Mosier bulletin. (Mosier, Or.) 1909-19??, September 16, 1910, Image 3

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    Slightly Modified.
Little Viola had dleveloped the habil
of holding her thumb In her mouth
even while eating.
Mother had re
sorted to all sorta of methods tc
correct the child and finally In deepen
tion said:-
"Viola, the first thing you know yos
will swallow your thumb, and thes
what will you do?”
“ Well, mother, 1 should hate toewal
low It because I’d have a heaven of ■
time without It."
"Why, Viola,” said the astonished
Have your teeth out ar d plate and bridga work
done. For out-of-town patrons we finish plat« mather, “ where did you hear an exprss
and bridge work in one day if necessary.
elon like that?”
$S.M "Well, veil," hesitated the little girl
like that,
221 Ini.. T«S $3-54 "I didn’t hear it exactly
u n » . ..... $1« mother, but I thought -t would sound
lum i fiimo
SI W better.”
28c dos. for fresh eggs.
12V>c lb. for dressed Pork.
11c lb. for dressed VeaL
16c lb. for live chickens.
Smith pays the above prices. He never
charges you commission. You get A L L of
your money when you ship to Smith. Address
T R A N K L. S M I T H M E A T CO.
“F ig h tin g th e B e e f T ru st"
Dr. B. E. Wrighl
U m 1dl«.
50c .
Ceri latte Run SS OC
i t t i Resi Rabbar
„ ..
PhiM............. S7.5Í
Pieltu EitracÜM 50«
Painless Extraction Free when plates or bridg«
work is ordered. Consultation Free. You cannot
get better painless work anywhere, no mattei
how much you pay.
All Work fully Guaranteed for fifteen Years
Pettit’s fyc Salve.
No matter how badly the eyes may
be diseased or injured, restores norma!
conditions. All druggists or Howarc
Bros., Buffalo, N. Y .
A Moequlto Proof steamer.
The Jonathan Holt, the first oceat
going moequlto proof steamer, has ar
rived In the Mersey, says the Londoi
Times. She Is the first ship of specla!
342 i Washington St.,
design for the Liverpool West Afrlcar
trade. Professor Major Ronald Ross’i
Portland, Oregon recommendations have been carried
Take car at depot and transfer to Washington St out by the owners for mosquito proof
lng all living quarters. Copper gauss
fittings are provided for all doors, win
dowe, side ports, skylights, ventlla
tors and passages to prevent the ms
laris bearing mosquito entering.
Dr. B. E- Wright Co.
Proof of G e r m s on Llpe.
Mr. Stephen Paget, at the School ol
Economics, London, England, exhibit
ad a piece of gelatine that had beer
kleeed by a man with clean lips, and
pointed out that germs had growr
quickly over the parts touched by th«
llpe. One could not, he said, even klsf
the surface of gelatine without pro
duclng the outline of one’s lips lr
_______________ __
Slap on tha Wrist.
Tightwad—Did you ever notice, my
dear, that nearly all these misers re­
ported In the papers are single
Mrs. Tightwad— Yes; but that's only
natural Married misers are too com­
mon to be worth mentioning
The Real Point.
Pay as little attention to discourage­
ments as possible. Plow ahead as a
steamer does, rain or shine, rough or
smooth. To carry your cargo and
make your port Is the point.—Maltls
D. Babcock.________________
Handing It to Him.
“ I’d like to be rich."
“ How rich?"
“Just rich enough so that you would
marry me."
"Pig! Aren't you ashamed (or want
liur all the ir o n « In th- world?"
She Deserved a Lathering.
Mrs. Hashlelgh— Something wroc|
with your glass of water, Mr. Boarder!
Boarder—There's a hair In the Ice
Mrs. H.—Impossible! I shaved thal
ice myself.
L lfs llk a .
"What a noisy thing that bass drum
Is!" remarked the claronet, disgusted
ly. "Yes," replied the trombone, “Just
like a human being, Isn’t It?” “Like i
human being?” "Yes, It's the on«
with the big head that makes the most
It is a sure sign o f some
inward weakness when the
appetite commences to lag
and you have that “ don’t
care’’ sort of feeling at
meal-time. It is something
that needs immediate at­
tention, for neglect only
brings on more trouble and
often a long illness. Re­
store the appetite and keep
it normal by the use of
Hostetter’s Stomach Bit­
ters. It is for Poor Appe­
tite, Indigestion, Dyspep­
sia, Costiveness and Ma­
Why He Carried the Lantern.
