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Carmen .and Transportation
The St, touis Globe-Democrat offers
Jto the farmers of the country the follow
ing cold comfort, .and suggests that they
accept the situation philosophically and
pease their complaints against railroad
companies: - -
It ia possibly true that the farmer does not
receive a lost proportion of the amount for
which ms proaucis are un&uy soia. mere are
certain influences which tend to reduce his
share in an arbitrary and insidious way, and
he is practically helpless. But it is not true,
as he claims, that the principal source of in
jury is the cost of transportation. The fact
Jias been recently demonstrated in a striking
jnd conclusive' w ay by the efforts of a St, l'aul
f;oper to ascertain why the wheat grower doos
faA get more for his wheat when the price in
kc ultimate market is so much larger than
jthat which prevails in the primary market.
The ioveslujtioa shows that as a bushel of
wheat goes eastward the additions to the
price are much larger than the charges for
tattling and handling, ani the price varies at
different points regardless of these charges.
We cannot concede the correctness of
iois proposition. If the price of grain in
New York is greater than the price of
grain in Omaha, added to the cost of
getting the grain to New York and hand
ling it on the way, a profitable business
could be done hy grain men in purchas
ing grain at this point and shippiug to
2ew York. That there is some differ
ence might be conceded, and that this
difference represents the profit of the
regular grain shipper is probably true.
In the main, however, the difference be
tween the price of grain at New York
and at Omaha is. the cost of taking it
from Omaha and delivering ft in New
So far as the farmer of Nebraska is
concerned, however, he is not complain
ing so much against these transconti
nental freight rates as he is complaining
gainst the freight rates within the bor
ders of the state. It is the extortionate
-'local" freight rates within Nebraska
jrhich are gnawing at the vitals of the
commonwealth. The robberies in freight
.rates are perpetrated when freight is
shipped over short distances within this
state. Omaha World-Herald. ,-"
The Preacher Hit It.
A preacher addressing a Chicago au
dience once said;
"You are not intellectually capable of
it". (governing). '"You elect to office
the worst men, men whom you know
jrrfll be easily corrupted; your repre
sentatives create the monopolies under
jyhose exactions you are suffering.
This tipplies literally to nine out of
fen Democrats and Republicans who vote
the old party tickets and will vote again
inis ffear.
There is not a bad law upon the stat
ute books, there is not a corporate
monopoly in existence, there has not
been a thefj or a robbery of public land
and money, there is not a corrupt man
w office but what is the direct result of
the ignorant and stupid work of the peo
ple themselves at the ballot box.
" There is not a single wrong but what
can be righted, nor a tyrrany but what
can be overthrown by an intelligent ex
ercise of the elective franchise.
To educate the people and stir them
up to the point of exercising their rights
s the great work'which reformers should
- seek' to accomplish, for unless it can be
accomplished our republic is a failure.
jpiicago Express.
Wyoming faettlDff in XJno.
A letter from A. J. Howd, of Larac
pie, Wy., conveys the information that
- ih People's party is already" organized
in that state, and will be in line with
the great northwest in November next.
A circular has been issued by -the Al
bany County People's club, setting forth
the tendency of our national legislation
purjng toe past thirty years m tne in
terests of capital, and the remedies pro?
posed by the People's party. . .
This is being extensively circulated
among the industrial and agricultural
voters of Wyoming, and the people are
rallying to the standard of the new
--- party. Everywhere t is becoming
- , jj--...sTTiiore ajiu loom Hnmreni. tiar dtqit.
V$rr"-ki lat parties are joined to their
" -'-s . . L-- ' .1 fro .L . . , . 1
jt1 -i - STesi nonnwesi pre a umtuiaemana-fcxii--rjts
financial reform, and the two seo
' Hons will enforce that demand at the
ballot box in November next. Topeka
Advocate. .
- w caver ana 1 oik.
. Set me down for Weaver and Polk.
Jam an pld Greenbaeker. So is J. B.
' Weaver. I mind well when Weaver,
Garfield and Sparks had" the fight in
congress pn the greenback money question-
' I mind how the plutocratic press
cartooned him as a mule. I believe
x Weaker has refused more money from
' the Tory bribegivers than it would cost
- ihe British money power to buy ten men
like John Sherman. And as to L. L.
