Southern Oregon mail. (Medford, Or.) 1892-1893, June 10, 1892, Page 3, Image 3

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    ;- 'SmiERN QREGQN-MAII,, FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 189:. ' ; V ' '
Wheat, No. 1. per bushel .85
Oats, " .35
Barley . ' .40
Corn, " .40
Potatoes, " . .80
Mill Feed, Bran and Shorts, per ton 15.00
nay, baled, f 11.00; loose, 10.00
Wood Oak, percord 4.00
Flour, wholesale, per barrel 4.40
Flour, retail, . per sack 1.20
Butter, per roll .40
Eggs, per dozen -12K
Onions, , per pound .03
Apples, per box .50
Bacon an Ham per lb. .1254
Shcalde - .10
Beans " .04
Lard .18
Honey, .15
Fine job work at this office.
J. Rogers came in from Sams
Valley this week.
Sod water 5 cents a glass at C. W.
F. J. Creed was in town Thurs
. day of this week.
Maxcy handles all kinds of soda
water at 5 cents a glass.
Mrs John Bellinger returned
from Portland Tuesday.
Hay by the ton or bale, seed oats
and barley at J. H. Thorndike's
R. T. Blackwood, of Phoenix,
stopped in this city Tuesday.
The New York Cheap Cash Store
take eggs and chickens in trade.
A. H, Meagly. of Portland, was
up this way several days lately.
Placer and quartz claim notices
for sale at this office.
Born, on the 28th ult at Albany,
to Mr. and MrS. Chas Fronk, a
Buy your school tablets at Slover's
and get a nice lead pencil free with
each one.
C. J. Jeffers, Chas. Rippcy and
Dave Lynes were over from Cen
tral Point this weeek. '
JiTGas for painless extraction of
tjeth. Dr Keteham, Clarendon, hotel.
J. A. Whitman left Wednesday
evening for Portland in thi interest
- of his fruit business.
The highest pric3 pail for ch ick
ens at J. S. Howard's.
T. H. B. Taylor was in the
from WoodvUle - this week
gave us a pleasant call.
Ladies1 visiting cards printed
this office. . j j
Judge Walton for justice of peace j
and I. Woolf for constable were
both re-elected in this precinct. -
Mrs. S. E. Penwell has removed
her bakery from the Medford house to
the old photograph gallery, on B St.
Several young lvnx which had
been caught near Roxy Ann, were
exhibited in town last Saturday.
C. W. Wolters has just received a
half car load of the Mason fruit jara,
the best in the market.
The teacher's institute will be
held in Ashland, commencing
Wednesday, June 15 and holding
four days. -
i Go to Davis ct-Pottenger's for all
kinds of soda drinks 5 cants a glass v
City Marshal Young3 says money
is so scarce in town that he will be
obliged to sell property for delin
quent taxes.
We chum to turn out the best and
neatest job work in the valley at rea
sonable prices.
Fully 2500 people attended the
picnic- in this city Saturday. It
was the grandest turnout Med
ford ever saw.
tHave your teeth examines before
it is too late. - Dr. Keteham will be
found at the Clarendon from 9 in the
morning till 6 at night.
Last Monday C. W. Wolters
sold over 100 boxes of strawberrise
to local customers. Pretty good for
Demorest Bros., dentists. Nitrous i
oxide gas administered for painless
extraction of teeth.
" F. T. Downing returned Wednes
day from east of the mountains,
after several weeks absence in com
pany with Elder Jones.
Mrs. E. J. ,Guae, of Portland,
sister of F. G. Kertson, on her re
turn from San Francisco visited'
here for a few days this week.
Beautiful line of solid back hair
brushes just received at J. A. Slover's
drug store.
Mrs. Hugal of Phoenix, mother
of Section Boss Joe Kelly, died yes
terday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The
lady had been ill for a long time.
We carry the largest assortment of
ladies' s noes, uxtora ties ana suppers.
Call and get prices' before buying.
Angle & Plymale.
The generous rain of yesterday
did much good to crops in gen
eral and most of the farmers are
feeling good over the prospects of
a good crop.
Largest stock of men's youths', and
childrens' clothing in town at Angle &
fly male's.
Revs. T. P. Haynes and R. C.
