Lexington wheatfield. (Lexington, Or.) 1905-19??, August 16, 1906, Image 7

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Protected Milk Pail.
That many of the odors and much of
the dirt which gots into milk Is during
tlio process of mllklnj!, most of us know,
henco every precaution to overcome
this should Iki taken. One of tlio best
methods of protecting tlio milk In the
pall Is to nrrariKo a cover of tin and
elieeuo cloth. Have a tin cover made to
go over tho pall loosely so us to allow
for the space tuken by tho cloth strainer.
The tin cover should bo higher In the
center than at the sides (see small cut
to right) and a hole about four Inches
In diameter made In tho front center
through which the milk Is directed.
Then have plenty of cheese cloth cov
ers large enough to reach five or six
inches over tho sldo of tho pall, where
It may bo secured by a tape or by slip
ping a hoop of sheet Iron of proper
size over It, and pushing It down hard.
Tut on one of these covers, then the tin
cover, and you are ready for .milking.
The cheese cloth will prevent any filth
getting to the milk, and these covers
are washed In boiling water and sun
dried they may be used a number of
times. The Illustration shows the idea
plainly, the cut to the lower left show
ing the pall complete with the strainer
and tho larger cut showing how the
cloth is slashed at Intervals so It will
fit around tho pall without trouble.
Indianapolis News.
Economy Home Manser.
This is Intended for 0-foot stall and
can be any width. Stall posts are set
up In front of troughs also, two feet
back, with cross piece mortised into
each, two feet from floor, for trough to
rest on. Trough two feet wide, 7-lnch
breast plank, 9-inch front Entire
trough made of 2-lnch oak plank. Hay
board two feet wide, one inch thick,
hinged to edge of trough. Brace on
outer edge of board to bottom of
trough. I use aji old buggy top joint.
Board can be dropped down out of way
when not in use. Rack fits space be
tween stall posts, hinged at top so as
to swing back when placing grain feed
in trough. Rack is made of 2x2-1 nch
hemlock, corners smoothed off. Horses
will not chew hemlock. Rack can be
mado of iron or any kind of wood. No
animal can tosa hay from this manger
or waste any grain. C. E. Scroggs, in
Farm Progress.
Thirsty Land. a
According to an expert in the em
ploy of the Inferior Department, the
enormous basin drained by the Mis
souri River absorbs no less than 88 per
cent of all the rain that falls upon it,
whereas the basin of the Ohio River
absorbs only 70 per cent. The amount
of rainfall In the course of a year is
proportionately greater . in the Ohio
than in the Missouri basin, and so the
former river, although much the short
er of the two, contributes more water
to the Mississippi than does its gigan
tic rival from the west
Dnstlese Road Teat.
At Sharon Hill, Pa., automobillsts
and horsemen are deeply Interested in
a mile of dutrtless and waterproof road
way that is being constructed by the
Darby & Chester Turnpike Company aa
an experiment The cost of the mile
Is to be $1,200. The new substance,
which la known as Westernlte, Is a
German Invention, It is said, and has
been Imported only eight weeks. It la
mixed and spread like cement A Ger
man expert has charge of the work.
The experimental mile Is being laid at
Ridley Park.
" j
Weeda In Corn.
The corn plant is a gross feeder and
accepts any kind of manure that may
be applied, but It will not thrive in
partnership with any other plants, for
which reason It must be kept free from
grass and weeds, In order to have It
mature before frost comes In the fall,
which necessitates the frequent use of
the cultivator. The clean preparation
of the land before planting and the
stirring of the surface soil after every
rain destroys weeds and grass, which
permits the farmer to accomplish such
task at the least cost, as he benefits
tho corn crop while preparing the land
for another the following season. For
this reason, where largo fields are cul
tivated, there can be no substitute for
corn, and whether prices rlso or fall
the corn crop Is a necessary adjunct to
farming In this country. On tho farm
Its value Is not confined to its grain
alone, but the entire plant can be util
ized for some purpose. It Is, therefore,
the most Inexpensive preparatory crop
known. Every farmer alms to secure a
crop of corn, and late planting Is re
sorted to rather than Incur total fail
ure. Success with a late-planted crop
depends upon the condition of the soil,
the variety and the mode of cultiva
tion, but the main drawback Is the ap
pearance of frost early In the season,
which, however, does not frequently
Peaehea Peeled with I.ye.
