The Hermiston herald. (Hermiston, Or.) 19??-1984, April 21, 1938, Page 4, Image 4

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    THURSDAY. APRIL 21. 1»»».
U m a tilla
B e a u ty Shop
“R illing” Perm. Waving Machine
Guaranteed Oil Waves - Choice
¿„»400 ■ *3 * - M ”
K enzie, Jess Connell and Je ff S te­
p h en s spent S atu rd ay evening in
P endleton v isitin g E arl Shaw who
is in the hospital being tre a te d for
in ju rie s received in a fall he re ­
ceived when w orking on the sw itch
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Miller, Mrs.
Del Jackson. Mrs. D. E nglish and
Rev. Thom as left Monday for Cam­
as w here they atten d ed th e M iller’s
w edding celebration and
spent th e n ig h t.
Miss Cecilia Beyler was hostess at
a p arty a t her home T hursday night.
Mrs. John K enney has been quite
111 and Miss M cFarland, a special
nurse, has been ta k in g care of her.
Mr. and Mrs. A1 S tephens re­
tu rn ed Sunday from Y akim a where
they have been v isitin g th e ir son,
A lfred S tephens a n d fam ily.
E. A. McMillian and d au g h te r
J a n e t of R eith, who spent th e E as­
te r vacation w ith her fa th e r from
P o rtlan d , spent T hursday
friends here.
The Ladies Aid m et a t the home
of Mrs. John W u rste r T hursday. Af­
te r the usual m eeting a m iscellane­
ous show er was given in honor of
Mrs. Don H arry m an . M any lovely
g ifts were received by th e honoree.
Mrs. B ert N ugent received word
th is week of the serious illness of
her d au g h ter in C alifornia.
Mrs. Del Jackson visited in Hood
R iver Friday.
Louise Jackson retu rn ed
T h u rs­
day from P ortlan d w here she visi­
ted h er brother.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H oyt are
building an addition to th e ir home
w est of town.
Mrs. Jessie B lakely Ireturfried to
P o rtlan d T hursday afte r spending
a few days here v isitin g her m other
in-law , Mrs. Je n n ie Blakely.
H elen B lakely retu rn ed to her
home in The Dalles, S unday afte r
v isitin g her cousin Je a n n e M cKen­
zie for a week.
Je ff S tephens e n te rta in e d th e p in ­
ochle club a t .h is home F rid a y eve­
Mrs. W illiam Conlon e n te rta in e d
th e B ridge club a t her home F rid ay
aftern o o n .
T he L adies A lta r Society held a
cooked food an d apron sale a t th e
U m atilla hotel b u ild in g W ednesday
aftern o o n .
Mr. and Mrs. Mac G raybeal spent
S atu rd ay aftern o o n in P endleton.
Mr. and Mrs. H arry E rv in and
sons J e rry and Bob 'left S unday for
Nyssa. Ore., to m ake th e ir fu tu re
Tfhe P o cah o n tas lodge sponsored
an E aster egg h u n t for th e yo u n g ­
ste rs a t th e p ark Sunday m orning.
The S unday school of th e P resby­
te ria n ch u rch gave a nice program
S unday m orning.
Mr. an d Mrs. Eldon Thom pson
and Mrs. H. O. Thom pson m otored to
P en d leto n S atu rd ay to v isit th e ir
d a u g h te r and sister, R u th Thom p­
Mr. and Mrs. Milo M cFarland and
d au g h te r Joyce spent T uesday In
P endleton.
Ja ck ie and D orothy M ustard spent
th e week end v isitin g frien d s in
Jam es H. B yrnes and d a u g h te r
E rm a and g ran d so n Gordon Lee H a r­
rym an sp en t M onday in W alla W al­
la on business.
By Maryetta Thomas
panted them.
Mr. and Mra. C. B erger of Um a­
tilla spent Sunday v isitin g w ith the
L. B erger fam ily.
Mrs. B. L illy and Mrs. S hannon
and Don T an n e h ill sp en t Tuesday in
P endleton.
H erb P arso n s and Ted W ilson
spent T uesday In H erm iston on bus­
T he a n n u a l senior frolic w ill be
given A pril 23 in th e Boardm an
gym nasium by m em bers of th e ju n ­
ior class.