A blind m&n In Khoota (a Caucasian
village) came back from the river one
night, bringing a pitcher of water and
carrying In his hand a lighted lantern.
Some one, meeting him, said; "You’re
blind; It’s all the same to you whether
It’s day or night. Of what use to you
Is a lantern?" "I don’t carry the lan­
tern In order to see the road,” replied
Trains for success in the Industries. the blind man, "but to keep some fool
Provides practical and liberal educa­ like you from running against me and
tion. Strong Faculty. Modern Equip­ breaking my pitcher.”
Offers courses in Agriculture.
Forestry, Domestic Science and Art.
Engineering, Commerce and Pharmacy.
tu n a
h id d k s
F r u it le s s
eon ra g e d
T r ip s
treasu rx
H ave
tu llfo r u le
N et
D ie .
M ae.
Major W A. Desborough, who has
made two trips U> find a reputed burled
treasure on Cocoa Island, In the Pacific,
off the coast of Central America, will
make another attempt within a few
weeks, aud he hope« the third tlm«
will prove the charm.
His first trip was made twelve yean
ago, but mutiny In hU crew compelled
Mm to give up the search, although
he proved the correctnesi of hie draw­
ings and maps at that time.
Last summer he made another trip,
•ailing from Los ADgeles in the yacht
Ramona, the Express of that city aaya,
but heavy and continuous rain* and
the lack of power to operate machin­
ery prevented Mm from making suffi­
cient excavations. This time the local­
ity was considerably changed from
what It was twelve years ago.
Cocos island is famous as a pirates’
retreat, and others besides Major Dos-
borough have searched It for hidden
The particular treasure for which
Major Desborough Is searcMng Is sup-
posed to have been taken from Peru
In the middle of the last century and
burled on the Island by OapL John
Keating, who died soon afterward.
Since hie last trip. Major Desborough
has met a man in New Orleans who
visited the Island ten years ago In
company with a son In law of Captain
Keating. They had maps and draw­
ings whloh appeared correct, but Indi­
cated that considerable excavation
would be necessary. Keating's son-in-
law was an old man then, and hs
turned over the maps to the New Or­
leans man, but the latter has never
tried to find the treasure. He gave cop­
ies of the maps and details to Major
Tradition says there Is $»0.000,000
worth of pirates’ loot burled on the
Island, but the particular treasure
sought by Desborough U $17,000,000
In gold bullion. He eaye that since hit
visit twelve years ago there appears
to have been a great deal of blasting
la the vicinity of one deposit, as the
hillsides are changed and the creek
bed altered.
Where the bullion is supposed to b<
burled, however, there appears to hav<
been only the change of formation due
to the rainfall, which sometime«
amounts to an Inch an hour, making
work difficult.
Major Desborough has had several
offers both from New York and on this
coast to finance another expedition,
which he estimates will cost about $20,-
000, and he Is now looking for •
steamer of about 800 tone to make th«
C atalog
(DM - l )
" The Neal W J
Cured M e" 1 1 U
N o Hypodermic Injections.
You can take this treatment at the Institute
or your home, and your money will be returned
if a perfect cure is not affected. Investigate
this, it will only take a few momenta to phone
us for information. Personal and financial
reference on application. For full informa­
tion. phone, write or call at the
Phone. M arshall 2 400
b3 54 H all Si
U n io n P a inless D e n tists
K fe le y ALCOHOL
(u r e
for Ulnstratea circular,
lain UOTiTUTL 71L lir a * .
POR TLANC5 . 0 R E G O N .
H A N D -S E W E D
p n o cE sr
o n u c o
KZ1T8 »3.00, *2.50. »3.00, »3.60, »4.00, $5.00
WOKZH’S »2.50, »3,S3.50, »4
BOYS’ »2.00, «2.50 fc *3.00
T h ey are absolutely the
m ost popular and beitsh oea
for the price la Am erica.
