Lexington wheatfield. (Lexington, Or.) 1905-19??, February 15, 1906, Image 7

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For filit-lled Corn. ,
Where considerable corn hns to bo
shelled for the animals on tho furm
It Is often wasted by falling on tho
barn floor and through the cracks be
tween tho Ixmrds. Tho device here
Buggostwl Is easily umdo, and if cor
rectly made will certainly save the
corn to the hist grain. Mako a box
three feet long, eighteen Inches wide
and ten or twelve Inches deep. Cover
over ono end of this, at Oie top, on
which to faHten tho corn sheller.
Mako an Inclined bottom to within
eight inches of tho end, which re
mains open. Put legs under this box
and set It high enough so that a pall
or a bag can bo set under tho open
end bottom to catch tho grains of
corn as they come' from the sheller.
If a bag Is used, hooks will have to
be put in the sides of the bottom of
the box on which to hang the bag.
A high lox or a pull, would be pre
ferable to the bag. The cost of mak
ing Oils device Is very small, any one
with a few tools can do it, and It
will certainly save both corn and labor.
The Illustration shows the plan so
clearly that no further explanation
is necessary. Indianapolis News.
Farm Water Work.
The illustration explains itself. The
plan Is intended to meet the needs of
the ordinary dairy or stock farm
where there Is a windmill fir pump
ing the wuter. A two-Inch tube con
veys the wuter Into the galvanized
Iron house tank, which is enclosed
in a tight wooden box. Water is
dipped from this tank for household
purposes both summer and winter.
The overflow Is near the top, hence
does not freeze as It Is never filled
with standing wuter. Tho overflow is
conveyed from tills tank to a gal-
vanlzed iron ml lit tank, which is also
enclosed in a wooden box, and has an
overflow pipe from it to the horse
and cattle watering tank, which may
bo situated at some distance away.
Some 111 of Poultry,
Clean, varied, easily digested food is
itself a medicine. v
Ailments can be classed as colds, in
digestion, vices and accidents.
A cold, accompanied by rattling, Is
called bronchitis; by gasping, pneumo
nia. Canker in the mouth may extend to
throat and become diphtheria. The
diphtheria of fowls and man are dif
ferent according to veterinarians, but
attendants on sick birds have been
known to take poultry diphtheria.
When a fowl sneezes, waters slightly
ot eyes and nostrils, and dumps, it has
a common cold, not regarded as a germ
When face and head swell a good
deal, and tho discharge from nostrils
is profuse, fowls have roup, or influ
enza. Irregularity of habit is apt to
accompany colds of all kinds.
If you have a scratching room in
which to drive tho flock, fumigate with
sulphur their lodging-room. If you
have no suitable place for them to go,
burn oil of tar or resin Jn their presence.
Tho fuiiHCH of malignant colds uro
Mill, daniiHioMS, druftH, neglect and im-IiroiK-r
An ordinary cold, If taken at once,
can bo arrcHted by a one-gruln pill of
quinine forced down each Hick bird,
(jive some bread crumbs In connection,
to cuuho quick digestion. Use granite
or earthen water-dishes, not tin, for
medical use.
The S lull-Fed Cow.
Somehow muny dairymen have
reuched the wrong conclusions when
reading of dairy farms where the
cows are stull-fed the year round. It
by no means Is Intended that the
cows shall have no outdoor exercise;
on the contrary, except for cows that
are on pasture entirely, during the
summer, few cows are more intelli
gently exercised and proper ventila
tion furnished them than stall-fed
animals properly brought up. At regu
lar hours the animals are turned into
commodious barnyards for air and
exercise. During the winter this out
door exercise is as carefully looked
after as during the summer, and, in
the majority of cases, tho cows oc
cupy only sleeping hours and milking
hours In their separate stalls, the bal
ance of the time being spent In large
Don't be afraid of the fresh air for
your animals during the winter; see
thut they have all the outdoor exer
cise the weather will permit, but more
than all, see that the stables are
properly ventilated and aired. There
are a number of devices for this pur
pose, and one of the best of" them is
the window frame covered with mus
lin. Remember that close confinement
and foul air predispose the cow to tu?
berculosls, and that fresh air and plen
ty of It will enable her to do her share,
not only as a milk producer but as a
To Hold Wood While Sawing.
Bend a piece of iron, put a piece
of wood on long end as shown in 11
lustration, put this between the legs
of saw-horse. Stand erect with left
foot on stick.
