Lexington weekly budget. (Lexington, Morrow County, Or.) 188?-1???, November 14, 1889, Image 1

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VOL. 2.
NO. 7.
Terms of Subscription:
One Year, ...... fl.UO
Biz Moutbs, ...... 50 cents.
Invariably In advance.
Bates of Advertising s
One square (ten lines or less), first Insertion
11.00; sacb subsequent Insertion, 60 cents.
Special rates with regular advertisers,
all transient advertisements must be paid fur
In advance.
Job Printing)
Of every description executed with neatness and
Physician and Surgeon,
Graduate of the Royal College of Great
Britain. Office in City Drug Store.
Medicine, Surgery & Midwifery,
Country calls respectfully solicited.
Attorney-at-Law and Xotary Public,
Attorney for the North American Attorneys
antl Tradesmen's Protective Union of Connec
Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public,
Money to loan on Improved farms. Office In
First National Bank.
Constable and Collector,
Will atteud to auctioneering.
Notary Public and Conveyancer,
Deeds, Mortgages and all others Lenal Instru
ments carefully drawn. Applications for State
and School Lauds made, and Pensions obtained.
Land Agent and Notary Public,
KiltUKs taken ou government lend. Real
estate advertised and sold on commission. New
comers are invited to call and be tilled full of
solid facts about the art-mitaKes of Morrow
country. Office hour- '.om 7 . M. to midnight,
Buuokt building.
And Horseshoer,
1 do anything in his line in a neat and work
manlike msnuei. Horses shod with care and
Sliop on C St, Lexlng on. Or.
Wagon and Carriage Maker,
Arcade Strfet, Bet. C and D,
Lexington. ... Oregon.
O Livery & Feed Stable
DutflU Kurnbhfd for Couimcrciml Men
at Reasonable Rates.
Horns at u disposal ol patrons.
of Creek Mi
W. G. SCOTT, Prop'r.
Constantly on Hand.
Special Sizes
Sawed to Order.
orders. The lumber this season Is un
usually clear and of the best quality. The
mill li located at the head of Willow creek, 2.1
miles from Lexington.
Hough and Dressed
X Bock Creek, 6 miles frum Hardman and Jt
miles from Leilng-ton. Good ronds lesd to the
Mill, and as I aim to have a constant supply of
DM Li'Mbeb, buyers will Had it to their advan
tage to deal with me. a. At. aLOCl'M,
The potato crop in the east is rotting
J. M. & P. Scanlon's employes in their
slaughter-house in New York have been
on strike since last Febuary. A few
days ago a dynamite bomb was exploded
in the works, but it ailed to kill anybody.
J. H. Hamilton, a prominent citizen of
Sanger, was thrown from his horse into a
slough and drowned, Oct 3d, probably
being rendered Insensible by his fall.
Miss Abby, a sixty-year-old spinster,
was murdered near Otay, presumably
by parties who wished to secure a gov
ernment land claim she was living on.
Sot only the public buildings on which
the grand jury stopped work at San
Diego, but the two new schoolhouses
just completed also, are declared fault
ily built and Uaule to tumble down.
hi Creek Sawmil
Log Anareles is to build a sower
the oceun'at a cost of $6,000,000.
William Lincoln, who lives near
Grafton, W. Va., has a cat that play
with rats but is death to snakes.
Whittier, it is said, falls asleep in
his chair when visitors begin to praise
his poetry. Earthly honors grow l'-ss
valuable to liim as the years wane.
The French Council of Hygiene has
just forbidden the use of blue paper
in the public schools, claiming that it
wtt9 uiakiug France a near-sighted na
tion. M. J. Dorman, a Miuersvillu, Ph..
post-office official, has received a very
tempting oiler to go to Japan as nu
instructor iu oue of the imperial
Napoleon the Great's favorite writing
table, from Malnntison, has just been
sold iu Pun's. It is rather an unwieldy
piece of mahogany, with choice copper
A Nureinbtng manufacturer has in
vented pencils iu blue, black aud
brown for writing on the human skin.
They tire for use iu anatomical uud
chemical demonstrations.