Polk, the plutocrats know they can't
buy him, hence they try to kill him, if
pot bodily, then in repntation. The,
north and the south can join hands -fra-'
ternaUy'dn Weavr and Polk. EliBaub
jn Nonconformist.
' The Direful Day Is Here.
. , If the following, from the West Texas
. Sentinel, is true, then the time has come
Tor action by the whole people without
regard to avocation:
r The direful day, foretold by Jefferson,
Jackson and Lincoln, when the nation
should be in great danger from the op-
pression of favored moneyed power, is
klready upon us, and-the voice of the
people is raised against it not an hour
too soon. As it is, the grip of the op--
pressor will not be loosened without one
of the severest struggles known to our
- 'nation. - The contest will be decided at
he ballot box, with a result very disas;
rous to oppressive class legislation.
' - Side Track Him.
Elias Carr, ex-president of the North
Carolina state Alliance, has come out
- against he St. Louis platform. It might
' be proper to add that Mr. Carr used the,
' influence of his. office in the Alliance to
: pet a good fat' job on' the "World's fair
committee, and, like all others who are
- ' Jemocrats first and Alliance men sec
ond, has gone back on the Alliance
when the test came. Item Mr. Carr is
..also candidate for governor, or anything
else in that line. National Watchman.
'". It 'Is Time.
Senator, Stanford, of California, says
Jn a recent interview,' "The People's or
.Independent party will certainly have a
Candidate in the field this (all." . With a
national debt of $1.000 ,000,000, an enor
mous railway ' indebtedness, half the
land mortgaged and the load growing
heavier, it is time that measures of re
lief be taken. In the west, particularly,
he people need moro mone or freer
money. Through the People's rarty
they hope to get it." National Econo
iniat' '.-' . ' -
fne People Are Tired of Being Deceived
and Are Striking for Themselves.
The Dallas Southern Mercury gives
the following good cheer from the Lone
Star State.- It Jooks us though it were
going to be a "solid pouth" for the
People's party: "
Tho political horizon an Texas presages
a struggle in this year of grace 1892
that for intense bitterness and deter?
mination on all sides to win will lay all
past campaigns completely in the shade.
Already organization in every nook and
corner of the state is the order of the
Befonners are perfectly united, and
ire organizing rapidly. They are deterr
mined to win at all hazards on the St.
Louis and Dallas demands. Their rinks,
are filling np with recruits from Ihe old
machine parties with such earnest
ness and speed as to demoralize the old-
time bosses. 'Tis true they are apply
ing the party lash right lustily, but it
only accelerates the depletion of their
own ranks, and results in driving their
oldtime followers into the reform army.
The cowardly duplicity practiced so
long by partisan manipulators has at
last born its legitimate fruit indigna
tion and rebellion. Turn where you
may, and you eee rebellion against "ma
chine methods." The tyrauny of the
northeast over the south and northwest
has at last driven these sections into a
union complete iu every detail and
strong as bands of steel.
Texas was loath to leave the Demo
cratic ranks, they held back a long
time, hoping and believing that the
large Democratic majority in the lower
house of the Fif ty-secoud congress would
pass some substantial financial reform
measures. The defeat of the silver coin
age bill has destroyed the last hope in
that direction, and at tho same time cut
the last cord of fealjy to the old parties
and compelled the oppressed people to
look elsewhere for relief.
Seeing-no relief, nor even hopo of re
lief, outside of a political union with the
great and growing northwest, Texas re
formers, of every shade and type, have
snatched the old party collar they have
so long and so meekly worn front their
necks and placed it under their heels.
They have planted themselves upon the
St. Louis and Dallas demands with both
feet, declared for independent political
action, and are filing into the great
opening political battle with the same
determination thee- did into the battles
of Shiloh, Gettysburg and Malvern Hill.
The great reform army now marshaling
for the battle that is to decido which
shall rule America, the "citizen or the
"dollar," may rest assured that Texas
"is in it," solid as adamant, as deter
mined as fate, and will be heard from
next November.
Tillman's Talk.
A Columbus (S. C.) correspondent in
terviewed Governor" Tillman on his re
turn from a visit to Washington. In
speaking of the action of the Democratic
congress he said:
The Democrats are not doing them
selves credit an economists. Their ex
travagance will be apt to give the third
party still another boom, because the
people ere already disgusted by their
behavior on the silver bill. Then what
can yon expect bnt that the people in
their desperation will seek some relief
in another channel. Where an abuse in
politics creeps in it takes forceps, aqua
fortis and the surgeon's knife to cut it
loose. The Republicans set an example
of outrageous extravagance and the
Democrats have not got the nerve or the
patriotism, I don't know which, to root
it cut.
