adopted at
Pmaha, condeming convict labor and
the release system, demanding a rigid
jfpoaomy in' public matters, and' in
sisting upon 'every posble ' reduction
in taxation. A ticket was nominatod,
beaded Ijy W. L. Peck, of Rockdale.
for: governor, y He is - president and
5 business manager of the Alliance of
peorgia,' ' " CJ '"' ' .
3Tbe Florida Convention,
; , J ACKSONVXLLE, plai, uly 20, The
ptate convention pf the" People's Party
r met .he5ts. today. Thera were rumors
of a compromise with the republicans,
but up to a late hour onigbl nothing
v,. pf the. nature had deyelopsd, although
a piattorm nas qeon adopted and a
- ticket nominatad headed by ' Aonzo
Paskinbf for governor. ' ' " '" '""""
" - ' ' ' mm i.i
. ? Cr Organisation 'or the Campaign. --ffhe
ultimate success of our cam-
palgn will'iieoessarily depend upon the
." perfection of the political organization,
whilst the people will necap.:ily
pa e'ripplud for tlie want of some of the
wealt which they have created and
which is nqw pwned by tnohpply and
expended by them in vast and fabulous
sufps to perpetuate' the cprrupt and
Woerops did parties, it is however well
-' to fao-j this draw back and seek hope
j4 Inspiration ia tbe many advan-
tages in our favor, which ore too of tan
overlooked and undent ted. We have
a powerful and able raform press which
never before lias existed in such power,
numbers mid ability. Today -the far
mer and the mechanic can, and with
economy too purchase all the litera
ture bo needs giving him accurate hit
formation, and one which represents
their interests and holds ''tha mirror
up tp nature." Tho lamp, of ; research
is kept burning and reveals to him in
naked reality the hidoous iniquities
which environ him- A press uninuz:
zled and unsubsized. Contrast our
proas with those party organs spewing
out partisan froth and sickly plati
tudes whose functions are t j blind and
mislead the peonlo instead of enlijiht-
enmonl and reform, and remember it is
rour cents: nickels and dimss that
- . .. .1 . ... - a - a
give .them the circulation -ana navor
tisinsr value. Patronize the Reform
Press eeaso vour subscriptions to
corrutrt party orsrans the -..subtle in
strument of your foes whose objoct it
is to mislead, to trull and divide. . Build
ud vour' orsmus whose mission is to
build vou ui to show wrong nnd the
method ot improvements, to agitate so
that the eteiuul priuctpies ol .liberty,
justice and humanity may become, ou-
inroned amonsrst mon. 10 overtnrnw
monoply, tyranny, depotisro nnd in
justice. A " stioug 61. a primary ad
vantage ot our battle men is emoietit,
able and. neat-less Reform-, -preps. iFat-
ronizo and, make it so. S'
too, that tae oi-sramziruon or Tu j ttrv
oulturalist and toiler of the city hi.i
assumed . such vast dimeusiotis ; nd
have become such tiotont powers m
securrnar ivform,-each nnd every in
dividual therein boleiving in tho truth
and the jusmi-ss ot our cusi, is olloied
a raansfnificent and curly acee.-si. le
field for raissionirv work imd h- Id
lose no opportunity to envangelize.
tiacka' in., i,u'jrluu m.t.. I
and dischilined . ranks ot oranz d
airriciltu'-ists aid toilers' n tr;fi;:;tic
inroad can benade upon both tho old
uurties by i-uu.ttu.iS iuucj lu the
ranks who vote for system which
they ortranize to abolish.. It is of the
utmost, importance that the identity ot
interest of "tho farmer, of the plain
mechanic and toiler of our vast in
dustrial centers .-should"r be bi-oii fht
prominently" before both for both ure
lashed with the same whip in tne
hajid of th-3 same tvrnnt monrplv
ia whatever form he may manifest him
self and exist. -To this c ud it is ea:n-
estlv urged that the rural agitator xll.i1
the city organizer freouently change
J places. . An interchange of oratoric.l
talent will t permanently .successiui.