Senator Wade Hampton is ouo of the
most popular story-tellers iu congress.
He has the reputation of being the only
man who has had the temerity to tell
the president a mque tale.
It lias been judicially decided by
Magistrate Robert Smith, of Philadel
phia, that "a woman has a right to
sass (sic) her husband." Now listen,
for shrill thunder in the Quaker city.
The scepter of an Egyptian king has
been examined chemically by Professor
Burthelot. and proves to be nearly pure
copper, with only traces of lead. It
is supposed to be about six thousand
years old.
The Royal Meteorological Society of
England is making a collection of "pho
tographs of lightning Hashes. Ou
each photograph is noted the time of
the flash and the interval between it
and the thunder.
A correspondent says that Jay Gould
has been invited to take a look at the
tomb of Virgil, near Naples, with a
view of buying it, as it is for sale.
Virgil and Gould! There is humor in
this juxtaposition.
Tulare Lake, in California, which
was formerly twenty by thirty miles
in extent, is now only iiflecn by twen
ty. Although the water is strongly
impregnated with borax and a'kali,
the liiko is full of h'sh.
Prince Bismarck's salary as chancel
lor of the German empire is only about
$13,000 a ye.ki. lie is also entitled to
occupy au ollicial residence free of
rent, though, and a great many brew
ers seud him free beer.
Lew Wallace says there is more hap
piness for him in a day's literary work
than in a generation of politics. This
marks the ditlerence between the mere
earthly man aud the being who lives
iu the clouds amid the stars.
John Martin Cranford. the new con
sul general of the United States at St.
Petersburg, is an Ohio mau of literary
aspirations. He is known in literature
for the translation of the "Kalevnla,"
tho national epic of Finland.
The late Father John Carroll, of
Chicago, was the oldest priest in holy
orders iu the United Stales aud prob
ably iu the world. He was nearly 93
years old aud for more than seventy
years be had been in the service of the
Sir Edward Baincs, of Leeds, is
probably the sciiinr European journal
ist. Hu represented his father's paper
at the "Peterloo Massacre" iu lSltf,
aud is probably the only survivor of
thut scene. He is uow more than 90
yeurs old.
English curates have been the suc
cessful lovers in romantic tales since
the institution of the church, but since
three out of four of Archdeacon Far
ror's daughters have married curates
the character passes from the realm of
fancy into that of fact.
D. K. Pearson, a Chicago million
aire, has adopted the sensible plan ol
disposing of his great fortune before
his death. During the last few years
be has given away nearly 1800,000 to
western educational institutions. Mr.
Pearson has no children.
There is a larger proportion of the
boys and girls of New jersey than of
any other state in the union who go
to Sunday-school. It appears by sta
tistics recentlv taken that there are
just about 280",000 children in tho 1.9U7
Sunday-schools of New Jersey.
In the two years that he has been in
office. Gov. Buckner, of Kentucky, has
signed the death-warrants of seven
criminals. In the last two cases (he
has followed Gov. Hill's example and
fixed some other day than the tradi
tional Friday for the execution.
"Put a penny in and you will have
a surprise," says the legend on the
latest form of automatic machiue.
When one has been unwise enough to
comply with this invitation, one re
ceives a card on which is printed:
You give me a pennv and I give you
nothing in return. You are surprised.
A curious feature in ornithology is
reported from Eckington, Yorkshire,
England, where a hen has batched
two chickens from one egg, both
chickens being in a perfect state ex
cept that they are joined together on
one side of the niembranesof the wing.
Beyond this they walk about abd feed
in the usual manner.
A man at Allentown, Pa., bas two
tree frogs which dwell contentedly in
glass jar containing water and a tiny
ladder. When the weather is fair the
little follows crawl up the latter and
gaze around, but when a rain is com
ing they dive to the bottom of the jar.
These movements are made hours in
advance of the change in the weather.
Nearly seven-eighths of the popula
tion of Zanzibar are slaves. Some
owners have 1,000. ' A negro boy costs
about twentv dollars, a stron? work
man about f 100 to $120, a pretty young
negress from $00 to $100, Abyssinian
women from $200 to $500, while the
women from Jeddah, in Arabia, bring
fancy prices. Surias for the hiring
come higher yet.