The method of the California Fruit
Canners' Association at San Joso of
using lye for eating off peach skins as
a substitute for paring was Investigated
by a member of tho California State
Board of Health. By this process the
fruit Is Immersed in the hot lye and
quickly passed Into pure cold water,
which Is constantly changing and
quickly washes away tho alkali. The
process Is believed to be entirely clean
ly and the fruit healthful, the peaches
not being handled as they must be
when peeled by hand. Two cans of
peaches thus prepared were analyzed
with reference to acid content. In both
practically the normal amount of aeld
was found. It Is stated that the same
process Is used with prunes.
Hay Stacker.
The hay derrick shown here Is for
stacking hay In the field. The skids
are 10x12 Inches, 10 feet long. The
two cross pieces are 8x10 Inches, 8 feet
long, each set In 2 Inches. The upright
post is 8x8, and 9 feet high. The three
braces are 4x4, or round poles. The
boom pole Is 82 feet long, 4 inches at
top and 8 or 10 at butt The chain can
be shortened to raise the boom or
lengthened to lower. The boom is
swung by a swing rope, as can be seen.
"A" shows the fork on which boom pole
is swung. The hole in the post Is lined
with a piece of gas pipe with solid
plug In bottom. A 6-tlne grapple font
can be used.
Handling Gnlnea Fovrls.
Young guinea fowls are quite tender
and need feeding frequently, say every
two hours, for a week or two. They
can be raised successfully If fed simi
lar to turkeys or young chicks with a
variety of feed, including small seeds,
etc. They must have pure water and
shade and some animal feed, such as
worms, grubs, or green bone. Mrs. Tate
wrote to Farm and Home that her
chicks are fed equal parts of bran, corn
meal, crushed rice, and a little bone
meal, and some ground raw potatoes
each day after the first week. Chicks
are fed all dry food in hoppers, so none
Is wasted or soiled. They are fed all
they can eat of the dry corn, meal,
bran and crushed rice. Gravel and fresh
water are kept before them all times.
Water must be in tin and galvanized
drinking fountains so chicks can just
get their heads In, but not their feet
New Syatem of Cheeae Making;.
A large cheese factory is projected
in the province of Ontario, Canada, by
New York produce merchants, reports
Consul Van Sant from Kingston. The
factory Is to be operated on an entirely
new system of cheese-making. White
cheese Is now In great demand at Liv
erpool, being 48 cents higher than col
ored. Calf reading;.
In 112 days calves fed whole milk
in a feeding test In England rained 1.5
pounds per bead per day as compared
with 1.07 pounds with those fed separ
ator skimmllk and cod liver oil. About
four ounces was found to be the maxi
mum amount of oil wMch could be fed.
A feed relished by calves was made
up of oatmeal, ground linseed meal.
Unseed cake, and lentils 8:5:8:4,
cooked over night with a small quantity
of salt and molasses, and fed warm in
the proportion of three pounds of meal
U five auarts of water.
No other remedy has given such perfect satisfaction as a
blood purifier and tonic or is so reliable in the cure of blood dis
eases of every character as S. S. S. It is known as "The
King of Blood Purifiers," and the secret of its success and
its right to this title is because "IT OURES DISEASE."
It is an honest medicine, made entirely of purifying, healing
roots, herbs and barks, which are acknowledged to be specifics for
diseases arising from an impure or poisoned condition of the blood
and possessing tonic properties that act gently and admirably in the up-building of a run
down, weakened or disordered condition of the system.
One of the greatest points in favor of S. S. S. is that it is the only blood remedy on the
market which does not contain a mineral ingredient of some kind to derange or damage the
system. It is the one medicine that can be taken with absolute safety by the youngest child
or the oldest member of the family, and persons who have allowed their systems to get im
such condition that most medicines are repulsive to the stomach will find that S. S. S.,
while thorough, is gentle and pleasant in its action, and has none of the nauseating effects
of the different mineral mixtures and concoctions offered as blood purifiers.