Uglesby : will commence a pro
racted meeting at the Methodist
church on Saturday, June 15 at 8 p
m. Other ministers are expected.
wegiveacasn discount oi a per
cent en all purchases, Angle & Ply-
Oregon strawberries have taken
the place of California raised fruit
in our markets and the change is
a wonderful improvement. Our
first u. ripe, clean and of good
flavor while that from California
was covered with sand, only half
ripe and of no flavpr whatever.
Westjll lead;. ,
J Dry popcorn at Elder's.
" Subscribe for the MAii.
Go to Elder's for the best tea in
Misses M. A. Thciss and D. J.
Pickel, of our Dublic schools, start
Tuesday for an extensive tour for
pleasure, recreation and informa
tion, going by sail to San Francisco,
by steamer to Portland and then
home.: -
The best place in towu to trade is
at J. S. Howard's.
The Medford Gun Club have
imported several pair of the Mon
golian pheasant and will turn
them lose for breeding purposes.
Anyone killing these birds will
surfer the penalty ef the law, which
is $50 fine, we believe.
Lamp chimneys at Woltor's gro
cery. L. A. Neil, of Ashland, lost his
youngest son by drowning in the
creek last Friday. The little fel
low was just beginning to toddle
about and was the hope of his par
ents. Mr. Neil has been on a sick
bed for several months. 1
tSIf you have a few teeth out and
wish to have them replaced without
having to wear a plate call on Dr.
Keteham at the Clarendon hotel.
On the fourth pnge this week
will be found ' some interesting
reading. The "Prize Essay" by j.
C. Fielder gives some very eood
school items. The "City Park" by
Taxpayer, is well worth reading,
and action should be taken imme
diately as he ad vises.
The celebrated Manhattan Food for
horses, cattle and poultry. Guaran
teed to cure chicken cholera. For sale
at the Strang drug store, Medford, Or.
M. Li. Ryan and A. N. Soliss,
both Jackson county boys, returned
from the Stockton Business college
this week. These gentlemen will
travel through Southern Oregon
and Northern California in the in
terest of the Stockton Business col
lege, and will make Medford their
Boots and shoes anatomically built
by A. C. Tayler. Rsparing promptly
attended to. Carries in stock Indies,
men's, and infants correct shape shoes.
Personal attention given to fitting the
foot. Opposite Post Office.
One of the deputy sheriffs passed
through Medford Tuesday on his
way to Salem, having in charge l
demented woman from Ashland.
We are informed she was a sister
to the photographer at Ashland.
Sorrow at the death of her mother
and sister was the cause of her un
balanced mind.
Prof. Narregan has gone to Port
land as a delegate to the Gran 1
Lodge of A. F. and A. M. and will
spend one week visiting the public
schools and commercial colleges of
that city saining all the informa
tion he can of their methods of
t.-aching. Mrs. Narregan and Carl
will visit friends at Grants Pass
during the professor's cbsence.
John Barneourg and Miss Kel
l:g were united in marriage Satur
day at Jacksonville. The parents of
the young lady and gentleman re
side near Medford, and the couple
came in town together Saturday to
attend the picnic, and during the
day rode over to the county scat
and procured the license. They
took the evening train for Portland
the same day."
W. H. Hosier returned from
Eugene yesterday and in conversa
tion with Juluis Goldsmith, who
lately sold out his large grocery
store in Medford and went into
business in Eugene, Mr. Goldsmith
said he was sick of the Willamette
valley as a business point and was
coming back to ; Medford in the
near future to make his living.
Score another for Medford.
The prospect3 are good that a
cannerv.will be one of the next
enterprises for Medford in the near
future. The balem Canning Co.
have been making inquiries
through Mr. J. Kockersmith, and
have proposed that a stock com
pany be formed and the farmers
in this valley take 52 000 in stock.
We understand that a number of
our best orchardists. have signified
their willingness to take hold of
the enterprise and no doubt the
matter will soon be pushed to a suc
cess, it is certainly to oe nopeci
this grand industry will be secur
ed for Medford.
Children and Misses' School Shoes.
Solid and good, with patent tip, 63
cents, 86 cents and $1.08 per pair, at
tne .New York (Jneap (Jasn Sstore.
Letter List.