Agricultural Fair.
The fair season has been exception
ally gratifying. Upon the whole, the
agricultural exhibitions throughout
the country have been better than
usual. Fakes have been discouraged
and legitimate exhibits have benefited
The issue of complete catalogues, using
plain numbers conspicuously over
each animal or other exhibit and re
ferring to tliem In the catalogue, has
attracted favorable attention wher
ever It has been adopted. Individual
exhibitors have assisted the manage
ment materially by havlmr placards
printed, bearing their name and the
name of the exhibit and other infor
motion for the benefit of those attend
lug. The value of an exhibit is lost
unless the visitor can learn quickly
something definite In regard to it.
Take Care of the Plows.
When plowing Is done, clean and dry
your plow, then apply a heavy coat of
paint, says an Ingenious Dakota farm
er in an exchange. It is best applied
with a soft brush. If no such brush Is
at hand, one is very easily made by
clipping the end of a horse's tall, and
by means .of a string fasten same se
curely to a stick. Allow paint plenty
of time to dry, and in case some of
it should get rubbed off before it is
properly dried, apply another coat. To
remove the paint when the plow is to
be used again, pour on strong lye wa
ter the night before, and in the morn,
lng rub off the dry paint If it does
not come off clean, apply another soak
ing of lye water, which will complete
the Job, and you will have a plow that
Is smooth and will scour from the
Corncob Ashe Valuable.
Of all things on the farm corncobs
are the most valuable for ashes, as
from 15 to 20 per cent of the ash Is
pure potash, and yet corncobs are
thrown "away on most farms. Every
1,000 pounds of hardwood ashes will
give about sixty pounds of potash, or
0 per cent of the whole, and when com
pared with corncobs the latter are
much more valuable in the shape of
ashes. Save corncobs and burn them
with wood In the kitchen stove, saving
the ashes for the orchard and lawn.
The Jar of
Hammer blows, steadily ap
plied, break the hardest rock.
Coughing, day after day, jars
and tears the throat and lungs
until the healthy tissues give
way. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
stops the coughing, and heals
the torn membranes.
"T Klwtiva 1rnn km' Cherry 1(ctnrnl In
the home. It nynn perfect relief whenever
any of u have coughs or liard colds. I have
uned It for a jrreat many yearn and no know
all ahout lt."-MKB. Maht Oiikuthan, Varys-
Durg, n. .
Made by J. 0. Aynr Co., Lowell, Masi.
DllUUlwuiii ox
Biliousness, constipation retard re
covery. Cure these with Ayer's Pills.
On the Trait
"I followed the
trail from Texas
with a Fish Brand Mbrand
n . , ff, t Siicker, used for
Pommel ditcker n overcoat when
cold, a wind coat
when windy, rain coat when it rained,
and for a. cover at nleht If we got to bed,
and I will say that I have gotten more
comfort out of your slicker than any other
one article that I ever owned."
(The name nd itldrMl of the writer of thlt
uusollclt.d l.tur m. b. lud on application.)
Wet Weather Garments for Riding, Walk
ing, Working or Sporting.
A. T. TOWER CO. wyj-yrw
BOBTOlf, U.S.A. w.HJ
. t
Mooh In. Evidence.
Dick llow did you like the new
play? ,
Tom I thought Miss Sadie Blugore
had entirely too much to say.
Dick Was she In it? Why,' I didn't
even know she had gone on the stage.
Tom She was in one of the boxes
with a party the night I was there.
For couphs and colds there is no better
medicine than Piso's Cure for Consump
tion. Price 25 cents.
Do It Now.
Customer Why don't you tack up
this 'Do It Now' motto? It's been ly
ing around on the counter for a
Grocer Wa-al, I'm a-goin' ter tack
It up sometime? If I ever git to It.
riTQ Permanently Cured. No fits or nervousness
10 after flrstday'suseofDr.Kllne'sGreatNerve
iteinorer. hend for Free S2 trial bottle and treatise.
Dr. K. 11. Kline, Ltd., 931 Arcli St., Philadelphia, Pa.
The Red to Come.
"I was thinking of calling it the
'Hlue Demon,' " said the man with tho
new automobile.
"Oh, never!" objected the veteran
scorcher; "say rather, the 'Purple De
mon.' "
"But It's painted a bright blue."
"Exactly, but you must look to the
future. The blue in combination with
the red supplied by the people you hit
will eventually, produce purple."
