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Resolving to be more like my dog
hat’s the point of
though Lucifer and the Gen-
making a New
eral’s lives are pretty rou-
Year’s resolution? tine, they enjoy the sights,
Most studies indi-
smells and sounds of daily
cate the majority of peo-
walks. In addition, the Gen-
ple that actually make reso- eral’s exuberant yelp when
lutions don’t achieve them.
he realizes he gets to hang
For those who do decide to
out with me at work is abso-
make New Year’s resolu-
lutely priceless.
tions, it’s suggested to only
While I can’t promise
tackle one. And according
that I’ll howl with excite-
to a recent poll from
ment, I’ll look for
Marist College in
ways to spice up
New York, the most
routine activities.
popular is “being a
Although I won’t feel
better person.”
compelled to mark
Studies show that
everything along the
dog owners can take
way, I will attempt
a lesson from their
to stop and smell the
canine kids in regards Tammy
fl owers, which is
to becoming better
going to be extremely
people. So, in 2018
exciting this spring.
I will take cues from
As one of my Christ-
the General, my somewhat
mas gifts, John revealed that
quirky 5-year-old German
he purchased and planted
shepherd, and Lucifer, my
more than two dozen tulip
husband’s majestic 8-year-
old German shepherd. In the
coming year, I will follow
Whether it’s riding shotgun
their lead by incorporating
to the store or getting left-
the following into my life:
overs from a dinner out, our
•RELAX: According
dogs are thrilled by little
to the American Kennel
things. While I thoroughly
Club, dogs typically sleep
look forward to taking trips
about 50 percent of the
and going out for special
time. While I’m not going
occasions, I will take steps
to sleep half the year away,
to initiate small things that
I will further embrace the
touch the lives of others —
value of naps. Also, relaxing meeting my friends for cof-
will include slowing down
fee, making a favorite meal
and taking time for myself
for my husband and regu-
— whether that’s reading,
larly sending cards or letters
taking a walk or engaging in to my parents.
other hobbies.
and I have found that our
dogs respond better with
structure. It reduces act-
ing out and behavioral
issues. For me, it’s import-
ant to maintain boundaries
regarding relationships and
When I’m feeling stress
or have too much on my
plate, I don’t dig holes in
the yard or tear up a news-
paper. However, rather than
trying to be superwoman
while my blood pressure
skyrockets, it will be much
healthier for me to talk
about what’s happening and
sometimes say no.
LOVE: Regardless if I’m
happy or sad, my dogs are
there for me. They don’t
care if I’m having a bad
hair day, if I haven’t show-
ered or if I’ve put on fi ve
pounds. They love me.
While I won’t be wag-
ging my tail or licking oth-
er’s faces, I can certainly
take a big lesson from
Lucifer and the General in
expressing love, care and
concern to those in my
pack, including my hus-
band, parents and my cho-
sen sisters.
Tammy Malgesini is the
community editor. Her col-
umn, Inside my Shoes,
includes general musings
about life. Contact her at
com or 541-564-4539.
resources to many worthy
causes throughout the year.
• • •
Dr. Doug Flaiz recently
retired after 42 years of ser-
vice to the community at
Family Health Associates
and with privileges at Good
Shepherd Medical Center
in Hermiston.
Flaiz attended Loma
Linda University School of
Medicine in California and
did his residency at Florida
Hospital in Orlando. A fam-
ily practice physician, Flaiz
delivered about 1,500 babies
in the area during the fi rst
three decades of his prac-
tice, which he discontinued
due to the increasing costs
of medical insurance to con-
tinue offering obstetrics.
A retirement gathering
held last month hinted that
Flaiz has plans to spend
more time fi shing and hunt-
ing in his retirement.
• • •
Joseph Franell, CEO of
the Hermiston-based East-
ern Oregon Telecom, was
re-appointed to the Ore-
gon Broadband Advisory
Council by Governor Kate
Brown. Franell has been
a member of the statewide
council, formed by the leg-
islature in 2009, since its
beginning, and has served
as chair for all but the fi rst
year. Franell said in a writ-
ten statement that it was an
honor to serve, calling the
council “one of the most
effective organizations of
its kind in the U.S. (that)
continues to have a signifi -
cant positive impact on the
adoption and utilization of
Broadband in Oregon.”
• • •
For a chance to remember
loved ones and honor some-
one special, visit Vance
John Memorial Hospice’s
annual Candlelight Memo-
rial Service. The free event,
in its 22nd year, is Tuesday,
Jan. 9 from 6-9 p.m. at the
Hermiston Christian Cen-
ter, 1825 W Highland Ave.
It will include recognition
of veterans and other losses,
time for refl ection and a time
of fellowship following the
service. For more informa-
tion, call 541-667-3543.
