Lexington wheatfield. (Lexington, Or.) 1905-19??, March 15, 1906, Image 7

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Is certain if you take Hood's Sarsaparilla.
This great medicine cures those eruptions,
pimples and boils that appear at all Beasons;
cures scrofula sores, salt rheum or eczema;
adapts itself equally well to, and also cures, dys
pepsia and all stomach troubles; cures rheu
matism and catarrh ; cures nervous troubles,
debility and that tired feeling.
This is proved by thousands Of test!- Mr. Helen L. Thompson of Lewlston,
.1 . i a it Mo., reports great benefit to her little
monials, 40,800 by actual count in the glri from Hoor. sr.aPriiia, whkh
last two years a record unprecedented thoroughly purified her wood after an
J , 1 attack of that blood-poisoning dls-
in the history Of medicine. ease, scarle fever. It gave her strength
n i i TT J c 'ii and renewed neaun. inousanus ui
I?e sure to get Hood's Sarsaparilla. "h J u-n of similar enre., aio cure.
Liquid or tublots, 100 Doses One Dollar.
of scrofula, salt rheum, eczema, etc.
Mexloo'a Bathhouaea.
Every town In Mexico has a public
bftth house. And still tlie Mexicans art
not the cleanest people In the world.
The Difference.
When the inexperienced go traveling
tliev take along a guide book; the expe
rienced a check book. New York Press.
Catarrh. My nose was
)Died ud. I
had headaches, rineinsr noises in mv
eara and folt unfit for work. I com
menced the use of B. B. S. on the recom
mendation of a friend, and in a short
time It oured me sound and well. Itput
my blood in good condition and I have
never had the slightest return of the
Catarrh since that time.
No. 200 Edear St. Evanaville, Ind.
Catarrh is usually regarded as nothing more serious than a bad cold or
Blight inflammation of the inner skin and tissues of the head and throat,
when it is, in fact, not only a vexatious and troublesome disease, but a com
plicated and dangerous one. It is true that Catarrh usually begins with a
cold in the head, but when the poisons, which are thrown oil through the
secretions, find their way into the blood, it becomes a constitutional trouble
that affects all parts of the body. It has more annoying and disgusting symp
toms than any other disease. There is a sickening and offensive discharge
from the nostrils, a constant buzzing nois"e in the ears, headaches and pains
in the eyes are frequent, while filthy, tenacious matter drops back into the
throat requiring continual hawking and spitting, and in certain stages of the
disease the breath has an odor that is very offensive. Catarrh is worse in
Winter, because the cold weather closes the pores and glands, and the pois
ons and unhealthy vapors which should pass off that way are thrown back
on the tender linings and tissues, causing the inflammation which starts
the unhealthy secretions to be ab- , ,, ,
t.4 ti i Several rears rb-o mv blood was bad
ouiotu vy uie uioou. vvnen me Diooa and i hadln addition a dreadful oase of
becomes diseased with tins catarrhal
matter all kinds of complications may
be looked for. As the blood circu
lates through the body the foul mat
ter finds its way into the stomach,
ruining the digestion and producing
chronic Dyspepsia, or Catarrh of the
stomach. It also affects the Kidneys.
Bladder and other members of the body, while the general health is weak
ened, appetite lost and the patient feels despondent and half sick all the time.
But worst of all, if the trouble is not checked the lungs become diseased from
the constant passage of poisoned blood through them, and Catarrh terminates
in Consumption, the most fatal of all diseases. You cannot get rid of Ca
tarrh by treating it with sprays, washes, inhalations, etc., because they only
reach the membranes and tissues, while the real cause of the trouble is in the
blood. These relieve the annoying symptoms for a time, but the poison is
all the while getting a stronger hold on the system and when they are left
off will manifest itself in worse form than before. S. S. S. is the greatest of
all blood puriGers, and when it has cleansed the blood, this pure, rich stream
circulates through the body carrying healthful properties to the diseased
parts. " Then the inflamed membranes and tissues begin to heal, the dis
charges cease, the general condition of
the system is strengthened, every one
i of the annoying. and disgusting symp
toms pass away, and the patient is left
in perfect health. S. S. S. is the best
remedy for Catarrh. ; It goes right into
the blood and removes all effete matter
and catarrhal poison and cures the dis
ease permanently, and at the same time builds up the entire system by its fine
tonic effect. S. S. S. is a purely vegetable remedy non-injuiious to the sys
tem and a certain, reliable cure for Catarrh. Catarrh sufferers will find our
free consulting department helpful in advising local treatment to be used
MU Brett Has Stopped Talking- of
the Nenloct of Other.
