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Mary Schumann
I’m not good enough for a »on-in­
law !”
“ Mind if I ask you a question?”
"A sk away."
“ Did you go to see Kezia more
than once? Sometimes I have a
feeling that Kezia is not really
friendly toward me—that she would
be glad to show you off as a con­
quest she had made.”
He laughed. “ Don’t I know it?
She’s a flighty wench—half a dozen
men on the hook.”
“ And you’re sure of m e?" she
asked with a dubious smile.
‘Sweetheart, you’re worth a doz­
en Kezias,” he said with glib im­
petuosity. "You know I think that.”
Thursday, July 8, 1937
Here’s What to Wear on Summer Day
A great many things made Flu­
vanna unsettled and discomforted,
yat not one fact which she could
put her finger on and say, “ this is
the reason.” Michael, M argery’s
son, had ear trouble with a threat­
ened mastoid, and Fluvanna’s ea­
ger sympathy drained her strength
Hugh drove his car into the coun­ away through the weeks of illness.
try, drove for miles on unfamiliar
And what ha<f become of Ellen?
roads. Finally he drew up at
So busy and happy that she never
maple beside a field and sat there had time to drop in? She called
thinking. People passing in cars om I Lizzie on the telephone to invite
their way to church, nudged each | her and Ellen for lunch on Wednes-
other at the sight of the young man day, but Lizzie was curt in her
hunched over his wheel, a look of refusal. Both she and Ellen had
stupor on his face. They tittered engagements for Wednesday. Flu­
and exchanged glances.
vanna flushed at her short tone.
Finally he started the engine and
Perhaps she was a selfish moth­
drove toward town. He turned in­ er, but she wished that Kezia
to his mother’s driveway at half­ would be more companionable,
past twelve. Kezia waved to him give her more of her confidence.
and came running down the steps.
One Monday night she said to
“ Dorrie has called twice. She said her firmly, “ Kezia, I must know
to ring her up if you came over where you are going.”
He looked past her with lustreless
Kezia frowned nervously as she
eyes. “ All right,” he said thickly. stood with the screen door half
Carefully he backed the car down open. “ Running over to Em m y’s.
the drive, and then circled the Someone will bring me home.”
boulevard three times before he
Fluvanna rose from her chair by
could force himself to go down his the reading lamp. She watched
own street.
Kezia’s light slim figure grow
Dorrie met him at the door. Her
eyelids were red with recent weep­
ing, and the sight twanged a re­
sponsive chord of pity in him.
“ Hugh,” she said bravely. Then
choked and paused. “ Hugh, I ’ve
seen Cun. I’ve told him it was all
S TO what to wear on a summer spirit of cottons wholeheartedly this
over between us.”
day, simple flattering little gay season. It is truly a revelation to
He stood, frozen as a statue, his
print frocks, the more unsophisticat­
see what wonders they are doing
sombre eyes burning into hsrs.
ed the smarter, are literally "run­ with both sturdy and dainty sheer
" I know now that you’re the on­
ning away with the show.” To em­ weaves, tuning their fashioning to
ly one I care for—the only one.
phasize the summery look comes formal as well as informal wear.
The other was----- ”
into the style picture hats that are Printed cottons especially were nev­
“ An interlude?”
very wide of brim. These hats are er more beautiful. A special fea­
“ No—a madness. Can’t you for­
of straw, or felt, or that which is ture is being made of printed cot­
give m e?”
very, very new, they may be of ton voiles, some of which are simply
She seized his hand. “ Listen,
stitched fabric, pique, linen or layer entrancing both as to their pattern­
Hugh—you must believe me—and
upon layer of stiffened silk chiffon. ing and their exquisite sheerness.
don’t look at me like that—so cold
In the illustration we are showing These voiles are so inexpensive
and hard! I ’ve been very wicked
to the right a most wearable shirt­ too, women who do their own sewing
. . . I ’m sorry for the things I've
waist-type spectator sports dress in can have the prettiest sort of frocks
said and done. But you’ll have
a silk crepe with a neat Paisley pat­ at trifling cost.
nothing to complain of now—noth­
terning on a blue ground. The panel
The attractive summer girls
ing! Please say you will!”
front in the skirt has pleats on eith­ standing to the left and center in the
Tears began to roll down her
er side. The conservative styling illustration are wearing charming
cheeks. "T’m so unhappy and mis­
of this dress together with the-qual­ cotton dresses as fresh and sweet
erable. . . . ”
ity texture of the silk gives “ class” as an old-fashioned garden. The
The habit of the heart is strong.
in the eyes of those who recognize cottons that fashion them won’t
He took a step forward. A com­
the better fashions. The fabric be­ shrink because they have already
pulsion greater than he, an involun­
ing a sterling pure silk dye can be been scientifically shrunk. The dress
tary movement, and his arms
depended upon as a standby when to the left has wee little pleatings
closed around her, closed around
in critical moments the “ what-to- on the skirt and is a pretty style
her in desperate yearning.
wear” problem presents itself. The to copy if you are making your
“ He Really Adores Yon—Looks
wide-brimmed hat of burnt straw own.
