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M a ja r o ff
Illu s tra tio n « bq
I v w i r . M y e rs *
M«rvyn Holt la «nrxgtd by a
man calling hlmaalf Maiaroff aa
a travallng companion.
A fter a
abort tour they put up at tba
Woodcock Inn on Marraadala
moor. They meat, casually, Mr«.
Slphinetona and Sheila Marohl-
aon. M aiaroff tells Holt they are
his wife and daughter and that
hla real name la Marchlaon. That
night Ifaaaroff faila to return to
the Inn and hla dlaappaaranca la
unexplained. Holt meeta Sheila
and telle her of Mazaroff*! disap­
pearance. They go to her cousin's
(Varner Courthope) shooting box
hoping to find some word of M i ­
n u e t.
There they meet Mr.
Armintrade and Dootor Kccle-
share. H o ld s questioned by Po­
lice 8ergeant Manners and a re­
porter, Bownas. Masaroff's mur­
dered body la found. Crole, Ma-
aaroff*s lawyar, and Maythorne,
private detective, arrive. Valu­
able diamonds that M aiaroff usu­
ally carried are missing. Mrs.
Blphlnstone scoffs at the Idea
that Masaroff le Merchlson and
produces apparent proofs of hla
death. A gun, stolen from Mus­
grave, la found at the scene of
the murder.
CHAPTER III— Continued
The scrap o f paper was a receipt for
a registered letter, dispatched from
Cape Town, and addressed to the Im ­
perial Banking Corporation o f South
Africa, 600 Lombard street, London.
Maythorne pointed to the date— Jan­
uary 17— on the postmark.
"Nine months since," he remarked.
“How long had Mazaroff been In Eng­
land when you met him at the Cecil 7"
“A few weeks,” I replied. “As fa r
as I know.”
“I know,” said Crole. “H e came to
England in July— about the end of the
“Then the letter, or packet, or what­
ever It was, to which this receipt re­
fers, was sent off from Cape Town to
the London branch o f this bank some
months before M azaroff came here,"
observed Maythorne. H e turned the
receipt over. “T here’s an Indorse­
ment on the back— letters and a fig­
ure,” he continued. “See? BL. D. 1.
W h at’s that mean, I wonder?”
H e carefully put away the receipt.
“W e'll Just keep the knowledge of
that to ourselves, fo r the present,” he
said. " I f the police come here this
afternoon, as they're pretty sure to,
a fte r that gun business, and want to
examine his effects, let ’em. But I ’ll
keep this scrap of paper co myself—
I w ant to work things up from It.”
The police came to the Woodcock a
little later. They asked a lot o f ques­
tions of Musgrave about his gun, and
of me and of Webster about our move­
ments on the night of the murder, of
Crole about the dead man's identity
and position; of me again about the
money and valuables he was likely to
have on him. And In the course of
their Investigations a fact came out of
which I, until then, had been unaware.
I t turned out that a fte r dinner on the
night of the murder, while I was
busied In w riting some private letters,
Masaroff, who was naturally a sociable
man, had strolled Into the bar-parlor
o f the Woodcock, where a highly di­
versified assemblage had gathered—
farmers, cattle dealers, drovera. Idlers,
all homeward bound from Cloughth-
w alte fair. T here he had made him­
self very agreeable, and had treated
the entire company to drinks and
cigars, which he paid for w ith a five-
pound note, taken, said the barmaid,
from a notecase that seemed to be
pretty full, and In open view o f any­
body and everybody.
This hit of news appeared to give
considerable satisfaction and even re­
lie f to the police officials, and Man­
ners, who lingered behind when his
superiors went away, found It Impos­
sible to refrain from communicating
to me his belief that they were on the
right line of pursuit.
I communicated the police sergeant's
notions to Crole and Maythorne. May­
thorne seemed to understand Man­
sers' standpoint
“Following the most probable line,”
he remarked. “A sensible one, too.
H ere’s an evidently wealthy man,
traveling In a luxurious car of his own,
puts up at a roadside Inn. goes Into a
public bar-parlor, lets It be seen that
he's lots o f money on him, and strolls
out on a lonely moor a fte r night has
fallen. W hat more likely than that
one of the men before whom he’s
Just pulled out hla purse should slip
a fte r him, murder him. and rob him?'*
“ W ith Musgrave's gun?'* I asked.