If those tnro Ioi-cjs can ba made to con
verge in one- direction and thust
harmoniously, the battle will be one
and the flag of success will float on the
pinnacle of progress.. Considering, too,
that nearly e-.vrv other ra:t:i in aa or
ganization is moro or loss of an orat r.
whilst short of stuff " wo arc not sho
of -''wind." - Blow your bazoo and raise
Cain: Another and remarkable ad
vantage must borne in mind: Th
geographical distribution of oar sup
porters, every senatorial and congrw -
sional district in the land possesses at
least a few, each should consider them
selves committees of ouo on organiza-tion-T-overy
; vote thus at-cur ai in the
ajgregate will swll the number? wr.n
derfuiiy. Every ciunty, s n;.t r inland
congressional district siiout-.i oe organ
ized, even if only a bak?r' doz;n ciist,
for from small acorns mighty tak
grow. Each state secretary should
procure two maps of his state, blot k
them out in congressional and senato
rial districts, and should paste en ; on
thick-pasteboard and hang it up in his
headqaarfers and forward the 1.? b m- to
the national ; 9,-icreUiry, so that he may
have an accurate -knowledge of affairs.
This is very important, j Tho best
method to pursue is to cut out each r-
spectifrc district, number with the
proocr nuajbirpasc xn a
on the adjacent page writedown nanus
of committees, etc . This gives yot.
most-valuable information and read:-
ns- Finally, if the-- farmer and me-
u.han!c wjii be content to wait until the I
present abuses nre ramoved. thv will
wait forever. - Eternal vigilance! Ev
lasting effort! Indomitable energy
will bring victory. N sver before have
the neoole had such - a noble ODiortun-
ity for removing abj:ses and for banish
ing wrong thau for the present. Will
they siez-j It.' - U. HltlCE JJIRD,
State Secretary of Illinois, in New Fo
rum. . ,
Oleanings From the -Creicni
Harald of Jane 10, 1854.
Copied from Crescent City Record, Jul j- 23. lfOS.
The first number of the Crescnt City
Herald, size 2t x26, subscriiption $10.00
per year, was published- on Saturday.
June 10, 1834, by B. Y. Fechtig and U.
B. Freaner.. Th i following are a few
items from the first issue:
The merchants of this city now close
tbeir stores on the Uabhath. Where's
there another town in California that
does the same?
We learn from a gentleman of tin-
J doubted veracity, that Mr. Curtis, of
Whaleshead, Oregon Territory, has
discovered a valuable Quicksilver
mine, three miles below Rogue River.
It oovrs an area of some 15 to 20 acres
and is probably the largest and richest
mine of its kind in the world.
- The latest from Jacksonville, Oregon
Territory: New diggings, have been
d'isuovered within the last week, about
five miles north pf Jacksonville, which
are thought to b i extensive, and rich.
Some of the claims prospect from $1 to
$2 to the pan. . . .The election in Jack
son county and Gold River Valley,
was held on the 5th inst. 'Jackson pr
cinot polled "over 600 '. foteai.; .Tho' In
dians are quiet. Nolatediffloulties.
The' miners are doing,. exceedingly
well. The average is frora 310 to 813
per day to the hand, and one claim
for the part two months has paid at
the rate of 940 per day to the hand.
The following were amonir the busi
ness houses pf Crescent City that adver
tised in the first issue: Hamilton &
Co.rWilt & Maldue;"McGrow'&' Dorris,
G. Karewski, J. W. State.ler, S. Habni
& Co , all dealers in general morchan
disc, otp.j Hotel de Paris and Crosent
City Hotel, irre la Cuenyal and M
G..tfu;ker proprietors Li very? Stable
Shprt & Patrick, proprietors; Dress
maker Mrs. S.-. Thompson; Attorneys
at Law, Hayncs & Strawbridge, J. S.
Watkins; " Saloons, Mountaineer,
Madam Lizzie Duppe, proprietor; El
Dorado,: Hillman & Co., proprietors;
Cresent, C. H, DaviB. .
Our city is rapidly improving. Four
teen months ago there was but pno log
cabin standing on the present 6te Pf
Crescent City. Now there are neaply
3X splendid and substantial houwjri,
with a population of . between 8C0 nnd
1 ,000 inhabitants. The city hus sprung
up as if by magic, aud reminds us of
San Francisco and other cities in the
good old days of '49 and 'CO.