It was Suuduy noon, and Miss Brett
bad Just come out of church. She wan
unhappy. On other days her work
kept her busy, but on Sunday, even
though she went to church twice, there
were many hours left In which to re
member that she hud no home but a
boarding-house "fourth back." Kevn
at church It wus not much better, for
she sat and envied the happy people
who came from homes
"And not one of them all remembers
the hundreds of lonely women In hoard
ing houses," she thought, week after
week. There was no question about It ;
Miss Brett was growing better.
She hurried past the groups of
churchgoers to her boarding-house.
She wus In the mood when the long
climb up the dark stairway offered the
satisfaction of a tangible grievance.
Once she caught a glimpse of a woman
standing wearily by her window, look
ing down Into the row of city back
yardH, and once the door of a hall bed
room was pushed to at the Bound of
her footsteps; the pressure of other
lonely lives added to the burden of her
Then suddenly something happened.
"What are you doing about It your
self?" The question came to her so clearly
that for a bewildered moment she
thought some one had spoken. Then
she pushed her door, to and dropped
Into the nearest chair.
"Well !" she ejaculated. Miss Brett
might be bitter, but no one had ever
said that she was not honest Alone
and unflinchingly she faced the accusa
tion. When, two hours later, she rose
and took off her bonnet she had en
tirely forgotten her dinner the matter
was clear.
"I'm a nice one to talk of others'
duties when there's that poor thing J,n
the hall bedroom next door who must
think my room a palace. I can't say
I like her looks, but probably she
doesn't like mine. If I'm going to
grumble I'll do It honestly, at any
There was a Jar of milk on the win-dow-slll
and some crackers in the box
that served her for pantry ; also a box
of honey which some Impulse had made
her buy a week before. She arranged
them all upon her little table and then
knocked at her next. neighbor's door.
"I wonder If you'd come and have
supper with me?" she said. "There's
nothing ' but crackers and m.'.lk and
honey what we used to have at home
when I .was a child but somehow I
wanted company." '
' The woman next door looked at her;
her voice trembled.
"Do you know that you were sent to
me?" she asked.
That was the beginning. Slowly oth
ers earner a girl with desperate eyes,
a tired school teacher, a crippled flower-maker.
They Invited each other to
Sunday tea, and had long talks after
that made the day a Joy both In antici
pation and memory. Curiously enough,
the neglected duty of people with
homes troubled Miss Brett no longer.
Youth's Companion. ''
Sound Familiar.
("If the sentiments contained In enr
popular songs were more loftily and
poetically expressed, they would lose
nothing of their effect." Take this home
and try It on your piano.)
Toil ; wearing toll, Is the unhappy lot
Of all our humble family save one
The hoary-headed man who calls me
My honored sire, he only labors not.
From dawn to dusk, in his accustomed
Where glows the log the ruddy hearth
Rests he, in silence ever, moved of
And burns tobacco nolsomely, God wot!
Natheless the others idle not at all,
For o'er a steaming caldron, lo! there
The form of mother, moiling all the
And sister, too sweet Ann, so fair and
tall 1
To the same task her young assistance
While only pater whiles his timo away 1
Cleveland Leader.
Itching, HI nd, Weeding, Protruding Piles. Drug
gists are authorized to refund money If PAZO
OLM JltM fails to cure In 6 to 14 days. 60c.
A young lady, desiring to communi
cate with a certain society beau, was
told to call him up by telephone at his
club at a certain hour. She rang up
the exchange, gave the number and
waited. Tresently a voice said:
"Hello!" . '
"Hello," she called. "Is Mr. S.
there?" '
"Mr. who?"
"Mr. S."
"Mr. S.? No.",
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, sure. We have no record of
any one of that name being here."
"Please look and see if he isn't
somewhere about"
"There's no use looking, ma'am. We
have 'em all down In the book."
"Well, It Is strange. I was told that
he would be there at this hour."
"Say, look here, what number do
you want?"
"Why, JHX. ;.", .
"Oh, that's the - City Club. This
Is the Morgue." Lipplncott's.
lor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Needless Reanest.