"Nothing out o f the way about that
little d eta il!” said Maythorne. “What
was easier than for the murderer to
take down tba gun from those hooka,
and slip out a fte r MaxaroffT'
“T hat would presuppose a knowl­
edge that the gun was there," re­
marked Crole.
“ Prerisely,"
“T here were no doubt local characters
about who know qalte well what was
In this room and what hnng on that
vail. I think Manners has got bold
o f a good theory— murder fo r the sake
of robbery.
But— whether It's the
right one or not— u m !"
“You doubt It?” I asked.
Me gave us a candid, confidential
“I f you really w ant to know," he re­
plied, “I neither doubt It nor agree
with IL
A t present I don’t know
where we are. I'd like to know a lot
of things y e t In particular— who was
the man that M azaroff said he wanted
to see, hereabouts? Did he see him?
I f so, when—and where? I f he hadn’t
seen him, was he on his way to see
him at the tim e o f the murder? Again
—does this man, whoever he Is, know
Mazaroff as M azaroff or as M erchl­
Was M azaroff murdered as
Masaroff, an unknown man here, or
as Merchlson, a man who had been
known here?"
“A h !” muttered Crole. “M y ques­
tion I”
Crole turned to the coroner,
“Numerous witnesses can prove that
the unfortunate gentleman Into whose
death you are Inquiring had such a
cast— a squint— In his le ft eye, sir,"
he remarked. “H e also had a birth­
m ark, In the form of a brown mole,
or blemish, on hla right forearm.
That, however. Is not an uncommon
m ark. I believe, and I don't attach
great Importance to IL
But I am
strongly convinced that fu rth e r proof
o f the Identity o f the deceased as
Andrew Merchlson w ill be found, and
I should suggest— ”
“T here need be no doubt about lt t "
exclaimed a sudden voice from the
“T he man was Andrew
Merchlson I"
I knew whose voice that was before
I looked round. Old M r. Hassendeane,
whom I had noticed when Crole and
I entered the room, had risen from
his seat, and was smiling lnform lngly
at the coroner.
“M rs Elphlnstone can’t be positive,
I may as well say th a t I am I I knew
Andrew Merchlson well enough In the
old days, when he used to come here,
and afterw ard when he was a young
man— I knew him, too, a fte r he'd m ar­
ried Miss Linton, now M r s Blphln-
stons And my memory fo r faces Is
rem arkably keen, and I recognized
him easily enough when I saw him the
other nlghL Andrew Merchlson, w ith ­
out doubt I”
“ Where did you see this man, M r.
Hassendeane?” Interrupted the cor­
“I saw him the night on which he
evidently met his death,’’ replied the
old gentleman. “I t was In Birnslde
village street, near my house.”
“And you are quite positive on this
m atter o f Identity?”
“I am absolutely positive!
man was Andrew Merchlson, whatever
The York Solicitor
The Inquest wao duly opened next
morning. Crole, as a solicitor whom
he had employed In London, and I,
as his traveling companion. Identified
the dead man as Salim Mazaroff, and
told what we knew about h im : Eccle-
share and the local doctor testified as
to the cause o f his death: the men
who had found the body at Reiver’s
den gave evidence as to the circum­
stances under which they came across
It. A t this stage an interruption came
through the entrance o f M r. and Mrs.
Rlphlnstone and Sheila, w ith whom
appeared an elderly man of profes­
sional bearing; Manners, by whom I
was sitting, whispered to me that this
was M r. Wetherby, Mrs. Elphlnstone’s
Wetherby lost no tim e In letting
the authorities know why he and his
party were there.
H e said, addressing the coroner, “I
wish to make an application to you
on behalf of my client, Mrs. Elphln-
stone, of M arrasdale tower. T o sup­
port It, I shall have— very briefly— to
refer to some past history.
Elphlnstone, as Miss Jean Linton, was
married, some twenty-three o r four
years ago, to a M r. Andrew Merchlson,
who form erly had some connection
w ith this neighborhood. The m arriage
was not a success, and to put matters
plainly, Merchlson, w ithin a compar­
atively short time and a fte r making
due provision for his wife, deserted
her, and, It was believed, went off to
the East. Eight months a fte r he had
gone, Mrs. Merchlson had a daughter
— the young lady whom you now see
here. Miss Sheila Merchlson. M erchl­
son was never heard of again until
some years later, when Mrs. M erchl­
son received news that he had been
drowned off Mombasa, on the East
African coast, while on a voyage from
Bombay to Durban. From that time
forward Mrs. Merchlson believed her­
self a widow, and In due course she
married again, and became Mrs.