The following it, thp list of letters remaining
uncalled for in the Medford, Or.,, postofllce on
jane isi, iovz:
Benett, June Benctt, Susie
Collet, Albert . Hubble, Mr
Hostler, May KendrlcU. D B
Low, EE - Miller, B F
Millard, C E 3 Sanders, J F
Smith. A G Walaon. Ralph
Williams, Ed Walbridge, A S
Persons calling for tns above please say
rertiseu." J. . uowaiid, r.
. M.
Ladies and gentlemen to inspect
shoes in the window of tne New York
Cheap Cash store and see prices.
Real Estate Transfers.
E. E. Minor to William Hevcner. It 27, 28, 39,
30, Minor's add, Asnlana:
Hansom carter to jonn uwaos, u?t 01 bwu
se1, of no'i ot sec 4, an:l a''t of nwVi of seo 3
and sw half of ow half of sco 3, tp 35 s. r 4 w;
Jnvhmrh Carter to John Owens, north half of
nw!4 of seo 3. and sw H. of nw quarter of seo 3,
tn X, I rla: H-U
nenry uornDy to juuus ju. miner ii uuu ow
quarter of nc quarter and w half of se quarter,
tp32s, r3e;7U.
Ada Porter to Juluis E. Miner, e half of sw
quarter and w half of se quarter, seo IS, tp 33 s,
Ervin McCall to Julius K. Miner, a half of
ne quarter and s half of sw quarter, sco 1 4, tp
Lather O. K. Ward to Julius E. Miner, It 4,
see 5 it 1 acre, se quarter of ne quarter and ne
quarter of e quarter, tp 33 s, r 3 e ; t700.
Marriage Licanes.
Marriage license Issued on Juno 4 to John
B:irneburg and Miss Nettle A. Kollogg, both of
Hurried Juno 7, O. E. Purkev ilt and Mm
Ettle M. Fries, bot'.i of Central Pjlut.
Well Understood:
The New York Cheap Cash Store is
offering men's, youths' and boys' cloth
ing at away down prioes. Give us a
call. - '
Mrs. Kilgore, of Ashland, was examined In
Judge Neil a court Tuesday, by l)rs. DoBar and
Robison and adjudged insane. She was taken
to Salera the saino even lug by deputy sheriff,
Robt Taylor.
Campers, Attention.
A full line of wall tents, camp stoves,
camp chairs, etc., at lowest prices, at
Angle & Plymale'a.
Died May 28, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. E. A. Johnson, aged 5 months and
a days.
Another little lamb lins gone
To dwell with Him who gave.
Another little darling babe
Is sheltered in the grave.
Qod needed one mora anccl child
Amidst his shining band.
And so ho bent with lovlmr smllo
And clasped our darling' hand.
Attention! Attention.
Ladies' shoes.Tox kid with patent
leathor tips at $1.43 per pair. Men's
gaiter shoes at $1.43 per pair. French
kid Waukenphust ladies' shoss, the
very latest, with patent loathor tips,
$2.87 per puir. At the New York
Cheap Cash Store.
A Comparison.
G. S. Briggs, who has lately returned
from a trip to the Willamjttj valley,
inform-) us that this crops in that suc
tion are sadly wanting ' in quality and
quantity; in fact, he says, in all his
twenty-one years in Ch-egon, he never
saw such a poor prospect as that
which presents itself to the eye as one
Dasses through that vast area of tilled
land. The wheat is of a sickly color,
and what little oats have been sown
arc rotting in the ovei-ly moist soil. A
large number of fanners have only be
gun to plow, owing to the wet weather.
This is the condition of affairs in the
valley itself, but on the sills hills and
on rolling land the state of the crop is
much better, and good returns may b
expected. The condition in the east
is not any batter, and we believe worse,
judging from all reports of washouts
and cloudbursts on every hand.
how different in the Rogue river val
ley. From some portions a shortage is
reported, but . as a general thing all
our grain crops are in a flourishin
condition. If anything we need a little
rain, but as the first alfalfa crop U
hardly under shelter, there is not much
anxiety felt for rain. And by the w;ty
the hay crop was never so larga and
gathered in such fi no condition. This
is a good bay yar without a doubt.
