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Uhe Germistn ferali
Classes for all ages. A welcome to
The Womens’ Study club met
all. The Ladies Aid meets on the Thursday at the home of Mrs. E. A.
second and fourth Wednesdays of Hoosier. The roll call
was “The
each month.
Menace of Propaganda,” by Mrs.
Jaunnault. A book review "Time
Sunday School at 10:00 A. M.
Out for Adventure”, by Mra. Nass-
Service at 11:00 A.M.
Meeting on Tuesday and Friday bahn, and "Hospital Comparisons,”
nights at 7:45. Everybody welcome. by Mrs. Greathouse, followed. Mra.
H. Kerr was a gueet.
Grace Trumbull, Pastor.
Mrs. A. D. Kepple was called to
Dubuque, Iowa, by the death of her
C. R. Moore, Minister.
Bible School at 10:00 A. M.
A. held their regular
The S.
Preaching and communion, 11:00. meeting at the high school Monday
Christian Endeavor at 7:00 P. M.
Preaching service at 9:00 P. M. evening. Superintendent Kimberly
11:00 A. M., Subject, “God’s of the Umatilla schools, gave a talk
on the school problems. W. A. Nass­
Union service at the Methodist bahn gave a cornet solo, accompa­
church at 7:45 in the evening, with nied by Esther Fredreckson. Clau­
E. F. Atchley bringing a message dia Gabriel gave a humorous reading
on “The Enemy of Youth.” An of­ and Mr. Dunn gave a talk on teach­
fering will be taken at the close of ing music in the lower grades.
the service.
Teachers of the Sunday school
will meet immediately following the t COLUMBIA NEWS t
morning service Sunday afternoon.
‘ joe '
Published every Thursday at Hermis-
ton, Umatilla County, Oregon, by
Motion pictures are at last reveal­
Pauline M. Stoop and Alfred Quiring,
ing the true John Boies—the gay
romantic Boles,
Entered as Second Class Matter
Recent pictures have given the
December, 1906, Umatilla County,
youthful side of this popular
more and more scope, but Fox Film's
Subscription Rates
musical spectacle, ' Redheads on Pa­
11.00 rade,” at the Oasis theatre Sunday
.75 and Monday, stars him in his light­
Six Months ...
Three Months
est hearted, gayest role.
Boles, starred with Dixie Lee, acts
the male lead in the tender, inspired
love story about which the plot of
This bank has been designated by the Will Rogers Mem­
this picture is woven. He sings,
orial Commission as a depository of funds contributed in our
both with ensembles and his co-star,
locality. Any amount, large or small, can be deposited by
the three hit tunes written by Jay
you to the credit of this account. All contributions will be
Gorney and Don Hartman for the
forwarded by us to Mr. Jesse H. Jones, Treasurer, Will Rogers
Memorial Commission, 570 Lexington Avenue, New York Ci­
And then, to top his performance.
ty, after the close of the campaign on November 27.1
Boles reveals himself as a dancer of
the first rank, in a graceful series
Oregon passed the 300,000 mark of dances in which he does the waltz,
In tests for Bangs disease with the tango and rumba successively with |
Mr. and Mrs. R. Reid of Colfax,
•close of October, reports Dr. B. T. a series of beautiful partners.
Wn., were Friday and Saturday
Simms, head of the veterinary de­
The Baer-Louis fight picture is 1
STANFIELD NEWS f guests at the J. H. Reid home. R.
partment at Oregon State college, on this program.
By Sophronia Rhea
of Hermiston
Reid is a brother of J. H. Reid.
where the laboratory work for the
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Armstrong of
Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits Over $50,000.
Emmet Pettit, Ralph Bond and
eradication campaign is conducted.
Mt. Vernon, Ore., are visiting her Leo Lamon of Pendleton were din-
1. B. SWAYZE, President
R. ALEXANDER, Vice-President
October was the banner month since
brother, Jas. F. Lane and family.
ner guests at the L. Hammer home
A. H. NORTON, Cashier
D. M. DEETER, Asst. Cashier
the campaign was started in Septem­
The Stanfield high school girla’ Thursday.
ber, 1934, with 34,540 tests bring­
league sponsored a shower honoring
Opal Barber left Monday for Fos-
ing the total to 203,042.
Mrs. Earl Dallman, nee Emily Bart­ sil. Ore., where she is employed.