Elphlnstone. Now I come to the cause
and reason of my application. Yester­
day, Mrs. Elphlnstone was visited by
two gentlemen now present, who have,
I understand, Just given evidence—
Mr. .Holt and M r. Crole. On the invi­
tation of M r. Crole, M r. H o lt In­
formed Mrs. Elphlnstone that on the
second evening a fte r he and M r. Masa­
roff arrived here at the Woodcock,
Mr. M azaroff told him that though he
had a perfect right to the name he
was now known by, having legally
adopted It some years ago, he was In
reality the Andrew Merchlson who
had married Miss Jean Linton, and
had left her. I need hardly say, sir,
that this Is a very serious matter for
my client, and I think It w ill be well
for all parties If Mrs. Elphlnstone Is
allowed to view the body of tills dead
man. In order that she may see I f she
can recognise It as that o f Andrew
“T h a t seems, obviously, the very
thing to do," agreed the coroner.
“ Perhaps
client. Mr. Wetherby?”
There was considerable hushed ex­
citement In that room during the ab­
sence o f Mrs. Elphlnstone and her
Some of the older folk
amongst the spectators whispered—
the name Merchlson had evidently
roused sleeping memorise.
When Mrs. Elphlnstone, followed by
Wetherby, reappeared, at the coroner's
suggestion, she went Into the wltnees
box and gave evidence. It compressed
Identify the dead man as Andrew
Merchlson. Had the features remained
unmolested, she said calmly, she might
have done so, but as things were— Im­
possible I
Crole, In hla professional capacity,
rose to ask Mrs. Elphlnstone a ques­
“ M rs Elphlnstons” he said, “bad
Andrew Merchlson a cast In hla left
“Certainly, he had,’ she replied
“A decided onel"
W eatherby Lost No T im e In Letting
the Authorities Know W hy He and
His P arty W ere There.
he may have called himself of recent
The coroner glanced at the solicitors
gathered about the table a t the head
of .which he saL
“I thin k we had better adjourn for
a fortn igh t r* he said. “During that
tim e— "
Just then a policeman opened the
door o f the room, ushering In a young,
spectacled man. T he coroner paused
and glanced inquiringly a t him.
The newcomer pulled out a card-
case and, advancing to the head of the
table, whispered a few words In the
coroner's ear. I saw a look o f some­
thing between surprise and perplexity
cross the coroner's face.
“W e seem to be dealing w ith a
strangely mysterious matter, quite
apart from the death," he remarked.
“This gentleman”— he glanced at the
card— “M r.
solicitor, from York— tells me that
he saw accounts of this case in the
papers yesterday, and bas hurried here
to give some Inform ation. I suppose
we’d better have It now?”
M r. Postlethwaite form ally described
himself as a solicitor. H e produced a
diary, and exhibited an entry which
recorded a call from M r. Salim Maza­
“M r. Mazaroff," he continued, “who
was a total stranger to me, Intro-
duced himself as staying In York fo r
a few days a t the North Eastern hotel.
H e then Informed me that he was a
very wealthy man; that he had made
his money In various trading concerns
In the East, and lately In extensive
diamond dealings In South A fric a ;
th a t he had now retired from all this,
had realized his various properties,
A - M A R Y -G R A H A M -B O N N E R
and lodged all the proceeds In cash at
his London bank, the Im perial Bank­
ing Corporation of South Africa, pend­
ing Investment In this country. Then
In a rather Jocular fashion he re­
David was wandering along with
marked that up to then, aa he had no the Yangtze River, over In China.
children, and no relations, he had
“I must tell you
never made a w ill, but he now desired
about the Grand
te do so. H e produced a sheet of
Canal,” said Yang­
paper on which he had w ritten out his
tze. “I t was built
wishes, handed It to me, and asked
as a trade route
I f I could put It Into shipshape form.