The presext condition of things in
Washington demonstrates the fact that
neither of the old parties will give the
people relief. My opinion is that the
extravagance of the present congress,
added to its cowardice on the silver
question, will give a good root to the
third party.
"Strictly Sot In It."
Cleveland is as sure of the Chicago
nomination as Harrison is of the Minne
apolis nomination. Democrats and Re
publicans will be permitted to wrangle
at the primaries and conventions and all
that sort of thing just for the amuse
ment it affords them, but when it comes
right down to the real work at the na
tional conventions the poor deluded peo
ple will simply be "Strictly not in it.
The money power of Englaud and Wall
street will name the candidates, and
both wQ stand on platforms containing
a "straddle" on tho silver question.
Stick to your party and rote it straight.
Yon are all right even if your intellect
requires the aid of a microscope and cal
cium light to find traces cf it. Denver
Road. '
Beep Vour Eye an Michigan.
We hardly think Jerry Simpson
counted Michigan as among the possi
ble states when be informed a Washing
ton reporter that the People's party
would carry eight states. We desire to
carefully avoid inflated statements con
cerning political possibilities, and-our
fifteen years of reform work makes us
rather conservative than otherwise;
still we feel that we are again upon the
eve of a political revolution in Michi
gan. This time the so called common
people are to nave their innings.
The recent action of the Democratic
party through their representatives in
congress upon the silver question and
the nnahiniity of sentiment as expressed
by the capitalistic Democrat and Repub
lican is already bearing fruit. Thinking
men every where are openly denouncing
the two old parties of frtud and corrup
tion. The spring election developed a
vote of 50.00Q, while thousands more,
like the writer, declined to vote because
no ticket was in the field in their local
ity. Michigan Cor. Chicago Express.
The Farmers' Power.
All over the world the farmer Is slow
ly learning that really all power lies in
bis hands. He stands at the fountain
and can work his will with .the stream
that flows past bis feet and of which all
the people of the earth must drink.
Nothing serious would ' happen to the
general run of folks if the. law courts
were tq take a year's vacation, but the
centers of commerce tremble when the
farmers of Russia pave a poor crop.
The gap is lilted by the farmers of Can
ada, the United States and other wheat
growing conn tries, bnt what would har-
pen if the failure, of the crop in Russia
were artificial like the closing of a
cotton mill by a "combine" and all
other ' farmers banded together to take
advantage of the scarcity? A combine
of farmers, were such a thing possible,
would bold the world in its grip as the
brazen palmed Moloch held his victims
Our Grade.
At the beginning of the school year
our class consisted of thirteen pupils
and kept increasing until the class
numbered twenty-four, averaging
from fourteen to twenty years of age.
As we will give a short sketch of
each pupil, I will begin with Arthur
Faris. Arthur is about tho youngest
in the class, yet ha is one of the best
in mathematics.
Grace Elder is tho smallest in the
class. She is very quiet and has a
gentle disposition.
May Earhart has rotten along quite
nicely in her studies considering she
was promoted during the first term of
school and had to catch up with the
class. On the death of her father she
left school and did not return.
Ira Ptirdin is getting along quite
well with his studies. He was also
promoted from a lower grade.
Carl Narregan is tho son of our
professor and consequently stands well
with tho toucher as he does in his stud
ios. John Harvey, one of the Central
Point bovs, is a young man who
tho.-outrblv eniovs school. Ha walked
eight miles every day. "Put suit of
knowledge under difficulties." John
has plenty of ability if ho will only
p jrsjvdro.
Besides John thera were two t.tnor
bovs who walked f i om Centrtl Poin
Amos Fries and Percy Newton. Amis
is a smart voung man. He litis taught
sone, pus.--Mg both examinations wi!u
an average high enough for a first
srrade cortiucat,;. Ho was never so
ve -y quick, but when ho demonstrated
a fact it showed some dentn of mind
and quite a good deal of thought.
Percy Newton is one of tuo.e boys
whose delight is in playing some joke
on somebody. is tt fair scholar.