An Indian boy belonging ; to the
Chockpith Ranchers wns arrested last
wrk for stealing "chickens from the
ranch of Mr. French. Ho wus taken
bafore Squiro Rosborough, who sen
tenced him to ba whipped. He re
ceived ten well-laid on - lashes, and his
hair closely shorn from his licr.d. We
don't think he will troublo'the woggles
again for chicken uiuck-muck Ion none
time to cornel -
Wo understand that tho California
Combination Stage lino intend running
a line of coaches Irqtii Yrck:v to Jack
sonville. Our citizens -hare subscribed
$0,000 for t'.io pur OcO of constructing a
wagon road from this city to the latter
place. Messrs. Stark is Co., Intend
putting on tho ro:id a liue ot handsome
couches to connect the road from Jack
sonville to this oily.
We need a ' plucd of worship. 'For
there is nothing that benefits a com
munity so much or exerts u more pow
;rful influence over society and brings
it brack to its proper state, than a well
organized church. The Rev. SI; Lucy
is now using every exertion in solicit
ing subscriptions for the purposo of
srectiug a Presbyterian church. Mer
chants "and "olhiri' havo" contributed
lar-rclv toward it."
afonay in Circulation and Amount
Per Capita nt This Date.
The whole amount held in United
States treasury is $712.4l6,8S.".3i ;
from this should be deducted $373,
272.794. being the amount of gold
and silver certificates outside the
tre.isurv lor which- coin' is held to
redee.n. This gives $337.144,USv.
3i as the n mount' t be taken fr-m
the sum outstanding. During the
tiseal year 1SS9 there was a net
loss of gold :i'id tiivvr of $-"l.0ll.
504 ; see mint report, page SO. Ab
the amount of bullion remained tl:c
same, this was a loss t the circu
lation. It oiilv niunins now to
deduct the 6.01RC'JO of fractiona'"
currency that is still counted :"n
circulation, which has lon sine
bfenylestroycd. and the location of
the currency outsUndinj; and the
.eductions I deein nei-essarv ut
iiropt-r and complete. The niPtter
will tand, according to tny figure.
:ilout as follows:-
Amount outstanding as
p-r ii-esarji "s auatj-
mont. ... S1.666.0S4.420 47
Amounts to bi deducted.
Loss in gold coia fcSW.OOXOX) fX
Loss in silver coin 2JMWG.010 f 0
uoss iii r-apur cur.-eucy oj.O nv;- CO
Loss iu Iractional cur. . C,91i.i-!). CO
Hald as reserves, total. C03.uoS.TvT v..
H Id in U. S. tr. asury. in.tM.'M r
Coin sent abroad Cl.COo.o -1 00
Bullion counted as cur. Tii.-ioJ.-S 00
l,33o04,3:o se
The balance in circulation among
the leuple. is ?310.SS!I.S4' 1 1, wtnV.
divided among G3,000,(HX) people
gives ;r4 7S yxtr cvpita. N. A. Dun
ning in National Watchman.-
Grants Fas Items.
Circuit court wui uouvno in Gran's
Puss tho t-'rs; of Au?U3t. There .if
very light docket.
Prof. B. AV. Adams, ot Albany, hrs
been engjiged as principal of the Grants
Pass schools next term, which begins
on the. Urst Muuuay i.i o :pc.t.i er.
W. J.' Wimeron returning to Oak
land this wooK iook Mime samples l
Southern Oregon woods witn him.
Tne mansions of California should h?
nnibhed with these matchless woods.
Emigrants on north bound ti-ains
look hopeful aud fresh, as a rule.
Those com i ni? south look worn and
dejected. The latter havo seen the
Kuget bound elephant ana they arc re
turning wiser, saddor and psor jr.
Dr. G. Dwight Lothrop forfeited
his $.39 bail unu I it for tno north nt-
eveninc last we:. His cass ajraiiiMt a
resident physician w:is di-imiss-d. Dr,
Lothrop did- not practice to any ex
tent in Grants Pass.
J. C. F.zzell. one of tho owners of tbe
Bone of Contention mine on Williams
creek, went to San Francisco last week
carrying with him several bags of ore
as samples to snow iti : r rise. ex pel ts.
Some of tho rocs was fairly teeming
with tbe precious metal.
Tho Jacksonville nard-Times is
living weeded out of this countv, in
spile of tho act that Five-Cent Chai
ley never stops his paper alt-ir a par
son takes it once. Tho Hard-Times ii
piling up In postoOlco corners nil over
the county, marked retusea.
The W. L. & P. Co. is in a bad way
Not even store lights have boen burn
ing for several nighls. The reser
voir is empty and lb - street are dusty
lu consequence. Our merchants hnv
gone back to coal oil reign again.
Mr. Knox has bjcn expected up on
every train for several days.