from me to the val­
I told him I would have the w ill pre­
ley of Peiping. It
pared fo r him, and he was to call and
goes rig ht across
execute it a t any tim e a fte r three
the plain, passing
o’clock that afternoon. H e returned
many cities and
to my office at h alf past three, when
towns along the
the w ill was ready fo r his signature.
way. There are so
H e duly appended th a t and carried
many walled cities,
the w ill off with him. I t was not until
too, and there are
some days la te r that I found that I
canals and locks
had omitted to give him his own
and d ik e s ”
original draft, which I found lying
I t was all so
amongst some papers on my desk. I
b e a u tifu lly
a r­
w ent round to the North Eastern
ranged. and David
hotel with it, myself, but learned then
did not wonder this
th a t M r. Mazaroff and his friend M r.
was an old, old
H o lt had left for Durham and the
land, for It ap­
north, leaving no addresa I therefore
p e a r e d so v e ry
locked up the draft. Yesterday I read
wise and yet so
In the newspapers the various ac­ quiet about its wisdom.
counts o f what had happened here,
As they wandered more and more
and as I particularly noticed that M r. green and purple and yellow and
M azaroff had been robbed of his pa­ black bamboo trees were to be seen
pers as well as his money and valu­ growing so ta ll and yet always so
ables, I thought It my duty to come graceful. And now, as It was getting
here at once and tell what I knew.”
darker, the lanterns along the way
“Much obliged to you, I ’m sure, M r. were being lighted, candles were flick­
said. ering and the flowered pagodas, the
“Now, according to you the deceased swinging lanterns, the orchards of
man carried off this w ill In his pocket mulberry trees, the low voices o f tbs
I t appears from the evidence that people, the funny old w ater buffaloes
everything he had on him— money, and the quiet friendliness o f Yangtss
valuables, papers— was stolen, moot made David feel as though be were
likely by the murderer or murderers: In a magic land.
presumably the w ill has gone w ith the
L ate r on he le ft Yangtze and took
However, It ’s something to
a trip down along the Yellow sea
know that such a document was In
passing Shanghai and Foochow, com­
existence. You say he told you he was ing finally to Canton where he spent
a w ealthy man. Did he say how
the night. And the fragrance of ths
flower pagodas and the music oi
“Yes. H e told me he was worth strange reed Instruments lulled him
about eight hundred thousand pounds.” to sleep much more quickly than he
The coroner leaned back In his wished.
chair, put the tips o f his fingers to­
D avid thought he might like to visit
gether, and looked round the court. Siam where he had been told he could
Then he turned again to the witness. see pale elephants, as well as children
“I thin k we’ll trouble you to rend who were famous fo r th eir swimming
th a t draft, M r. Postlethwaite," he powers, or he thought he m ight like
said, quietly.
to see the M alay peninsula, so slim
Postlethwaite read— amidst a dead and proud of Its figure. But he knew
he couldn't see all the countries on
“T his is the last w ill of me, Salim thia trip and he had always thought
Masaroff, of the Hotel Cecil, London, he might like to see India some day
In the county of Middlesex and of
W ind came for him and gave him
M l p artin g s tre e t Cape Town, South breakfast and then carried him to talk
Afrloa. I devise and bequeath all my to the river Ganges.
estate and effects, real and personal,
David certainly fe lt fa m ilia r with
which I may die possessed o f or en­ rivers by this tim e and he greeted
title d to unto M ervyn H o lt of 569a Ganges most cordially.
Jermyn street, London, absolutely,
“You may find It a bit warm ,” Gan­
and I hereby appoint the said Mervyn ges told him. “as we have a good deal
H o lt sole executor o f this my w ill and of hot weather, and then we have
I revoke all form er wills and codicils." heavy rains, too. There used to be a
T ills was all. But I was suddenly bad tim e in the olden days when the
conscious th a t a ll eyes had turned w ater would go rushing down to the
from the witness to me.
sea but dams were built and now the
The first thing that I was accurate­ country Is well Irrigated— o f course I
ly conscious of a fte r the crushing can use such big words to you now
shock of the York solicitor's announce­ that you're so fam ilia r w ith rivers.”
ment was Crole's voice, close to my
D avid nodded.
