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Published «very Thursday at Her­
miston, Umatilla County, Oregon by
Joseph 8. Harvey, editor and man­
Entered ae second class matter
December, 1906, at the postofflco at
Hermiston, Umatilla County, Oregon.
Subscription Bates
One Tear ............................- ....... »2.0«
Six Months ................................... »1.00
T hese p ercen tag e fig u re s a re g u a r­
anteed by th e U. 8. D ep artm en t of
L abor an d th ro w a n In te re stin g side­
lig h t on th e sta te m e n t o f L. B.
M arks, of th e illu m in a tin g E n g in ­
eers Society, th a t w hile 20 y ears ago
th e c o u n try ’s electric lig h t b ill was
ab o u t »100,000,000 a year. In 192«
it w as ap p ro x im ately »1,000,000,-
000, fo r w hich ten-fold Increase th e
people o t th is co u n try got 25 tim es
as m uch lig h t as In 1906.
"In 1906 it w as co nservatively es­
tim ated th a t th e a n n u a l w aste In
th e U nited S tates, due to fa ilu re to
equip lam ps w ith reflecto rs to re ­
d irect th e lig h t, am ounted to »20,-
000,000," he says. T h is loss has
been larg ely done aw ay w ith by th e
developm ent of m odern lig h tin g
eq u ip m en t an d Its In stallatio n .
W ords and Sentence»
Spoken Through Hand»
If the researches of a well-known
seleDtlst are earrled to a successful
conclusion, a new m ethod of com­
munication may be evolved. In which
the bends will be made to speak
words and sentences in exactly the
sam e way as the mouth does.
Tho scientist in question Is Sir
Richard Paget, who, y itb the aid of
bellows and a tnetul tube, whlcb take
the place of Ihe lungs and windpipe,
has made bis bauds "speak" words In
a. rem arkably n atu ral way. In the
course of a dem onstration. Sir Rich
ard explained tiiat vocal sounds are
produced by th e action of a ir passing
over the opening of a cav ity ; lie Illus­
trated tills by models made of plasti­
cine and cardboard. By supplying air
to these models he made them u tter
vowel sounds and even words, such as
“mamma," "M innie,” “ra th e r," and
Then, discarding the models, he
used his hands only, and made them
“talk" eo th a t every one could hear
and understand. Moistening his hands
to prevent the leakage of air, he ma­
nipulated tliem in conjunction with a
metal tube and made them say, dis­
tinctly, “Hullo I sin don I Are you
there? Lila. I love you.”
W ill som e one endow ed w ith ad ­
Seam en Fond o f Pet»
vanced Intellig en ce kin d ly solve the
Most ocean ships, especially the car­
m y stery of w hy people w ill p ersist
go carriers, are floating zoos. Seamen
in h a u lin g tin c a n s and o th e r ru b ­
have 11 passion for birds mid anim als
bish aw ay from th e ir ow n prem ises
and members of the crew end otileers
a d is ta n c e of sev eral m iles m erely to I
tak e delight in acquiring unusual
dum p them alo n g a sta te highw ay,}
specim ens from tlie various countries
o r a m uch used co u n ty road, w hen I Hard to Stop Legend
they visit. Recently ships berthed in
th e y could go th e sam e d ista n c e and
Once Started on W ay
New York boasted among th eir pets
leave th e tra s h In th e c ity dum p?.
c a ts that catch flying flsh, strange ani­
It Is ra th e r interesting to w atch a
T he p ra c tic e is a v io latio n of sta te legend In the course of growth, re­
m als from M adagascar th at can kill
law , comm on decency and com m unity m arks the M anchester G uardian and
haw ks alighting on the ship, long-
necked giraffes, a baby elephant,
pride, y t t th e re a re ap p a re n tly a loti cites tlie case of the ancient chalice
cockatoos, parrots, macaws, toothpick
of people follo w in g it, o r o u r h ig h ­ wliich was recently found and which
birds, and constrictors, pythons und
w ays w ould n o t show so m any ru b ­ ufter u hectic new spaper career is
o th er snakes.
uow so far advanced th a t it is bon
bish piles.
ored by some as Ihe cup tiiat served
the Lord ut the L ast Supper. It was a
+ . + . < ..
