Lexington wheatfield. (Lexington, Or.) 1905-19??, November 08, 1906, Image 3

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Is tho catiHO of all humors, eruptions,
bolls, pimples, Hcrofulous HoroH.eozoma
or salt rhoum, as well us of rhtiiimti
tism, catarrh and other troublus. Tho
greatest blood roinedy for all these
troubles, proved by its unequalul
record of euros, is
Hood's Sarsaparilla
In usiml liquid form or In chocolutcd
tablets known as Sarsatabs. 100 Jones $1.
As Othera Kee U.
Wedderly Miss Oldham Is certainly
a self-possessed woman, Isn't she?
Slncleton Yes ; and I'm glad of It
Wedderly Olad of it!
Singleton Yes ; at least I'm glad
tnat sue Isn t one of my possessions.
1 f OMn
Thousands of wo
men suffer daily
backache, head
ache, dizzy spells,
languor, nervous
ness and a dozen
other symptoms of
kidney trouble, but
lay it to other
Make no mistake.
Keep the kidneys
veil, and these
aches and troubles
will disappear.
Mrs. Anthony
Cadrette. 77 M.
chanio St.. Leominister. Mass.. havs-
"My sight failed, I had sharp pain in
my back and bearing-down pains
through the hips. I was nervous, fret
ful and miserable. The urine was
greatly disordered and I began to have
the swellings of dropsy. I was running
down fast when I started using Doan's
Kidney Pills. A wonderful change
came and after using them faithfully
lor a snort time I was well."
Sold by all dealers. 60 cents a box.
Foater-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Anything to Oblige.
Miss Jarmer Papa says I mustn't see
you any more.
Young Spoonall Well, we mustn't dis
obey pnpa. I'll turn the light a little
lower still.
I'loUlfil (Jri-en 1fin.iM.
Cut the tons from the nonners and
extract the seeds and white membrane
with a very sharp knife. Fill the pep
pers with salt and put Into crock of
com water for two days, then drain,
leave In fresh water for a day and fill
with a stuffing made of two table
spoonfuls each of horseradish and
.chopped cabbage, a half-teaspoonful
each of powdered mace and nutmeg,
a quarter tablespoonful of ginger, a
teaspoonful of minced onion, a tea
spoonful each of celery seed, pepper
corns and mustard, a tablewpoonful of
salad oil and a tablespoonful of sugar.
Tie the tops of the peppers with soft
twine, pack in a crock and fill the
crock with boiling vinegar. Leave for
a week, drain off the vinegar, boll it
again and pour again over the poppers,
Put away for two months before us
Hhiilmrb Uetiy.
Stir one-quarter of a cup of melted
butter Into two cups of solidly packed
bread crumbs. Cut ono pound of rhu
barb Into inch pieces. P.utter a bak
ing dish, put In a layer of bread
crumbs, then one of rhubarb, a dozen
seeded raisins over the top, two or
three gratings of the yellow peel of a
lemon ana a few drops of the Juice.
Sprinkle sugar liberally. Continue
making layers of bread, rhubarb and
seasoning until all is used, then put a
cover over the dish and bake about
three-quarters of an hour in a moder
ate oven. Take cover off for the last
fifteen minutes. Use about one cup of
sugar and a teaspoonful of lemon Juice
in all.
Dear Sirs My body broke out -with a rash or eruption
whlon in spite of all efforts to oure continued to get worse.
The itching, especially at night, was simply terrible, it
would almost disappear at times, only to return worse
than ever. I had tried many highly recommended prepa
rations without benefit, and hearing of S. S. S. determined
to give it a fair trial, and was inexpressibly delighted
when a few bottles cured me entirely, removing every
blemish and pimple from my body. I shall not fail to rec
ommend S. S. S. whenever an opportunity ooours to do so.
Esoondido, Cal L. MARNO.
HTWi5iKm E; BURTON.-ARycr ar.3 Chemist.
" loudvllle, Colorado. Hpecimcn prices! Oold.
Bllver, l-ad, II ; Gold, Hll ver, 7c ; Oold, 60c-. Zinc or
niivtu, ia, i i uoiu, wiverjiic; Oold, 60c; Zinc or
fPP"r,(l. Cyanklo tests. Mailing envelopi-i and
IU11 price list sent oa application. Control and Um-
Uoual iiaut wnincei carbonate tiw
"DeRlter hasn't been very successful
with his new paper, has he?"
