Lexington weekly budget. (Lexington, Morrow County, Or.) 188?-1???, May 15, 1890, Image 1

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VOL. 2.
NO. 33.
Terms of Subscription
One Tear, ......
lx Months,
Invariably In advauce.
11. A
SO cent.
Rates of Advertising t
One aquaro (ten linos or less), Brat Insertion
1.00i each subsequent lusertlim, 60 cents.
Biwclal rates with regular advertisers.
All transient advertisements must bo paid for
In advance
Job Printing
Of every description executed with neatness and
dispatch. .
Medicine, Surgery & Midwifory.
AlUruey-ut-Law and Notary Public,
Atti rney for the North American Attorneys
and Tradesmen's Protective Uuiou of Couuec-
f K'UU
Attoiuey-at-Law and Notary Public,
Money to loan on Improved farms. Office In
rirsi national Dana.
Constable and Collector,
Will attend to auctioneering.
Notary Public and Conveyancer,
Deeds. Mortgages and all others Legal Instru
menu carefully drawn. Applications for stale
and school Lauds ma !e,aud Pensions obtained.
Land Agent and Notary Public,
Killnes taken on government land. Real
eslatc advertised mid Mild on commission. New
comers are luvi'ed to call end be tilled full of
solid facts about the advantages of Morrow
couuirv. office hou s from 7 a. m. to midnight,
BuiMigT building
General :-: Blacksmith
And I Ioiweshoer,
do anything In his Hue in a neat and work
manlike manner. Horses shod with care and
Shop on O St., Lexington, Or.
The History of "ft ,elc-Hye, H iby" and
ine 'K.cqu t Gulp" Song, and Their
The woman song-writer of to-day
not a woman. She is a more girl in
years, learning and experience. Sue ig
not ultra-proficient iu her art, if art it
may be termed, either as a ruymstcr or
a musician. Uer idens ore ueillior orlg
inal uor unique; her verse is ollea of
maudlin sentiineutul calibre or garbled
transcriptions or nursery rhymes,., yet
her melody ig usually catchy, simnle
anu symphonic, possessing a peculiar
cuarm to the uticultured ear, which,
when combined, is at ouce pleasant and
effective. With all her lack of qualifi
cation as a criterion of literary and mus
ical excellence, she may be justly said to
be a success. And yet there are but
Few of these in this broad country, and
the great Kiugdoin of Ureal Britalu
boasts of but a single one of pronil
The history of Miss Kffla Canniug,
who wrote "R ick-a Bye, Baby." which
has had such a phenomenal sale during
the past three years, is an interesting
one. Although Miss Calming bus been
kuown to public furor for that time she
Is still a youthful schoolgirl yet in her
teens. Unlike tnnnv less fortunate niiia.
leal authors. Miss C'Mnninir is not rienen.
dent upon the income derived from her
songs, she being the daughter of well
kuown Boslon physician in affluent cir-
cutnslances. "Rock a - Bee. Bnbv."
which was her flrst success, was written
about three years ago and was first
brought prominently to nublic alien.
lion by being sung in Dcmnan Thnmn.
son's play of "The Old Homestead."
it wag written by her on a car while
on her way to her music teacher's. It
immediately beeiitno popular. She bus
Bince written "Tunning on the Panes."
Come One' Thv Drowsv Kv n,,r
Love," "Safely Rocked in Mother's
Arms," and "Sweet Kyes of Irish Blue."
Wagon and Carriage Maker.
Arcade Street, Bet. C and D,
Lexington, - Oregou.
Livery & Feed Stable
mcntai writer or rare talents nope
Temple. Her writings hiive gained such
an extensive circulation in this country
'"'" ' popularly but erroneously
supposed to be an American. But though
"uuuainy ig not, her works are
iruiy ao. Sue is at once an author,
v.".i.k-uci, kuu puiinc suiL'er, and many
of her writings have beeu translated into
foreign languages. Miss Temple is the
autnoresg of numerous works, all o
wnicn have found their way to this
country, and owing to the international
copyright complications now existing,
"an ui uer compositions are repto
uuceu ny music publishers on this side
oi tue wuter.
