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Home security
ooking for ways to increase the
value of your home? Consider
installing a home security
system. According to SafeWise, an
independent review site, buyers are
more willing to pay more for a house
that makes them feel secure, and a
home security system can go along
way toward creating that feeling.
Home security systems can also
reduce the cost of home insurance
for you and your potential buyers;
according to SafeWise, many insur-
ance companies offer discounts of
up to 20 percent with the addition
of a security system. SafeWise sug-
gests the factors you should consider
as you’re considering a purchase or
shopping for different systems.
An Exterior
Goals for security system
Whether it’s to deter poten-
tial burglars or to notify you about
potential flooding or give you the
ability to electronically check in on
children, what do you want to get
out of the system? What will poten-
tial buyers want? If you live in a
neighborhood with low crime rates,
the focus may be different. Think
about what would encourage you to
buy the house.
Available features
Security systems offer differ-
ent levels of features. Some sys-
tems can connect smoke and car-
bon monoxide alarms to the system,
which will contact emergency ser-
vices in the event the alarms go off.
You can also install wired and wire-
less surveillance cameras inside
and outside your home. Depending
on the system, it can do more than
deter burglars; many systems now
allow you to keep watch on your
house via smartphone apps or alert
you to someone trying to access gun
or liquor cabinets or other sensitive
What you can afford?
Security systems can be expen-
sive. The installation can cost any-
where from $250 to $1,000, accord-
ing to SafeWise. More cameras and
monitoring options will cost more
to install. Additionally, you have
a monthly payment to the security
company, which varies depending
on the plan and levels of monitoring.
Plans can be as inexpensive as $20
to $30 a month up to several hun-
dred dollars a month for round-the-
clock monitoring or regular security
Look at other features
Hardwood or reinforced exte-
rior doors, commercial grade dead-
bolts on exterior doors, strong locks
for windows that open and motion
detectors on outdoor lighting.
t’s amazing what a little paint
can do to change the appearance
of the exterior of your home.
Whether you choose to touch up
your trim or cover the entire exterior
of a building, fall is a great time to
get this job done.
when buyers face the most competi-
tion, resulting in homes selling faster
and for higher premiums. If you’re
considering going to market after
winter has passed, a fresh coat of
paint can add value and curb appeal
to attract homebuyers.
Fall Conditions Cooperate
Touching Up or Major
Since most regions don’t experi-
ence much humidity during autumn,
the chance that paint will dry evenly
and adhere to surfaces are greatly
enhanced. High levels of humidity
can cause moisture from the air to get
between the surface and paint, caus-
ing flaking and a dull color.
According to real estate experts
at Zillow, spring is the time of year
Insulate Drafts
ooler temperatures reveal places
where cold air is sneaking in your
home. Blocking off these areas can
save you money and add to your comfort
once winter comes in full force.
An easy way to find obvious issues is to
walk around entrance points in your home
with a lit candle. Place it around the frame
of doors and windows and watch for the
flame to flicker. Sometimes, a professional
inspection is required to find the hard-to-
find draft points. Some common ones can
be attic holes, access hatches and fireplace
Fix Your Doors
If you notice drafts coming in through
When planning your exterior
paint job, ask yourself if you are only
focusing on a small area or aiming to
coat your entire home. Small jobs are
easy for a homeowner, but ensure you
are using the correct paint for your
region’s conditions and stay safe if
you’ll be on a ladder.
Those who will be painting their
an exterior door, there are several ways to
correct the issue. Depending on the size of
gap allowing cool air inside, here are some
methods you can use to alleviate them.
• Install new sweeps: A door sweep
seals gaps between the bottom of a door
and its threshold. If your old one has been
battered or appears dented, it may be time
to install a new one to provide ultimate
• Use foam tape: If your door is warped
or doesn’t fits its frame snug, the answer
can be to insulate it with foam tape. It’s
easy to use. Simply cut to size and secure
it to drafty areas, per the manufacturer’s
• Use a door snake: These weighted
socks are available for the floor or to hang
around the perimeter of a door. They are
effective when trying to block small draft
entire home should consider hiring a
contractor. Especially for those with
larger homes, getting those hard-to-
reach areas can be extremely danger-
ous; a professional is well-trained and
experienced. Plus, during the fall, the
demand for painters may not be as
high as it is in other seasons, mean-
ing there shouldn’t be a long wait list.
Refresh Trim
Don’t ignore the trim of your
home when painting the exterior. A
fresh coat of paint to highlight your
doors and windows can make a drab
entrance area pop. To add an even
more attractive ambiance, consider
hanging shutters which match your
trim color to surrounding windows.
Window Maintenance
The United States Department of
Energy reports that air leaks through gaps
around windows are responsible for 10
percent of a home’s leakage. If the issue
isn’t too far gone, it can be easily resolved.
An affordable option is to apply win-
dow film. This wrap is meant to be put in
place and heated with a hair dryer. It works
to quickly shrink and seal the drafts let
in by windows. Caulk is inexpensive yet
highly effective. If you notice your win-
dows can use a touch up, visit your local
hardware store and choose a type that is
meant for the exterior of your home.
If you’ve tried to resolve window drafts
alone but are getting nowhere, it may be
in your best interest to replace them com-
pletely. A professional can point you in the
direction of Energy Star windows which
will help lower your monthly utility bill.
Whether You DIY or
Hire a Contractor,
Home Improvement
Costs Can Really
Add Up!
40 - 70
Trees, Shrubs, Perennials,
Mums, Pansies, Flowering Kale and
Cabbage available for fall color.
Roses and more!
Plant now & enjoy your
beautiful yard next spring!
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