The" Picture of Table Bocks for the
Columbian Exposition.
Jacksonvtllk, Or., July 22 Mrs
Rowena Nichols, tho arti.-,t who has
contracted ' with " tho Jacksonville
Women World s Fair Club to paint a
picture pf the Tabic Rocks in the north
ern part of Rogue river valley for ox-
hibitiou at tho World's Fair, has com
pleted her sketches, and left yestarduy
morning for San Francisco, wher sho
will paint' the picture.- Tho' artist
hopes to have the painting completed
In time for tho club to plnco It on ex
hibltion at tho Portland Industrial
Exposition this fall. Cor. Orogqnian
Feoole's Party Campaign.
-The fall campaign of tho Poople'u
party will ba formally op .wed at Phoi-
nix. August 1st, at which time Ira
Wakefield 'will deliver hs lecture 'on
tho social aqd financial conditions of
our country ': We ask all. who have not
heard it to . be ,suro and come, aud all
others who can, -lt u .- .-;,:'.-! .
Ex-Governor Donth Died nt Sncrnmento
of Cauoop of the Mouth A Sun Dltro
Flying Machino Crank Make an lin
Dccoairdl Attempt to Go East by the
Air Line. :' '-
Stockton's now electric stroet railrond
is a success.
: Absolute qnaiantino has been declared
against all British Columbia cities.
Small pox is increasing.' ' '
William Brown, a lT-year-old lad, has
been arrested at Albany, Or., for high
way robbery. lie has held up a num
ber of persons. ; He says his home is in
The Sacramento county Republicans
have instructed toeir delegates to the
state convention to uso all honorable
means to- secure - ,the uomiuation of
Grovft L. Johnson for representative in
congress from the second congr'.tuional
district. ' v : . .
Robert J. Woodward: aeronaut or
crank, returned to San Diego with his
balloon bnt slightly dauwgea by the
twenty-mile trial flight. He attempted
to make the trip Ea?t in liis airship, bnt
it came down with a thnd. " He is as de
termined or inline as ever on the sub
ject of making a trip to New , York by
the baloon route. Hi air Uip will be
repaired and refilled, and if . bis courage
keeps np he will at least make the at
tempt again to reach Now York. Ho
may start next time from Phoenix or
Tucson, as he alleges tho mountains in
terfere with the air current.
A lively contest is iu progress between
the city ttssessor of Fresno and the banks
regarding the assessment of money in
the banks. A test has been made ot the
First National, O. J. Woodward, presi
dent. The assessor demanded the books
of tha bank showiuz who the d!Kitors
are aud the amount each hail iu the
bank on tho first M.ndy in March.
Woodwtrd refused to produce the books
and a fine of f 100 was imposed on him
by tho assessor, who is tuking steps to
collect it. The ease will be carried to
tho conrts to determine whether or not
the bunks can be complied to give the
names and amounts of depositors.
Meanwhilo the assessor is proceeding
against the' other banks in the same way
lie says only three people in Fresno Kve
a statement of inouey in the list of their
assessable property, and be thinks some-
bodvou"ht to pay taxes on the million
or mure dollars deposited ia tho Fresno
Henry Lester, a aevenleen year-old
bov living at La Mssa. about twelve
miles east of S,oa Diego, with bis father, j
wits crashed to
d.-ath recently by
fallins timbers. He and hu father were
engaged in tearing dawn an 1 removing 1
au old ranch honso. They had a section
of heavy flooring about fourteen feet
square torn up aud nearly loaded on a
wagon. . Tbe father returned to the
house to get; tools ana the uoy ap
parently tried to continue tbe work
alone, with tne result t tut one cr the
props holding the section ot timbers
gave way and it lell with a crasn, eaten
ing tho bov in its f.ilL This is the last
of a series of fital accidents which have
befallen the Lister family. Several
yesrs ago tho hmosn.i. who ami two
sons came from Eagiuud and settled in
Kansas, where two rears later the
younger son fell from a tree and broke
his neck. Tivoyeira Uter Mrs. Lester
waa killed by Apaches in New Mexico,
after which the remaining two settled
in Los Angeles contity. There, three
rears avo. I buy were victims of a flood
that absolutely washed thsir little farm
iuto the l'acltic ocean. lUia lass lata!
accident has driven the father to the
verv verge of insanity and bo is con
: : . l i . .
stantly watched. Had tho boy lived to
reach his majority he would htve re
ceived a legacy of 1000 recently left him
by a relative in England.
