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    The Herald Keeps Close
to the Heart
f A® Umatilla Project.
Site iiermtatnn Beralb
NO. 8
J. L. Lytel. superintendent of the
Yakima project, has been appointed
by the commissioner of reclamation
to act as superintendent of the crop
census of the Umatilla project" for PRAISE GIVEN MEMBERS FOR
1927. He will be here some time soon
to check up on the crop reports and
Hermiston District Dairy Men To
probably will interview farmers on County Agent Point» Out Results
Exhibits And Educational Booths
crop conditions.
Be Given Chance To Join
Secured This Year In Talk
Work on collecting the crop cen­
Interest Many; Board Is
sus reports has been going on here
To Local Men
Well Pleased
for some time by the ditchrldtrs In
Whether dairy men of this district
the different districts for the local
Deep satisfaction over the effort
The biggest gate receipts, the larg­
will be represented in a county wide
put forth and the results secured
est crowds, heavy exhibits in nearly
cow testing association, and if no to
this year by members of boys’ and
every department and a lively appre­
what extent, will be determined
girls’ clubs In the Hermiston dis­
ciation of the products of project
within the next week or two, accord-
trict, particularly In relation to the
farms on the part of visitors marked
ins to information given out Tues­
showing mode at the Hermiston
15th annual Hermiston Dairy &
day by County Agent Holt while in
Dairy & Hog show, was expressed
Hog show, held here Friday and Sat­
Tuesday by W. A. Holt, county ag­
A new plan of operation which
ent, in a brief talk before the com­
Educational exhibits vied with
will include herds from all over the
mercial club.
sleek livestock for the Interest of the
coiftty Is the basis of tile effort that
In the sheep club Floyd McMullen
crowds. The post mortem examina­
is being made to put a measuring
was heaviest prize winner here and
tions on poultry, conducted by Dr.
Judge Benjam in Cardoza of the
stick on the performance of cows, the
at Salem, his winnings aggregrating
H e rb e rt W h ite , w ith the title of Johnson of O. A. C., attracted lively
county agent explained.
$12. The purebred Hampshire ewe
interest on the part of chicken and
For a herd that will require a been named by President Coolidge to Visitors Threaten Via Air Route and lamb cost each club member $30 field supervisor, is the right hand
man of Prohibftion Commissioner turkey growers, and many of those
full day’s time of the official tester represent the U nited States as a
last spring. Floyd’s lamb now has a Jams« Doran.
who attended his clinicg came a long
In Final Period But Locals
once each month, the fee will be five mem ber of the International Court
conservative value of $15, and this,
dollars per month, or $60 per year. of A rb itra tio n at T h e Hague.
'W in, 14 To 0
coupled with his winnings, makes his
Exhibits by club member«, both in
Two owner, of smaller herds, if the
ewe practically profit for the year’s
boys’ and girls’ club entries, receiv­
combined herds do not include more
Before one of the biggest crowds work, Mr. Holt said. Floyd also has
ed praise for their excellence. The
than 40 head, may combine their CECIL KELLEY INJURED
on record Hermiston defeated the a chance to add to his prize money at
poultry division had by far the larg­
herds and count it as one for a fee
BY PREMATURE EXPLOSION Heppner football team 14 to 0 last the Pacific at- Portland.
est number of exhibits ever shown,
of $33 each per year. Payments will
In the calf club Gerald Haddox has
Saturday at the Dairy & Hog show.
and the rabbit division, added for the
be made, one fourth when the test­
Cecil Kelley, employed in highway The weather was ideal, and both piled up the most imposing showing.
first time this year, had a big entry
ing starts, and once each quarter work near Union, was the victim of teams tore lose with ail the fight With a calf that cost him about $55
list and was inspected by many.
thereafter. The maximum size of herd painful injuries last Friday when a they had.
delivered he ha won to date prize
Saturday afternoon the crowd en­
allowed will be 40 head.
fellow workman set off the wrong
Although the locals were weaken­ money amounting to $21. Mr. Holt
joyed a close football game between
The plan Is beiing successfully fol­ fuse in a powder blast, and the ex­ ed by the loss of Smith at end and said that the animal has inbreased
Hermiston and Heppner which ended
lowed in Baker county and In a com­ plosion occurred unexpectedly. He McKenzie in the backfield, they dis­ in value at least $25. so the original
with the home boys on the long end
bination association in Union and was only 15 feet from the blast and played good football. Smith went out investment ha«, practically been Products Of One Farm Department of a 14 to 0 score.
Wallowa counties, Mr. Holt said. If had time only to turn his back. He of the game last week on account of made. Gerald’s calf will also be
"We are very well pleased over the
Holds Much Interest For
Umatilla dairy men do not evince was struck by fragments of gravel
bad knee, and Coach Wa’enta filled taken to Portland to try for the
results of th show,” L. C. Dyer, pres­
interest in the proposal 400 head of and rock,inflicting wounds from his the vacancy by using McKenzie who money in the big show.
ident of the board of directors, said.
