Lexington wheatfield. (Lexington, Or.) 1905-19??, August 15, 1907, Image 8

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Dairymen everywhere are uwukeulug
to the fact that cleanliness Iu the sta
ble means better milk and consequent'
ly better prices, and any arrangement
that will help keep the milk giver out
of the dirt should be of Interest The
illustration shows a stall that a writer
In the Prairie Farmer claims will keep
a cow perfectly clean. It Is construct
ed as follows: Use a 2 by 4 for bottom
of feed rack. Place this throe feet
from floor to stall. Use 1 by 4 strips
placed about Blx Inches apnrt, forming
the rack. The strips should slope back
rue nicest fr.ir.fl dia wt it inn
poses. It hns two pointers. Before
milking you hang the empty pnll on
the hook and set tho colored pointer
nt 0. Then when you com to weigh
the milk you read the weight aa mark
ed by this hand. A cprlns balance
that can be bought for 25 or 35 cents'
will answer the purpose, but will not
be ns convenient. A shelf on which
the bottles are kept, n record sheet and
a lead pencil complete the stable equip
ment for testing your herd. It H but a
moment's work to hang the milk pall
on the scales, read the dial and record
the weight. Mixing the milk and tak
ing the sample will occupy a few mo
ments more, says Kimball's Palry
Farmer, but all represent a very little
time and a great deal of gain.
about sixty degrees. Place a 2 by 4
on edge from seven to eight feet from
front of stall on the floor, depending on
size of cow. Fasten the 2 by 4 down
r flnM. If n In rllW- n-itU a rmnj o-raA
. , to ts i j , ' , ., niid make the cows keep you
.stake. If floor Is made 6f plalik, nail . , , ,, ' '
t ml- flr h .nit. iha q iw a ' of r keeping the cows. .
Iu all wcl! r?"M?4 !!'j:T.rl;s tlicie
!i nosted la conspicuous places
"Mumi'liiT thn nut u'oi'ii "Si iiw " Sim
ilar signs should be posted In every
The cows should be well bedded
both for comfort and cleanliness.
A bran mash now and then a short
time before calving Is most beneficial.
If tho udder Is excessively caked and
hard, it is well to draw a little milk
from It. This will help to ward off
inflammation and garget.
It's poor policy to use anything but
the best bull. A grade has no place at
the head of your herd. v
Do not move cows faster than a
comfortable walk while, on tho way to
place of milking or feeding.
The breeder who has a definite Idea
In view can improve his animals. Tho
one who goes at it blindly never can.
Too many dairymen do not know
whether their cows are payltig or not.
They do not know which are the good
and which the poor ones.
Make a study of the herd of cows.
select the best ones, ell the poor ones
. n block to floor, then spike the 2 by 4
to blocks,
, The cow when eating will stand witv.
her html foot just behind the 2 by 4.
leaving the droppings behind It When
she lies down she will be compelled to
lie in front of the 2 by 4, with her head
under the feed rack. It is not neces
sary to have a gutter in a stall of this
kind. There should be short partitions,
however, to keep the cows from turn
ing arouud.
Testing tho Dairy Herd.'
Records of the performances of dairy
cows form the only accurate and safe
basis for judging their value. It is
tho constant aim of progressive dairy
men to improve their herds, and such
improvement must depend largely upon
culling the herd
nnd getting rid
of the unprofit
able animals.
From the breed
ers' standpoint
records are esp
daily valuable
in assisting in
finding custom
ers for their
stock. Many
buyers insist on
seeing records
of dairy per
formance before
A record is al
so of great help
to the feeder. If
he knows exact
ly what a cow
Is doing he can
prepare the ra
tion accordingly
and often feed
more economic
ally. Again, a daily milk record en
ables a dairyman to detect the ap
proach of sickness in a cow and thus
to take steps to ward it off. Great In
spiration Is obtained from keeping a
record, and nothing gives n dairyman
more satisfaction than watching tho
improved returns from his herd.
The scales shown in the illustration is
milking shod.
If you want a ventilator to draw
well, says an Ohio dairyman, run It
straight up and do not put uny curve
or dips In it, and let no man tell you
that the middle of tho barn Is the
proper place to have the ventilator. I
would rather have four ventilators
than one.
Sunlight Is the groat natural disin
fectant. Sunlight and pure air are
two great essentials to tho health of
man and beast. . Dark, poorly venti
lated and filthy stables are disease
breeding grounds. Keep tho stables
clean' and let the sunlight and fre:;h
air penetrate every nook and corner
therein. Provide plenty of window
In the stables and fix them so they can
be opened and closed with ease ami
beautifully illustrated, good rtorio ft-
and articles thout California and
11 the Far Wert. 'er
devoted each month to the ar- .
tiitic reproduction of the belt ijpl.00
work of amateur and profeuional , Year
book of 75 pages, containing
120 colored photographs of $0.75
picturesque spots in California
and Oregon.
Total ... $325
All for . . . . $1.50
Address all orders to
Flood Building San Francisco
By special arrangement we are able
to offer the following clubbing rates In
connection with The Wheatfield:
Weekly Oregonlan $2 00
Semi Weekly Journal1. 1 75
McCall Magazine 1 25
(The Queen of Fashions)
The right Is reserved by the publish
ers of the above papers to cancell
these prices at any time. In ordB.r to
secure these" reductions subscriptions
should be sent in at once.
