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Scenes in the Flooded Mississippi Valley
* FARM »
After Mrs. Toofus had kissed her
husband effusively, she promptly
asked for five dollars, which be as
promptly refused.
“Pig! I lavish those affections upon
you. I kiss you. and yet you refuse
me those five dollars.”
“Here are those live dollars.” re­
sponded the Port Mink philosopher
and guide. "Now I can't afford any
more kisses Just at present.”
Above, a street In Hickman, Ky.. where the water from the Mississippi river was eight feet deep. Below, a
group of refugees, women and children, encamped on the higher ground, safe from the floods, but without shelter.
* Mass Meeting in Favor of Sacco and Vanzetti
Wide— Here I’ve been pressing
clothes all day I I'm weary of Iron­
Hubby—Sort of Ironing bored 1
Now Play» a Harp
A t six ty m iles
D rove T om m ie Sharp;
TJiere cam e a tra in —
He p lays a harp.
Undertook Mr. Jones
Jim and Andy were discussing the
death of a friend.
Jim said—Andy, who gwlne to bury
Mr. Jones?
Andy replied—I don’t know who
gwlne bury him, but Mr. Smith under
took him.
(Mr. Smith was the undertaker).-
The Outlook.
Another Broken Heart
Motorist—I’m sorry I ran over your
hen. Would a dollar make It right?
Farmer—Waal, better make It two.
I have a rooster that was mighty fond
Enormous throng In Union square, New York, signifying with upraised hands their approval of- resolutions against of that hen, and the shock might kill
the death sentence which was pronounced In Massachusetts against Sacco and Vanzetti, the radicals who were convicted him, too.
Of murder.
Swimming in It
They Are Last of the Mashpee Tribe
Parson—Did poverty drive you to
your criminal ways?
Prisoner—Not at all. I was simply
coining money.—Sydney Bulletin.
Throw That One Out
Bill— Every time 1 look at you I
bave thoughts of revenge.
Mae—Oh, why?
BUI—Revenge Is sweet, you know.
An Ideal henhouse Is one that makes
all the rest of the year as mnch like
spring as possible. It Is pointed ont In
a circular, “Housing Farm Poultry,”
which the college of agriculture. Uni­
versity of Illinois, has published for
Interested flock owners and farmers.
Climatic conditions during the
spring months are, of course, favor­
able to egg production, and It Is from
a study of them that much of the
working basis for practical poultry-
house construction Is obtained, the
circular explains. Any type of con­
struction that will prevent excessive
heat In summer and avoid extreme
cold in winter will be favorable to egg
production, the publication adds.
Every detail of construction, except
such things as cost, convenience and
appearance, should be considered from
the standpoint of its, possible effect
on the health, comfort and egg pro­
duction of the flock, the circular con­
tinues. All this means that there is
no one best house for all conditions.
Most of the essential requirements
can be provided In more than one
way, so that there Is an opportunity
for the flock owner to exercise his
personal preference and choice In va­
rious respects without seriously affect­
ing the practicability of the house.
In so far as location Is concerned,
the major factors to be considered
are good soil and air drainage, south­
ern exposure, protection from pre­
vailing winds In winter and conven­
ience In the matter of dally care and
management. The last point may be
sacrificed under some conditions If by
so doing the factors which are essen­
tial to the comfort and health of the
flock can be more fully secured.
Sanitation cannot be too strongly
stressed, the authors of the circular
point out. In this connection It is de­
sirable to arrange the poultry house
In such a way that the surrounding
land may be cultivated and cropped.
A double yarding system can then he
provided, without excessive expense,
so that half the range may be In crops
every year. This practice will cut
down losses from parasites and dis­
Taking up the question of the size
of the house, the clrculnr points out
that crowding hens too closely, espe­
cially during the winter months,
when they must be kept Indoors a
large part of the time, seldom pays.
A safe rule to follow In building a
poultry house Is to allow four square
feet of floor space to each hen, al­
though when 250 hens or more run to­
gether In one flock, less floor space
can be allowed for each hen.