He left school soon after the touchers'
exaniinal ion.
Julia sKodchcu is one of th-j girls
who ioiued the class in tho winter.
She is very quiet and modest appear
ing. She is now icacning near ncr
home. '
Zora Bliss was cno of tho oldest girls
m me class ana siooa nign in neri
studies. She is teaching near Eagle!
Point. '
Zuc a Owens was iu the school such
a short time that we did not have an
opportunity of -becoming acquainted
with her. V. tale in scliool snti very
-eldom had anything to say. She left
tbo school tarlv iu tne winter, only
coming back to lake the examination.
Mamie Isaacs was our organist all
winter but about one month before
chool clos.-d she stopped. She put
along ia soma of her stuuies verv well.
Her best study was history.
Addio White is a Montana girl.
Her parents moved to Medfurd lust
summer. She commenced school soon
iiftjr it bran and has not missed moru
than one or two days during the term.
Grace Foster was ono of the youug
ist and best in the class. She was
quite proficient in Algebra, but ia
March she 1 -ft school as she had an
opportunity to learn telegraphy.
BoSsie Brous is one or tho most r.g
:tlar girls iu attendance and has
.J ways passed with a high average.
M.D. Nieitelsoa is a merry laughing
nrl with the M. D. on the wrong side
of h? r name. She has beeniue of the
class leaders a number of tini".
Bertha Stewart is one of the girl
who studied quito bard during th-3
winter and passed the teachers' ex
amination. She has taught several
terms of school. She is now teaching
it Woodville.
Myrtle Woodford is a pood natured
ffirl. She passed tho examination to
the delight of her friends.
Emma Smith is a California girl.
Sho is visiting at her uncles this win
ter and Is attending school. She is
soon to leave for California.
Bessie Wait is a very good scholar
having boen class leader a number of
times. She is also a very gxd elocu
tionist. Dora Buchanan did not join our class
until lata in the fall, then left when
she got her crtiScat., for her school
in the mountains.
Junte Stewaitis attending school,
coming from home which is nearly
three miles from town.. She is quite a
favorite on accouut of her pleasant
rannia Haskins
is quite a good
pood progress in
is studious nod
scholar. - She made
p.-nmansnip. ne
anxious for the time to enter college.
Julia Fielder, a Mieibgander, ajjed
sixteen, is a girl of small stature, out
gigantic intellect. She fs one of the
suost mischievous girls in school and
gives the teacher trouble by p.Tsisteut
gum chewing.
Ia November we moved Into the
new school house and the building was
Ji'dicated December 4, 1691.
We have observed with tpprorriute
exercises some of the principal days
to is year, beginning with Inunksgiv
ingand followed by Whlttier's birth
day, Washington's birthdav, C'hrist
m;us, New Years and Arbor lay. We
also observed Decoration day bv going
to Jacksonville t.nd helping decorate
the sold ier's graves.
On February 10, IW'J, tho high
school took the teacher's examination,
all passing well. Amos Fries, Uerthn
Stewart, Zora Bliss and Dora Buchanan
getting second grade certificates. All
of the others received, or could have
received third grade certificates if
they had desired. There are eight
of the class teaching at present. They
all have pleasant schools. Our class
passed as high on an average as any of ,
ihonid tPiu-hHPM
In March the class finished Reading",
History and Physiology, passing good
eOnMafJ:W,our school gave an
entertainment, tho high school tak-
rA,3 IT
Tie Only
Now is tlie Accepted Time to Subscribe.
ing an active part. One of the most
enjoyable features of the evening was
the fan-drill, while the trained . chorus
of sixty voices was welcomed twica on
the stage. A very amusing feature of
the evening was the farce entitled
"A Double Cure" in which Fannie
and Bob distinguished themselves.
Tho school has made good progress
this year owing to tho kind etTorls of
Prof. N. L. Narregan.
Many who at tho first of tho school
year could hardly read their own writ
ing are now proud of havihg their
work exhibited, showing there has
been some hard work before the
muscular movement could be con
quered, but by the kind yet firm dir
ection of our professor most of tho
class have mastered it.
Success to the high school of Med
ford. The City Park.
Kdltor Southern Oregon Mail:
New that the election is over and
the defeatod candidates have gone
on their pilgrimage to the regions
of "Salt river," and the elected
'ones have begun to realize the fact
that they are "in it," let us quit the
discussion of the vexed questions
composing the science of politics
iu id say something about the u flairs
of our city.