The campaign in Oregon is far
ley, Friday afternoon in the gymna­
Jack Allen, who is employed at
ahead of that in any other state
Good preaching and singing are sium. Many lovely and useful gifts Heppner spent the week end at his
considering the relative total num­ still in prograss every night this were received by the honoree.
lowe'en afternoon.
was the only team to put the drill
home in Columbia ditsrict.
ber of dairy cattle, a national report week at the Pilgrim Holiness church
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hooker and on so received first prize. Last year
Raymond Attebury spent the week
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Rucker of
on the progress of testing shows.
daughter Nellie, and Lois Hutchison they also received first prize over
end in La Grande visiting his two
Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin are with Ralph V. Steelhead as the evan­ brothers, Earl and Ed, who are at­ rigon visited at the Dwain Lathrop were Walla Walla business visitors three other teams in the county.
the only states exceeding Oregon in gelist.
tending normal school there.
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Spagle and
ter of Mr. Lathrop.
total number of tests made, while
Sunday night will conclude this
The Blue Ribbon Calf club held a children of Silver Falls spent last
Rae Nasshahn entertained a group
these states each have from seven to special series of meetings.
of girls at a Hallowe’en party at her Colo., is visiting at the Baxter Hut­ meeting at Arwilda Foster’s home week here with Mrs. Spagle’s par-
ten times the number of dairy cattle
Regular Sunday services as fol- home Wednesday evening. Games chison home this week. He is a nep­ Friday night. The purpose was to ents. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Packard,
found in this state.
organize the club again this year.
were played and refreshments of hew of Mrs. Hutchison.
lovely dinner and party was
The number of reactors found to
fruit salad and cookies were served.
Sunday School at 9:45 A. M.
Mr. Stiner was a Pendleton busi­ The officers were elected as follows: given at the Arthur Allen home last
date in Oregon amoünts to 6.76 per
Arwilda Foster, president; Marijane Wednesday evening in honor of
The guests included Marie Rhea, ness visitor Monday.
Preaching at 11:00 A. M.
cent, with 2.92 per cent suspects.
vice preeident, and Mary Maurice Hunt's birthday. Guests
Mrs. P. E. Hall and Mr. and Mrs.
Young People's meeting, 7:00 PM
This is an exceptionally low percen­
na Gabriel, Phyliss Sires and Betty John Conrad and daughters Dorothy Wilson, secretary.
included members of the sophomore
Evangelistic service 7:45 P. M.
tage compared with most of the oth­
Mrs. Jim Arnberg visited at the class and his teachers. The Hallo­
were Sunday dinner
er states, accounted for by the years
Everyone is invited to attend these
Baxter Hutchison home Tuesday af­ we’en motif was carried out in the
The Ladies Aid will sponsor an Ar­ guests at the Addleman home.
of state encouragement of Bangs di­ services.
mistice day chicken dinner Monday
decorations and Hallowe’en games-
Mrs. Buzzard’s mother from Port­ ternoon.
sease clean-up. About 50,000 tests
Lloyd White of Tacoma, Wn., is were played.
in the church basement from 6 to land is visiting at the Buzzard home
a year had been made for the six CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCHES
visiting at the Henry Hooker home
7:30 p. m. After dinner a program this week.
Theron Anderson motored to Wal­
years before the federal program
The Columbia school pupils are this week.
Walla Saturday.
started, Dr. Simms’ records reveal.
Methodist church in Hermiston will having a Hallowe’en party at the Co­
I was the subject of the Les­
The sudden drop in temperature
Under the federal clean-up pro­ son-Sermon in all Churches of
speak, and there will be special mu- lumbia school house Thursday after-
farmers by surprise and many
gram approximately $450,000 has Christ, Scientist, on Sunday, Nov.
of the potatoes and squash froze.
been used or obligated in Oregon. 3.
Lloyd Moore of Hermiston has
Mr. and Mrs. Hooff of Bellingham,
Probably the greatest loss will be
Present allotment of funds will car­
The Golden Text was, "Create in
opened a new show building in Stan- Wn., were Saturday visitors at the
small crowd was present at the suffered by Reese Byram who has
ry the program to January 1, and a me a clean heart, O God; and re­
Ryland home. Mrs. Hooff is a sister last Parent Teachers meeting when approximately 700 sacks of potatoes
further allotment has been assured new a right spirit within me” (Ps.
L. E. Hughes and family have of Mr. Ryland.
the election of officers was held. in the ground, A number of others
to continue the work through next 51: 10).
moved from the Richards house to
Margurite Rainwater of Butter Those elected were Mrs. Charles Dil- also have large amounts left in the
Among the citations which com­
June. Oregon farmers have been co-
the D. R. Starkweather home on Creek was an all night guest of Mar­ Ion, president; Miss Clara Ruff, vice ground.
operating heartily in the clean-up prised the Lesson-Sermon was the
Furnish street.
ijane Hammer Sunday.
president; Mrs. S. C. Russell, secre­
Several men were laid oft the
work so that at present the cam­
The Stanfield high school has
Miss Hanson of Olympia, Wn., tary; and Mrs. W. A. Baker, treasu­ railroad section crew last week.
me throughly from mine iniqui­
paign is nearly complete in many ty, and cleanse me from my sin”
started practice and are working who has been visiting at the home rer.