Dairy Show Crowd
cows already signed up in an adjoin­ head to his feet, except where his has been playing half this season.
The co-operation by parents gen­
"Wf failed to do some of the things
ing county will be secured.
heavy leather coat protected him. Felt house got hig baptism under fire erally has been splendid, the county
Some idea of the versatility of that we should have done, and we
The association work Includes test He was taken to Hot lake for medi­ at the half position in Saturday’s agent told the commercial club mem­ land In this district was made evi­ made some mistakes. We regret that
for butterfat content, weight of cal attention and later came here to contest.
bers, and this factor has played a dent In the farm products division we had no band the last day, but
milk, feed consumed, and the value be with his mother, Mrs. F. L. Kel­
Hermiston kept the ball In Hepp­ big part in the showing made. He of the Hermiston Dairy & Hog show we were not notified until 9 o’clock
of<both fat and feed so the perfornl- ley.
ner’s territory most of the time un­ stressed the imperative need for a last Friday and Saturday in the pro­ Saturday morning that the Wasco
ance of the cow can be accurately
Mrs. Cecil Kelley is also here, and til the last quarter when Heppner continuance of this co-operation.
ducts of one farm class.
band could not come, so there was
is the second member of the family opened up an aerial attack which the
Following is list of prizes won by
Four entries were made for the no chance to make a substitution.”
on the casualty list. The day before locals failed to check U'tIT the ball livestock club- at the show here last prizes, three from irrigated fauna and
County Agent Avery of Union
her husband’s accident she was in­ had been advanced to their own 20 week:
one from foothill land southeast of county judged the cattle. Farm pro­
G. H, Jenkins, assistant county ag­ jured on the face and hand by the yard line. This was the only time the
Sheep club— Floyd McMullen, 1st; Pilot Rock. Baxter Hutchison’g dis­ ducts were judged by C. W. Smith,
ent, has already started interview­ explosion of a gasoline stove at visitors really threatened to score.
Donald DeMoss, 2nd; Dick Martin, play emerged with first prize, but county agent of Morrow county. In
ing dairy men in this district, and their home in La Grande.
Hermiston’g first counter came in 3rd; Donald Jackson, 4th; Enos Mar­ the competition was strenuous, and the womens’ department, Mrs. C. H.
C. W. Smith, county agent of Mor­
the first of the second quarter. The tin Jr., 5th.
C, W. Smith, county agent of Mor­ Marsh and Mrs. F. E. Alien of Pen­
row county, is co-operating in the TURKEY GROWERS WILL MEET locals had punted to the visitors’ 10
Calf club— Walther Ott, 2nd, Jer­ row county who acted as judge, had dleton did the Judging. In the glrla’
4 - 4 - 4 > - 4 - 4 - 4 - 4 - 4 - 4 . 4 yard line, and Heppner’s return boot sey; Clement Stockard, 1st, Holstein; a job on his handg in making the club division Mrs. Henry Sommerer
Irrigon and Boardman districts.
It is planned to have the associa­
HERE NEXT WEDNESDAY FOR wag a weak offering. Newell carried Lawrence Starr, 1st, Jersey; Gerald awards.
and Mrs. C. Dyer made the ( wards.
tion In operation not later than De­
the ball across for a touchdown after Haddox, 1st, Holstein; Lee Haddox,
The three other entries were made
Some of the winners were ag fol­
cember 1. COUNTY BOYS
ORGANIZATION i * pass to Davis and a few line plays 2nd, Holstein; Floyd McMullen, 3rd, by the S. L. Carsons of Hermiston, lows;
had put the oval on Heppner’s five Holstein.
A. P. Ellenberger, Pilot Rock, and
Turkey growers of the western yard line. He also carried the ball
Pig club— Oscar Mikesell, 1st, on Fred Reicks, Irrigon.
Jersey Cattle
Locai Boys To Have Chance To part of Umatlla county and the east­ aoross for the extra point.
breeding pen of four; Lowell Stock-
Some idea of the versatile quali­
Bulls, 3 years and over— E. O.
ern pnrt of Morrow county will hold
Show Wares In Collegiate
The next counter came in the last ard, 1st, market pen of four; Huber- ty of the project's soil and climate
a meeting in Hermiston next Wed­ quarter after the locals pushed the man of Holdman, 1st, sow pig for when coupled with Industry Is shown State Hospital, fir»t; L. C. Todd,
Game At Pendleton
second; F. Gul wits, third.
nesday evening, October 19, for the bail straight down the field on end breeding.
by the list of crops and farm pro­
Bulls, 1 year and under 2 years—
When the University of Oregon purpose of completing the organiza­ runs and line smashes from their 40
ducts displayed in the booth that
L. C. Todd, first; H. Ott, second;
and Washington State college fresh­ tion launched here a couple of weeks yard line.