Up to You!”
adds the final touch of distinction.
The dress centered offsets its gay
blurred in the darkness of the long Another token of chic is the fact print with a dainty lace-and-em-
After the interview between E l­ front walk. She was only a bob­ that this hat is crownless, and hats broidered lingerie collar. There nev­
len Pendleton’s parents and Jerry bing shadow on the street, walking in fashion’s realm are going crown­ er was a time in fashion history
Purdue, they handed down the ulti­ slowly now. Then as she watched less at an astonishing rate.
when accessories counted for as
Speaking of smart millinery, there
matum that they would not sanc­ her, Kezia’s footsteps quickened
much as they do this season. Not
tion an engagement yet. Let things little. She turned toward the curb is a tendency, whether hats are only is the most feminine looking
work out. There was no hurry where a roadster was parked large or small, to wear them in an neckwear a necessary luxury but in
In Ju ly there was a perceptible climbed into it. The car moved off-the-face manner that reveals a more ways than can here be enu­
smooth brow framed with smartly
shrinkage in Jerry's devotion. He away.
merated the emphasis is placed on
did not telephone quite so often.
The next morning Kezia cams coiffed hair. The hat pictured in the value of choosing smart tuned-
He had vague excuses for not com- downstairs about noon, fresh and the oval inset is a Jean King crea­ to-the-costume accessories. An in­
ing since Tuesday. Lizzie’s quick smiling. She came to her mother tion in glistening white toya, a cool triguing use of bright cotton prints
eyes noted the change almost as in the library and extended a glove papier-mache straw that is just the is made in the clever halters which
soon as Ellen, and used it as a to her. " Ju s t a tiny hole, Mother thing for midsummer wear. A vel­ are selling at the neckwear coun­
small whip to lash her.
Want to mend it for me? It’s the vet band in soft blue finishes its ters so briskly.
These halter
“ Not coming this afternoon—Sat­ only pair that’s clean. I told Anna graceful line in an artful bow at the vestees with their long tie-sashes
urday? I thought he had the aft­ to wash them yesterday—but her nape of the neck. With your most are making a gesture in economy
ernoon off. Nor tonight? . . . He only answer was a dirty look! So summery frocks a hat of this type that enables the woman with a most
has to see a man on business? . . . I ’ve been industrious this morning, will carry a convincing message of limited budget to look well dressed
A good bit of that lately! . . . washed four pairs, and numerous chic and charm.
at all times.
Designers have entered into the
When Lizzie learned that Jerry stockings.”
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had been seen at the country club
Fluvanna took the glove, thread­
as the escort of Kezia Marsh, she ed a needle.
was triumphant. She could scarce­
Where were you last night, my
ly wait to tell Ellen.
Jerry took some of the sting out
Kezia took a step back and shot
of this information by saying to E l­ her a look. “ Just over to E m m y's,”
Why not wear the new short dance
len that night: “ I want to be per­ she said coldly.
dresses before anyone else does?
fectly frank with you—I ’ve been
Schiaparelli introduced them, Paris
“ Who drove you over?”
seeing something of Kezia lately.”
immediately began wearing them,
The girl gave her a guarded
Her heart knocked a little, but glance.
and New York is looking them over
she managed to smile. “ Kezia—
great interest. They may be
“ Kezia, whom are you meeting
the beginning of the end for long
He watched her closely. “ I took
evening gowns, as some stylists say,
her out to the dance the other I happened to see you get into a
but the end is a long way off.
These short frocks for long eve­
“ She’s very—attractive.”
nings are very spirited and gay and
“ I won’t be questioned about ev­
“ Oh, attractive enough, but a lit­
young. Their swirling hemlines are
tle spoiled. She amuses me. It ery little thing I do!”
more than five yards around. Col­
occurred to me that since your
lege girls will take them back to
parents are so set against an en­ very serious thing. If there is some
school this fall. The length may be
gagement, it would be well for us reasonable explanation, why don’t
anything that suits you, from six to
to go around with others occasion­ you give it to m e?”
twelve inches from the dance floor.
“ I can’t.”
“ Do you think that would help
Tyrolean Influence Is
“ It’s someone whom you wouldn’t
matters with them?”