State Geologist George H. Cook, of
New Brunswick, N. J., reports a num
ber of interesting discoveries In fossils
recently made. Besides numerous
footprints, leaves and other remains of
prehistoric days, several fossil fishes
have been discovered at Boouton, and
in a quarry at Belleville two skeletons
of an animal resembling the horned
toad of the western plains.
N. C. Curtis, a farmer on Grand Is
land, Cal., is using steam in his work
with good success. He ran bis plows
attuched to a traction engine, and
working night and day plowed over
fifty acres in twenty-four hours. He
also has another smaller engine that
draws eight six-horse harrows, doing
the work of a large number of men
and horses in a short time and at a
small exponse.
A camel coach is to be tried in the
Darling River district. New South
Wales. Tho sultry climate tries horses
so severely that the nianatrer of a line
of mail coaches thinks that a team of
camels will answer far better, owing
to their capacity for endurine heat and
drought. Much curiosity is felt as to
the result of this novel venture in
coaching, considering the hasty temper
of the ship of the desert."
A great impetus has been given to
Russian industries within the last ten
or fifteen years. Thus, in 1875 all the
cotton mills in that country contained
about two million spindles, while there
are now, according to the latest re
ports, 115,000,000 spindles, divided be
tween sixty-seven mills. The number
of cotton weaving establishments in
Russia is said to be 488, giving em
ployment to more than eighty thous
and bauds, the total annual produc
tion being estimated at 60,000,000 ru-
A Cuban Kitchen.
To American eyes a Cuban kitchen
looks very strango and unuiual. In
it one does not see the usual range
and numerous shining tins, and in
place of our portly Bridget one finds
generally a colored man. or an almond
eyed son of the Celestial Empire. The
kitchen is the yard, generally tiled on
its sides and floor. You will notice
running from one side of the kitchen
to the other, a flat platform, and at in
tervals of two feet, a grate about five
inches wide and ten inches deep.
These grates are built in the solid
platform and have the draft under
neath. There are usually eight or
more of these grates. Each one is en
tirely independent of the other and bas
its own separate tire. Charcoal is the
fuel used and the gas and smell of
cooking all go up a large chimney
built over the platform, so that oue
seldom gets the benelits of the odors.
The cooking utensils are few and
simple and are generally of glazed
earthen ware. No bread or cake is
ever made in anv Cuban family; it all
comes from the baker's aud is of ex
ec I lent quality. The cooking is as
different from American cookery as is
the kitchen. Garlic aud other odd
spices are used, and many will, mere
ly from the fact of garlic being used,
condemn it at once. I am positive
that the most bigoted would lie won
over nfter partaking of one of Mamer
to's faultless dinners. Qood House
The Uses of Electricity.
The uses of electricity are ever mul
tiplying. ho could ever have dream
d that the electrical current manu
factured by the publio lighting com
panies conveyed along the streets
would be switched otf on special wires
to go into the very mouths of the peo
ple. It is a fact. A man sits down in
a dentist's chair nowadays aud has his
teeth repaired by the huge dynamos
that are located "out at Twenty-second
aud Chestnut streets. The patient
lays back in a darkened room (if it is
a dull day), an incandescent light il
luminating the caverns of his mouth.
The tooth is washed with water heated
by electricity. Jt is dried and kept
dry during the tilling by air heated in
the bulb of a little blow-pipe bv two
platinum points. It is gouged and
scraped and scoured and hammered
and sawed by little instruments that
wriggle around on the end of the same
electric current.
"Yes." says a dentist, laughing,
"and if you tali asleep during the
operation we can just give you a little
shock to wake jou up." Philadelphia
A Blow at Freedom.
'Who is at the bead of this conspir-
acv?" shouted the country editor, be
did a war-dance among the exchanges
on the floor. "Who is it that has
struek this blow at American freedom P
Who is guilty of this dastardly at
tempt to grind tne people and keep
them in ignorance of their rights by
muzzling the press? Who is it?"