One of the problems that must be
faced constantly In the management
of poultry Is that of keeping the house
dry. Hens have no sweat glands and
Blnce little moisture Is excreted In the
droppings the only way the hen can
get rid of any considerable amount of
moisture Is through the lungs. A great
deal of moisture is thus glveD off Into
the air of the poultry house. The re­
sult Is a tendency for the litter to be-
«ome damp quickly. It Is essential,
therefore, that the floor of the house
be built In such a way that no addi­
tional floor moisture can accumulate
through absorption from the ground
Start Chicks Right by
Feeding Them Properly
Princesses Mlnowanln and Maunanata and Mantasikaun, medicine mun, are
! the last survivors o f the Mashpee tribe o f Indians. They are seen above as
they took part In ceremonies at Indian Bock, near Middleboro, Mass.
Tempest Brewing
Mr. Stinger—Jane, 1 am going to
take that car out In the yard and flx
It, or bust IL
Mrs. 8tlnger—Why, John, Jnst think
of the neighbors—and yon baptized
only last 8unday morning.
Here Is the famous W hite Russian
, armored train that Is attached to the
Northern army in China. The gun Is
In the kettle-Uke shelter with Its crew.
' »HA
i l l
Breathing Room for Hens
"You’re flred I” stormed the hard-
boiled boss.
"Fired? How you talk I" sneered
the stenog. "I supposed they sold
slaves."—American Legion Monthly.
It is estimated that 75 per cent of
the people who keep poultry crowd
too many birds Into their poultry
bouses. Egg production Is thus disre­
garded and proper development of
younger birds Is prevented. Wher­
ever any disease breaks out In the
flock, overcrowding helps spread the
disease more rapidly. Cull the birds
so that tbe flock will (It the bouse.
If you don’t do It. nature may when
the house Is crowded—and you can't
sell tbe dead birds.
Dry Mash for Hens
Paging Mr. Lincoln
< . " 'i
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Rod—I suppose you consider It
Have the dry mash before the poul­
quite a triumph to make a fool of
try flock all the time. Feed the
scratch or hard grain In a litter morn­
Jane— Why no. A triumph means
ing and night, giving Just what they
something accomplished that was
will clean up. Feed the greens at
very difficult.
noon. If you have time, and it will
Baron Tanaka, bead of the Belyuka:
pay you well. It Is well to feed once
party, has been appointed premier o|
Pointed and Headed
a day a good, moist or fermented
Japan to succeed Wakasuki, wbo re­
“I can’t And a single pin! Where mash, but never feed all they want
signed. Baron Tanaka, wbo has beer do they all go to, anyway?"
of It; give Just what they will clean
minister o f war In three cabinets, was
"It's hard to tell. Iiecause they*i*
born In 1868. the son o f a humble pointed In one direction and they're up In 15 minutes. If they have all
they want, they will All up on It, neg­
servant o f the feudal Lord Mori.
headed In another.”
lect the dry mash and get fat.
Post Oflice Kept Busy
Accept only “Bayer” package
which contains proven directions.
Handy “Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists.
Aapirln Ul U m tratto n ark o f Bayer Ifannfacture of Monoace tlcarlttoeter of Sallcjllcacld
Says Dangerous Varicose Veins
Can Be Reduced at Home
Rub Gently and Upward Toward
tbe Heart as Blood in Veins
Flows That Way.
If you or any relative or friends are
worried because of varicose veins, or
bunches, the best advice that anyone
in this world can give you Is to ask
your druggist for an original two-
onnee bottle of Moone's Emerald Oil
(full strength) and apply night and
morning to the swollen, enlarged
veins. Soon you will notice that they
are growing smaller and the treat­
ment should be continued until the
veins are of normal size.
So pene­
trating and powerful Is Emerald Oil
that even Piles are quickly absorbed.
Your druggist sells lots of It.
Only the First
A hypnotist In Boston has succeeded
In putting people* to sleep over the
radio. This merely makes him the
first hypnotist to do the trick.
A to rp id liv e r p rev e n ts p rop er food a s s im ila ­
tion . T on e up you r liv e r w ith W r lg h t’a In d ia n
V e g e ta b le P ills . 878 P ea rl S t.. N . ¥ . A dv.
InefKency Efficiency
"I'm sorry, sir,” she exclaimed, “but
It’s In my contract.”
“Have you been reading any books
on efficiency?”
"Yes, but I got so Interested In
them that I found they were Inter­
fering with my regulnr work.”