"A t least it wouldn't cause so allow at the house—so there!”
Spreading to Accessories
“ My dear, surely you know that
much talk. No one would be sure
G a y colors cross the border of
that we were engaged—and that I ’d rather allow you to have any­
the Tyrol—that little mountainous
would please your parents.”
one—anyone—at the house, than
district in western Austria—to fash­
Jerry had put the top of his little have you picked up on street cor­
ion circles in all parts of the world.
car down and they were spinning ners!”
From the shaving brush feather in
past an endless whirligig of mead­
“ Mother, darling,” said Kezia
madame's sport hat to the embroid­
ows and woods yielding to the blur with hurt innocence and touching
ery on the hem of her skirt, the Ty­
of twilight. She felt a bit sick that appeal, "you won't scold me if J
rol influences her wardrobe.
he would think of such a procedure. tell you?"
The latest and most novel Tyro­
“ No.”
It was disenchanting to know that
lean accessory—prong initials for
he could find pleasure elsewhere
" I probably shouldn't have start­
the handbag—were just brought out
for an evening.
ed, and at first it was only in fun.
for Palm Beach wear. They are
"Y o u ’ re not saying anything. But now it’s real. He cares for
made up in many colors which ms-
What do you think of it?” urged me instead of her!" She smiled
Simple daytime frocks neatly dame mixes with gay abandon.
quiveringly; a tear squeezed out tailored of sturdy wash fabrics pat­ Tangerine yellow, followed by red
She spoke in a low tone. "Isn ’t from the mist in her eyes, rolled terned with vibrant florals are the and hunter green is a garish com­
it it your wish and desire that over her cheek. She knelt by her call of the hour. One should include bination inspired by the peasant
counts?” She paused. “ But if mother’s chair, laid her head on several frocks of the type pictured girls’ costumes.
your only object is to please Fa­ her arm. “ You understand, you in the summer wardrobe, especially
The largest of the new Tyrolean
ther and Mother—you won't do it dear understanding mother—you're since they are so easily made, and
Initials is reminiscent of the bold
that way. Mother was beginning not hurt? And now if you know alluring materials guaranteed not
lettering on children's blocks. Cut
to like you—I could see it.”
you'll allow him to come to the to shrink are so easily available. out in metal, this initial is covered
Jerry made a dissenting sound. house—as you promised you would! This well-tailored frock is strewn
over with shiny patent leather, or,
His dark face was turned in sullen . . . He really adores you—looks all over with exotic flowers. It is a
a calf grain. Strung across the flap
profile as he brooded. "They get up to you!”
dress that will tub any number of of a white pastel bag, these initials
me down when I come to see you.
times and never shrink a mite.
speak a dashing personality.
C o p y rig h t by M a c r o S m ith Oo.
W N U S orvloo
V ’OU can stay on the cool side
A this summer and still bask in
the sunshine of flattery if you’ll
look to Sew-Your-Own for your in­
spiration. Witness today’s trio of
smart fashions: do they not fair­
ly take you by the hand?
For Sheer Comfort
The model portraying the cool
poise of a well groomed cosmo­
politan, above center, can be
yours, Milady, with very little ta-
doo: Choose a beauteous dark
ground sheer for this stylish frock.
Personal Item No. 1.
This cleverly designed slip is,
in a way, like the lovely flower
born to blush unseen for it knows
its place and keeps it. Because
of superb styling, this slip offers
new chic to the meticulous wom­
an. It has a wide shadow proof
panel, and smooth fashionable
lines that make for a well turned
out appearance.
Sweet ’n’ Tart.
As wholesome and becoming as
her suntan, is this exciting new
dress for Miss Junior Deb or her
kid sis. It is young enough to
please its youthful client, and
pretty enough to satisfy the most
fastidious mother. Noteworthy is
the button-all-the-way front. This
means easy laundering.
The Patterns.
Pattern 1946 comes in sizes 14
to 20 (32 to 44 bust). Size 16 re­
quires 314 yards of 39 inch ma­
terial plus 1 yard of ribbon for
shoulder straps.
Pattern 1325 is designed for
sizes 36 to 52. Size 38 requires 4%
yards of 39 inch material plus %
yard trimming as pictured.
Pattern 1301 is designed for
sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 years.
Size 8 years requires 2% yards of
35 or 39 inch material plus 5 yards
of trimming to finish as pictured.
Send your order to The Sewing
Circle Pattern Dept., 149 New
Montgomery Ave., San Francisco,
Calif. Patterns 15 cents (in coins)
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Cuts Deep
What I Do
A sharp tongue severs a good
Not what I have, but what I do
any friendships.
| is m y Kingdom.
By Fred Neher