What's the matter, anyhow f"
asked the foreman, as he came out of
the composing-room.
"Somebody has stolen my scissors."
XercJmnt Traveler.
Tin Reward of a Dutiful Sou-How the
leur Old Mother's Letter Touched the
Heart of Iter Horerslyu.
One Summer morning, a great ninny
years ago, a boy was lying sound asleep
on a bench In one of the rooms at Saus
Soucl (the country puluco of the King
of Prussia) with all his clothes on.
Very gay clothes they were, from the
trim blue Jacket, with its embroidered
cuffs and shining brass buttons, down
to the smart shoes, with their well pol
ished steel buckles. But the poor little
fellow's face was not as gay as bis dress
by any means. It looked sadly pale,
and as worn and tired as If be had been
up all niirht.
So Indued be had, for tough old King
Frederick, who would work from 1 iu
the morning till 10 at night without
seeming a bit the worse, sometimes for
got that his poor little page-boy was not
as strong as himself, and would ofteu
keep him on duty till Karl full asleep
from sheer fatigue, just as he appeared
to have done now.
All at once a bell rang sharply In the
next room. At that signal the page
ouiibt to have jumped up and gone in to
receive his orders for the dar, as lie bail
to the first thing every morning, no mat-
ter at what hour be had gone to bed.
But he was so fast asleep that he never
heard it; and the bell rang again still
more sharply without any answer.
Then the door of the inner room open
ed, and out came a very strange figure
It was a small, lean, gray-haired old
mau in a shabby uniform coat and a
pair of long riding boots, which looked
as though they had uol beu cleaned for
a month; and as if ha were not untidy
enouith already, he had smeared the
whole front of his coat with snuff,
which full off in flakes whenever he
His face might have been carved In
stone, so cold and hard did it look; but
in the midst of It there gleamed an eye
so large and bright and piercing that it
seemed to go right through every one
upon whom it rested. But for this com
manding glance one would most likely
have taken him for a beguar, and hutti
wondered what business such a slovenly
old fellow could have In the palace at
But In reality this queer, shabby little
old man was none other thau King
Frederick of Prussia himself, the great
est general and statesman in the world,
and famous throughout all Europe un
der the name of "Frederick the Great."
One could see by the flash of his eye
and the set of his hard old mouth, as he
came striding out, that he was very
angry at being kept waiting, and that a
terrible scolding awaited the poor little
page, who lay sleeping there so peace
fully, knowing nothing st all about It.
But as the king's eyes full upon the
lad's unconscious face his mood seemed
to change.
"Uuml" muttered he, with the very
ghost of a smile flickering over bis iron
face. "How famously the young dog
sleeps! 1 only wish I could have such a
nap now and then. One can see that bo
hasn't got to worry himself about gov
erning five millions of men, or carrying
on this war against live nations at once.
lis! what s this'
A crumpled sheet of coarse paper,
which seemed to have dropped from
Karl's hand, was lying on the floor be
side him.
The king picked it up, and these were
the first words that caught bis eve,
written in the shaky straggling hand of
a very feeble old womau:
"I thank you much, my dear child,
for the money that you have so kindly
sent me, which bas been of great help.
Take your mother's blessing for It, anil
ses that you always du your best to
be a worthy and faithful servant to our
master, the King, whom Ood bless and
As he read that simple message ths
soldier-king's grim fare softened as no
one bad ever seen it soften before. Per
haps the memory of bis own mother,
dead years ago, rose up In his mind once
more; perhaps be was touched by ths
old woman's prayer for himself, or by
tbe discovery that this had been the
boy's last thought before bs fell asleep.
"Were all my subjects like that," be
murmured "I shnnlH rn ths luckiest
f j
.f P
j '
king m Europe, And so be has been
Bnvini; money rum his wages (and poor
euouuli wuiien they are, I am sure) to
send to his mother! Well done, my
boy; tbou'rt a true Prussian I"
At that moment Kurl moved slightly,
as If about Iu awake.
The king Duticed it, and a new idea
appeared to strike him, which must
have been a droll one, judging from the
momentary twinkle that lighted up his
stem eyes.