won first prize as follows;
Dad Winslow, third.
men football teams line up October ago when the local growers decided
Whilg the locals stood up well on
Dry baby Lima beans, two varie­
Bull under 1 year-—E. O. State
21 on the Round-up gridiron in Pen­ to affiliate with the Idaho Turkey the defense their offensive work was
ties of potatoes, three varieties of
Hospital, first; L. C. Dyer, second.
dleton for their first clash in sever­ Growers’ co-operative for marketing ragged at time. Bob Woodward is
Coach Walenta's aggregation of
Junior Champion bull—E. O. State
al years several Umatilla county boys purposes.
back this week, and Coach Walenta
of corn, two varieties of radishes, tur­
will be seen In the Oregon lineup.
Mrs. C. G. Brink, serretary and is pounding hard in an effort to have football players will have the hard­ nips,- two varieties of-lettuce, Swiss Hospital.
Senior Champion bull—E. O. State
The Oregon freshmen are expected manager of the Idaho body, will be his offense at a peak for the strong est battle of the season to date Fri­ chard, eggplant, cantaloupes, water­
day afternoon, October 14, when they
to become the power of future var­ here for the second meeting. In ad­ McLoughlin high aggregation.
meet the McLoughlin high school on melons, three varieties of squash,
Grand Champion bull— E. O. State
sity eleven^ in thg next three years, dition to the organization work, a
The lineup Saturday was: Griggs, the local grounds tomorrow. At carrots, parsnips, four varieties of
and this year’s team is said to pos­ talk will be given, either by Mrs. center; Earnheart and D. Ftsrsons,
Cow 4 years or over—E. O. State
sess untold power in both the line Brink or some other member of the guards; Davis and Robinson, taclcs; least that that is the way local fol­ per», Rhode Island Red eggs, home
and backfield.
association, on finishing, grading. McKenzie and G. Parsons, ends; lowers of the game have things dop­ made butter, cream dressed chicken, Hospital, first; L. C. Todd, second;
Prominent among the Umatilla dressing and similar phases of the • Felthouse and Hammond, halves; ed, due to the weight which the east three varieties of tomatoes, banana A. W. Agnew, third; Loren Jqckson,
county boyB playing with the Ore­ business as evolved by the associaN ew ell, fullback; and Kennings, end team will have in the line.
Four men in the visiting line have musk melon, two varieties of beets,
Cow 3 year, and under 4 years—■
gon yearlings is Harold Johnson, for­ tion during the years it has been in j quarter. Upham ana Ott went aB re-
an aggregate weight- of an even 800 peanuts, vining peach, alfalfa, two Loren Jackson.
mer McLoughlin high school full­ operation.
lief players in the second half. Fet-
varieties of clover, bluegrass, Sudan
Cow under 3 years— L. C. Todd.
back who is making a strong bid for
The signup of members hag been zer of Umatilla, referee; Todd, um pounds. Against this array of beef grass, asparagus, Virginia creeper,
Helfer 18 months and over—A.
a first string place. Tuck Hodgen of going ahead gradually, and a mini­ plre.
lighter, but the locals are expected garden huckleberries, sweet potatoes, W. Agnew.
Athena is another stellar first year mum of three carloadg hag now been
to be in excellent condition and to
Helfer 1 year and under 18 months
candidate. Francis Sullivan, William signed.
honey dew melon, variety of canned
Local Girl Pledged
f Whitman College— Miss Isabelle make up for a part of their lack of fruit, vegetables, mincement, dfled —L. C. Todd, first; L. E. Sullivan,
Laing, Elbert Beltz, Elmer Pahl and
weight by greater speexi.
second; W. Ott, third.
Thomas Johns are also bidding for
Farm Bureau To Meet
Dodd of Hermiston, a freshman in
McLoughlin beat Touchet 12 to 0. corn, ground cherries and flowers.
Heifer under 1 year—L. E. Sul­
places on the eleven.
The regular monthly meeting of Whitman college, wag pledged to
Quits a little ingenuity was exer­
Dayton, 26 to 6. The game will
livan, first; L. C. Dyer, second.
the Umatilla Project Farm Bureau Delta Gamma, national sorority, in ' and
be'"caHed at’ 3 o’rioc’k
cized In decorating the booth. The
Champion cow—E. O. State Hos­
Tom Haddox is suffering from an will be held at Columbia school the recent woman's pledging.
_____ _____
word "October” was spelled by the
infection in his hand which started house Friday night, October 21.
Mrs. J. M. Biggs left Tuesday for use of red cherry tomatoes against
Champion heifer—L. C. Todd.
from the scratch of a chicken's claw A good program is being prepared
Dr. F. V. Prime is in Portland Portland where she will visit her
a short time ago.
for the evening.
this week.
I mother and other relatives.
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