Chief Aidob; these are her Inter works.
A Mother s Love." and "Mv l.nlv'e
Bower." The beuuty and purity of
her composition can bo cuuirht from
the following extract from the lmter
Through the inoiitort grange at twilight my
love end I we weiil;
By empty rooms and lonely stairs in lovers'
sweet content :
And round the old and broken casement we
mmeuHd Ton rosea nnur'r
But the plHOe wo loved the most of all was
cuiieu -My daily's Uow r."
A woman who wrole a Diece of numlr.
the sale of which netted her Dublishers
the comfortable sum of 420.000 and her.
self a royalty of nearly one-third that
sum. is Mis. C. R. Fliut. of New York.
nee E. Kule Siuimous. It was site who
wrote thut most famous of all modern
Instrumental compositions, "The Rac
quet Galop." Miss Simmons, as she ig
till kuowu, was for mnnv veara a well
known figure in local Washington socie
ty, and shortly before the death nf il.u
lateex-Gov. Samuel J. Tilden. was said
to be plighted in marriage to that noted
statesman. Miss Simmons wag then and
is still in affluant circumstances, and at
the time her "R icquot Galop" sprang
Into such sudden and unprecedented
popularity it afforded to her but anoth
er pretext for her wellkuowa philan
The Poultry Interest.
Dr. J. W. King of Kent. Conn.. Is
one of I lie most enthusiastic mid suc
cessful of the poultn-1'nisors in tlx.
ouiitry, says tlieN. Y. Slar. Besides.
e is tiu acknowledged exnurt no nil
the economical questions connected
with the business. Sneakin" in
Bometnmg About the Man Who Is In the
f African Muve Trade.
The Btiffulo Etpreu prints the follow
lng about Tippoo Tib.
v.,n portrait oi uppoo no is un
douiueuiy a raltliful oue of this crafty
oiu Arab for Arab he is, although he
tootis uke a genuine African, lie
otherwise known as Amud bcu Ma
1.........I . I. . . . . -
uumcu; ue is an Arau Chief, who went
Into the slave-trading business annnf
eutly with sonielhiiig of the smut! energy
and ability lluil characterize some of the
great Diinucnil kings and industrial mo
nopolists in our own land.
Hi M
Outfits Fnralahed for Commercial
M Reasonable
A Horses at tbs dispoani el patreua.
Equally as famous and pre-eminently
popular in the list of American female
composers ranks Lizzie Paine-Milbank.
Uer songs are many and meritorious,
and her most popular effusions form a
prolific source aud text for imitators.
She was Ihe pioneer of that touching
class of ballads of the "home and moth
er order. Countless have been the
plagiarisms tiud imiialious of her style,
but her "Songs Mv Mother Sum" will
outlive them all. It is sympathetically
retrospective and overflows with senti
ment of a retiued order.
I his, like other works from her pen,
possesses a peculiar individuality of
theme. Uer talent is out confined ex.
clusiyely to Ihe eulimentnl, but added
to it is a versatility which finds vent In
the higher order of song and dance
music. Lizzie Paitie M Ibauk, who is
now the wile of the well known Boston
theatrical mauager, George Milbauk, and
daughter or the late Seth Paine, Chi
cago's pioneer Journalist and philanthro
pist; developed musical ability at an
early age. Her remarkable "ear" fol
catchiug and memorizing difficult melo
dies, which she could reproduce after
one hearing, and the gift of improvising
t will, iu later vesrs attracted the at
tleniou of the late Caroline Richiugs
Bernard, whose prolege she became.
Since then she has appeared will) many
dramatic and musical organizations in
this country and Europe.