Ex-Govemor Xewtoa Booth, of Cali
fornia, died at Sacramento. Bis death
was caused by a cancer of the month from
which he has suffered for a Ions time.
Newton Booth was a native of Salem,
Ind., where he was born December S3,
1S23. After receiving a good education
in tbe pnwic scnoois ci tne place, ue
was sent to Asbbnry university, where
he sradnated in 1S4U. He then studied
law in Terns Haute, was admitted to
practice in 1950, and soon after came to
California with the intention of contin
uing his profession. He settled in Sac
ramento, bnt besun a siicceroful career
as a merchant, finding in this a more
certain reward than in competing with
the leaders ot the bar of national repu
tation who had flocked to the new El
Dorado from everv part cf the United
State. About lS-w Mr. Booth disposed 'in some umqne revelations. The coin.
of his interests, and with a moderate plainnnt allei.'ca that she married Herbst
fortune decided to return to his native in 18S5 and that they lived together un
state and to resume the practice of his ! til 1S90. She charges nerbst with drug
profession. He settled in Terre Haute j gin her. putting her on a vessel and
and remained there until 1850. when he scuding her to Hauibug, where she was
gave up tho trial and returned to Cali- put into a private asylum. ' In the
fomia and to Sacramento, which has : meantime Herbst - married another
remained his home ever since. He soon j woman, nerbst declares the case to be
took an active part in loc;d politics, and a blackmnihug scheme,
in 1393 was elected state senator. In Representative Stone of Pennsylvania,
1871 he was elected governor after
of tho most exciting campaigns in tno tee has. has prepared a report in opposi
historv of California, and served until I Hon to the senate free coinage hill. The
Feb. 27, 1875. On that day he resigned,
having been elected United States sena
tor as an anti-monopolist to succeed
Eugene Casserly, deceased. The unex
pired term of the latter was filled by the
late John S. linger. Senator Booth's
promotion caused the office of governor
to fall upon Romnuldo Pacheco for a
brief term. He went to Washington in
1076, and on March 0th took his seat in
the national senate chamber. On March
8, 1831, his term expired, and after that
he remained out of politics and devoted
his remaining ' years to traveling in
Europe nnd in the enjoymont of a Insu
rious home surrounded by books and
hosts of friends. . Mr. Booth romained a
bachelor pntil Feb. 2Qth of this year.
when he was married in Sacruraeuto to'
Mrs. J. T. Glovor, widow of one of his
earliest and firmest Tjusiuess associates.
Ignatius Donnelly has been nominated
for governor of Minnesota by the Peo
ples party. ' r
Director General Duvis has nominated
H. L. Larue of California to be superin-'
tendent of the bureau of viticulture of
the World's fair.
Archbishop Iroland.of St. Pnl bus re
turned from a visit to Rome. Hq says
the pope expresses the highest admii'a
tion Xor American institutions.
AU Important Happening Boiled Down
and Aaiortod for tho Convonlonre of
Those Il-ader Who Aro in a Hurry
and Havo no Time to Wiute in Read
ing Long Arllc-lct.
Cattlemen and the Navnjos in New
Mexico aro again quarreling.
A bill closing the World's fuir on Sun
day bus been passed by the Senate. -,
The report that William Waldorr As
died at London was untrue. Mr. Astor
was very ill but is rapidly recovering.
The author of tho canard is not known.
Kute Castletou, the actress, died at
New York.
Almonds are being extensively planted
at l'nnniug. Cal.
Four sealers reached Victoria, B. C,
with 82,000 skiu. . '
A Rreut strike of gold ore twenty-five
miles from Creede, Colo., is reported.
Racing sharps beat the bookmakers at
Monmouth, N Y., out or about $30,000
the other day.
Bob Fitzsiuitnons is training at New
Orleans for his coming light with
O'Brien of England.
Jim Corhett will start out in Novem
ber as a dramatic star. Ills play is en
titled "Gentleman Jack."
The Kimball Olive Oil works at Na
tional City, Cal., will be enlarged. Tbe
demand for oil is ten times in excess of
the output.
Tho Pacific Mall has signed a new
contract with Salvador by which tbe
postal subsidy and passenger and freight
rates are reduced.
The Dominion government has sent a
representative to Washington to nego
tiate for the release of the Victoria
ttcamer Coquitkim.