"No, I think he ougnt to change the
name of it; ought to call it 'Advice'"
"Advice? Why?".
"Well, nobody takes It" Philadel
phia Press.
A Good Record.
Out of all the external remedies on the
market we doubt if there is one that has
the record of that world-renowned porous
Blaster AI popIt'o If t,,.a i.' !..
. v nuff UtCI! Ill
use for sixty years, and still continues to
be as popular as ever in doing its great
work of relieving our pains and aches. It
J the remedy we all need when suileriu -Irom
any lorm of ache or pain resulting
from tnkinir .,.IH ,.., , ' 6
. it . . vt uycivuuju,
Sweet Omelette.
Bent eight eggs, white and yolks sep
arately. Stir lightly together, adding,
as you do so, a tablesnoonfnl of nmv.
dered sugar. Heat a tablespoonful of
butter in a frying pun, pour in the
eggs and shtike the pan gently to pre-
eni ourning until the omelette Is "set."
Draw to the side of the range, cover
quickly with any Jelly you choose and
roll up as you would a sheet of music.
.transfer to a liot dish, sift powdered
sugar over the omelette and serve lm
Indian Meal Pnd dinar.
Heat a quart of milk to scolding and
iur n upon uiree cups of Indian meal,
stir in three tablespoonfuls of pow
dered suet and a teaspoonful of salt,
beat hard and set aside to cool. When
cold whip in three beaten eggs, four
muiespoonruis of molasses and a tea
Huoonrui or ground cinnamon. Pour
Into a well-buttered mold and steam for
Ave hours. Turn out and serve with a
nura sauce.
Turnip Soup.
Boll turnips tender and rub through
a colander. To one cup of this vege
table pulp add a quart of heated milk
into which a pinch of soda has been
stirred, a teasnoonfui of Rfl 1 f n n rl nan.
Allcock's Plasters a e sold i y Druggists Pr to taste, a tablespoonful of onion
In every part ot the civiUed world. juice and thicken with .!
ful of butter rubbed Into one of flour.
Boil up, stirring steadily, and serve
very hot
Would Seem So.
Customer (at book store) Have you
a work on the art of letter writing?
New Salesman No, sir. I should think
you could learn that at any correspond
ence school.
There is nothing more distressing than an itching, burn- p Q fi D I A O I O
ing skin disease, and upon the return of warm weather those 1 v 11 1 M O I O y
who are afflicted with skin troubles find the symptoms appear- Qa' T'dUCIIM
ing and know that they will be tormented through the hot ' K H L U Ffl .
summer months The blood is heated with humors and acrid matter, and as they are forced
to the surface the skin sma t ht ;, ,. y rf lori-eu
i r f 11 1 ucdiuicui ui 5Kin aiseases witn exter-
nal applications is all wrong, because they do not reach the trouble which is in the blood.
The most such treatment can be expected to do is, allay the itching and burning and cover
up the trouble for awhile, but as soon as it is left off the disease returns.
All food taken mto the
the different narts. rwZ t. 77J??- ' necessary to sustain
. vMV 1J Ut3V.U lUi
the making of blood, another for muscle,
one for bone, still another for fat, and so on.
After these different nronertips nrp py.
tracted from the food there still remains a
portion that is useless, or waste matter,
which is intended to be disposed of through
the natural channels of bodily waste, the
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels. At this season
of the Vear. however, tlipsi nrrrane KooAmo
torpid, dull and sluggish and fail to perform this duty, and tnese accumulations remain in
tne svstem and are ahsrvrherl Tw KirWi
.,i , t: , "J -" w sum, pruuueing Durnmg acias ana
acrid Humors. 1 he blood cannot property nourish the system while in this impure condition,
and begins to throw off t1i
t " tr .. r . n.wu6u uiv. jiww auu giduuiiui Luc sKiu, prouucmg Acne,
Eczema, Tetter, Psoriasis, Salt Rheum and skin diseases of every description
EOZEMA appears usually with a slight redness of the skin, followed by pustules from
.wmtu L"c MUW a "icicy nuia tnat dries and torms a crust, and the itching is intense. It
lSJe?A? ;cki' ba.st, arms, legs and face, though other parts of the body may be
afflicted In TETTER the skm dries, cracks and bleeds, and is often very painful. The acid
in the blood dries up the natural oils of the skin, causing a dry, feverish, hardened condition
and giving it a leathery appearance. AGUE makes its appearance on the face in the form of
pimples and black-heads, and is particularly disagreeable because of its unsightly appear
ance, while PSORIASIS, a scaly disease, comes in patches on different parts of the body.