They were Everett Ervin and Na­
Willamette valley counties.
on their student body play entitled of her sister, Mrs. R. C. Nelson, for
(Ps. 51:2).
The annual directors election of than Thorpe at Castle, and Ed Bar-
At the conclusion of the program,
The Lesson-Sermon also includ­
"Big Brother”, which is to be given a week, left Tuesday morning for the West End Irrigation district will
low at Coyote.
it is believed that all of the Willa­ ed the following correlative pas­
in the near future.
her home.
be held at the' Boardman school
Miss Jeanette Turner spent Satur-
mette valley counties as well as Cur­ sages from the Christian Science
Mr. Jackson was confined to his
Faith Wilson, who has been visit­ house Tuesday, November 12. The day with friends at Pine City.
ry, Clatsop, Columbia and Coos, will textbook, "Science and Healtn
bed Thursday. Mrs. T. C. Baker sub­ ing at her home here, left Saturday purpose is to elect one director from
The Morrow County Relief Can­
have tested more than 90 per cent with Key to the Scriptures”, by
stituted as teacher in his place.
for Enterprise, where she is em­ the Irrigation District for a term of nery at Boardman closed last week
of the cattle. By October 1 a total
Miss Florence Hutton is staying ployed.
three years to succeed R. V. Jones for the season. The cannery, which
of 27,431 herds bad besn tested, of ence commands man to master the
at the home of Mrs. Florence Connor.
Mrs. Carl Hammer entertained at whose term expires January 1936. accommodated the Boardman and Ir­
propensities,--to hold hatred in
which 21,800 or more than 70 per
Mrs. Connor has been 111.
a dinner Saturday evening in honor The polls will be open from 8:00 rigon districts, proved to be a suc­
abeyance with kindness, to conquer
cent were entirely clean, while tust with chastity, revenge with
Maurice Hutton entertained a of her son, Dick’s birthday. Covers a. m. to 8:00 p. m. Eligibility for cess. The output from July 16 to Oc­
5.637 contained one or more reactors charity, and to overcome deceit
number of guests at a birthday par­ were laid for twelve.
voting at this election shall be: Ow­ tober 30 totalled 10,985 cans, which
or suspects.
ty Saturday afternoon. Guests in­
Frances Hutsell, Eleanor Stiner, nership of four or more acres of wa­ included vegetables,
with honesty. Choke these errors
cluded Billy Penney, Bobbie Rhea Marijane Hammer, Margurete Rain­ ter right land situated within the meats. The cannery has been oper­
The work in Oregon has been un­ in their early stages. If you would
and Roy Laughry.
water and Mary Wilson visited at West Irrigation District, deed to be ating in the building next to the ho­
der the direction of Dr. Sam B. Fos­ not cherish an army of conspira­
Mrs. R. J. McKay of Vancouver the Cold Springs dam Sunday after­ recorded at least six months prior tel and was in charge of Claire Cald­
ter. who has represented the bureau tors against health, happiness, and
It were better to be
was here visiting her daughter, Mrs. noon.
of animal industry In charge of TB. success .
to the elections. Holder of a con­ well of Irrigon, Mrs. Claud Coats
to every plague on earth
E. K. McCown, last week.
Mrs. Bloom of Hermiston was a tract to purchase four or more acres and A. B. Chaffee of Boardman.
eradication in Oregon since the pro­ exposed
endure the cumulative et-
Gene Calhoune and wife, brother business visitor at the Nebergal of water right land situated within
gram started in 1917. During this than to a guilty conscience. The
The Boardman high school enter­
fects of
of Mrs. Vernon Waid, are here for ranch Tuesday afternoon.
same period Dr. W. H. Lytle has abiding consciousness of wrong-
the district; contract to be recorded tained the Irrigon high school at a
the winter.
served as state veterinarian, giving doing tends to destroy the ability
Lee Bennett of Grand Junction, at least six months prior to the elec­ party Friday evening. Dancing waa
Curtis C. Rhea made a business Colo., is employed at the Christley tion. is also eligible to vote.
Oregon the distinction of having to do right” (p. 405).
enjoyed during the evening and re­
trip to Pasco Saturday.
kept the same federal and state lea­
ranch. He is a nephew of Mrs. Bax-
A bridal shower was given in hon­ freshments were served.