"Yes, Hint will be the best way," said
be to himself, "and a flue surprise It will
be to him."
Stepping buck Into the room whence
he had Issued (which certainly had very
little "royal luxury" about It, for It was
almost as hare in n cnttle-shud, with no
furniture save it battered old deal table
aud a broken clinir). Frederick bunted
In the table drawer till he rummaged out
a well-worn writing-case, from oue of
the pockets which lie took three gold
coius. ...
Tuese lie slipped Into the page i
pocket along with the letter, tuking
grunt care not to awake hi in In doing so.
Then he rang his hell violently and call
ed out:
"Karl, come here!"
The sharp, stem voice effectually
roused our here, who started up at once,
and drew hack ill dismav as he saw
Frederick's keeu eyes fixed upon him.
"Pardon, your majesty, pardon!"
stammered lie. "I was "
"Never minil about that Just now."
intermixed the king. "Come in here
ami get your orders. "
As Karl sprang eugeily forward to
obey, t tie iiionev, which hnd been put
loosely into his pocket, rolled out again,
and fell rinuiug and clinking upou the
I il
"Delln, yonng man!" cried Frederick,
"you uuglil to he a good deal richer
than I am If you ran aSosd to fling your
money shout like that."
"O. sirel" cried the bo, Imploringly,
"I don't know anyl hiiur ah nu this money.
I don't lu.leul n.iinelmil) rtia.l turn
meant In ruin tne by putting It Into my
pocket, unci then saying that 1 had stolen
"No," said the King, gravely, "that
money 1' Ood's gift lo you, to help you
in asaisiiug your mother. Write and
tell her that 1 know all about her, aud
that I'll Hike care of her, and you too."
And King Frederick kept his word.
A It") al Hlagfl Prompter.
A delicious story is "going around"
aneutMr. Irvinir's and Miss Ellen Ter
ry's visit to Saiidringhain. It appears
that all was going on buautiltliiy witn
Tim Merchant of Venice ' her maj
esty sealed in front, stick in baud and
all attention until Miss Jerry s tune
came as Portia to deliver her great
speech about "Mercy." We all know
how she does it. advancing toward the
Jew and milking a marked and pe-
culiiir pause before delivering her ora
tion. The kind qu en, who was all aU
tion, and had probably been carefully
instructed in her own youth by the
duchess of Kent or hor good govern
ness in Sliakspeaie's "tid-bits" was
eagerly following the gifted actress,
but quite mistook the pause for some
sudden failure of memory. Fancy El
len being overawed by her majesty in
to forgetting her nai l! So the quoen
began prompting iicr quite low, "The
quality of mercy," etc., but Miss Ter
ry did not take the cuc.and her majesty
then repeated more loudly and en
couragingly, "The quality of mercy is
not strained." This was almost too
much for Miss Terry, but with a vio
leut effort to suppress her twinkling
merriment she controlled herself and
gracefully accepted her cue from the
gracious sovereign. Good Queen Bess,
we know used to shout at the preach
ers and correct them openly In theo
logy when they preached before her,
hut this is probably the lirst time that
au actress has ever been honored by
having a queen uud empress as stage
Where the Heat ir Thirst Is.
Professor Hartidan, of the West
Tirgiuia University, is conducting two
Interesting experiments In vivisection.
In ouo he made an incision into the
stomach of a dog, in which he placed
a fistula tube from ths outside. When
a vessel of milk is placed before the
dog and the animal dnnks, the fluid
runs out through the tube as fast as it
is lapped up, aud the dog's thirst is
not quenched. When the tube is
stopped so that the milk is retained In
the ilunmcli, the animal becomes
satiated "showing that the seat of
thirst is not in the throat, hut is a de
mand of the entire system." The food
may thus he taken by the tube from
the stomach at any time, and the pro
cess of digestion studied under the
microscope. The other operation con
sists of ths removal of a portion of
another dog's skull and the substitu
tion of a nicely fitting plate of glass.
Through the window the professor
successfully studied the action of the
brain while the animal is asleep.
A citizen of Tarpon, Fla., bas a tarns
otter which follows him about ths
stxseu like a dov,