Tbe car manufacturing companies of
Michigan hare combined. Tbe capacity
of the trust is 100 cars a day aud the
profits 11,000,000 a year. .
F. E. Spooler, at Parksvillo. a eubsrb
of Chicago, broke the twenty four hour
bicycle record, making 371 miles, the
previous record being 353.
The senate has passed a bill referring
to tho court of claims the claim of Jessie
Denton Fremont for certain lands and
improvements at San Francisco.
Tho total amount of the pension ap
propriation bill, as agreed upon in con
ference, is M6.737.a30. or $1I.912.2S4
greater than the honse appropriated.
Tbe Typographical nnion of New
York city has just seen re 1 a rich plnm
in tbe shape of an agreement with tbe
j government to do thepostoffic printing.
The work of laying iron on tbe Ureat
Northern west of Spokane will be com-
menced .at once and the line will be
(mheJ thronfth to the Columbia river.
The s iver oil! is dehmtelr settled so
far as this fovaon of -consress is con
cerned. A motion to take up the biU
raed by the senate vras defeated in the
Tbe Ci'ifornin railroad commifsifiners
want the rsoxt lrgt-l.itOLre to appropriate
JSO.fOO for the employment of an expert
ao-1 strr.OKraphers to inrt-stigato trans
portation rates.
The government has acquired a large
pcrtion of the city cemetery at San
Krancico by condemnation. KortiBca
lions to protect Gulden Gate will K
built on the land. Tbo owners were al
lowed $73.tKVX
Tbe Youn? Mrn's Cliristian associa
tion of California ha again been im- i
(v.-d npnn by a religions frand in tbe j
person of Rer. J. A. Smith, evanjrelist j
and retired actor, who has been letter-
Uag At rariuas places.
Grand Ronde
i- one cunyn ou the
river in Yahinton. there are .seventeen
i . . . . . ...
mam'.icenhle Indian jrirls, and they all
want white men for hnsband and shnn
Iheir wonld-bo lover in the camp.
The father of one of the girl- make au
open offer of 200 head of good horses to
the younj white man who will marry
his daughter. The old Indian says,
however, that he will not accept any
kind of a'hoodlnm" for a son-ia-law;
the man ninst I of pood character and
address, and able to give his Indian
bride a ptKd home.
The Chinese were expelled several
years ai from Tacomn, nnd now the
Northern Pacific Transportation Rteam
line insists upon the establishment of a
Chiuescliue there to do business with
China, nnu If Taeoma refuses the termi
nns of the line will be placed elsewhere.
Robert Herbst. a wealthy New York
buMness man, is being sued for a di
vorce and alimony by a woman to whom
he declares he is in no way related. The
case embodies a series of remarkable
allegations and will undoubtedly result
in behalf of the house coinage cominit-
chief points which the report will urge
against the bill .are:, .It is exceedingly
crude and clumsy in structure and un
certain in its effects; that tho repeal ot
the law of 1890 carries with it the dis
crediting of (100,000,000 treasury notes
outstanding: that though the notes will
still be receivable for customs and du
ties to the government, the desire of tho
people to get rid of these, as evidenced
by the fact that nearly hHlf of the ens
toms dues collected at New York last
month were paid iu such notes will lead
to tho rapid contraction of the currency;
that there is no bullion in the treasury
answering the description of that pur
chased with silver or coin certificates
and that tho passage of the bill will de
stroy the hope of any practical results
from the proposed international mone
tary congress. . - .
Hon.. Sam Fossendon of Connecticut
has declined to accept tbe chairmanship
of the Republican National committee.
George William Curtis, editor of Har
per's Weekly, is ill at his home at New
Brighton, j. i., wun cancer ot tne
stomach. Physicians say he cannot re
cover. '
William Muldoon, ' the well-known
trainer of prize fighters, eloped recently
with Miss Eileen McGiunis of Brooklyn.
The elopement caused a sensation, as it
was espeoted that Muldoon was engaged
to Marie Wainright, the divorced wif
of Louis James. .... .. , ,,; ,
- Jobbing of all kinds. - Plans and
estimates furnished on application.
Jack-screws to let. .
G. Elder
MEDruRD. .