T h e y are the leadera every­
where because th e y hold
their shape, 4 t better,
look better end wear lon­
ger than ether makes.
T h e y are p ositively the
m oat economical shoe« for you
Douglas name and the retail price
an the bottom — value guaranteed.
T A K E N O S U E S T I T U T B I If your dealer
caaaet (apply you write for Mail Order Catalog.
Antiseptic Tablets.
Ins antly relieve
smarting, swelling, sweat ng o f the feet.
Healing to sure spots. The urative prop­
erties ot Allen's Toot-Ease qhe antisep­
tic powder) are ine,licinallv combined in
Allen’s Foot-Taa . tor the Foot-Bath.
Positive relief for hot, sweating, sore feet
snd quickly remove the odor o f perspira
"Foot-Tabs for Foot-Tabs.”
Druggists, 25c. Sample FREE. Allen &
Ulmsted, Le Roy, N. Y .
A Passing Acquaintance.
"Harry,” said the traveling man’s
wife,” I have a letter from a friend In
Lonely hurst Have you any customers
there?" The drummer said no.
"Then you don't know anybody In
that town?”
"Not Intimately, Of course I know
everybody there by sight.”
“ Why. how can that be?”
“They all come down to the railway
station when the five o'clock afternoon
passenger train stops to let the over­
land express go by.”—Youth's Com-
C For A Infant»
S T and
O Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature o f
How Matches Are Made.
Certain kinds of matches are shared
with the grain from sawed blocks;
others are cut both ways by saws. In
still further varieties the blocks are
boiled to make them cut easily. By
some machines a boiled or steamed
log Is revolved on Its own axis, and a
shaver the thickness of a match Is
cut round and round. This sharing
Is at the same time cut Into lengths
and split Into match sticks. It may
be said that there Is hardly a limit
to the varieties of methods employed.
Round matches are made by forcing
them through dies.—Harper’s Weekly.
R ed,
W eek,
W enry,
W a te ry
B yes.
R e lie v e d B y M urine K y e R e m e d y .
M u rine F o r Y o u r E y e T ro u b le s . Y o u W ill
L ik e M u rine.
It S o oth es.
50c a t Y o u r
D r u g g is ts . W rite F o r E y e B ook s. F rse.
M u rin e E y e R e m e d y C o .. C h icago.
Where the Leap Came In.
Fair Arrival—But why do they «an
this unplcturesque spot under a craggy
tree ’Lover’s Leap?”
Her Friend—Probably because you
can’t sit here five minutes without
a caterpillar dropping down your neok.
If you want the very newest thing in a
white lingerie drees, trim yours with
black. It may be chiffon, lace or rib­
bon, as long at it is black. The dress
in the sketch it trimmed with s deep
flouncing of Brussels applique on the
skirt, and touches of the same on the
On the Installment Plan.
One day Robert snld, “Uncle Bill,
how much do you want for those
pups?” “ Oh, about $2 apiece,” was
the reply. "But, Uncle Bill," said
Robert, "what could I do with a piece
of p u p ? ’ ’— T h « D n ii n o s t o r
Certainly Not.
"I see your heroine floats from
room to room.”
"Of course," said the author of the
book. "Would you expect her to at­
tempt to walk In these new gowns?"
—Louisville Courier-Journal.
One Writer’ s View of Life.
The art of life consists In putting
ourselves Into the place of those we
do not understand, as well as of those
who do not understand us.—Ivan Pa­
Bounds Right.
Mrs. Bo_nc H o w is your sister get
ting along, taking boarders?
Mrs. Egbert—Oh, fine. She hasn’t
heard a complaint from one of beg
boarders yet
"Ob, I didn’t know sb« was getting
as bard of bearing as that!*
E eoeooay Is
Make« the skin aoft as velvet.
Improves any complexion. Beet shampoo made.
Cures most skin eruptions.
Munyon’s Heir Invigorstor cures dandruff.
Stops hair from felling
Makes heir grow.
If you hsve dyspepsia, or any liver trouble,
use Wunyon's Pew-Paw Pills. They cure Bil­
iousness, Constipation, snd drive sil impurities
from the blood.
F a r a lts ir * .