Mothers will find Mr-. Wlnslow's Soothing
Syrup the best remedy to use for their children
during me teething porloa.
Out of the Ordinary.
Author I have just written a piny
that contains a new and novel climax.
It is bound to make a hit
Manager Indeed !
Author Fact. The plot leads up to
a train robbery.
Manager Huh ! I fail to see any
thing new and novel In that.
Author But the passengers rise up
as one man and put the robbers out
of business!
lor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Heavy Rombardment.
"Was your wife angry when you got
home so late last night?"
"Angry? Why, my boy, the dear
woman pelted me wth flowers!"
"But how did you get that black
"Well, you see, she neglected to take
the flowers out of the pots before she
threw them." Cleveland Leader.
Nothing knocks out
Nothing reaches the
quickly as
Portland Trade Directory
Names and Addresses in Portland of Repre
sentative Business Firms.
I'HOTO hlU'l'LIKH; Kodak rlevdonliiK and print
ing; write lor prlci'H. Woodurd, Clarke it Co.
MAOIO I,A,TEII8-WeistiT Co., Portland..
Lowest uriti'K on Lanterns and Hlid s.
El.AHTIli IIOMKKY; Huppor:ers, ItraR'-s; Knit, to
x it; irt;e iiieaHuri'iriL'nt uiuiikh; woouuru,
IIOHSKH of all kinds for sale at very reasonable
prices. Inquire 274 1 ruin HI.
TKUHSKH fiont on approval; we truarantfft fit In
most Uillloult cases; W'oodard. Clarke & Co.
HWKKT I'KAH-Hcnd 10c for ticks, assld Fair Gold
ARTIFICIAL KYK8; every shade and shape; as
sortment sent on approval ; Woodard, Clarke Co
CREAM HEPAKATOHS-We guarantee the U.K.
nvjjm aiui id iic tin- iint, i no tui iivv unia u.
ilttzclwood Co., i ilth and Oak.
MEN'S CLOTHING - Huffum fc Pendleton, no!e
Hems Alfred lienjumln correct clothes. Every
thing tn Mifri's t'urn MhiriKH. MorriHuu and Hlxth
streets. Opposite potttoiUce.
FJtKK LAND IN 071EOON under tlie Caroy Trrl-
fatlon act. Deed direct from state. Write today,
iooklet and map free. H. H. Cooke & Co., ii.jl
Alder street, Portland, Oregon,
POULTRY FOOU-rf you want your hens to lay
more egfrs write us for free particulars about PU
KINA POULTHV k KKUSi-Acme Mills Co.,
Portland, Oregon.
TAILORS Columbia Woolen Mills Co.. Portland,
Ore. Latest style clothes made to measure cheap.
Oursell'measurementsystem insures per.ect tit.
Write for free samples and prices.
PIANOS A OUOANS-Oldest piano house on Pa
cific coast, Organs and Pianos on easy payments.
Write for list. Let us quote you a price. Allen dc
Gilbert-ltamaker Co., Portland, Oregon.
Oregon Herbs Specific for all Kidney and Bladder
troubles. Cures BACK ACHK. Price 60c. Trial
size sent by mail lor 10c. In stamps. Send today.
200)4 Third St.
Human Hair Goods Switches, Pompadours, Men's
Toupees and WIks; best ualily; lowest prices;
send for free price list; mail orders a specialty.
Par, s iialr Store, 80S Washington St. Est 1888.
Fastest, lightest and strongest Stump Puller
on the market. 119 llorse power on the Bweep
with two horses. Write lor descriptive caialuj
and prices.
Foot of Morrison Street Cortland, Orezon
A bright man with team in your coun
ty . Steady work and good wages to right
man. References required. For par
ticulars address
Box X Winona, Minn.
And dofnet dental. work aU the timf that is
the rcccrii ot Ur W. A. Wise. In onr es
tablishment are expert dentists who are
competent to perlornt the most important
dental operations. Ko matter lbs nature
of the work, there Is a mau here to do U,
DR. II. A. STUKDEVANT, Specialist on
Children's Teeth and Begulatlng.
Falling Bid?., Th'rd and Wash'neton R'".
8 a. m. to u i'. m. Sundays to 12. Mam 2029
Work Done on Weekly anil Monthly Payments
r. wf a. wise
Office IiTyour own
Vest Pocket.
