Lexington wheatfield. (Lexington, Or.) 1905-19??, February 01, 1906, Image 1

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NOTICE is hereby given that the Phonograph
offer expires February 28th, all tickets must be '
turned in by that day, tickets not turned in by that
date will be worth 7 per cent, on the dollar, for
dishes out of stock. . V
COMMENCE now to secure a nice set of dishes by
buying a piece or two at a time with cash tickets 1
from our store, they cost you nothing, the tickets
will still be of value for Phonograph - Records, 4 at,:
7 per cent, on the dollar. ? -
FREE OFFER, with each 1-4 pound box of carpet
tacks bought from us the next 30 days we will
give Free with each box, one Beautiful Picture
12 3-4 by 16 3-4, painted in colors, you have
your choice of eight different designs, each box of
tacks will cost you 5 cents, either in 6 8 or 10 oz.
NOTICE TO LADIES, we have a beautiful Stride
Saddle, worth $1 8.50, we will be glad to take
$1 5.00 for it as we don t intend to carry any more.
Call and see this saddle, it is a SNAP.
WE have the old reliable Wakeley s Squirrel Poison
at 30 cents a can, each grain will kill four squirrels.
A very pretty wedding took place at
the home Of Mr anrl Mrs 'tao
Eskelson, Sunday Jan. 28 at 3:30 pm.
Their daughter Nellie vas united in
marriage to Lawerance Palmer.
Promptly at the appointed time, to the
strains of the wedding march played
by Mrs. Elsie Beach, the bride and
groom took their station. The short
but appropriate wedding ceremony was
very nicely conducted in the presence
of the relatives and a very few im
mediate friends. After the customary
congratulations all repaired to the
dining room where a bountious repast
was awaiting them. After supper
the bride and groom accompanied by
the bridal party, attended the Methodist
church. The good qualities and
history of the contracting parties need
not be dwelt upon. They are very well
and favorably known, and will be at
home to their friends after Feb. 1st.
Needless to say the bride and groom
were the recipients of many beautiful
and valuable presents.
The following guests were present:
Mr.- and Mrs. Joe Eskelson, and
family; Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Palmer and
family; Mr. and Mrs! Gar Scott;
Misses Ellen Scott, Agnes Hammer,
Ruth Benge and Cecil Scott. Mr and
Mrs. Eph Eskelson; Mrs. C. A. Benge;
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Beach; Mr. and
Mrs. R. B. Wilcox; Messrs. Ben
Green; Otto Ruhl; Clark Davis; Frank
Benge , and , Lawerance- Langford
The nice weather the last week has
brought into evidence the base ball
and basket ball. The boys have moved
their base ball ground onto Mr. Mc
Alister's lot North of the school house.
They have reorganized the athletic club
and elected the following officers;
Robt. Leach Pres., Frank Christenson
Sec, and Alonzo Tyler Tres. The
boys are hoping to get the best results
possible cut of their club and expect
their members to leave tobacco and
whiskey alone. Now if their friends
around town would do the right thing
with the boys, instead of trying to
make their good resolves hard for
them to carry out, they would try and
help them. It is easy enough for the
most of us to make mistakes and
hinder others in trying to do what is
right it is little enough of good that
apy of us do.
The girls are playing basket ball and
are thinking of using the warehouse to
play in. At present the weather is
very favorable for out 'door play.
This week is examination once more
and the end of the fifth month of
school. The enrollment has reached
the largest mark ever recorded in the
Mary E. Kirk to Penland L. &
L. Co., si -2 nel-4 and nl-2
sel-4 sec27-3s-27 $ 1000
M. R. Morgan to Mat Halverson
el -2 secl6-ls-24 2250
E. G. Sperry to Nancy E.
Sperry sw 1-4 sel-4 sec 4-1 s
24 . . 900
Wm E. Hiatt to D. E. Gilman,
sw 1-4 sel-4 sec6-3s-26. 250
Levi Ankeny to O. E. Farns
worth, nel-4 sec36-2s-25. 1.00
0. L. W. Co. to Geo. Steltz,
lots 2i-blk 28, Irrigon 1.00
John F. Teada to C. L. Road-
ruck, lots 12, 13 blk 39, lot ''
6 blk 27 Irrigon 150
0 L & W. Co. to C. L. Road-
ruck, lots' 5, ,6, 7, 8 blk 29
Irrigon qq
Eliza A. Beymer to Dan P.
Doherty, lot 10 blk 16 Lex
ington 2500
0. L. &. W. Co. to C. L. Road-
ruck, lots 19, 20 blk 30 Irrigon. 35
Dan P. Doherty to Mary
Sheridan, lot 10 blk 16 Lex
ington 2700
J. A. Woolery to E. C. Ball,
nl-2 nw 1-4 sec 25-1 s-24 $1000
W. B. McAlister to W. G. . I
Scott a parcel lOchs by 472
feet in sec 27-ls-25. 140
J. J. Wells to Julia B. Petit lot
3 blk 2 Ayers 5th add to . !
Heppner. 1.00
J. 'A. Harbke to E. L. Padberg "'
lots 1, 2 blk 2 Cluffs 4th add :
to lone. 400
Heirs of Anna J. Balsiger to
. E.L. Padberg, lots 1," 2 blk
2 Cluffs Crd add to lone. 2000
James Murtha to Frank
Monahan, 4330 acres in
Morrow and Gillam counties.
1-2 interest, 750a
G W Snapp to Henry j. Austin
lot 6 blk J Royses add to
Dalryville. 180O
Riggs and Grimes to W. G.
Scott, lots 1, 2 blk 10 Lex
ington. 90
Marriage Licenses.
Lawarence A. Palmer to Nellie M.
Hskelson. Eugene M Leathers and
Why is a banker's clerk necessarily
well informed? Because he is con
tinually taking notes.
What key in music will make a good
officer? A sharp major.
What animal is that from which If
you take off the tip of its tail, you may
make a first rate Jew? Rabbit rabbi.'
Why was Moses the most wicked
man that ever lived? Because he
broke all the commandments at once.'
The Oregon Journal has made ar
rangements to .publish the letters of
W. J. Bryan in its Sunday issue. Mr.
Bryan is on a two year tour of foreign
lands, and his letters will make excel
lent reading, as Mr. Bryan Is a bril
liant writer. The Sunday Journal is a '
great newspaper, filled with all the'
good things of newspaperdom.
w. p. McMillan's