“ 1 see yon only have one chnlr la
the kitchen, Mary 1 must get another
one for you."
"You needn't mind, madams I have
none but gentleman callers'—Buffalo
O u t - o f - T o w n People
Painless E x tra ctio n ....... Fre«
Silver F illin g * ...................... 50«
Gold Fillinga......................... 75«
22 K. Gold C row n *.................* ,
Porcelain C r o w n « .................ST
Molar Gold C ro w n «...............%*
Bridge W ork, 22 K. O o lA ... *
Inlay Pills. Pure G o l d .........OS
V ery Nice Rubber P la te ., . .8*
9est Rubber Plate on E arth.................................. tf
D on't throw your money away. A dollar saved
• twodollars earned. Our o rd in a l reliable Moderi
Painless Methods and our perfaetad office equip­
ment saves us time and your money.
IOST0M DENTISTS. 3th * M e r r ie s « , P ort le a d
Kntrsare 291H Morrison. •ypoato? PowoAce sad Meier 4
flask. CaaaWisbe* la PsrrlefM !• fears. Oyea m d a p
■ d i • m i liadayt until U i K f s r K»|k who work.
Beverly, Mass.—A force o f experts
will be put to work shortly in the de­
partments of the government at Wash­
ington to locate the “ leaks” .
wants to know how much of the $300,-
000,000 that Senator Aldrich says he
could save the government by conduct­
ing it on business lines can really be
If it is possible to conduct the gov­
ernment on the lines of a well-run bus­
iness establishment, the
wants to know it. If not, why not.
Every department is to be gone
through minutely. The wastes are to
be noted, lost motion located, duplica­
tions marked and a rational economy
made the watchword.
At a meeting of the cabinet, which
has been called for September 24, and
which will be succeeded by a series of
such meetings from day to day, for a
week, the matter of economy will be
one of the subjects discussed.
president is looking to the development
of some practical plan whereby the end
which he has in view may be accom-
pl label.
After the manner in which he went
about selecting a stocks and bonds com­
mission, the president is proceeding
carefully in the organization of such a
corps o f experts that will enable him
to get the best results with the $100,-
000 appropriated by the last congress.
He already has had experience in forc­
ing economy in the executive depart­
ments o f the government.
He lopped off $10,000,000 from the
navy estimates last year, without in­
juring the standards of the navy, and
the army establishment underwent a
similar cut. He has enforced economy
in other departments, and is constantly
urging upon members o f his cabinet
the necessity for holding down their
So far as is possible, it is desired
to get some capable and efficient offi­
cial in each o f the departments to offer
a comprehensive plan for reform. It
is not meant that this man shall be a
■py. But from his experience in the
department it is believed he ought to
be able to point out where there are
duplications, waste or other loose bus­
iness methods.
Gold Bullion From Alaska Replaced
By Lead Bare.
Seattle— Gold bullion valued at $67,-
500, part of a shipment of $170,000
from the Washington-Alaska Bank of
Fairbanks, Alaska, to the Dexter-
Horton national bank of Seattle, on
the steamship Humboldt, was stolen in
transit and lead substituted in the
strong box that had contained the bul­
The gold when it left Fairbanks on
a Yukon river steamer for Dawson and
White Horse was contained in three
wooden boxes and was in care of the
Alaska-Pacific Express company. When
the boxes were opened by the Canadian
customs officers at Dawson the gold
bars were found to be as stated in the
express company’s papers.
The boxes were opened again at the
United States assay office in Seattle,
and one contained pigs of lead, not of
gold. The seals of the box were in­
tact when it reached the office, and it
was evident that the robbery had been
committed by removing one end of the
box. The gold was insured against
loss by the express company.
We want you to try this Piano IN YOUR
j HOME FREE. We wa .t you to try it at
J our expense because—
At the end of thirty days the Piano
; ITSELF will convince you of the following
I facts:
\ It’s the best value on earth for the price
! ($275).
j right!
J We know there is so much real value in
this Wellington Piano—we're selling for $275 —on easy payments—that
we’re willing to let it be IT'S OWN SALESMAN.
It will tell its own story to you—in your home—if you’ll send us the
Please sena me lull particulars concerning Hits unusual Plano offer.