On call any Minute-Day or Night
When Heartburn, Sour Stomach,
Headache, Bad Breath, Coated
Tongue, Belching of Stomach Gas, or
any of these forerunners of Indigestion
appear, Old Dr. Cascaret wants to
be right on the spot in your pocket.
He wants to check the coming trouble
Instantly before It can grow Into a
habit of the Bowels to be costive.
Ladies, who extend to Dr. Cascaret the
hospitality of their Purses or their Dress
Pockets, will be rewarded with "a fine
complexion, and healthy Happiness.
These will about fifty times repay for
the trifling space occupied, and the ten
cents per week at cost.
Dr. Cascaret guarantees to cure the
most obstinate case3 of Constipation and
Indigestion, without discomfort or In
convenience. His medicine does gripe nor purge,
nor create a drug habit.
Because it iS not a "Bile-driver," nor
a Gastric-Juice Waster, but a direct
Tonio to the Bowel Muscles.
It exercises naturally the muscles that
line the walls of the Intestines and
Want of Exercise weakens and relaxes
these Bowel-Muscles, just as it weakens
Arm and Leg muscles.
Old Dr. Cascaret goes directly after
these Bowel-Muscles. He wakes
them up Just as a cold bath would wake
up a lazy person.
and disables like
trouble as
nd Soiafloe JACOBS ..
- -...,....
CURES WHEME ALL list fills.
I Best CouKh Syrup, Tastes Good. Use
! In time. Sold hv flrinrirun.
Her Great Panaloii.
Stella So she is to marry a football
Iiflllfl Ypq. nh nlwnra A' A Intra
nants. New York Sun.
tPuii I'll' floAfla aro Vina kniu.. n
ftiicoeaafuj yam have been spent ;i
their development hn If a century
of expert care in making thuu
we are specialists in growing
tki A VCrwviHO Br BUB.
m w v niicu Annual iree.
Dr. G. G88 Wo
Thm wnndTful Chi
nese Doctor is cftili-d
great because he cures
people without opera
lion that are given up
to die. Pie cures with
those wotioVrful C hi
nts; herbs, roots, bud,
barks and vegetables
that are entirely un
known to medical sci
ence in this c muiry, Thro;ucn. ihe use ui tho
harm lens remedies this la mom doctor knows
tlieactlou of over 500 different remedies which
he successfully uses in dilferon- diseases. Ha
uumntrestoenre catarrli. asthma, lung, ihr at,
rheuiua.lsm, nervousness, stomach, liver; kid
neys, etc.; has hundreds of testimonials.
Charges moderate. Call and see him. Patients
out of the city rite lor blankr and e rculurs.
beud stamp. CONSULTATION FitEK.
162! first St., S. E. Cor. Morrison
Mention paper. PORTLAND. OREGON.
P. N. U.
No. -06
WHEN writing to advertisers please
mention this paper.
Aid" to the
Then he works them (through the
nerves) till they get so strong from
that Exercise that they don't need
any more help to do their duty.
But Dr. Cascaret wants to beright ojj.
the spot, In your Pocket or Purse,,
where he can regulate these Bowel
Muscles all the time, In health, and.
out of health.
Because, even the strongest Dowel
Muscles may be overworked.
Heavy dinners, late suppers.whiskey,
wine, or beer drinking, nervous excite
ment, sudden exposure to cold or heat
and a dozen other every day likelihoods tiro
the Bowel Muscles.
In such cases a little Cascaret in time
Is worth fifty dollars worth of Treatment
later on, to say nothing of the suffering,
discomfort, loss of Business Energy, and
loss of Social Sunshine it saves.
Old Dr. Cascaret carried constantly In
your Vest Pocket, or In "My Lady's"
Purse Is the cheapest kind of Health-Insurance,
and Happiness - Promotion, that
ever happened.
Little thin enamel Cascaret Box, half
as thick as your watch, round-cornered,
smooth-edged, and shaped so you don't
notice its presence. '
Contains six Candy tablets Price Ten
Cents a Box at any Druggist's.
Be sure you get the genuine made only
by the Sterling Remedy Company, and
never sold In bulk. Every tablet stamped
We want to send to our friends a beautiful
hard-enameled in colors. It Is a beauty for tha
dressing table. Ten cents in stamps is asked as a
measure of good fait h and to cover cost ot Cascarets.
with which thlslaliity trinket is loaded. 71 4
Send to-day. mentioning this paper. Address
Sterling Kemedy Company, Chicago or New York.
Ed I
PRICE, 25c. AND 60c. , I
. .. ...