Th3 fruit crop will ba much larger
than at first estimated after the late
frosts, and prices suro to be satisfac
tory: therefore the favored people of
this valler may well givefenaaks for
their lot when compared with other
T!i5 TTorll liarlchrJ.
The facLiucs of the present day for the
p reduction of everything that will ccc
iuce to the welfare and comfort
of mankind ere almost unlimited and
when Svrr.p cf Fis was first produced
the world wns ennched with the only
perfect laxative ino-ra, as it is the only
remedy v.hich is truly pleasing and re
freshing to the taste and prompt and
effectual to cleanse the tvstem gently in
the Spring time or, ia fact, at any time
end the better it is known the more pop-
r-iir it h'OEC?.
The Southern Pacific company has
been very unfortunate lately, wrecks
aad accidents occurring with alarming
frequency. The Lake Labish and
Myrtle Creek wrecks are still fresh in
the minds of the people, when thu in
telligence reaches us that another dis
aster, though not so serious as the
ones mentioned occurroJ Mon
day afternoon as the southbound
freight trcin Xo. 32 had cmorged
from tunnel 9 and was wending its way
down the steep grade on this Fide it
suddenly left the track and began to
pil i up as though struck by a Kansas
It is supposod the accident was
caused by a braka beam becoming
Iocs 3 and dropping under the wheels
as air was being applied to the brakes
when coming down the grade. At any
rate the cars began jumping from the
track just as they were crossing"
trestle, and of the twenty-eight cars,
caboose and three engines composing
the train, only thrio cars and the en
gines remained oh the track. Grants
Pass Observer.
Bncklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts.
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tutter. chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or 110 piiy requircu.
It is guaranteed to giye jicrfect satis
faction or money refunded. Price 25c
per box. For sale by G. H. Haskins.
Trail Greek .Trinkats.
Weather dry and cold, frost in June.
Small grain looking well.
Our schools aro all in good progress.
Long Branch school is taught by
Miss Dora Buchanoa and is giving the
best of satisfaction.
The rumor is spreading around here
that there will be a Fourth of July
picnic at Etna, conducted under the
Farmer's Alliance and all will be
invited to attend. A large bowery is
talked of for the dancers.
The several schools will unite on the
Fourth at Etna and give an exhibition.
L. J. M.
Pronounced Hopeless, Yet Saved.
From a letter written by Mrs. Ada
E. Hurd, of Groton, S. D., wo quote:
.'.'Was taken with a had cold, which
settled on my lungs, cough set in and
finally terminated in consumption.
Four dooters gave me up, saying I
could live but a short time. I gave
myself up to my Saviour, determined if
I could not stay with my friends on
earth, I would meet my absent ones
above. My husband was advised to
get Dr. King's New Discovery for con
gumption, coughs and colds. I gavo it
a trial, took in all eight bottles; it has
cured me, and thank God I am now a
wall and hearty woman." Trial bot
tles free at G. H. Haskin's drug store,
regular size 30c. and $1.0
7 Difference
The " Royal " the Strongest and
Purest Baking Powder.
Whether any other baking powder is equal to
"Royal," let the official reports decide. When
the different powders were purchased on the open
market and examined by Prof. Chandler, of the
New-York Board of Health, the rcsult.showcd that
Royal Baking Powder contained twenty-seven
per cent, greater, strength than any other brand.
When compared in money value, this difference
would be -as follows:
If one pound of Royal Baking Powder sells
for 50 cents,
One pound of no other powder is worth over
36 cents.
If another baking powder is forced upon you
by the grocer in place of the Royal, see that you
are charged the correspondingly lower price.
Lake County Waves.
Weath ;r warm aud everything grow
ing nicely.--Born
recently, to Mr. and
James Elder, of Paisley, a son.
The cold weathor in April caused
the sheep m.?n to lose a great many
A good many of the Paisloyites
went to thj Harney mining country
this spring.
S. C. Sharrill closed a successful
term of school at district 19, Chewau-
can valley last Friday.
There wore ten applicant' at the
last Teachers' Countv Examination
at Lakeviow, all of which made cer
tificates tour applicants were from
Mr. V. and George Conn, the entor-
P rising merchants, have gone to San
'raucisco to lay thiir 3upply of goods
for the year.
Wo are glad to learn that tha Far
mer's Alliniico aro making an effort
to secure an experimental station in
this part of Oregon.