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and more about the Promise
campaign, visit www.prom-
• • •
The 2017 Christmas
Spirit Awards from the
Good Shepherd Commu-
nity Health Foundation
were recently presented to
Kriss Dammeyer and John
& Marge Walchli.
Recognizing those who
exemplify the spirit of
Christmas throughout the
year, this is the 22nd year
the foundation has pre-
sented the awards. Dam-
meyer is the founder of
Made to Thrive. The non-
profi t organization seeks to
stop the cycle of poverty,
child abuse and neglect by
offering an opportunity for
those at risk to participate
in healthy community activ-
ities. The Walchlis were rec-
ognized for their ongoing
generosity to the commu-
nity. The longtime farmers
lend their time, talents and
City of Hermiston staff, elected offi cials and their families put together 420 food boxes
assembly-line style during their annual holiday party at the Hermiston Conference Center in
December. The boxes were distributed to needy families via the Hermiston Christmas Express
program, along with toys for families with young children. Police Chief Jason Edmiston said
Christmas Express purchased $4,000 in turkeys and $6,200 of other food, combined with
produce donated from local farms and 13,925 food items collected by local students.
The Hermiston Police
the same amount last year.
Department and city of
We had an anonymous $500
Hermiston just concluded
cash donation this year and
the 48th annual Christmas
clubs such as the Uma-
Express program. Each year tilla Lodge of Perfection for
since I took over in 2004 we Scottish Rite, The Funrun-
have tried to fi ne-tune and
ner ATV Club, and both the
make the operation as effi -
Big River Men’s and Ladies
cient and effective
Golf Clubs donated.
as possible with the
I’m going to opt not
incredible amount
to name the individ-
of donations that
ual donors, but you
come from the
know who you are
community. I have
and you know if it
ensured a thank
wasn’t for each of
Police Chief
you note is sent to
you, our program
everyone we know Jason
would eventually
to have donated
wither away.
money, equipment
Each year when
or services.
I give presentations and talk
This year I was
about our program, I always
approached by a commu-
say despite being born and
nity member who asked if I
raised here, it wasn’t until I
ever thought about recogniz- started working this program
ing those people who donate that I realized how generous
to the program. I was a bit
our area farmers are.
taken back because I do try
Make no mistake, this
to recognize the people who program would not be suc-
make the machine run.
cessful if it weren’t for peo-
But the question itself is
ple like John and Skip Wal-
still a good one. Is there a
chli with donations of food
best way to recognize and
and equipment from both
thank people for the good
their farms, Troy Betz and
they do to make Hermis-
Greg Juul of Bud Rich
ton a welcoming and diverse Potato, and Alan Cleaver of
community? To be quite
Columbia Basin Onion.
honest, my greatest fear in
We have other part-
attempting something like
ners that donate services
that is two-fold: one, some
and equipment as well.
people may not want to be
This includes the Walmart
recognized and two, I may
Distribution Center, Sani-
forget someone.
tary Disposal, Living Faith
Cash donations for the
Church, Hammell Trans-
2017 program came in at
port and of course perhaps
a staggering $15,651. This
our biggest partner, Dave
included a $9,000 donation
Hughes and his staff at the
from the Hermiston Rotary
Agape House.
International Club (the larg-
Presents fl ood the lobby
est monetary contributor
of the police department and
to the program each year)
the overwhelming major-
and other donations rang-
ity of those come from peo-
ing from $10 to $3,500. The ple unknown to us, at least
gentleman who donated
by name. Altrusa Interna-
$3,500 this year, donated
tional consistently donates
an incredible amount of
toys and the KOHU staff
(to include sports announcer
Erick Olson) do a great job
of creating competition that
goes for a good cause —
a child having the oppor-
tunity to open a present
Christmas morning. The ten-
ants at Desert Sage Manor
spend all year making doz-
ens and dozens of beautiful
quilts that are given away
during our program. We
have received hygiene prod-
ucts from local dentists as
we know there is a direct
correlation between hygiene
and self-esteem, especially
with our youth.
Lastly, I would like to
thank Ric Sherman, not only
for his 30 years of service as
an educator in Hermiston,
but the non-stop work he
puts into this program each
year assisting and remind-
ing me about various things.
Ric is instrumental in ener-
gizing the second group
I’d like to thank, that being
the students and staff of the
Hermiston School District.
The amount of food (nearly
14,000 cans) and presents
collected during the canned
food drives ensures we are
able to push out food boxes
weighing nearly 100 pounds
once all the produce and tur-
keys are added.
I pray I have not inad-
vertently forgotten some-
one, but this is my humble
attempt to remind people
that we here at the Hermis-
ton Police Department know
the silent majority is out
there doing good things for
all the right reasons and we
appreciate it.
Jason Edmiston is the
chief of the Hermiston
Police Department.
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