Lizzie Paine Milbauk Is Brooklyn's
pride in ber peculiar line, she having
written more longs which have appealed
to the popular heart than all ber col
leagues combined, the best of which U
that touching apotheosis to maternal
love, "The bongs My Mother Sung." .
In all England there is but one woman
whose name Is inscribed bigb on the
page of fame at go exclusively isnti-
ion the
subject at the poultry show he said:
it is woiKtct tiil the lack of knowl
Ijre and appreciation the irenpral mib-
ic have as to ruisino- chickens timl
eepinsr poultry, which is frequently
einonstriitcd in a coiilemiitnoiis Kort
of inquiry ubout the chicken business.'
ew interests in the United Slates me
f jrrcaler importance tliitii the chicken
iiisiness. 1 mean iu a lliianciul sense.
If 1 were nsked how near the cross
isli return for poultry and cir,rS p,.r
iniiuin in the country comes to the
smiie income from the nroiluciion of
heat in this coantry each year, mv
answer would be that the two indus-
iescauuot be coinimred with each
her. Government statistics show
at f)U0, 000,000 are reuuired to rei
tsent the anuual expenditure forthn
chicken crop of the Uuiled States and
that lo.UOO.tXK) dozen of eg", worth
-',b7,UOU, are imported to this coun
try per year. Show me a wheat crop
result that can touch those bViireg. If
you can J will step down from my
poultry perch.
"Ihe expenditure in this country
eiten year lor poultry and ejrirs will
amount to a much larger stun than
that which comes to the credit of either
the wheat crop, the cotton crop, or the
dairy product."
More Advice to Hinoker.
"liOts oi advice has been given to
smokers, but I'll tell you something
which has never been written up and
ought to be known."
This was told a reporter in the
Grautl Pacific last evening by one of
the biggest tobacco dealers iu New
"Come into the cigar store." lie went
on." "and you will notice that two out
of three men will cough while lighting
The first person who set tire to a
But Instead of being boru in a ChHn
nan iana Tippoo Tib, like a good Mo-
iiammedan (ihero seem to be no bad
foil l.tUon TU..1 , '
luouniuiueuans. as mere are
ialthlcss Christians). Tippoo Tib grew
up and flourished under the comfortable
precepts of the Koran. Ue saw that the
equatorial provinces and the no- lunn'a.
land beyond were full ot negroes wait
ing for some man of energy to put them
In their proper slavery. By industry
and solid business ability he built up his
trade until he became and is to-ditv the
best-known slave-dealer In th n,i.i,i
Independent of government, be Is
stronger In Africa than all the govern
ments put together, and an army of
100,000 men will rise at his bidding t,
do bis will.
He has bad many difficulties to run.
tend with, dillicullies that onlv
will could overcome. The irnoils ho
deals in the merchandise with which
be buys ivory are exceedingly perisha
bleworse than fruits aud live stock to
transport. Every black skin that be
getB into market Is said to represent
hundreds who, as it were, have spoiled
on big bands.
It is fair to allow that Ti nnnn Tih a
is said to be the case with the devil,
isn't as black as be bag been painted.
Stanley has had dealings with him. and.
as near as we cau judge, was well served
ny niui on more than one occasion, lie
has many good trails, no doubt, hui the
one thine that centers Interest In n.ls
singular Bgure Is that it stands as the
embodiment and symbol not merely of
i... ..i.. . , '. ... ... j
mo eiavo power, nut or Ihe Mohaiume-
uau type or civilization. The hitter of
Ihese forces Is as much opposed to the
Ideals of Christendom as slavery Itself.
We have referred to the master-slaver,
not quite clearly, perhaps, as "a man
with a mission," and such, in supreme
degree, be is. The "awful example" is
as indispensable as the reformer. None
of the disciples had a more important
mission than Judas. Tippoo Tih may
be regarded as the personification of
forces against which Christian nations,
by their faith and their present stand
ards of right, are pledged to fight. In
the fulfillment of his mission Tippoo Tib,
m oui Xllllir i.eoiiolo. IIIIH lirriliirht
The name of a Methodist minister at
Eureka, Kas., is Ananias.