The city park is the subject that
seems to be needing more attention
than any other at this time. When
this plot of hind was obtained by
the city, steps were taken to plant
trees and shrubbery and beautify
the same, but the trees that were
planted were not of a kind that will
give much shade, and a good many
of them have since died, so that we
are not much nearer the end in
view than when we lirst begun.
Either the city counc'I or the citi
zens should take the matter m
hand and see that at once a sufii
cient number ot maple trees are
planted to thoroughly t-hade this
piece of ground, so that for schoo!
picnics and 4th of July celebrations
we will not have to go away fiom
irom Home to nnu Huuie. trees
for this purpose can he hail chenpiv
aiul should i;e oi a nmiorin Mze us
near as possible, of from two to
three inches in diameter, sawed off
about eight feet front the ground.
There Should be good preparations
before planting, by digging holes
deep mid large, and using plenty of
sediment from the creek and plenty
of rotten manure. Having the
water at all tinits readv there will
be no trouble iu making them grow.
Let this utalter be looked after at
once. lAXPAVKK.
the Peoples' Pat ty Win the Day in
Josephine County. What the
Grants Pass Observer Eays:
. 'We have ra"t the enemy and we
are theirs,' was tho exi-rosrion of sev
eral dolesl.-d republicans this morning.
It conveyed a paiuful t-ignificance; yet
who will venture to predict that this
temporary defeat will not revert to the
iutorcsU cf the party at the next elec
"While it is against the rrincip'.esof
republicans to elect men to office uihmi
such platforms as adopted by the new
party, and while such doctrine Is not
at all in accord with republican ideas,
it is a pleasure to note that a majority
of the newly elected county officers are
good citizens, men with whom the pub
lic is not afraid to trust the administra
tion oj the county's business. The re
publicans are desirous of having men
iu office who ill conduct public busi
ness as the masses desire, and so long
as the new officers fulfill their duties
in a credi'.able manner they shall re
ceive republican agprobation.
The republicans were sanguine of
electing their enlira ticket a fact thut
is well known, and tho "Waterloo" of
the people's partv was the greatest
surprise ever encountered by the re
publicans since their existence as a
party. The cause we will not attempt
to explain.
But tho battle is o'er, and 'Us folly
to refer to "whnt might havee been."
Tho eop!o should unite now and lay
aside all petty spites and grievances
and labor one and all for the advance
ment of our county with greater cu
ergy than ever before. We shall have
the experience of third party jiower,
and U the people can not profit by ex
perience they cannot profit in any
otuer wav. I no ieonio a party now
has the oj-portunity to display its best
qualities, and the people, have signified
' "f willingness to give them a fair
Official Farmers' Paper -
J. E. .SHEARER, Prop.
Palm's Old Stand.
First class work done to all.
Ladies' hair cutting executed with
Dealer in
Mm aits Boole.
South I
TKMpwinlLv. P.rttan4 Ar. I T: a. m
p. in Lv. Lv 5 i . m
:-:13a. iu Ar. Sen t'raucUro l.v. j TnWp. in
AIjovc train, stopon! at the following Ma.
lion ninh tjf koclu:: Eat Portland. Oxi.
Son CHy. U'oodiiuro, Sirm, AlSany. Tnngmu
Scdd. HLic-y. H&!riburg. Juuctiun City, Irv
ine l-.utttc
Sfi.ruI.v Portland Ar 4ft p. in
u. ill I Lv Kovrbnnc Lv ; 6i' a. m
ALBANY L.ICAL DAILY (Except Sunday.) '
iWpm j l.v iVrtUml A r j : v p m
WOpwiAr Albany Lv CoAm i
Pullman Buffet Sleepers.
TviTit lerplneiVin fr chearrnrn'oo Intkm
Between Portland and Corral. is.
Mall tfT.lns daily, exorp; Sunday:
.30 a. in I I-v P.ulland Ar i T n. m
XIAO p. m f Ar VurvaUi I.r f Vm p. m
At Albany and CormUis eonneet with tmlnst
of r.v n racifir rniiruad.