- <• -
C o veted D ecoration
sim ilar Jumping at conclusions which
On January 29, 1856, on the close
involved niedlevul legend m akers In Prim itive Place of
of the Crimean w ar, the Victorio
. .5.
some hopeless tangles. P ierre Van I’as-
W orship for Indiana cross was Instituted In G reat Britain.
A Chatty Column of Comment Ir
W hat Is believed to be the most T he cross Is aw arded for conspicuous
tutlon. The classical case Is th at of prim itive church In the world Is to be
Which the Editor is Likely
bravery. It was extended In 1911 und
the Eleven Thousand Virgins of found In San Diego county, southern
1920. This decoration Is worn before
To Think Aloud.
Cologne. Diggings In the Twelfth cen­ California.
all others, on the left breast, and con­
tury brought to light u big collection
It Is known as the Snneta Isabel sists of u bronze M altese cross 1%
W ith th is issue of th e H erald I
mission, and Is used by the Indians of Inches in diam eter, with the royal
s t a r t on my second y ear as ed ito r proclaim ed them ut once to be the re­ the district. The church Is built of crown surm ounted by a lion, and be­
mains of tlie Eleven Thousand m artyrs. brushwood. T he entran ce Is effected
W e have th e h a b it of ta k in g stock
neath Is the inscription, "F o r V alour.'
F urther search showed the bones of
on these special an n iv ersaries, so 1 men were among tlie piles. The ec­ by climbing a rude ladder placed
have decided to look back a year tr static lady was not put out. She de­ against the low side walls. Two bells
are suspended from n cross beam In
see w h a t ha3 h appened w ith th e Idei clared a t once th at certain ecclesias­
front of the church, und a rude cross
th a t possibly by stu d y in g its record tics had been put to death with the of pine has been erected upon a small
T hia coupon and 25c en title th e u n d c i-
1 m ay know so m eth in g of w hat ti virgins. Worse followed. The bones leveled surface, which is utilized for
signed to one 35c can o f Acm e Q u a lity
K n a m e l-K o te , a n y color, and a special
of children were found. Were the open-air services should the congrega­
expect d u rin g th e n ex t 12 m onths.
20c P a in t Brush.
seers de.ented? By no uienns. E ntire tion he too num erous to be accommo­
As a com p arativ e new com er, I an
im pressed by th e im provem ent ii
dated within the m yrow lim its of the
Modern re­ finish shelter.
w h a t we may b est d esig n ate as th r the 11,000, they said.
Artdrw , ............... .. |
search made an end to the whole farce
The g reat m ajority of w orshipers In
g en eral m orale of th e com m unity
by establishing the fact th a t tlie hones this stran g e church a re C hristianized
T h e re is m uch m ore confidence It were those of tlie tirst Roman colonists
T o acq uain t yo u w it h Acm e
Q u a lit y ,w e are m aking a spe-
th e fu tu re In th e m inds of th e folks In Cologne and th at they hud been Indians. As these mission stations
_ _
C ial offer fo r a
become of g reater Im portance more
w ith whom I come in co n tact th a t
hurled lu u eutueonihlun cem etery.
«hu rt tu n e o n ly .
accom modation Is provided, und many
th e re w as la st M arch. Individua
of the long-established ones ure elub
grouches a re m uch less pronounce'
o rate stoue edifices; but in nearly
Mental State Depends
In degree an d few er in num ber
every Instance they have sprung from
F a ith is s tu rd ie r in s ta tu re In ou
Much on Environment prim itive stru ctu res such as the one
H erm iston co u n try , an d doubt, whlcl
In order perm anently to cure a child described, which are erected wherever
A new site for a mission station Is
ba* been a t th e th ro a t of p ra c tic a l^
of nervousness 11 Is uecessury to re
every a g ric u ltu ra l com m unity d u r
move the underlying cause, not merely chosen.
in g th e past few years, is gradually
to alleviate the distressing symptoms,
declares Dr. F ran k Howard R ichard­
b eing replaced by confidence.