"I have come, sir." said the voune
man, as he entered the library, "to
ask you to give me your daughters
"Why," rejoined the surnrlsed Dar-
ent, "when I came through the hall
about an hour ago It was in your pos
The Taking
Cold Habit
The old cold goes ; a new one
quickly comes. It's the story
of a weak throat, weak lungs,
a tendency to consumption.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
breaks up the taking-cold
habit. It strengthens, soothes,
heals. Ask your doctor about It.
" I had a terrible cold, and nothing relieved
me. I tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral and it
promptly broke up mjr cold, stopped my
cough, and eased every part of my body. It
did wonderful work for me." Mb. J. P. LUTZ,
Toledo, Ohio.
Made by J. O. Ayer Co., Lowell.
so manufacturers of
Keep the bowels regular with Ayer's
Pills, Just one pill each night.
There are nearly 23,000,000 horses In
European Russia. No other country in
the world has so many horses as Rus
sia. '
Take LA X ATI VE BROMOQulnlne Tablets. Drug
gists refund money If It ful s to cure. E, W.
OHOVE'b signature Is on each box. 25c.
Official and Final.
He sent for a pass to Mr. Cassatt.
Who answered, "You pay or you stay
where you're at."
Mothers will find M-. Wlnslow's Soothing;
Byrup the best remedy to use for their children
during the teething period.
Secret Out.
"How do you manage to distinguish
between rheumatism and gout, doc
tor?" queried the medical student.
"By consulting the books," replied
the eminent physician.
"By consulting the books!" echoed
the embryo M. D.
"Yes," answered the eminent physi
cian. "I look up the patient's rating
v.ith the commercial agencies. See?"
FIT? Permanently Cured. No fltsor nervousness
110 after first day's use of Dr.KUne'sOrat Nerve
Restorer. Send for Free W2 trial bottle and treatise.
Dr. K. H. Kline, Ltd., 031 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa.
A Bargain.
"I admit," said the merchant, who
had advertised for an assistant, "that
your experience in business might make
you a valuable man. But the salary
you ask is a good deal of money just
for your experience."
''Well," replied the man who had
seen better days, "I assure you I'm of
fering my experience to you for less
than It cost me." Philadelphia Press.
How to Fool a Lazy Liver
with Artificial Exercise
TTVERY serious Sickness has a
-t small ueginmng.
And, in nine cases out of
o ten that small beginning is
made in the Bowels.
Indigestion is the beginning of most
It paves the way for all others.
Lack of exercise, hasty eating, Improper
food, are Its first causes.
Lazlnsss, and postponement, permits It
to grow Into Chronic Constipation, which
means life-long Discomfort.
It Isn't necessary to be sick-a-bed, you
know, In order to be mighty uncom
fortable. Even slight Indigestion affects the
nerves, dulls the mind, and obscures the
merry sunshine of Life.
And, Indigestion once started, grows
fast, corrodes temperament, and discounts
happiness, good cheer, capacity.
It does that long before It puts you on
the Sick list.
Every thinking Doctor knows why.
Professor Rand knew It.
That's why he framed up for students
his famous formula for Happiness, viz.:
"Trust In Cod, and keep your Bowels
The Bowels need adjustment from time
to time, Just like a clock, or a watch.
No "Good time" Is humanly possible
without this.
And, the time to adjust the watch Is
not when It has run down, nor when the
main spring is broken, but at the very
minute adjustment Is discovered necessary.
The time to adjust the Bowels Is not
merely when your Head Aches, when your
Liver Is Sick, your Stomach in Revolt, and
Nature's Food Process retarded for 24
hours or longer.
) The proper time to adjust them Is the
very minute you suspect they need adjustment
If your tongue Is slightly coated,
If your breath is 'under suspicion,
' If your Head feels a trifle heavy or
If digestion seems even a little slow,
If Heartburn, Belching, Colio or
Restlessness begin to show themselves,
That's the time to eat a Cascaret.
Don't imagine the Cascaret Is Ineffec
tive because it is pleasant to eat as Candy.
It acts as pleasantly as It tastes. It Is
as congenial to your Bowels as It is to your
It is not a " Blle-drlver " which floods
out your stomach today with fluid Juices
needed for tomorrow.
Put, it acts like Exercise, Instead.
It stimulates the muscular lining of the
Bowels and Intestines.so that they mechan
ically digest food and drive out the
The time to use a Cascaret is when you
first suspect you need one.
The only way to have them ready to
use precisely when you need them Is to
carry them constantly in your pocket, as
you do a Watch or a Lead pencil.
The ten cent box of Cascarets is made
thin, flat, round-edged, and small, for this
precise purpose.