Name ....................................................... Address.
Reverie, like the rain of night, re­
stores color and force to thoughts
which have been blanched and wearied
by the heat of the day. With gentle
fertilising power it awakens within us
a thousand sleeping germs and, as
though In play gathers round us ma­
terials for the future and Images for
the use of talent Reverie Is the Sun­
day of thought, and who knows which
Is the more Important and fruitful
for man, the laborious tension of the
week, or the life-giving repose of the
Sabbath—Amlel'a Journal.
Children Joined In Wedlock.
Briton Ferry, In Glamorganshire,
England, claims to hold the record for
Juvenility In marriage. Quite recently
a man of fourteen years married
woman of less than thirteen, and now
a youth of twenty-six has married
wife of twelve and a half. She went
on her honeymoon In a short frock
and traveled at half fare I
Belgium ’s Fine Sea Front.
The sea front of Belgium, which • »
tends about 40 miles, stretching from
Holland to France, Is paved almost en­
tirely for the entire length, and forms
Were Well Taught
one huge, wide ocean boulevard. And
The children of an Infant school In
this, by the way, Is the most pro­
Wales are taught very much by signs.
ductive of public works In the king»
The hand of the teacher sloped sig­ dom.
nifies “oblique;” the hand held flat,
"horisontal;" the hand upright, "per­
The Last 8traw.
pendicular.” One of the Welsh bishops
John Smith fell down the cellos
was preaching one day in behalf of stairs the other day and broke his left
the school, when, observing several
leg, his right arm, two ribs, his nose,
children whispering together, he held
one finger, and cut his scalp, sprained
his hand upright In a warning man­
his ankle, and put his shoulder out of
ner, meaning thereby to- Impose si­
Joint. But ho didn't really begin to
lence, on which almost the whole
feel bad about It till his wife asked
school, tu the midst of the sermon,
him If he was hurt.—Exchange.
shouted ou t "Perpendicular 1"
Mothars win find Mrs. W ln s lo V s Soothing
Syrup the b est rem edy to use lo t their chUOroo
d u rin g the teeth in g p eriod .
Where Appetite Is Keen.
A day's rations for one man on
sledge Journey across the Polar sea
To e Certain Sweet Extent
consists of four ounces of condensed
“ Do you wholly trust me, darling?” milk, one-half ounce condensed to^
murmured the young man to the fair one pound pemmlcan, three ounces
creature who was sitting beside him (liquid petroleum oil, three ounce*
on the front seat of the trolley car.
(liquid) pure alcohol, one pound ship's
"I do to e certain extent” she re­ biscuit
sponded after e little hitch of hesita­
l e v e r end Chemie«.
"What extent?" he asked, anxiously. ■ ■ Luminile, Colorado, Specimen prie«»; Gold,
Hilver. Lead, SI. Gold, Silver, 75o; Gold. Mo; Zi no
“Why," she explained, "I would trust or
Copper, SI- Mulling envelope« and full price ligi
on application. Control and Umpire work «o»
you to the extent of not being afraid aent
Ilolted. Bufarono«: Carbonate National Bank.
of there being any poison In a box of
candy you might send me by mall."
T r u ly
W o n d e rfu l A la r m
C lo c k .
A few years ago the French govern­
ment acquired by purchase from •
private collection a wonderful aiarm
clock whloh was onoe the property of
the great Napoleon and which not
only tells the time of day, but, as well,
the day, the month, the year, the
mean solar time, the phases of the
moon, and Indicates, In addition, the
quarter hours. Its attachments also
lncludo a thermometer.
Write for catalogues «nd literature. Developing
and printing. Mail order* given prompt attention
P o r t la n d P h o t o S u p p l y C o .
149 Third Street
Tents, Aw nings, Sails
Ceil, Hammocks. Cum uk Cevers
1 or 1.000 at factory price«.
27 N. First St., Portland. Or.
When Your Eye»
Nsed Cere
t . . wm u k . I*
Bet Age Limit on Marriage.