"F lying Into th e P o :t"
son In Hygela Magazine, T his will
One of th e o u tsta n d in g develop
Few persons would think of the air­
probably Involve some change in the plane us an ull.v of the archeologist,
m ents of 1926 waa the ad ju stm en
environment, for It Is recognized that but by m eans of this modern vehicle
of o u r re la tio n s w ith the federal gov
environmental Influences affect a child u stru ctu re which once may well have
e m in e n t co n cern in g w ater paym ents
T h is tells yo u o f a new d is­
so much th at they will greatly modify rivaled
Stonehenge, on
T he old ch ao tic policy has been re
covery th o u sa n d s o f wom en
uny mental condition, no m atter how Blain, has Ju st been located near
placed by a d efin ite c o n tra c t unde
a re m aking. I t is E nam el-
Amesbury. Though Its p illars have en­
w hich th e lan d ow ners know dcfln
While this Is encouraging, there will tirely vanished, th eir socket-holes, seen
K o te , th e w oodw ork a n d fu r­
itely w here th ey sta n d an d w h a t *• be plenty of difficulty in many cases.
n itu re finish w ith w hich dingy
from a height, showed up distinctly.
req u ired
of them . M eeting
thi If u companion, a teacher, a brother
a n d dull th in g s can be b ro u g h t
Elsew here,' w ithin two or three
or a sister Is at the bottom of the years, tills method of Investigation
o b lig atio n s of w a te r p ay m en ts i
b a c k to b e a u ty in a fa sc in a t­
bound to resu lt to th e b en efit of tin
has revealed new earthw orks, one
ing, sim ple w ay.
easily be made. However, In many within a mile of Salisbury anthedrnl
project in real m easure.
P a y o u t no m oney fo r new
A n o th er developm ent Is found li eases the child's nervousness Is really —nnd even the shapes of the fit Ids
due to a Jealous or tyrannical father once cultivated by the Celtic am-es
fu rn itu re to replace old, u n til
th e new se ttle rs we have acquired
or to a weak, pam pering m other.^ It Is
first you h av e m ade a tria l
I t Is tru e th a t we have lost some almost Imin-lesa to a lte r the environ­ tors of Englishmen of today have
stood revealed. Even slight variations
a n d convinced yo u rself a b o u t
seasoned farm ers, b u t th e ir placi
ment resulting from such parentul dis Of vegetable growth due to the pres
E n am el-K o te.
has been filled by new com ers wh< turbunces.
euce ef buried w alls or filled in ditches
strik e me as b ein g m ighty fin e cltl
lu ull cases it Is up to the parents show up from the elr._ P h ilad elp h ia
zens. A fter all, a co m m u n ity 's cltl
to provide the proper atm osphere nnd Ledger.
zenry Is Its fin e s t a a ie t, and judged environm ent for their children's de
velopment. O therwise no amount ol L ive Food No Longer
from th i p o in t of view , I d o n 't knov
treatm ent by physician or psychiatrist
w hore one could b eat th e Ilerm in to i
For over forty years, the b e,t
G iven C aptive Snakes
co u n try . I have n ever lived In any will be of any avull.
paint and varnish for every
co m m u n ity th a t had as big a per
purpose has been Acme Quality.
c e n ta g e of p le a sa n t, kin d ly people
Before you buy any paint, come
W ell W as He Called
in and see us. We are here to
as one find s on o u r n e ig h b o r ly
“ W ise Ben fra n k lin ’' Post-Dlsputcl) arranged for u visit by
serve you.
farm s an d in th is tow n. T h a t is t
"1 njade It a rule to forbear all direct Its reporters Ht feeding time.
b ig fa c to r In fav o r of o ur d istrict.