Dealer n
If you take puis it is bnie you hare sever
tried ifce
S. B. Headache 2nd liver Cure.
U works o cicely. cJeansinc the Liver and
Kinrys; a a mild pbyic rliboul ros
irk pan or sickneK. and defes not hlop yon
from ratine acd wurklnx-
For sale by Geo. II. Haskios. Mciford. Or
L. E. Hoover, Agent,
Mcdiord Ore-
Salary $25 to $5Q a Week.
trill p-y alxre salary to any pood axect
'rfliinjr car jxhi. tUxr u cr
ajd cil ai VLc locl mat.uf4-mrTrs pric-.
Aply lo A. KA2U'tuX i CO
Are VonSnScriuir.
i from btek ache. inSamation cf the I
J bladder, brick dust depsit or s:ono in j
! ihe b'.adJjr. or ia fact auv dc:TU!irc-t
! m -n'.s of lb? kiduevs or urinary or-1
-i t r .
pu? If thus aSlieteJ do cot loesse :imc j
and wsisto money oa worthless lini- j
in.-nts and worse tipster., but st-ike at i
the scat of the ui.-s?ase at once by usinjr
tho eratjy-t of all known rained t--s.
th celebrated Oregon Kidney Tva
Pleasant to take, purely vegetable
Sauslrx'-ion everv time.
Via ear Wlnt ' t nrataKs Tmltlcr os
-cr!x.U t-rsls. o-r- irtj,cif -i cr tMUcref i.
fsvt s,Uaa. drtt. kv rr.- d I;Ht. rt
la ttr.v:tB. l --c. !i-r.r utd t.fiJtr
tttMtau.tB tek. I.rat-.; . w prsl Ul.k,:t
c! T . , metric W.t eul. H-vrrtl I i i.m. x.-r
111 t Wn. 4 r.- errM tbl U frit fcr ti
erT t fr:cU ti, O, tQ w- ii a:l r i, ,Sv
i:mmirMt. Tma4. Kc curcjh t)u ear
rrt isTvattoa aftvr all tcrr rm4in ti icJ. ,d
c;rc krairvd at Ifldwalili ta ISit s4 crrrr c:avr ttata.
Omt rfm MrMOtKD KiA-TTIC S: rr T. ta
tmtavarare9arMl anra.l7S IUT AU.UL13
Hralia cll .Icrrx., it rr-rit .11K.TTT. llC-lOlT.
Saad rar iUaslial PiCfcltli, aMfclc. imM. I(aa. Aadrcaa
NOa 17a Rlrst St ORTLAKO, ORE.
South Lv. Portland p. tu Lv. Moitforri
S:lSa. in Ar. San Krauelsco
Ar. 1 .: a. m
Lv SA", n.
J.v.l 7A)p.
Above traius sltin on!v at the followinir sta
tions north of kostbarjr: East rortlnnil. Ore
gon City. Woodburu. Salem. AUny. Tanyal.
Shedrtv Hty, Harrisburg, Junction City, lrv
tag and Euscne. . -
S03 a. m I Lv j Portland -ArMop.iT
6:10p. mLv Roji-burg -
500 p in I l,v , . Portland Ar I SjSS p iu
W p in Ar " Allxuiy Lv 1 5.DQ a tu
Pullman BuTet Sle
Tonrlst SleephiR Cars thr tlieao-ommodatlon
of itcvoud claaiu?cnfrs1allicliO-l lo express
Detwcen Portland and Corvaliis.
Mall trains dully, except Sunday:
7:30 a. m Lv Purl land Ar j: p. in
12:10 p. in I Ar .. CXirvullls Lv 1 12:05 p. in
At Albany and Corvaliis ctmncct with trains
or oi-egon ravitio ruiiroaa.
Express Trains daily, except Sunday:
4:10 p. in I Lv Portland ArlSaSa.m
7:23 p. m Ar MeMinnville Lv 1 5: .". m
ars-Tlirouh tickets to all points east and
south. For tickets -and full luftirinntlon re
tarding rate, maps, ate, call on thu company's
agunt iu Aicvuora.
, Kauuctr. Asst. O. T. 4k P Aft.
Repairs Buggies and Wsgcns
MAKES -:- BEE -:- HIVES '"
At very reasonable rates. Next doer
to Mcrriman's biachsmith shop,
Horse and Oxen Shoeing- -
Zs I r a m n a
Cures UAIAnnn
Ehenmatism. 5enraI?fa.Corqh
HEADACHE, and AU. Pain.
Th California PshTa aai "StgtOn
old hf n Drafista. Etak SSe.SOe SI.