One of the worst forms of skm disease is SALT RHEUM. It discharges a watery fluid, form
ing sores and producing intense itching. The head and face are the parts usually affected
and sometimes the hair falls out and a mass of sores forms on the scalp '
n, 1 1 T &UAd all.iSki di"ea,SeS e.due t0 the same cause-burning acids and humors in
he blood and until this vital fluid is cleansed and made pure they will continue. The best
treatment for all skm f1isen5ec-ic o ramaA.r t,4. . .n. 1
, - " . xvuw ia puiciy vegetaDie, Demg maae en-
tirely from roots, herbs and barks, and acts directly on the blood with a cleansing, healing
. auu Fuimca luc utuou so tnat tne skin,) instead ot being-
blistered and burned by the fiery fluids, is nourished by a supply of cooling, healthy blood.
-It goes down into the circulation and forces out every particle of waste or foreign matter
uunus up iue uiooa ana cures an smn diseases promptly
and permanently. S. S. S. does not leave the least par
ticle of the poison for future outbreaks, but entirely rids
the blood of the cause for all skin diseases.
S. S. S. tones "np the system and regulates the
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels so that they will carry off
the natural waste and refuse matter through the proper
ii i ,t. aoi-tau ui leaving it to De aDsoroed by tne
1 ?0tSf g T & S- S" m-the treatment of tHese troubles and Elding up the
general health Wnte for our treatise on skin diseases and any medical advice you wish.
Wemakeno charge for either. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC COMPANY, ATLANTA, GA.
Color more eoods brighter and faster ml th.n j... ...
guaranteed to give perfect results. Ask dealer "1 m .JJS . j ?acrS8e co,or? s,,k' wo' and Cotton equally well and la
bleach and mix coloVa. MONRO? nour. rnli ,?f ".f:.,l,..?e.nd Post Pa" ' a package. Write for free booklet h- ,S 2.1"
. ...wv -v.. vihuiitiiic. misoun. '
Btatb ot Ohio, Citt of Toiido, i
Lucas Coumtt, '
Frank J. chknby makes oath that hn In
senior partner of the firm of fj. Cheney 4
i-'?IJiW.bUBrlneHB l1 the City of Toledo, Coin
ty and State aforesaid, anfl that Baid firm will
faVheiUmtf0Nli "UNIIKED DOLLARS for
r iC h .Hl , " lnat cannot be
cured by the uee of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
' - t ., FRANK J. CHENEY.
Bworn to before me and suburfribed in my
presence, this 6th day of December, ADM
, . A. W. GLEASON;
) seal ( Notary Public
Eall'g Family Pills are the best.
- s
Ilanty Conelnalon.
Tommy paused a moment in the work
of demolition.
"This is angel cake, all right," he said.
"HOW do TOU know?" BVe1 .Tnmn
"I've found a feather in it." Chicago
Tribune. ,
tlTQ St. Vitus' Dance ana all Nervous D!gaies
fi I 0 permanently cured by Dr. Kline's Great
Nerve Besiorer. Send for FREE 12 trial bottle and
treatise. Dr. B. n.Klln.Ld. 931 Arch st, Phiial.PaT
Hlsj Count.
"Why, I .thought you told me you had
nine rascals in here," said the visitor. "I
see only two."
"You don't see correctly," answered the
turnkey. "The one with the ragged beard
is a horse thief. The one with the smooth
face is a bank wrecker, wb
people. He's the other eight."
Boiled Annies.
Place a layer, or two. if necessary, nf
rather tart apples In a saucepan, cover
with cold water, let come quickly to
tne Dolling point, then cook slowly till
tenaer. Keinove the dish, sprinkle thick
ly with sugar, and pour over them the
nquia remaining In the saucepan. It
la especially convenient to nreDare nn.
pies in this way when a very hot Are
is not required, or when the oven is
otherwise occupied.