Kxpnws Trains daily, except Sunday: ivwilntid Ar J CO a. m
Tj p. in 1 Ar McMUnivilIe l.v o:iia. ui
a -Through tkke: t) all point ca and
wiu!h. For ticket and full In .mica: urn re
;ApliUfr mtc. ms1, etc ou thecimpany'
uvni af Mefwrd.
Maunscr. At- O. K. & P. ArI.
Boots and Shoes.
I sell F00TWEIS3 0H1Y.
As I give my attention to this line
of trade only I ran 1 better ly my
ciisloiuers than dealers in all ki.uls
of gxids. Cull and exsmin flwk.
Repairing Neatly Cone.
Will make th spavna of 1X94 ai CVatral roinU
Urrr te 11 be evrry TborsUay fr-m nonn
nntll Sotunlar Ciica. ar.d th bairncr of tbc luct
al ifcf Mlraoa (arm ia am's alljr.
Irf-wls P. is a bandome srreL reariy S years
oM, wrltfh;! pouctl5. and (or form andoclioo
cannot lc snn3u. no i utp vienrr oi wv
rral tM races ocd woo a l mlie race at Cbl
capo a a two car-old tn i:K Also ba5 a record
at Loa Angvlca of I it!1 ual yvar-oid for mUe
ftssoiuprios and PEDwnrK.
lwit 1. was sired by the celebrated Jtie
Hooker of falilornia. he by Monday. Hooker's
rtrst dam was MuySowr. by imp. EcIiof; Al.
Hrnoie Karrow by Imp. Snamrork : 3d. Ikla by
imp. llelsehszTer: 4fb. OrattdinaV dam iMaud
I'osleyt bv Sir Kjrhard:;h. by int. Kaflc: tb
llel UiosleT by Wilkes" Wonder: "th. br ITiun
lleloer: xib. by imp. Sterllnir: tth. br Oloms;
lOUi. bv Imp. Stivcreye: 11th. by Imp. Jolly
Robot: li by Partner: ISth. by Imp. Monkey:
I r.b. Imp. nare from stud ot Harrison ot Hrua
4ton. 1wis P."s dam was Ltxzie P. by Lelnster, by
imp Australian, foaled in 1.U. and bred by Vr.
l'nuhard of Sacramento. California. Her
1st dam was Addio A. by Asteroid: Snd.Lorelta
br Imp. Soverelcn ; Srd. Mard Ogden by Thorn
hill: 4th. Mary Thomas by Imp. Consul: Mh.
larrol bv Kjtndoiph's lloanoke. nth, Horoquel
by imp. Alerriheld: Tth. imp mare by Popinjay:
Kth. llourbon's dam by Precipliat: 9lXi. by
Hlphnver: 10th. Tlftanv by Kclipso: lllh,
Yoihik' lias by Skin; li Hon (Wil, Iras' dam) by
Crab : Kl. Ebony of Clitldcrs: Hth. Old Kbony
bv llnsto: lata, Mastey'a Marc by Massey's
Black Uarb.
By the season. $30, and pood pasturag fur
nished mares during the time for $10 additional.
Kvery precaution taken to prevent accldenta,
but uo responsibility assumed.
" Land OfT.ce ot Roseburs. Ore.. May IT. "SS.
Notice is hereby given thai the following
name! settler has tiled notice of his intention
to muke Until proof in support of his claim, and
that snid proof will be made before tho judt
or clerk ol the county court, of Jurkson ctmi.ty
lrriron, at Jacksonville, Or., on Saturday,
July. l!. via: Homestead entry No. (MOJ, o;
Ira 11. Kaymond, for tho KS ot SWVt, and
wiorSE of sec SB. tp S3 s. r 3 e.
He names tho following witinesses t.a prove
his continuous residence upon and oultivatioa
of. said land, viz :
Albion H. Bootbby. Squire S. Aiken, Charles
Dora of Prospect. Jackson Co. Ore. and Harvey
Richardson of titna. Jnckson Co.. Oregon.
HO-SS John H. Shupe, Register.
Land Office at Roseburg. Or.
May VI, 1803
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named settler has tiled notice of his intcntloc
to make flnal proof in suport ot his claim and
that said proof will be mode before the judge or
clerk of the county court of Jackson county Or
ogonat Jacksonville Ore on Saturday, Julys,
IBM. vis: Homestead Kntry No. IJTSof Tueo
Uliilus A. Askew, for the HEX of Seo U8, Tp 3s
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of snid land viz:
John K. Olson of Beagle. Jacob Conley, Ar
temus Armstrong and William Jasper Kodgers,
of Sums Volley, all of Juokson county, Oregon.