Be very careful to get the genuine,
made only by the Sterling Remedy Com
pany and never sojd In bulk. Every
tablet stamped "CCC."
We want to send to our friends a beautiful
French-designed, GOLD-PLATED BONBON BOX.
hard-enameled in colors. It is a beauty for the
dressing table. Ten cents In stamps is asked as a
measure of good fait h and to cover cost of Cascarets.
with which tlils'ialiity trinket U loaded. 718
Send to-day, mentioning this paper, Address
sterling remedy Company. Chicago or Mew York,
Baaeball In Manila.
Manila has better baseball games
that Atchison or Leavenworth; games
played by army and navy teams main
tained In the city by the government
employes. It costs a dollar (native cur
rency) to see these games, and the na
tives who attend know all the talk of
the game, and become wildly excited
In true American fashion. At a nor
mal school I visited I found the school
rooms full of catching masks, catching
mitts and other baseball paraphernalia.
The professors said the students played
baseball with great enthusiasm and
with considerable cleverness. As there
Is no winter here the game is played
all the time. But I do not expect that
American league clubs will ever draw
on the Philippines for stnr players ; the
Filipino Is not big enough to become a
professional and not capable of suffi
cient exertion to meet the great cli
maxes of baseball. B. W. Howe, In
the Atchison Globe.
A Lively Catch.
Mrs. S. And so you are leaving us,
Bridget? And what are you going to
Bridget Please, mum, I'm going to
get married.
Mrs. S. Dear me! Isn't that rather
sudden? , Who Is the happy man?
Bridget Po you remember, mum,
me askin' you about four weeks ago
to go to the funeral of a friend? Well,
I do be goin' to marry the corpse's
husband. Sure, he told me then I
wuz the life o' the party." Harper's
There is more Catarrh in this section of the
country than all other diseases put together,
and until the last few years was supposed to be.
Incurable. For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly failing to cure
with local treatment, pronounced it incurable
Science baa proven catarrh to be a constitu
tional disease, and therefore requires constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manu
factured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is
the only constitutional cure on the market. It
is taken internally in doses from 10 drops to a
teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood and
muc jus surfaces of the system. They offer one
hundred dollars for any case it fails to cure.
Bend for circulars and testimonials.
Address, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, (X
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hairs Family Fills are the best.
Matthew Faulds, a weaver, of Kil
marnock, Scotland, has been at his loom
eighty years, and he is more than 00
years of age.
A Good Corner.
"That old codger," remarked the trav
eling man, "seems to be quite an inde
pendent old party."
"Waal," replied the village wit, "it's
no wonder. He op'rated a purty suc
cessful corner in wheat this year."
"Yes, sireel that corner lot o' hls'n
yonder. It yielded 050 bushels." Phil
adelphia Press.
Jnat Two Occasional,
"You always appear to be worried
about your housekeeping," remarked
the sympathetic friend.
"But, really," replied the housekeep
er, there are only two occasions when
I am really worried. One Is when I
haven't a servant and the other Is when
I have." Philadelphia Press.
Reverting Thlna-a.
"A man's hunt for health," said the
philosopher, "is not conducted on the
usual rules of races, for he never starts
In pursuit of It until he finds It Is al
ready run down." Baltimore Ainerl
Prove It
By the Oven Fire
Put the wonderful KC Bak-
tMZsssfF in f owaer to me xesi. iet a
can on approval. Your money
will be returned if you don't
agree that all we claim is true.
You'll be delighted with the de
licious, wholesome things that
will bring to life in your oven.
K C Baking Powder is two-
1. 1 1-1 .l.a-nav i m .If..
im uj winapii auu iudn.es UUICl,
better, more healthful food than
other powders anywhere near
f-'w yuanty. 25 ounces lor
25 cents. Qet it to-day I
Rend a nnfttnl fa
"Boole of Presents."
DR. W. A. wise
And doing dental. work a'l the tlmf that Is
thn record ot Ur W. A. WImr. lnourrs
tabllfthment are expert dentists wlio are
competent to perform the most Important
denial operations. No matter lh nature
of the work, there Is a man bere to do It.
DR. H. A. BTURDKVANT, 8pclallst on
Children's Teeth and Regulating.
Palling Bldg., Th'rd and Washington His.
I a. m. to p. m. Sundays 0 to 12. Main iJriv
Work Pons m Weekly and Honthly PirmuU
DR. t. P. wise.