It;v. P. J. Sp-an. the former Bap
tist minister at LaUeview. has gons to
Washington to taks a look at that
portion of the country. Rsv. H. Smith
is the present minitjr and is wU
Prof. Walfesr. principal of th Lak-
view school for the past nine months,
departed recently for his home ia
Albany. Th professor proved him
self worthy of his calling and is surely
a fine educator.
Miss Kato Lamburg.?r, tha cJIleidnt
short hand reporter, will stop in Lako-vi-jvr
for stmj timj to enjoy th-? de
lightful climate and pure air of Lake
Mr. Ira Wakefield, tho Peoplo's
Party mau spike in the interest of
the nartv at Lakeviow, PaisUv and Lake not long ago. Mr. Wake-j
field is a fine sp-inker and did a groat
u ?ai lor ine pariy - auu mr no many
votoa in the county Occassional.
Good Looks.
Good look3 are more than skia deep,
depending upon a healthy condition of
the vital orga-as. If the liver bo in
active you have a bilious look, if
stomach be disordered you have a dys
peptic look, and if your kiuneya bi
affected you have a pinched look.
Secure good health and you will hnve
good looks. Electric Hitters is ths
great alterative and' Tonic acts dir
ectly on th?S3 vital organs. Cures
uiititries. blotches, boils and srivos a
good complexion. Sold at G. II. Has-
kia 8 drug store, oOc. por bottle.
To Intending Builders.
It will nay you to write or send to the
Southern Oregon Lumbering and Man
ufacturing company of Grants Pass for
all kinds of building material: lumber.
sash, doors, and mill work of all kinds,
as they will gu.iranteo vou satisfaction
in material, workmansliip and prices
Plans aud estimated furnished on all
kinds of work.
Woodville Items.
Mrs. Aunio Bell returned to
Pass Monday OYininsr. afwr speniinir a
couple of woeks visiting tear Wimor.
Quite a crowd of young" folks passed
through Woodville Sunday on on their
way 10 the sulphur springs, where
they had a pienic.
Mrs. J. Sohofttin intended to start for
Portland Monday evening, but hearing
of tho wreck at Grave creek, she con
cluded to wait until Tuesday.
Mo6tall of the young people and
some of the old ones from Woodville
went to tho candidates' ball at Gold
Hill, and what didn't go there went to
the dance at the Scott school house.
The Schefllin Bros, started for the
head of tho Umpqua river Tuesday
moruing with the intention of taking
their team and wagon as far as it was
possible, and then pack thoir things the
rest of tho way.
Wm. Harrison of Grants Pass took
breakfast at the Pollard house Sunday
morning and then wont to visit friends
a few miles above town.
James Whipple, Jr., started for Ap
plegatj Tuesday intending to visit his
brother's school at that place, and re
turn homo with htm as his scho 1 is
out this week.
. The election passed off very quietly
at this place until after tho votes were
counted, then, although it was after
lip. m., the town was awakened by a
terrific exnlosion. The peoplo's party
trained the day and nave vent to their
feelings by cheers and blasts of giant
One day last week Will Bloomer,
while clQiininc a revolver that he sup-
sosed to be unloaded, but was not, acci
dentally shot a younger brother In the
log, but caused nothing but a slight
Bosh wour-d. A fow days afterward
Georars Pjott and John Jirownswortn
wero cleaninir a revolver, whieh went
off. shootlncrGoortre through tho hand.
Tho bullet then pussed through John's
coat, but did no otner ciamagi'
J. Woods and Simon Simpkins sot
out early Tuosday morning for Jnck-
a.intrMln tuL-lnrr thit nnll honkn 'with
them. Ve suppose they arrived thiMe j
saf Jly, as Mr, woods has returned.
' x lSi-INQIt.
Oregon State Weather Service.
Rjports throughout the state indi
cate that the cereal crop will not be up
to that of last year neither in quantity
or quality, though tho general pros
pects for this year's crop are above the
average. This is due to tha poor con
dition of the soil when summer-fallowed
in 1801, to the coal, wot and backward
The fruit crop will bi short in evsry
portion of the state, duo to tho frosts
aud cold rains of April. Th3 hop
crop bids fair to be an avurago one.
while the hop lice aro making their
appearance, indicating ravages by
tbem as bad as .last year unless
checked. Tho hay crop, clover,
timothy and alfalfa will bj unusually
large, dus to the rains und temperature
since March 1st.