Hl-Ud John H. Siiupk, Register.
' Land Ofllce nt Roscburg, Ore., May 19, 09.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler hus tiled notice of his Intention
to make flual proof In support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the Judge
or County Clerk of Jackson county, Oregon, ut
Jacksonville, Oregon, on Saturday. July 4, IKSU.
viz: Homestead entry No. ?U, of John Q. Brls
eoo, for the NWjf of SWi, S4 of NWJ4 and
SWi, of NEH of Seo 0, Tp SSs. ft lw.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said land, viz:
Thomas B. Dawson, H. L. Hill, J. A. Houston
and S. P. Oliver, all of Etna, Jackson county,
Oregon, !-! JonxH. SniJPB, Register.
If you take pills it i because yon have never
tried the
S. B. Headache and Liver Cure.
It works so nicelv. clpanKinr the Liver and
Kidneys; acts as a mild nhvJic without caus-
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For sale by Geo. H. Haskins, Mcdford, Or
I. E. Hoover, local aeont of the
Singer Mn'fe Co.. for Jackson and
Josephine counties, has bis oftlee with
J. t. L.tlcr, M-xlfora and Mrs. K. M. j
Stiii. Grants Pass, who arc aulhorized
to collect moiu-v and receipt for the
Siugor Co. in uiv name.
Money Saved is Money IMz.
Save 'i to no cent on everv dollar von roved.
bXVite for-.ur roonmoih Catalogue, a fto-pat:e
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KHIST -'LASS 4.0OUS. Catalogue cnt on
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,rii-. ailaxin? the buyer ihe tome discount
liial the manufacturer ptve to the wholesale
fcuyrr. W fuarantee ail rood as represented :
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l: Quincy Street. Chicago. IIL
IIis Read ta Wealth
Caaaoi b tuccOTttal'y tnrrelcd wila
ost rood health. To reach Kealth or any
eowteJ Dcsitkn In ti.:e reqclres tbo tail
oxstIsa S4 operatloa ot all tbt fac
Bltlcs tied Bslcra has oedoved as with.
Then coafitiOBi caasot eiUt aelen tho
hytical helng is la cr'ecl aorkiag
crier, and this is tapossibie when tbo
Itret aad tpltea era torpid, ttas otkstract
lc tho seero'.'ses, caasie) iodisesUoa
cad ditpepsls, wlih oil ci their atcooi
par.) ice fc errors.
English Dandelion Tonic
crarrs speciSe laOaoaca one tho lbv j
cxclle it to kcii'.fcy xctioa, resohes its !
chroelc easoreeaects. and prcetoles tho
tecretioas: cares iodieestioa aad coasti
pxltoa. sharpeas tho appetite, tones ap
the eatlro srsles, osd cules life worth
Dr. Woodcock of Kerbv. Josephine
: Couat V, OrvfOn. haj? diswvetxd a CC w
rottutly for Diarriiiva, fi?ntary.
Cholera Morbus Cholera Icfamuili,
aod ail kindred diseases of the alinion-
tary canal. The new remedy is called
Relator cf t&e Bowels and StomaslL
It cures all Summer complaints, all
irregularities of the stomach and bow
els, no mutter what the caue is. It
does not constipate, and has no opium
in iu it irrons pieniuuitr on tne l a-
eilie slop-.'. Thoro is no dangvr in lak-
in? it. as it has been us;d bv "a number
of yearoi
We, tho undersijrned. citizens of
Josephine County, c5tat3 of Oregon,
nereoyceruty thai we nave used Vr.
Woodcock IJepulator for the Stomach
and Bowels and believe that it is all
that is claimed for it- That it is th
best known remedy for all summer coin
Wm. Baker, Grants Pass: Wra. A.
Feholv. P. H. White, Geo. E. Floyd,
H. b. Woodcock. Jv. J. oodcock. Chas.
Duncan. Kerby. S. H. White. Bert Ad
ams, Waldo. Sold by Druggists gener
pttQFO Coughs. Colds. InCutnia, Bronchitis.
liURCO Hoarseness, Whooping Cough, Croup,
Sore Throat, ftithn-C, acd every adcctica ol h
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Speedy audvenajtocnt. Oeauicc signed!. Butts.1'
Skilled help furnished hotels and Restaurant.