According to Russian law no man Llauld Form, 25c. 60c. Sal«« Tube«, 2Sc, *1.00»
or woman who baa attained the age
of alghty can contract a legal mar­
riage. No other country nowadays
Imposes such a restriction. In ancient
Rome, however, legislation on this
point was even more stringent, the
T h o ro u g h C ou rses
maximum age limit for men being H i g h S t a n d a r d
Session begins Sept. 12. 1 9>. For catalogue ad­
sixty and for women fifty.
dress I)i an,
D r. S . E . J o s e p h i,
Delicate Irony.
Makart, the great Viennese painter,
was taciturn to a fault. It Is related
of him that once at a dinner party he
sat next to Mme. Gallmeyer for a
whole hour without uttering a syllab le,
when his fair neighbor playfully
nudged him with her elbow and said:
"Come, Herr con Makart, let us
change the conversation.”
Tsa ch Obedience.
6 1 0 D e k u m B ld g ., P o r t la n d . O r e g o n
N e t h & C o . BS F
W « Buy and Collect N ot««, M ortgage«, «fid R«al
Cstatc Contracts.
No Collection No ChorgOe
Worcester Bldg.,
Portland, Ore.
arc qu ckly relieved by Wyatt's Asthma
Let children understand that dis­ Remedy. Guaranteed or money refund­
obedience Is sure to be followed by ed.
Ask your druggist or send six
Services Held on Steps.
New York— Locked out of SL An­ punishment A child seldom disobeys cents postage for Free Sample to
i. C. WYATT. Druggist.
drews Protestant Episcopal church, Nature more than once in touching a
Brooklyn, of which he had been rector hot lamp-glass. It will soon learn to VANCOUVER.
for 16 years, the Rev. William Ackley obey you as well. Never allow It to
conducted the regular services Sunday ask why. You know; that Is enough.
“ FILL Y O U R O W N T E E T H ’
from the front steps. Gathered around
Phyeloal Powers of Insects.
him, kneeling and with their heads un­
Ants will carry loads 40 or 50 times
If you have aching teeth or cavities and you
covered, were 300 members of the con­
as heavy as themselves. The beetle too nervous for the dental ordeal, try Fill-O.
gregation who do not agree with the
homo dentist. A t druggists or by mail, 25c.
vestry that the minister should be re­
F1U4 MFC CO.. 351 E^in BV
The bouse fly gives 600 HIumaer-Frank
tired “ because o f his age and feeble weight
Drug Co., distributors for
condition, mental and physical.” Or­ strokes of Its wings In one second, end
der was
throughout the this enables It to get a distance of 35
Useful New Substance.
Prose Poet Is Found Dead.
“Reelnlte” la the namo of a new
Philadelphia— Believed to have com­ substance Invented In Germany, use­
> COFFEEt )]
mitted suicide at least a week ago to ful as a substitute for celluloid and
get relief from the pangs of an in­ Ivory. It renders wood, paper and
ternal disorder, John Scanlon, better pasteboard Impenetrable and makes
known under his pen name o f “ Walt. pine, for example, so hard that It rap­
Mason,” was found dead in his studio idly dulls a planer.
at 913 Arch street.
The discovery
was due to a search made by a sister,
who had not heard from him for a long­
er period than usual. In addition to
being an artist and illustrator, Scan­
lon, wrote poetry in prose in a humor­
o f tho rear to hai
your teeth pal s o ]
ous style which was published in sev­
e • nd bridge
eral o f the leading magaxines.
t ó V dose. For oak*
The Cough of
W . L. D O U G L A S , Brockton. Mass.
Mrs. Newlywed—The night yon pro­
posed you acted like a fish out of
Mr. Newlywed—I was, and very
cleverly landed, too.— Puck.
Sherman Jpiay & Co.
Systematic Effort Will Be Made
to Cut Down Expenses
Dog Forsook Hla Chum.
Policemen were summoned by the
loud howling of a dog to the rescue
of another dog that had fallen Into the
river at Yarmouth, England. The sec­
ond animal was saved, and the first
then refused to leave the policemen,
•nd spent the night at the station.
Illustrated literature, giving full in­
“ I find Cascarets so good that I would
formation, sent free on application.
-Address the Registrar, Corvallis, Ore. not be without them. I was troubled i
great deal with torpid liver and headache
T o a s t so m e r ton er n o t e .