Dill Ptcklea.
Make a brine so strong that an egg
will float on the surface. WnRh minim
bers and pack In a crock first a layer
or these, then one of grape leaves, then
one of dill. Proceed In this way until
tne crocic is tun, pour the brine over
all and cover, first with a cloth and
tnen with a weighted plate. Remove
the cloth and wash it each fortnight,
then replace.
Apple Pnffa.
Beat four eggs very light and add
three teaspoonfuls of pulverized sugar,
a saitspoonful of soda and two of
cream of tartar, one cupful of milk,
one and one-half cupfuls of flour and
one-half cupful of finely chopped apple.
Beat the mixture for several minutes,
and bake in gem pans previously but
tered and heated.
power fully warranted, $125. All sizes and
styles at lowest prioei. Write for eatalog.
Portland. Oregon.
P. N. U.
No. 45-08
I WHmf 1"Tlan o advertisers please
I VT mention this paper.
Baked Onlona.
Bake onions with their skins on until
dark in color and almost burned. Then
slip the onions out of these brown
jackets into a vegetable dish, pour over
them melted butter and sprinkle with
salt Send at once to the, table.
Beet Rrllfth.
One quart of cooked chonnpd lwf
one quart of raw chopped cabbage, one
half teacupful of horseradish, two tea
cupfuls of sugar, one tablesnonnfni nt
alt vinegar to moisten thoroughly.
Uncle Allen.
"What's the use of carrvinc nn a mnA
slinging campaign," queried Uncle Allen
Sparks, "when it's ever so much easier to
throw dust in the eyes of the voters?"
Mothern will Anil Mm TX" . - o... v. :
during the teething period.
Willing: to Compromlae.
"I'd like to engage you to play your
fiddle at my reception to-night," said
Mrs. Cumup to the great violinist
"Veil, I can blay," answered the pro
fessor. "What do you charge?" asked the
"Vun huntret tollars : dot's
lar price," said the professor.
wen," declared the ladv. "t nnn-f
pay no hundred for just a little fiddling,
out it you-re a mind t' comp I'll trlvn
you fifty, and just day half notM
Toledo Blade.
(North Beach) and Beautiful Oak Book
Case to every purchaser of the Special Edi-
n .f. the !'Lib,'ar' of the World's Best
Literature," 46 volumes, silk bound, fi.lo per
volume : f5 on delivery of set and 5 per month ;
case and books delivered free. Particulars by
writing j. D. MUAR & C0 (
' Columbia Bldg., Portland, Ore.
i :
i-nn? Trouble. PuritleB the blood
. um but, animal in concldon. bK.
tT'iaskn Remedy Co St. Paul. Minn
Germany has on an average of 800 or
chard trees to the square mile.
Portland Trade Directory
Names and Addresses in Portland of Repre
ientative Business firms.
CBKAM BltPARATOIIR-Wo guarantoe Ihe U.S.
bepuralor lo be thf best. Write lor irea eaia.on.
hzel wood Co., J-'lllh and Oak.
PIANOS ft ORGANS Many tins Instruments r
V'-rlto lis account sickness or removal of buyer
Write for description of p alios now on hand,
terms, etc. Write today. UUbert Co., 1'oriland
and $
The Proved Remedy
tor Over SO Years.
Pries 85e and 30a
In Central Oregon, at Cost of Reclamation
Under the Carey Act has 75,000 acres
now 'under" water.
1.8 feet every ninety day. over each irrigable acre, or one second
aw. , acres available to each purchaser at actual
"gauon. rayment on land: One-fourth k.l
in three equal annual payments at 6 per cent Maintenance
charge, $1 per acre ner annum f u i- ,
if, -q, x i. " "-" "iigapie acre ror
V O n th Ia"d' 30'000 Bcre hftvin ben o!d.
. V W npcrHI TEC innir itiaii i nn
(. m. K " II III I I m Ihr Bar ffl INK IBI n IB I I
611 McKay Bldg., Portland, Oregon
Office for sale of land, Box k, Redmond,
Crook County, Oregon