Private boarding tiouses and families.
Labor hired tor railroads and contractors.
to register strictly first olass cooks, waiters
and domostlos.
ISM N. Srd. St,
S. R. PHILLIPS, Man'r.
n4 tt Mr XKYT Hue of wflc1
r ud hoaoneblr. br hM ot
Itticr vuiture olil,u4 InthvU'
own toclitiM,-nhMvvrtby Utx A ny
on rn do ih woik. Kasv lo Irani.
We ftiraikh vMrtblnf. W (rt you. K rlJu Yu rn tlvot
wour pr Btofttcult, or II yonr ilm to the work. ThU 1b an
nil roly nw kttdnd briuj woinlcrftil Micrva to wty wtwkvc.
VrfHmwn ar Mming from tU to MO nrr wrk tHl upwanl
and lounafXcra lltito xpria. W ra itmth pom tbc ct.
pl-Wittt and teach 3T"0 rlt LK. JCo tc to exittatt. . Full
Repairs Buggies and Wagons
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Horse and Oxen Skoeing-
We Will Pay
A ftalary of fJb to TO per week to GOO
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un-iV pricM. Only those w t-o want steady em
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123 Qutncy Street. Chicago, IIL
Procured In the United States and foreign
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given us an extensive practice as expert. We
yive special atu-nlkm to rejected in otner
traOe-markcs. ibe n cf opinion s to
ninus. aiMi to ml- nrrv7ct-s. appes.Uk. reisroes.
iifrinjrcniMt. and Yaiwiny ot patent.
and tne proaecuuca ana acidise ot satis icr in
frio jri-tnent. Limi;i2?carpracticcaaaWeaoto .
caret al!y Rtady each cose arxi wt claims in the
orik'taiai pau-nt a broad as the lcenti. Ttis
is nw esptctui.y imponans in view oi ice ai
Scuity in obljunimr a reissue of s defective pat
ent aid of tn&icuuc it in the courts afer it is
obtained. The ccipit-j xsent of uompeuji attor
neys t IMPOK7ANT.
cpoa reccipl of mocei. fiseico. cr pnonno-Srai:!-.
we pive onr op!cMn as to patentability
free c-f charge. If favorabie tie ix: rector is
sdrised a- uco?t of pmcef-tting. etc. Oar fees
are always rv sonalue We refer to ail ex
cr.(tnionen cf pa:Dt during the past quar
ter of a century azd to clients in all parts of tb
co-antry. of whoa nazals in your Sta: will be
irtva cprc request, vex dock oi tsstrucuens,
lenn etc. tent Ifec
Eqtii table Buildin e, 1003 F Et.t
Washington, 1. C.
IyScnd three stamps for postage om nand
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Bhentuatism. 'earalgia. ConiA
The California Positlvt and XegatiT
Boid by mil Drwcp. Kack Se.S0e tt.
Oroaalnfr a Cm-. Prop's. Loo ApkIo.CoI
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stamp for sacpie and fall particsiars.
Uvm Et-isnr Koofixg C
9 & 41 Wkst xiv York.
Wisdom's Robert ine.
Is a strictly liygeuic preparation.
While it beautifies and preserves
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h'otcl.e.s, pimples, sun, wind tan,
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They Say It Contains Xo Poison.
The celebrated chemists whose
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San Vkancisco, June 29, 1SS9.
Dear Shi: We have ma le an ex
haustive chemical analysis of i-Vis-dom's
Robertine, obtained by us in the
open market, and find it to be free from
all poisonous or deleterious ingredients,
constituliujr a harmless preparation for
the face. Yours trulv,
Tuosias Prick & Som,
Analytical Chemists.
To Messrs. W. M. Wisdom & Co
Are You Suffering:.
From back ache, inftamation of the
bladder, brick dust deposit or stone in
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incuts of the kidnevs or urinary or
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ments and worse plasters, but strike at
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Pleasant to take, purely vegetable
Satisfaction every time.
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prico &!S and send C. O. D. by express
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Our agent at Heath Springs, S: C. savs
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Our agent at Pennington.Tex., writes;
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One good reliable Agent wanted fop
each place. Write for particulars.
Empire Watch Co., New YH