. fisl ifj ' !' DEALERS El N'SZr:
Lumber, Sash, Doors, Windows, Lime,
Cement, Coal and Wood
Came to my enclosure, one half
mile south of South Springs, about
July 10th, one bay mare, branded M.
C. onjright. shoulder, right front foot
clubed, age about 9 years, weight
about 1400 pounds. Owner can have
same by paying charges.
C. O. BURROWS, Manager
An incorporated town with a popula
tion of 350, is located on the Heppner
Branch of the O. R. & N thirty-five
miles from the main line, on the
most beautiful spot In the fertile valley
of Willow Creek. Lexington has an
excellent graded school, two churchds,
a splendid wafer system, electric lights,
creamery, flouring mill, good hotel, two
general merchandise stores, drug store,
two saloons, two blacksmith and repair
shops, lumber and wood yard, large
grain warehouses barber shop, bank,
livery stables, meat market, news
paper, numerous secret societies and
a number of good substantial business
blocks and beautiful residences. Lex
ington is the natural marketing point
for a large portion of Morrow County's
wheat crops, and the surrounding
country Is rapidly gaining prestige as
a dallying community.
Lexington's greatest need is: .
"MORE PEOPLE'.' ' ' "
For further Information relative to
lands, climate, etc., address
. The Wheatfield,
.. Lexingtan, Oregon.
k hfjS Wit
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It is related that in a neighboring
town a little girl was asked to give a
sentence In which the word cuckoo
appeared. She hesitated but a mom.
ent and said: "Chust because she
made dose cuckoo eyes".
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A Heppner club woman recently
gave to her club the following motto:
"There is'so much that is bad in the
best'of us and so much that is good in
the worst of us (hat it doesn't behoove
aiy of us to say anything about the
rest of us."
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Dlur-
rhoea Keinedy, ltet.tr Than.
Three Doctor
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A certain lone young man Is :o
slow that alter he leaves on Sunday
night his girl has to muss up her own
hair to make believe she has been
Assembly No. 80, Meete every Saturday
u.lit In Artisan hall.
Ethel Wilcox, C. W. Chrlslonson,
Sec. m. A.
REBEKAH.-Holly lodgs No. 139
Lexington. Meets the first and third
Tuesday of each month at 7:30.
Mrs. Mary Thomas Mrs. E. J. McAIIsler
Sec, N. C
THEM.W. OFA .-Excelsior Camp.
" No. 9873, meet in Artisan Hall every
4th Tuesday night of the month.
E. E. Thomas. ' F. F. Klltz.
Clerk. V. C.
M.'E. Church South
Preaching every second and fourth
Sundays,both morning and evening.
Sunday school every Sunday at 10
a. m. Epworrh League at 6:30
every Sunday evening. Every one
cordially Invited to attend these
Rev T. P. Graham, Pastor. -
C. C. CHICK, M. D,
Diseases of Women and Children a spec
ialty. Calls answered promptly Day or
Practice In ( all Courts. Legal business
given prompt and careful attention. Land
Contests, Probate Work and Conveyanc-
is an expression as old as the race. No
doubt the rising and setting of the sun
is the most- regular performance in the
universe, unless It Is the action of the
liver and bowels when regulated with
Dr. King's New Life Pills. Guarante
ed by W. P. McMillan, Druggist. 25c
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon
For the County of Morrow.
Peter M. Christenson, Plainjiff,
ing a specialty.
Mittie Christenson, Defendant.
To Mittie Christenson, the above named
In the name of the State of Oregon: You
are hereby summoned and required to ap
pear and answer the corriplaint of plaintiff
in th above entitled suit now on file in the
office of the Clerk of the above court with
in six weeks from the date of first publica
tion of this summons.
You will take notice that If you fail to ap
pear and answer as herein required, plain
tiff will apply to the Court for the relief de
manded in his complaint, as follows:
That the bonds of matrimony now and
heretofore existing between yourself and
plaintiff be forever dissolved and held for
naught, and that plaintiff have an absolute
divorce from you, said defendant, and for
such other relief as may be meet and equit
able. " . . -
This summons is published by order of
Hon. T. W. Ayers, County Judge of Mor
row County, Oregon, made July 9, 1907,
directing same to be published once a weSfc
for six successive weeks In -the Lexington
Wheatfield, a weekly newspaper published
at Lexington, Morrow County, Oregon, and
the date of first, publication of same is
July 11. 1907,
C. E. Woodson,
7-11-8-15 Attorney for Plaintiff.
and Union Pacific
Salt Lake, Denver, Kansas
City, Chicago, St. Louis,
k i
iew I oi Kt
Tlckti to ftnrt from all point of the Unit
ml Stale anil Kiiropv.
Trains Leave Lexington, Daily, ex
cept Sunday, - 1 1:05 A. M.
Trains Arrive aj Lexington, Daily, ex
cept Sunday 5:10 P. M.
Sunday Mall departs 1 1 :50 A. M.
Sunday Mail arrives 4:05 PrM.
Trains Connect at . Heppner Junction
with Main Line trains for all :
points East and Wst. '
Wm McMurray, G. P. A,'
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