“ Now. the Brahm aputra and I Join
"Keep quiet, H o lt !” he was whisper­ forces to make a fine delta a t the
ing Intently. "Keep quiet— calm I"
head of the Bay o f Bengal. Such a
I don't think I did more than bear fine delta as it Is— so fine In fact that
him— I was watching the coroner, that was why they built Calcutta here,
feeling, now, that he. somehow, crys- and Calcutta Is a busy, important
talized In himself all that the various city. T he big ships come in here from
people In that room were thinking and the sea and meet the smaller boats
th a t come down
The coroner looked around— at no­ our rivers. I f you
body In particular.
wander along you'll
“I understand that the w ill has not see temples and in­
been found," he said. “The theory Is te r e s tin g
that It was stolen by the supposed and you’ll see bow
murderer, w ith other o f the deceased's we love tea and
papers. Nobody kuows anything about spices and sugar
cane and cotton.
IL eh?”
Wetherby was suddenly on hla legs,
“You can have a
with a sidelong glance at me.
ride on an ele­
“As M r. H o lL the beneficiary, is phant. too, but I
present, sir,” he said, “I should like to mustn't keep you
ask him
he knows anything long as you’ve an
invitation to go to
about It?"
" I know n othin g . about It ! " I ex­ the Home o f the
claimed. “I never heard of I t !”
“You'll find it
Wetherby gave me another lo o k ;
there was something cynical In It chilly so you'd bet­
t e r n o t g e t to o
which I strongly resented.
used to the warmtb
He Greeted
“I f you see any
more o f my riv e r relatives you might
tell them that Ganges sent his re­
spect a "
So David le ft Ganges then and was
fragments— white mnrhle and calm
glad that he bad had a little glimpse
stone— “believed to be portions of the
o f Ind ie and Its temples and had had
magnificent monument of King Robert
a short ride on one o f the elephants
the Brace a t Dunferm line destroyed
through a thick, unbelleveably thick.
by the Lords of the Congregation.”
The relics are preserved in an oak
glass-fronted cabinet placed alongside
of the abbey pulpit erected Immedi­
L ittle five-year-old James liked to
ately above the vault o f the Bruce.—
help hla mother feed the chickens and
London M all.
hla mother often playfully called him
a "young rooster." One day he over­
French Enjoy Fishing
No fewer than 10.00(1 fishermen took heard hla mother and another lady
part la a competition and congress talking about people o f different coun­
which was held a t Vichy, writes the tries. When the caller had gone home
Paris correspondent e f the I-nndon he asked his mother, "W hat does It
Sunday Observer. The number la not mean to he English or French or
only sufficient to show what a placid Scotch?"
“W ell,” said bis mother, “people are
person the Frenchman really le—a t
least when he reaches a certain age— named a fte r the country they come
but also that he has a natural p ee from. English people come from Eng­
slon for sport. I do not mean sport land. French people from France, and
as he understands the word, for he so on.”
“And what am I?” asked James.
does not really cere about games, bet
“Your daddy's people are Irish and
sport In the sense o f shooting and fish­
ing. Game shooting Is fa r more a pur­ I am Scotch, so that makes you
suit of the whole people e f France 8cotcb-Irisb," replied hla mother.
" H u h !” said James In a disgusted
than la England, and there la hardly
a mlddleaged Frenchman who la sot tone. ”1 thought I was a Plymouth
a fisherman.
Scottish Abbey Holds Relics of Robert Bruce
Subject to the fulfillm ent of certain
conditions, the trustees of Professor
Noel Paton handed over the follow­
ing articles to the klrk-sesslon o f Dun­
fermline abbey: 1. A portion of the
skeleton of King Robert the Bruce,
namely, the metatarsal or bone of the
greet toe. S. A email portion of the
outer leaden ahrond of King Robert
the Bruce. 8. A smell portion of the
toile d’or In which the body of King
Robert the Bruce was wrapped.
The remains of one of the Iron nails
which were found among the remains
of the coffin In which the body reposed.
5. T he remains of one o f the six
Iron rings, or rather handles, which
had been filled In w ith lead Into the
largest of two stones protecting the
vault o f the Bruce when first discov­
ered on February 17. 1S18. 6. Twelve
Ratehew Colora
In the rainbow In the Inner or pri­
mary bow the colon of the spectrum
are arranged la their order, red on
the outside and violet on the Inside.
In the outer or secondary bow the
colors ere In the reverse order.