As every part of the body is dependent on the blood for nourishment and strength, it is
necessary that this vital fluid be kept free from germs and poisons. So long as it remains,
uncontaminated we are fortified against dis
ease, and health is assured : but an V imDUritv. t Gentlemen: S. S. S. is used as a family medicine in our
u' i. ' i J .i home. I myself have taken and always found it what It is
humor Or poison acts injuriously On the SyS- claimed to be. It thoroughly oiSuns Z system of in
tem and affects the general health. PUS- Purities- increases the appetite, improves the digestion,.
tular eruptions, pimples, rashes and the htSlffJSi.
different skin affections show that the blood "te and clears tns 6kia of eruptions, it is a very cn
c 1 i... blood tonic and has my hearty endorsement.
is in a tevensh and diseased condition as a 124 s. 9th St., Lebanon, Pa, p. h. Thompson.
result of too much acid or the presence of
some irritating humor. Sores and Ulcers are the result of morbid, unhealthy matter in the
blood, and Rheumatism, Catarrh, Scrofula, Contagious Blood Poison etc., are all deep-seated
blood disorders that continue to grow worse as long as the poison remains.
But all blood diseases are not acquired; some persons are born with an hereditary taint
in the blood and we see this great affliction manifested in many ways. The skin has a.
waxy, pallid appearance, the eyes are often weak, glands of the neck enlarged, and as the
taint has been in the blood since birth the entire health is usually affected.
In all blood troubles S. S. S. has proved itself a perfect remedy and has well earned the
title of "KING OF BLOOD PURIFIERS." It goes down into the circulation and removes
all poisons, humors, waste or foreign matter, and makes this stream of life pure and health-
Diseases, Scrofula, Contagious Blood Poison and all other blood troubles are cured perma
nently by S. S. S., and so thorough is the cleansing of the blood that no trace of the dis
ease is left to break out in future years or to be transmitted to offspring. If you are ia
need of a blood purifier get "THE KING" of them all, S. S. S and good results are
assured. Book oa the blood and any medical advice desired furnished without charge to
all who write.
Momentary Relapse.
"Mr. Spotcash," said the reformed
port, "we want to buy a thousand crul
lers for the waifs' picnic. Can you give
us something?"
"Yes," answered the merchant. "Here's
"Thanks, Mr. Spotcash. I told the
boys, by George, it wag dollars to dough
nuts you'd cough ud liberal!"
St. Vitus' Dance ana all Nervous Disease
permanently cured by Dr. Kline's Ureal
Herve Restorer. Kend for FREE 12 trial bottle nd
treatise, ur. it. u.Kimr,ui..ai Arcn est., runs., fa.
Well Up In the Classics.
The principal of one of Washington's
high schools relates an Incident in con
nection with the last commencement
day of the institution mentioned. A
clever girl had taken one of the prin
cipal prises. At the close of the exer
cises her friends crowded about ber to
offer congratulations.
"Weren't you awfully afraid you
wouldn't get it, Battle," asked one,
"when there were so many contest
ants ?"
"Oh, nol" cheerily exclaimed Hattie.
"Because I knew that when It came to
English composition I bad 'em all
skinned alive I" Harper's Weekly,
Motsen will find Urs. window's Soothing
Byrup the best remedy to use for their children
during the teething period.
Where He'd Be.
Mrs. McSosh I wish all the saloons
In creation were in the bottom of the
Mr. McSosh Gee, you gotta mean dls
p'sition! Wanner get me drown', eh?
Cleveland Leader.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they cannot
Teach the seat of tbe disease. Catarrh is a
blood or constitutional disease, and In order to
cure it you niUHt take Internal remedies.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces.
Ball's Catarrh Cure is not a quack medicine.
It was prescribed by one of the best physiolsns
In this country for years, and is a regular pre
scription. It is composed of the best tonics
known, combined with the best blood puri
fiers, acting directly on the mucous surfaces.
The perfect combine ion of the two ingredients
is what produces such wonderful results in
curing Catarrh. Bend for testimonials free,
f. J CHENEY CO Props., Toledo, 0.