Walter Besant Intends to visit tbis
country next Summer. He will go as
far west as Sau Francisco.
Mrs. Marshall O. Roberts will nnv
f 12,500 for the use of Lord Spencer'g
uuuuuu uouse uunng tue season.
The Princess of Wales takes a lively
I 1 I
luicicsi iu uaiuinereu utassworg, an
art which is taught at her school in
A .. : ,i i i , .
4aiuuv uuuceiveu Droocn is an
enameled squirrel holding a little nut,
which is represented as closely as pos-
oiuio ujr coioreu pearls.
ihe table upon which Cromwell
w rote when he affixed his signature tn
the warrant for the execution of Charles
i. was recently sold in no-lnH for
. - o
V -V.
A citizen of Elbert couutr. G.. h
a rcu iu wnicn ue frequently catches
different kinds of fish. He thinks It
connects with a creek half a mile distant.
1'riuce Bismarck is still tn 1, ad
dressed as "Serene Highness." This is
reasonable. Bismarck is 6 feet 4 inches
in height aud as serene as a midsummer
Justin McCarthy sees Arthur H-l.
iour, &ir William Harcourt, Henry Lab
ouchere, John Morley, Sir Charles Rus
sell, and Henry Fowler as the coming
augu iu .uugUBU pOlltlCS.
The Emperor of German v anil r!rnnrn
Priuce Rudolph of Austria were the two
wildest boys in Germanland when they
were boys. They once had a serious
quarrel over an opera-singer.
Jaloqum Happole. a Pataffonian h
not been heard of a great deal, but not
because lie has not been around o-nn.1
while. He is 193 years old aud can sue
to chew tobacco aud smoke without.
The Almanack de Ootha la over a
century and a quarter old. When it
was first issued there were onlv thr
republics, Switzerland, San Marino and
Andorra, whHe to-day there are twenty-six
The largest vessel ever hm'lt in
France, La Touraine, of 12,000 horse
power ana more than five hundred and
thirty feet long, will be added to the
fleet plying between Havre and New
York this season.
Senator Beck, of Kentuokv. la fift
years old. His face and figure are thin
ner than they ever were, and his splen
did constitution is beirinninz to show
as been on
cigar cougneu quite violently.
"Uidu't 1 tell you?" exclaimed
"Two out of three
will do
"It's caused by the smoke."
"Never. When you are about to
smoke cut off the mouth end of the
cigar, put the smoke end in the mouth,
aud then blow. This expels all the
tine particles of tobacco aud dust inside
the cigar. When you have done this
reverse the 'torch,' aud you wou't
cough when lighting it. Those little
bits of tobacco get down your throat,
and are injurious. More people have
been injured by swallowing these little
specks than you have any idea of, vet
they think they were hurt by inhaling
the smoke." Chiatjo Tribune.
The California papers claim that a
good tigs as any of those imported cau
be raised there.
about the Brussels conference. What
the sequel of that conference will he
only the years can tell. In the mean
time tliere are few more picturesque
figures among the poneiful of the earth
than that of Tipj ou Tib, the autocrat
of Africa.
A ItepresentHtlve Hoolety Woman.
Mrs. William Douirlaa Hlosno I. .
daughter f the late William II. Vander-
bilt. Hhe is the wife of W. Ii. Sloan.
of the well-known firm of J. at. W.
Sloane, and a woman whose ready Intel
ligence, broad sympathies, and kindly
manners mark her out as one of theeom.
lng social leaders of New York. She
began last winter giving a series of no
table entertainments, at which all the
leading society people were nrcsent ami
followed this up during the summer just
psst with a series of house parties and
lummer diversions of all kinds at b.r
couutry residence at Lexox She is a
handsome woman, slender nnd graceful
In figure, with fair and delicute com
plexion, ami a profusion of light golden
bair. Hhe has four young children, not
withstanding which fuel she beurs all
evidence of young womanhood.