Now since taking Cascarete Candy Cathar- Here’s to the maid who can handle
tic I feel very much better. I shall cer­
the rod.
tainly recommend them to my friends si
Who oen throw a long line with a
the best medicine I have ever seen.’’
Anna Bazinet,
Osborn Mill Nc, 2 . Fell River, Maea May she land with a "swish’’ most any
New. Handsome, Instructive. Up-
old fish
to-Date. describing
Pleasant. Palatable Potent. Taste Good.
That gets In the way of her tackle.
Do Good. Never Sicken. Weaken or Grip«.
—Boston Herald.
10c. 36c. 60c. Never sold in bulk. The gen-
eine tablet stamped C C C. Guaranteed to
N e tt ie , sari
cure or your money back.
A Swede entered a postofflee In the
northwest and Inquired:
Free on request Write now. men­
"Ban any letters for me to-day?"
tioning this paper.
"What name, please?"
J. B. PILKINGTON, Nuravrymnn
"Ay tank de name is on de letter.” —
Habit# Poeitlvejy Cured.
Only authorized Keeler In- Everybody’s Magazine.
Portland, Oregon
it it ate in Oregon. Writ#
Grand Soenery In Arizona.
Arisona has some of the grandest
soenery In the world; the famous
Grand Canyon of the Colorado and
the wonderful Chalcedony forest, with
trunks four feet thick, cracked Into ex­
quisitely colored blocks, being promt
Fall Term Opens Sept. 23, 1910.
The Wonders About Ua.
Let not care and humdrum deaden
gs to the wonders and mysteries amid
which we live, nor to the splendors
and glories. We need not translate
ourselves In Imagination to some oth­
er sphere or state of being to find the
marvelous, the divine, the transcend-
ent; we need not postpone our day
of wonder and appreciation to some
future time and condition. The true
Inwardness of this gross visible world
hanging like an apple on the bough
of the great rostnlc tree, and swelling
with all the Juices and potencies of President to Find Out Truth ot Ald­
rich's Statement That S 300,-
life, transcends anything we have
dreamed of superterrestrial abodes.—
0 0 0 ,0 0 0 Can Be Saved.
John Burroughs.
A ik your dealer for IM P E R IA L
A trial talli convinca yatt a t their Quality.
If Ita does not carry them sand direct to ms
406 Lauds Bldg.. Portland. Or.
Actor Flies Over Water.
London—Robert Loreins, the actor,
all but accomplished an aeroplane
flight across the Irish channel Sunday.
Starting from Holyhead, Loraine di­
rected his course to Dublin. Although
he had trouble with his engine, he got
within two miles of the Irish coast.
The breaking o f a wire forced him to
descend to the sea. He swam ashore
and his machine was picked up by a
The distance across the
channel is about 66 miles.
Plot Against T. R. Feared.
Columbus, O.—Superintendent Aneel
of Goodel Park, where Colonel Roose­
velt spoke Sunday, has turned over to
the police a siutcase containing a quan­
tity o f gunpowder, which had been
found near the speaker’s stand.
though it was reported that the suit­
case also contained nitro glycerine and
dynamite, this was danlcd.
Your doctor will tell you that
fresh air and g o o d food are
the real cures for consumption.
But often the cough is very
hard. Hence, we suggest that
you ask your doctor about
your taking Ayer’s Cherry
Pectoral. It controls the tick­
ling, quiet« the cough.
W » publish ta r formulas
W « banish tidokel
from our in odiamo*
W o u r f* you to
sensali your
A yers
One ol Ayer’s Pills at bedtime will cause
in Increased flow of bile, and produce a
gentle laxative effect the day following.
Formula on each box. Show it to your
doctor. He will understand at a glance.
Dose, one pill at bedtime.
18* 4 . O. Ay or Ou., L avali, Moa*
$ D»tr:
A ll work, fu lly gu aran teed f o r fifteaat yeatre.
W ise D e n ta l C o .
P a in le s s D e n tis ts
M m Suit si «s. nu'« t wisWMtea, roaTum.ooaai
•4u* ■«•nr • a a i . M . a s m u n -U i
r n u
No. M
writlr , t,id r*iK H n | l
m e n t ic i» «H l«
p e»