Sold by druggists, price 7&c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best
Rlob Uncle Leonard, have you ever
succeeded In carrying out one single pur
pose in all' your H'T
Spendthrift Nephew (deeply hurt)
Uncle, I have I Six years agj I formed
a resolution that I would cut loose and
are a good time, and to-day I owe $13,-
sustaining. Nothing reaches inherited blood
troubles like S. S. S.; it removes every particle
of the taint, purifies and strengthens the weak,,
deteriorated blood, and supplies it with .the
healthful properties it needs and establishes the
foundation for good health. As a tonic this
great medicine has no equal, and it will be found
especially bracing to weak, anaemic persons
Rheumatism, Catarrh. Sores and Ulcers. Skin,
Two Kinds of Pelicans.
We have in America two kinds of pel
icans, the white and the brown. Of
the former, I can only say that it does
not encourage the advances of the
avian psychologist Invasions of Its
strongholds on remote lake Islets in
Manitoba and In Nevada have resulted
In their complete desertion by every
white pelican old enough to spread a
wing ; and success here is doubtless not
to be looked for so long as this snowy
plumaged bird remains a shining mark
for every roving rifleman. 43entury.
HOWARD E. BURTON. Assayer and Chemist,
Leadvllle, Colorado. Specimen prices: Gold,
BI1 ver, Lead, si Gold, Silver, 75c ; Gold, 60c ; ZIno or
Copper, SI. Cyanide tents. Mailing envelopes and
full price list sent on application. Control and Urn-
Sire work solicited. Reference! Carbonate Ner
onal Bank.
power fully warranted, 1125. All sizes and
styles at lowest prices. Write for catalog.
Portland, Oregon.
THE DAISY FLY KTLT.KR destroys all the
nies ana anoras
home-In dining
room, sleeping
room and all
places w b e r s
flies are trouble
some. Clean,
neat and will
not soil or In
jure anything.
Try them onoe
and yon will never be without them. If not kepi by
dealers, sent prepaid for 20c. Harold Homers,
14V DeKalb av., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Egan Dramatic and
Operatic School
Season 1906 and 1907 Opens Sept. 15
Prepares for Dramatic and Operatic
Stage and places Graduates. Recog
nized by leading theatrical managers.
Send for Catalogue and list of gradu
ates and their success.
Egan Dramatic and Operatic School
Egao Hall Arcade Buildinr, Seattle.
By Softening the Water makes the Skin
Clear; Removes Pimples and Blackheads;
Whitens the Hands; frees the Scalp from
Dandruff and makes Beautiful Hair.
All dealera Free Sample Borax and Borax Soap,
Booklet and Souvenir Picture In colors, for 10 rents,
and Dealer's name, PACIFIC COAST BORAX.
CO., Oakland, Cal.
Dr. C. Gee Wo
This wonderful Chi
nese Doctor Is called
great because be cures
people without opera
tion that are given up
to die. Be enres with
those wonderful Chi
nese berbs, roots, buds,
barks and vegetables
that are entirely un
known to medical sci
ence In tbls country . Through tha una of thnaa
harmless remedies this famous doctor knows
theaetlou of over 600 different remedies which
he successfully uses In different diseases. He
guarantees to cure oatarrh. asthma, lung, throat,
rheumatism, nervousness, stomach, liver; kid
neys, etc.) has hundreds ef testimonials.
Charges moderate. Call and see him. Patients
out of the city write for blankr and circulars,
162H rirst St., S. r. Cor. Morrison
Mention paper. PORTLAND. OREGON.
v t
Portland Trade Directory
Name and Addresses in Portland of Rcpre
sentatlve Business firms.
CREAM SEPARATORS We guarantee the U. S.
Separator to be tbe best. Write for free catalog.
Haselwood Co., Fifth and Oak.
MEN'S CLOTHING Bnffnm A Pendleton, solo
agents Alfred Benaln Cc'e correct clothes.
Everything la men's furnishings. Morrison and
Sixth streets. Opposite poetofnee.
PIANOS ORGANS Many fine Inslrnmsnts re
vert tons account sckness or removal of buyer
Write for deacr ptlon of. p anos now on hand,
terms, etc Write today. Gilbert Co., Portland
P. N. U.
No. 33-06
fTTHEN writing to advertiser please I
anaatloa this pa par.
Ua W . T hW. . ""WHIM- iY