H. B. Thom as, Mr. and Mrs. W. O.
M iller, and Mrs. D. Jack so n of Uma­
tilla , and Mrs. E n g lish of H erm iston
m otored to Camas, W n., M onday, to
a tte n d th e double golden w edding
an n iv ersary of Mr. and Mrs. M iller
and his b ro th er and wife.
IRRIGON (S p ecial) — Thom as
W ells of H eppner, ca n d id a te for
co unty assessor for M orrow county
in th e May 20 p rim aries, w as calling!
in Irrig o n W ednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W ayne S tu ard and
d au g h te r of P o rtlan d visited Mrs.
S tu a rd ’s p aren ts, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
S tu ard from W ednesday u n til S u n ­
day aftern o o n .
Mrs. Chas. M cFall of Im bler came
Sunday for a day’s v isit w ith her
m other. Mrs. J. A. G raybeal.
Rev. H. B. T hom as of Boardm an
filled th e p u lp it a t th e P resb y terian
church E aster Sunday m orning fol­
low ing th e Sunday school.
Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Rand and Mr.
and Mrs. Don Isom motored to Cold
Springs for a d ay ’s o u tin g an d pic­
nic d in n e r Sunday.
The N im ble F in g er 4-H Sew ing
club met at th e school house S a tu r­
day aftern o o n . E very m em ber and
the leader were present as well as
th ree sm all visitors. An E aster egg
h u n t was held on th e law n follow ­
ing th e m eeting.
An E aster p a rty was given a t the
P entecostal ch u rch F rid ay afternoon
for th e ch ild ren of th e Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Ja ck B row ning and
fam ily Mr. and Mrs. C hester W il­
son and d au g h ter, and Mr. and Mrs.
Jam es W a rn er were d in n er guests of
Mr. an d Mrs. H arvey W arn er S u n ­
Mrs. W. A. S u d d arth has her sis­
ter, Mrs. M ontgom ery, as a house
Mr. and Mrs. Sam U m iker and
d au g h te r of th e W illam ette valley
visited Mrs. U m iker'a p aren ts, Mr.
and Mrs. F ra n k L eicht over th e
week end.
Mr. an d Mrs. Lyle Eddy and Mr.
and Mrs. R alph Jones were P en d le­
ton v isito rs S atu rd ay .
Chas. V anderlinde of Y akim a,
W n., visited th e E lroy Lam oreaux
fam ily Sunday.
Jo h n and R obert Sm ith and R u s­
sel McCoy w ere business visitors in
Baker, Ore., S aturday.
The L adies Aid m eeting was held
a t th e home of Mrs. W. C. Isom
T h u rsd ay afternoon. T he next m eet­
ing w ill be a t th e home of Mrs.
W a lte r G rider th e second T h u rsd ay
In May.
Mr. an d Mrs. Ceo. K endler and
d au g h ter, Mr. and Mrs. E arl Isom
an d d a u g h te r, and D onnalee Isom,
baby d au g h te r of Mr. and Mrs. Don
Isom, w ere guests of Mr. and Mrs.
W. C. Isom E aster Sunday.
Chas. McCoy m otored to Im bler
S atu rd ay , re tu rn in g Sunday.
Wheat Variety Trials Started.
ALBANY — R andall G rimes of
H a rrisb u rg is grow ing W hite H ol­
land an d Zim m erm an w heat in m ea­
sured plots th is year as a dem on­
stra tio n tria l in cooperation w ith
County A gent F. C. Mullen. The
plots w ill be closely observed and
th e ir yields w eighed an d com pared.
W heat grow ers a re o f d iffe ren t
opinions as to th e m erits of th e tw o
varieties. Mr. Mullen says.
Dr. Curry, the old Reliable
Optometrist of Seattle
who has made professional virite
to Hermiston for 25 vears. w ill
again bo at the
Hotel Hermiston
Fri., April 29
For One Day
Eyes Examined — Glasses Fitted
to Relieve Eye Strain and
Headaches —
Charges Reasonable.
Mrs. G riffith of P o rtlan d came
S atu rd ay and will w ork a t U m atilla
in the Colum bia Cafe.
Mrs. S anderson, Sandy Sanderson,
and R utli K ing of P o rtla n d spent
the week end v isitin g on th e project.