Evelyn Starkweather, who has ter Hutchison.
dership throughout ths entire per­
Mr. and Mrs. George Wicklander
or of Mrs. Nathan Thorpe (Margaret
been working in Portland for the
Juanita Allen, who has been visit­ Smith) at the Macomber home last and son have moved from a ranch
Sunday school at 10:00 A. M.
past six months. returned to Stan- ing In Nampa. Idaho, for some time, Friday afternoon. A large number on the east end of the project into
field for a visit with her parents, returned to her home this week.
of ladies were present and Mrs. Mrs. Eva Warnsr’s house where they
Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Starkweather,
Nina Rae McCulley of Hermiston Thorps received many lovely and will live this winter.
was an over night guest at the John useful gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Thorpe
Alvin Krom returned from Colfax
Visitors in Pendleton from Stan­ Conrad home Tuesday night. She is are making their home in Boardman. last week where he has been work­
field Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. a former resident of Columbia dis­
The Greenfield Grange team mo­ ing during seeding time.
Scott Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. trict.
Leo Disbrow is visiting his parents
tored to Ione last Tuesday evening
Lane and daughter Marie. Mrs. Ila
A fire Monday night at the W. L. to compete in the drill team con­ this week. He has been working in
Wallace, Marian Sturdivant, Mr. and Dickson home burned up their ga­ test. The Greenfield Grange team the mines in Northern Idaho.
Mrs. D. R. Starkweather and Mrs. rage and car, and nearly their house.
G. E. Greathouse.
They believe it was started by a
Mrs. A. Heyden entertained the spark left in the saw dust where Mr.
Pollyanna club at her home Wednes- Rhodes had been sawing wood with a
day afternoon.
cross-cut saw that day.
Paul Baker was reported on the
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hughes visi­
sick list last week.
ted at the L. E. Hughes home in
Lee Connor spent the week end Stanfield Sunday afternoon.
at his home in Pendleton.
Jack Williams of Pendleton visi­
Mr. Jackson. Mr. Dunn and Miss ted at the Lathrop home Sunday af­
Neva Neill spent the week end in ternoon.
in Air-Conditioned Coaches and in
La Grande where they attended the
A Hallowe en party was given by
Tourist Sleeping Cars
Homecoming celebration at the nor- the Pelletier girls at the L. Hammer
mal school.
| home. Those attending were Fran­
Effective daily November II, 1935, to May 14 1936.
Nadine Reuber entertained at her ces Rainwater of Butter Creek and
Return limit six months. Stopover privileges.
home Thursday night a group of her Magdolene and Eddie Jackman of
| friends to a Hallowe'en party. Games Hermiston, who were all night
$e 1.25
and dancing were the main diver­ guests also, and Mary Wilson. Don
2 —
sion. Refreshments of cake and jel­ Hassy, Leonard Mopps and Philip
lo salad were served. Guests inclu- Wilson.
*Pius Sleeping Car Charge
| ded Joyce Coe of Echo. Elmer Moy- | John Conrad's stock were the only
er. Bill Lindner. Wayne Lindner and bunch of cattle in Columbia district
Bonnie Lamberson of Hermiston, to be free of abortion when tested.
—in Coaches and T ourist Sleeping Cars
Merle Hutton. Tom Gibson. Bob Ref- I Mr. and Mrs. Alton Hooker have
Breakfast 25c Luncheon 30c
vem, Fred Haags. Jim McDermott, moved onto the place formerly occu-
Dinner 35c
Doria Hutton. Anna Hedrick. La pied by Mr. and Mrs. Williams and
Verne Thorsen. Claudia Gabriel. family, who have moved to Pendle-
Marian Sturdivant and Mary Rhea ton.
of Stanfield.
Mrs Carl Hammer entertained at
Because of the Illness of Frank a birthday party in honor of her son
Sloan. Mrs. F. B Stusrt entertained Dick. Saturday evening. Covers
the Bridge club at her home for Mrs. were laid for twelve.
Mr. and Mra. Hadley from Steam-
Sloan Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Clytie 3. Kern of St. Paul, i boat Springs. Colo., visited at the
to settle the Matanuska Valley, the Red Crete tent a nurse, Madeleine de F oraa,
Ina., who has been visiting her Will Barber and K. C. Hughs homes
to remain with them for a year to help protect their health. Among the first parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Stuart, Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday.
for the past two weeks, will return
The Columbia school bad a Hallo-
homo Thursday.
This Bank Will Accept Your
Contribution to the
Will Rogers Memorial Fund