Engineer Cressy
Praises Tanlac
Fermentation, Floating, Nervous­
ness and Constipation M in e d .
Health liestored. Gains 26 Pounds
"Tanlac did me so
much good that 1
have been boosting
itwheneverl could,"
says B. Creasy, 959
Ellis 8t., San Fran­
cisco, a well-known
electrical engineer.
"Stomach trouble
was the seat of my
trouble. Whatever I
ate did not digest.
It would lie in the pit
of my stomach and ferment, cause gaa
that bloated my stomach and pained me.
Often thia trouble was so bad I could
hardly breathe. Iwasalwaysconstipated
and lost weight fast. Of course I was nerv­
ous and at night I never slept soundly.
"Then a lady advised me to take
Tanlac. I did, with wonderful result.
It relieved all stomach trouble, gave ms
an appetite, cleansed my system of con­
stipation and built up my strength. I
have gained 26 pounds since taking
Tanlac. And never felt better.”
Take Tanlao for better health, for
strength. First bottle shows amazing
results. At your druggist’s. Over 40
million bottles sold.
G r e e n ’s
A u gu st
For Indigestion, Dyspepsia, ate.
Relieves Distress after Hurried
Meals or Overeating. Being a
gantla laxative, it keeps the di­
gestive tract working normally.
30c & 90c. At all Druggists.
6. 6. GREEN, Inc. WOODBURY, N. J.
Kill All F lie s !
D IS E A S E ^
Placed anywhere, D A IS Y F L Y M IL L E R attract« and
Bills all flies. Neat, de an , ornam ental, convenient and
--------------------- -------------. cheap. Lasts all sea«
I s o n . Made o f metal»
can’t s pill or tip overg
w ill not soil or in jar«
anything. Guaranteed,
Insist upon
from y o u r dealer.
B r o o k ly n
N . Y.
M itchell
E ye
eyes «ore from Alkali
or o t h e r Irritation.
The old «Imple remedy
that brino comforting relief
Is best. 89e. all dreoifittg
■all » Bwkel, lew lerfcttty
S a lv e
A Beauty Shop in a Bottle
A C h e m ica l M asterp iece— In te rn a l and E x ­
te r n a l T re a tm e n t, R e ju v e n a tio n of th e Kkln
and B lood . Money B a ck G u aran tee. W rite tod ay.
41« M iam i B an k A Trv<t B ld g .. M iam i. F I«.
P A R K E R ’S
Removes Dandruff Stops H a ir Falling
Restores C o lor and
B e au ty to G ra y an d Faded H a ir
fl()c and |1 00 at Drnggiata.
n iw o .l b-M W t. .P.tetoKiif.N Y
H IN D E R C O R N S Rem oves Corns. Cal­
louses, etc., stops a ll pain, ensures com fort U the
feet, m akes walking
easy. "
16c ---------------------------
by m all or at Drug­
Yorks, - Patchogue,
N. Y.
gists. U lsooz Chemical Woi
A B E A U T I F U L C O M P L E X I O N for only 11-26.
Ask your
vour dealer
deal) for KUMMOLA or15 rU ?l
- - Berry
Dept. W, Chicago.
Dr. 0. U-
W. N. U., PORTLAND, NO. 19-1927.
Sister Has Long Vigil
Believing that tier seventy-year-old
sister, Mary, was only In a trance
and would recover, Caroline May-
well, slxty-elght, guarded the body for
three weeks before the two were found
recently In Hull, England. The body
was lying on a matting before a roar­
ing tire, and was surrounded by loaves
of bread and other food.
, Getting Sleepy
Mrs. Downing—Why are you bath­
ing your heud In cold water?
Her Husband—To keep awake. I’ve
called the doctor for my Insomnia and
I’ll feel like a fool If I’m asleep when
he gets here.
The busy have no time for tears.
F le tc h e r’s
Castoria is especially pre­
pared to relieve Infants in
arms and Children all ages of
Constipation, Flatulency, Wind
Colic and Diarrhea ; allaying
Feverishness arising therefrom, and, by regulating the Stomach
and Bowels, aids the assimilation of Food; giving natural sleep.
To avoid imitations, always look (or the signature of
Absolutely Harmless - No Opiate», Physicians everywhere recommend it
Sunshine for Chicks
It Is well to rememlwr that chicks
demand the direct rays of the sun.