Thursday, May 15, 1930
Dadchj s
Fainj T’alo
If J*
A cry In the night may be the
first warning that Baby has colic.
N o cause fo r alarm i f Castoria is
handy I Thia pure vegetable prep-
aration brings quick comfort,* and
can never do the slightest harm.
'Always keep a bottle in the house.
I t is the safe and sensible thing
when children are ailing. W hether
it’s the stomach, or the little
bowels; colic or constipation; or
diarrhea. W hen tiny tongues are
coated, o r the breath is bad.
Whenever there’s need of gentle
Children love the
Fills Intermission
taste o f
Castoria, and its mildness
makes it suitable fo r the tiniest
infant, and for frequent use.
And. a more liberal dose of
Castoria is always better for
growing children than some need­
lessly strong medicine meant only
fo r adult use. Genuine Castoria
always has Chas. H . Fletcher’s
signature' on the wrapper. Pre­
scribed by doctors 1
An Intermezzo Is a song or chorus
or a short burlesque, b a lle t operetta
o r the lik e given between the acts
o f a play o r opera.
Feet o f Ciny
W e consecrate a great deal o f
nsense because It was allowed by
great men. There Is none without his
folbl e.— Emerson.
AU must be earnest In a world
lik e ours.— H o ratlu s Bonar.
T h e wise too Jealous a re ; fools
too secure.— Congreve.
Old bachelors are women’s rights
and widowers are women’s lefts!
T h e world's an inn and death the
Journey end.— Dryden.
when system is sluggish;
costs nothing to try
W hen your bowels need help, the mildest thing
that w ill do the work is always the sensible choice.
Take a laxative that a family doctor has used for all
sorts of cases of constipation. D r. Caldwell’s
Syrup Pepsin is so pleasant to the taste, so
gentle in its action, it is given children of tender
age and yet it is just as thorough and effective as
stronger preparations. Pure senna, and harmless
laxative herbs; ingredients that soon start a gentle
muscular action. Avoid a coated tongue, bad breath,
bilious headaches, etc. Every drug store has D r.
Caldwell’s famous prescription in big bottles. Or
just write Dr. Caldwell’s Syrup Pepsxn, Monticello,
IU., for a free trial bottle.
Trees Given Odd Shape
by Wandering Indians
In ancient days when wandering
tribes o f Indians made th e ir w ay
from Indiana north to the bunting
grounds o f M ichigan I t was th e ir
hablL when form ing new trails, to
bend and tie the tw igs along the line
o f march In such a manner th a t aa
they grew they retained the shape In­
to which they wece trained by the
savages T here are many of these
tra il markers In western M ichigan
m arking the tra ils of the Pottaw a-
tomles and other tribes th a t m i­
grated back and fo rth before the day
o f the w hite man. T hey still live and
a re m ighty oaks and maples. Despite
th e ir crook there Is usually a good
aawlog In the straigh t p art above the
bend. B u t they are treasured as his­
toric monuments, reminders o f the
tra il blazers who did not have axes
or did not care to m utilate the tree
by cutting.
M other o i Five Healthy
Children Speak«
Everett, W a s h .—
"T here i t nothing to
h e l p f u l in mother­
hood a t D r. Pierce’s
F a v o r i t e Prescrip­
tion. Iam tb em o th er
o f five a t fine, healthy
children a t any one
could wish f o r and I
give thia medicine
great credit, fo r I took
it each tim e and it
kept me in such good
physical condition that I was always able
Io do m y own w o rk right up to the last
—never lost m y strength at any tim e. I
would not think o f going th ru expectancy
without taking this to n ic ”— M rs. C . E .
Arm strong, 2811 V ic to r Place.
Fluid o r tablets. A ll dealers.
Send 10c to D r . Pierce’« Invalids H o ­
tel in Buffalo, N . Y „ i f you want a tria l
package o f Prescription Tablets.
i n i <>\
S l ’ l
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I f K I S
The Funny M ortal
Funny m ortal ! H e lives In a town
where it is commercial suicide to of­
fend the Local Big Guy, and yet feels
superior to the free man on the farm .
—Loe Angeles Times.
Wisdom la only found In truth.—
Moat secrets are greatly
fied In importance.
W . N. U , Portland. No. 2 O -ÍM 0 .
C utieura