Mm. Jason "Jehiel, do you think
man I the only being that reasons?"
Mr. Jason "No, I guess not. Woman
bug been known to res ion one in
great vbile." Tern llauts Bznrtu.
igns oi age. He has been one of tl
naruest workers in Congress.
Hamilton Hurlbut of Salem. On
claims to have discovered a process of
tempering copper so Wat it "will Deck
stone, cut cold steel equal to the best
cast sieei, jacK Knives will cut sour an-
n.M . ,, , .. 1
proa wiiuuut coloring tue uiaues.
Ihere is a movement in Enirlund
. . . , , . n
against ine employment ot barmaids,
although it is felt that the reform will
not be accomplished until the far fu
ture, ana that all that can be done at
present will be limiting the hours of
Emperor William of 'Germany is
hearty eater. He gets away with four
uieais a uay in royal style. Ue eats
ham and eggs for breakfast, game and
salads for luncheon, soups, fish, aud
roasts for dinner, and hot sausages and
beer for supper. He has grown fleshy
Bears have become so thick in the
mountains of Isere, bordering on Sa
voy, in r ranee, that the inhabitants
nave orgamzud bear drives, but these
have been so unsuccessful that thev
i i , i ...... y
uavc almost couuiuueu mat tnoir onlv
..!..: ! !.. -.1 - . . . J
oaivauou m m uuverusiug ior loreign
In England women patentees are fat
more numerous than they are here.
As a rule the inventions of our women
are for the attire of women. A dozen
or more patents for carters of an lm.
proved fashion, for instance, have been
granted from time to time by our own
patent omce.
Robert Williams, a farmer in Woods
county, Ohio., was told not to go down
into an old well without lowering a
candle to see if there was foul gas there.
As it was his wife who warned bim be
threw a club at her, told her to mind
her own business and went down, to be
hauled up a corpse.
Count Andrassy had asplendid nerve
at the card table, and when he plaved
at all called for very high stakes. 'He
once played three" rubbers of whist
with the late Count Uarn, Prince Peter
Schouwaloif and Baron Kolisch all
hrst-rate whist players- for 2.000 fratio
points and lU.OUO francs on the rub.
Hans von Bulow, the celebrated pian
1st, is known in public as the most
quick-tempered conductor that ever
wielded baton, and iu private as the
most genial, cultured, aud urbane of
men. His memory is enormous, and
he can conduct a complicated Chopin
concert without once looking at the
The order of St. Andrews, first In
stituted in England in 77, disused af
terward and re-established in 1 .1.11 1.
is the oldest of the roval aud imoeriiil
orders in the world, which with a
prodigious assortment of collars.
crosses, and other fancy iusiguia, sov
ereigns gratify the ambition of their
Thirty-seven French soldiers, under
command of a captain, a lieutenant
aud a sub-lieutenant, are said to have
marched from their barracks at Vannes
to a raiiioad station twelve miles dis
tant in 1 hour and 60 minutes to sa
lute a general whose train wag to stop
at the station. Not a mau felt out ou
the march.
Tushkuroff, the Russian traveler an
ethnologist, points out in recently pub
lished statistics that there are iu the
Russian army 400,000 heathens and
50,000 mohamedans, the latter forming
70 per cent of the Russian Cossack reg
iments. He also states that Christian
ity is rapidly decreasing in the south
eastern parts of the empire.
In 1804 there were thirty-five trans
lations of the scriptures in existence.
Since the formation of the British and
Foreign Bible Society in that year ten
millions of money have been expended
in the work of circulating the Bible,
and there are now, couutiiig dialects as
well as languages, nearly three hundred
translations of the scriptures.
Iu Dorchester, England, a bounty of
8 cents per dozen is offered for old
sparrows, 4 cents per dozen for young
oues, and 1 1-2 cents per dozen for
eggs. The sparrows have grown so
numerous all through Dorchester that
iu some places they are said to destroy
half the crops, while in villages they
uin the gardeus aud even strip the
thatch from buildings.