Sunshine which comes through win
dow glnss does them little good. If
tbe weather Is too severe to |>ermlt
the direct rays of tbe sun to be thrown
Into the brooder or If some of the
glass substitutes have not been used,
leg weakness can be largely, If not
entirely, prevented by putting 1 per
cent of cod-llver oil In the mash feed.
Cod-liver oil should be vltamlne tested.
F lo w e r
Quldren Cry for
Strange Complaint
During every boar of each day
Mrs. Smith (calling on Mrs. Brown
over a million and a half letters srt
who Is not w ell)—And what did the
Cockroaches will eat almost any­
Fifteen states have law s protect-
doctor say was your trouble?
are handled dally by the Post Ofllc,
thing Including other cockroaches.
lag native wild flowers,
Mrs. Brown—Aoto Intoxication.
Mrs. Smith—Indeed I And yon don’t
Ready mixed concrete is being sold
i Italy exports three-fourths of the
by firms In some industrial centers. the next. In addition to parcels and rids much either.—Woman’s World.
automobiles It manufactures.
other pieces of mall.
The orange tree bears fruit and
British food experts say Cleopatra
ate onions and used garlic and other flowers at the same time.
No Trick at AU
The Return
American toys are becoming popular
highly scented Ingredients in her food.
Tailor—If you don’t pay ms some­
Oout Sufferer (as Towser chews his thing In advance I’ll be like a bridge
Artificial silk fiber Is more regu­ In Australia.
fo o t)—Orest whllllklna, I’m In player with four aces.
Tbs Island o f FIJI asserts that It
lar than fiber made by silkworms.
Deadbete— How so?
The common browi\ rat has spread Is the most healthful spot In the agony; that pain has coma beck worst
than ever.—Peris Rlrs.
until It now Infests every state.
Tailor—IH have yonr salt stopped.
For the first 60 hours of a chick’s
life, perhaps the best thing that can
Liner Has Nine Decks
be done Is to provide a warm, dark
Constructed of a special steel, which
place with plenty of ventilation. When Is said to have high elastic qualities,
the chicks are hatched they retain a especially suitable to battle ocean
large portion of the yolk In their waves, a liner was recently launched
bodies In an unabsorbed form. Nature at Malfoncone, Italy.
It hns nine
provides this for food during the first decks, Is 631 feet tong and has a
three days of the chick's life. If the grosB tonnnge of 24.000 tons.
chicks are given food Immediately, a
P e,ry * a " D ea d s h o t ” not o n ly e x p e ls
She— Do you have many scraps with large portion of this yolk will not be W Dr.
orm « or T a p ew o rm but clean « ou t th e
absorb«^! and thus cause trouble Inter. m ucua In w h ich th ey breed an d ton e» up tha
Señorita Angelina Ardulza o f Ha- your wife?
He—Almost every night at supper If chicks are left where It Is light, d ig estio n . O ne d o se doe» it. A dv,
vanna, Cuba, who has won the big
beauty contest there and Is to be —whatever Is left over from dinner, they will be restless and will pick at
Fewer food ftnlmnls were killed In
droppings, which is apt to sprend dis­ this country In 1923 than In 1925. yet
“Miss Cuba” in the International you know.
Beauty contest at Oalveston, Texas.
240,000,000 more pounds of meat was
will absorb the yolk and the digestive produced.
In May.
Oh, My Cherries
tract will finish Its development, there­
R obin R ed b reast said to me
“M ay I b u ild a neat in your a p p le t r e e f by preparing It for the first food,
“S ure,” sa id I. and 1 heaved a s ig h — which should come at from 00 to 70
“B u t s ta y a w a y from the C herry T ree.”
hours after hatching.
Russian Armored Train in China
Heals Irritating Rashes
D on’t auffer with rashes, acsemas or Irrita­
tions when Cuticura Soap and Ointment
will quickly relieve and heal. Bathe with
Cuticura Soap and hot water, dry and
anoint with Cuticura Ointment. Nothing
quicker or safer th an Cuticura Soap and
Ointment for all skin troubles.
. ot.asM,
••rt» few.
4s«. »asa Cw ttasra
s w c.
SLaviag Sttoli 2S«,