P h illis S anderson, who has been
v isitin g a t th e R. W ilson home, left
for P o rtlan d Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B ears of Odell
spen t S atu rd ay aftern o o n a t his -sis­
te r ’s home, Mrs. S. R ussell, w hile
re tu rn in g to th e ir home at Odell.
Miss H elen Russell left Monday
for Ilood R iver w here she w ill spend
a few days.
Miss E. T ilden an d h er sister
spent th e week end in P o rtlan d .
T he E aster c a n ta ta directed
Mrs. Maude Kobow w as held Sunday
evening a t the Com m unity church.
It w as very w ell presented and
g rea tly enjoyed.
T he G range held a b azaar and
program S atu rd ay evening a t w hich
Dr. B ostrum of P o rtlan d was speak­
Echo Coats and M aryetta Thomas,
typin g team who w ent to H eppner
S atu rd ay to p articip a te in th e ty p ­
ing contest, took second place, and
M ary etta Thom as, individual en try ,
took th ird place o u t of tw en ty
schools. T h eir teacher, Mr. R othen-
herger, and C laram ae Dillon, accom-
To T he S u p p o r te r s o f
Office h ea d q u arte rs for U m atilla C ounty of th e "R e-elect Gov­
ern o r M artin Club’’ a re now located in H otel P endleton. W ill
M. P eterson, a Democrat, is C hairm an; Mac Hoke, a R epublican,
is V ice-C hairm an; M yrtle K eating, a D em ocrat, Is S ecretary, and
Lola B a rn e tt, a R epublican, is T re asu re r. Mrs. K eating is in
charge of the h ea d q u arte rs w hich w ill be open each week day
from 10:00 a. nt. to 5:0 0 p. m. u n til May 20. Phone num ber 22.
You are cordially invited to call and get a M artin b u tto n , a
M artin photo and M artin lite ra tu re .
Those desiring to assist fin an cially w ill please send checks to
Mrs. Lola B arnett, tre a su re r, or leave cash w ith Mrs. K eating,
or contact any m em ber of the finance com m ittee— E. J. M urphy,
George S trand. Jack Allen. Mrs. C arm en Cole and P ete Pinney.
The rlu b needs money w ith w hich to carry on its work.
The club is n on-partisan. It p u ts p atrio tism and gen u in e
citizenship above p artisan politics. It appeals to all persons who
believe in a sq uare deal, who advocate obedience to law and o r­
der. who are opposed to racketeers, g an g sters and "g o o n ” squads,
to enlist as members and help to ren o m in ate and re-elect Gov­
ern o r M artin who has had th e courage to become a real apostle
of law and order, an a rd e n t defender of th e C o n stitu tio n and
laws of th e U nited S tates and of th e S tate of Oregon.
Bear in mind th a t .ill vicious violators of th e law ; all d is tu rb ­
ers of th e public peace; all law less labor leaders who prey upon
the honest laboring man who d istu rb and upset business and
Interfere w ith the peaceful p u rsu its of farm ers, m erch an ts and
all business people g enerally a re org an izin g th e ir forces ag a in st
G overnor M artin. They fear him as wicked people of olden
days feared th e ’’Ood of Israel ” T his vicious elem ent w ill be
driven out of our S ta te if G overnor M artin Is re-elected. If he
is defeated by any sym p ath izer w ith th e law less elem ent, no good
citizen will be safe in his peaceful p u rsu its In Oregon: crim e
will Increase as never before and th e crim in al elem ent will re ­
joice and dom inate: fear will be put Into all huslness and occu­
W e therefore appeal to th e honest la b o re r- to all good c iti­
zens in every w alk of life to assist In up h o ld in g law and order
by actively assisting in th e re-election of G overnor C harles II.
M artin.
Mon. & Tues.,
MAY 9 th * lO th
A cordial invitation is extended to every woman in this community to see "Star
in My Kitchen,” the Hollywood production, featuring a number of well-known
actors and actresses, that combines cookery instruction with entertainment and
amusement. It is the most interesting and fascinating presentation o f cooking
methods <r i f devised for the home-maker. You w ill be able to see all and hear all.
MRS. TOM KEATING, Secretary.
(P a id Adv )