The lamb crop and wool clip ara un
usually large while the latter is of ex
cellent quality.
Weather comparatively cool, cloudy
weather and showers bare prevailed.
Oa the morning of the 2th inat..
light fronts occured in various counties,
on the low lands, as a rule, doing no
especial damage except to nip tender
vegetation. Southerly winds have
prevailed. Hail fell oa the first ia
few localities and a thund-ir storm on !
tho 1st was cxpjriene -d in C'.Acka:na j
county. The rain fall varie fro-n .53
of an laehn ths njrlharn part of th i
Will Am iiu valley t-j a traca ia Jack
son county.
The "tho!
' n,j ti,,i
Jan Hull a'.l cr.jpj swj
fairly will. Thj warm
woathor of May Zilh baked tha ground
somewhat, and now tbj showers prov
to be of very great benodt to fail a-id
spring sawn grain. A coatinuatiou of
the showers for a trj:'i with highir
terapsrature would provj to bjof bine
fit. Fall grain is h.adia, most too
rapidly, however, in Jacksja county:
spring grain is coming up well.
Fruit is gonirally injured, a sampie
report from Yamhill county says: In
an orchard of r2 acres of apples, prunes
and pears there will not b over 4-
bu-jhels of fruit." R-rwrts similar,
though not so bad come from other
counties. Strawberries aro of go;ut
sizj and there is a largj crop, though
the flavor is more Insipid than usual.
Peas, grasses and potatoes ara in
bloom; black and raspborri.3 aro
formed, all of which promisj good
crops. AlfaUa is lodging, some, all
grain is very heavy Hhd on excellent
crop will be secured.
Weather cooler temperature, with
occasional showers or light sprinkles
of rain and partly cloudy weather
have prevailed. Frosts wero general
south of the Columbia River Valley on
th 2th, doing somo damage -to pota
toes, fruit, corn and oreals. Ioj
formed iu many localities. Brisk dry
winds have prevailed.
Tho cool weather has b?en very
beneficial to wheat; allowing tho fall
wheat to head mora fully, and assist
ing the spring wheat to a b.-ttr stand
and helping both to recoup from the
effects of the hot weather of May 22nd
and 24th. Some of the whoat has
been blighted, though a good general
rain would do much to counteract the
injury dono.
In the Grand Rond Valley thers ap-
poars to have boon no damage done
and all prospects . aro good. The
wheat crop will ba short in Umatll!;,
county and westward to the -Cascades,
unless more rain falls within two
weeks. Royal auu cherries are rippen
ing at The Dalles; the general fruit
interests are about an average and
with favorable weather a fair crop
will be secured.
The cool woathet has checked tho
molting of the snow In the mountains
and all rivers have been fallsng,
though slowly, for 5 days.
B. S. Paque.
of Medford
hereafter on
The Only Pistes
Teas :: and :: Coffees,
Successor to
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Mar, Latb, ingles, Mute- Rustic,
. Floorii, Ceiling, Ete. '
ANCLE & PLYMALE, Proprietors.
General Merchandise Groceries,
Fresh Bacon and Lard, Choice Strained Honey. Pure Cider, Vinegar
Cigars and Tobacco, Canned Fruits, Vegetables and Meata,
ExlracU, Spices, Flour, Matches. Etc., Etc.
X. B Produce Taken in Exchange.
I. A.
Carpets, and Paper
1- Curtains
MeMii CsreMiY AtteMed to.
Hardware, Stoves,
and Fine
(Van-anted Cutlery, Carpenters ana Builder
Rcdjacktt Force Pumps, lor deep or
w. 1. VAWTEU.
Vice Pns.
Jackson County Bank.
CAPITAL, - $50,000 Medford. Oregon.
Loan money ou approved security, receive deoosits subject to check, .
aud transact a general banking business on thi most favorable terras.
- KirYour Business Solicited.
Corbin Banking Co., N. Y.
Commercial National, Portland."
ThU ftxxl In jut the thiol for Colts nd Horses vfcea lu training, and keeps Wortthf
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