Creaslncer A Cv Prep's. Im ajgelie.Cal-
o!y &i.iG per Hu wQare twl- Makes a gnod
root tot years, and a&yone caa pat it cm. &ex.d
tamp for taicple acd tall pan!nilans.
cm Kiir Rixirisu Cu
39 & 41 West Ukuadht. Mr TOBK.
One Dollar Weekly
Buys a good Gold Watch by our Club
System. Our 14-karat gold-filled cases
are warrsntsd for i0 ysars. Fine Elgin
or Walttam movement. . Stem wind
and set. Lady's or Cent's size. Equal
to anv 0 a:ch. To secure agents
where we have nooe. we sell one of thi
Buntirg Case Watches for the Club
price Ji and send C. O. D. by express
rith privilege of examination before
raying for some. -
Our arent at Durham. X. C. writes:
'-Ouricweirs Rav$coa:ee-.!ilH:jdoo1Lac-how
jou caa lurcis-li auci work fr .lie Mr.y"
Our acen: at Hath Sprit gs. S: C says:
-Your -.rfcrs : jWc at stb. Ttie pentlcinap
vfao ipn the iat watcfa fa a th&l be -xxirir.d
and jriccd a c'.rr";. waitrs ia Laccw.r
taat vr-re ao Lclu-r tta juo bat tse
Oar r.pent ft Pcrcirptt n.Tcs.. write e:
"Am :a roeip: of tbe :ca. aad act flead
c--aur. ii&0aare ea it bay it
wccld be c.'irij at HO."
One tror-d reliable Aent wtnted for
flcch plr.cj. Wri:e for particuitirs.
EMPir.F. Watctj Co., New York
3 Boad to Weait.
Cccact be (acrcsxfally trare Btta-
oct jarf tea!:h- To reccti tts-fcercty
caxci pcxilka ia HTeTcsim tbe Ml
pcscc;ri;a tzi cpentioa cl i!! th tx
cities li-S r::srt tax cctoccs bKb.
Tekc cccJMisni carrot ciEct eaUss te
ffctld kriaj Ij la (crTtd orkia)
eri'er, sal this Is I-pe:a tbt
hzr asi tfXzea a torpid, thuabttnet
19 Ut secrel'KX, czcxic Iaiairll
tzi t-pejii'i, Kib sU Ibcir uw
iftyioo aorrers.
English Dandelion Tonic
aertsaxpsdSc laSscac mt tfc law,
excites It ts kealthy ccCioa. nsahas its
chracic enson;accts, ae4 prcaetts ta
Secret loac ; crci tso1tstioa a4 caasu
i aatlaa. sjbacas tf a,-?eti. tnu i
tae nllr rje'ea, tot ckes IBs wm
PNDCC Cssshs. CcMs. InSatan. 9mcsHh,
liUlU.0 Huraetwss. Whooyicj C0n5h.Cr.0a.
5r Tarcat. aira. ad emr affocuoa, ( torn
Throat, Lo-as anj Chest, tcciodinc CosuatWa.
SyIf aodpcmiBa,,f . CeaaiaaaiMdMX. 3sttt.f
Skilled help furnished hotels and Restaurants.
Private boarding houses and taiaules.
Labor hired tor railroads and contractors.
TVo register strictly first class cooks, waiters
aud domestics. .,
S. R. PHILUPS. Maa-r.
f tVritt tor our mammoth
vataiogue, a nu page
oooK. plainly uiustraivu.
glviisg manufacturers'
low trt price with manu
tacturers dtscounts on
all- goods manufactured
aad imported into the
XTuitvo states.
S5 to SO cents on every
dolhur you spend. We
sell only nrr-t class gooos.
groceries. rurniiura,clcth
boots and shoes, notions,
crockery. Jcrelry. fcug-gh-s
and harness, agri
cultural implements: in
fni.t mirttiiiii. vnll WIItL
Slaved by buvlmc ot us.
Srnd aS ceuls w pay ex-
exprossage in catatogue.
a buyers guide. e are
the only coreern that
sells ut manufacturers'
prices, allowlnt; tho buyer the same discount
Vhut the manufucturer gives to the wnolesale
trade. We guarantee all goods to be ec,ual to
representations or mouey refunded. Goods
sent by express or freight, with privuef ot ex;
amlaaUou before paying.
US Qulaoy 8ux-et, Ctlnna 13.
:5e?Ea 5;