King Lobengula, of Matabele, is thus
described by au English officer: "He
weighs 281 pounds, aud his only cloth
ing consists of a rug throwu over his
lap. Never have I seen such a brutal.
sensual aud cruel face as his. He is
suffering from irout and is attended be
witch doctors. Last September and
October he killed 400 people, but has
never injured a European."
A large curtain or coverlet ruada of
liiieu aud wool, discovered at Akhinym,
iu Upper Egypt, is uow exhibited in
the South Kensington Museum. From
the likeui'ss of its ornamentation to that
of the hangings shown in a wall mosaic
at Ravenna representltiff a corridor In
Justinian's palace, it is generally au-
tcpicu as n worn, ui tue sixtn century.
It is about ten feet by six wide.
The only animals that came over as
part of Barnum's show which showed
any sickness were the moukevs. Many
of them were so miserable tliat all felt
sorry for them. Some of them lav
down as if about to die. Others groan
ed and reeled to and fro like irreen-
horus ou a ship. Some felt no trouble
at all and behaved like human beings,
making fun of their less fortuuate
friends aud fellow-passengers.
An Interesting Theory as to the
That Produces Ttnus.
Some iuterestlnff tiolnts rpiranllnir
lockjaw were brought out bv Dr. Hn.
ry Leffniann iu the course of his lec
ture on the chemical causation of dis
ease at the Acadeinv of Natural
Sciences recently, says the Philadel
phia Inquirer.
He considered lockjaw or tetanus to
be caused by the development of an
organic poison iu the system. "The
tetanus bacilli," he observed, "are lit
tle rod-like vegetable forms of great
minuteness, looking uider the micro
scope not unlike pieces of broken-up
match-sticks. This bacilllus adhere to
various objects, such as runty nail or
a rake left laying out in the air or otb-
er similar things, and when these
pierce the skin the poison is Intro
duced into the body.
"It is incomprehensible to many
people that a puncture from a rusty
nail in the foot or a little cut or scratch
in some part of the body can oause
such terrible suffering and death, but
when the bacilli are taken into the
system and get Into the warm blood
thev multiply with wonderful rapidity
ana are soon scattered through every
part of the system in great numbers.
It is a curious fact that there is some
what of an analogy between the action
of the tetanus bacillus and that of
strychnine upon the system, many of
the symptoms and convulsions of teta
nus being present In case of strychnine
Dr. Leffman related a fairly well au
thenticated case to prove the germ
origin of tetanus. During an earth
quake which occurred within the last
few years a number of Deoule who had
taken refuge in a couple of ohurohes
were injured by the collapse of the
building. It was found that manr of
the wounded from oue of the churches
were stricken with tetanus, while those
from the other edifice were unaffected.
A careful examination resulted In dis
closing the fact that the walls and In
terior parts, of the former church were
swarming with tetanus germs, while
the other was free from tuera. Everv
perton in the infected church who was
wounded by flying bits of plaster or
wood ran the risk of beinir stricken
with lockjaw. f
A Vigorous HcbooluiaaUr.
The old Bath (Me.) academy once
had a vigorous master In the year mti
and the JHmei relsiej thU instance of
his method: "Oue day a boy named
Russell was accused of some mlsde
meanoraud Master Weston at once
summoned a Russell boy before him
The youth protested bis innocence, but
the indignant instructor proceeded to
give bim a cowhiding that made him
feel uncomfortable for a week. The
ueit uay ine teacher wag informed that
there bad been a mistake, that it wag
not the boy who had beeu flogged that
was guilty, but bis brother. So a
brother of the first suspect was called
forward and treated to the same medi
clne as the first. Later it transpired
that neither of these was the right one.
The third brother was a tall, stout fel
low, much larger than tha
jnd the matter declined to proceed'
farther, but declared that the de-
ujanua oi justice baa been