The reptiles are no longer given
contradiction to the sentim ents of oth
T he policy of a g re a te r diversity
ers, nnd all positive assertions of tuy anything actually «live for food. Actu­
of p ro d u ctio n w hich was In au g u ratet
own,” wrote Benjamin F ranklin In hb ated by a desire to meet the objections
by o u r fa rm ers tw o or th re e year,
autobiography. “I even forbid myself of humane persons to this method of
ago an d d e fin ite ly o u tlin ed early it. the use of every word or expression feeding, the zoo auth o rities corre­
1926 In tffe econom ic conference
in the language tiiat imported a fixed sponded with the New York zoo cura­
a fte r an exchange of Ideas and In
opinion, such ns certainly, undoubted tor, who sold thnt freshly killed food
fo rm atio n on ab o u t every kind o. ly, etc., and I adopted, Instead of them could he su bstituted for living crea­
I conceive, I apprehend, or 1 Imagine tu res If the substitution wefe done
fa rm in g a c tiv ity , h as been greatly
a tiling to be so or so ; or It so ap­ with skill mid understanding, m ean­
stre n g th e n e d d u rin g th is past year
pears to me ut tlie p re s e n t When a n ­ ing, no doubt, if the serpents could
T oday tho d a iry cow * has many
be fooled Into the belief Hint w hat was
frie n d s on th is p ro ject, and Is a much other asserted som ething th a t 1 offered w as still alive. T his Is done
thought ail error, I denied myself the
so u g h t an im al. If she looks like 1.
N otice Is hereby given th a t the
pleasure of contradicting him ab ru p t­ by dangling tlie stunned or ki led
re a l cow, h er o w n er can. and does
ly, nml of showing immedlntely some rubblt or bird before the hungry sn ike. un d ersig n ed h as been ap p o in ted ad­
p u t the. price up to w h at looks Ilk
absurdity In his proposition; nnd In He has t be Hungry, however, some m in is tra to r of th e e sta te of George
a h ig h le v e l- and g e ts It.
answ ering I began by observing that snakes being able to go w ithout food A nderson, deceased, in th e C ounty
T he In terest In com m ercial poultry In certain enses or clrrum stances his for weeks or months.
C ourt in th e S ta te of O regon,, for
80 we still feed the horrid reptiles,
g ro w in g has Increased by leaps and opinion would be right, but In the
U m atilla C ounty. All persons h a v ­
bounds. A com m ercial h a tc h e ry has present cnRe there ap|>ear'd or seem'd
ing claim s agal.nst th e said esta te
to me some difference, etc. I soon
been located here. Its o w n er ex
h ereb y re q u ire d , to p resen t such
zoological gardens they nre tlie most
pected to o p erate a m axim um
of found the advantage of this change In popular denizens ef these places. But claim s d u ly verified, and w ith proper
possibly 20 m ach in es h is firs t see
gng'il in went on more pleasantly The we kill th eir food for them. We as­ vouchors a tta c h e d , to the un d ersig n ed
son. H e now lias 33 going fu ll til
modest way In which I propos'd my sum e th e guilt, if there be any. of at th e office of Rnley, R aley & W a r­
and Is d e b a tin g w h eth er to co n tin u e opinions procur'd them a readier re­ Shedding Innocent blood. An easy ner, in th e F ir s t N a tio n a l B ank
tu r n in g down business, or buyinj
ception nnd less contrad ictio n ; I had m utter for the lords of creation, who B uilding, In P endloton, O regon, w ith ­
m ore eq u ip m en t to fill th e demand.' less mortification when I was found to ► h io -h ter everything, Including each in six m o n th s from date of th is n o t­
c f custom ers. O ther sm aller h atch o r
be In the wrong, and I more easily • >tlier.—81. 1. „¡a I'ost-Dlspatclu
ice, th e sam e b e in g dated a n d p u b ­
prevail’d with others to give up 1 licit
ies a re as busy as they can be
lished th e firs t tim e th is 17th day of
m istakes and Join with me when I
Capon production on n larg e scale
F eb ru ary , 1927.
tu rk e y breeding w ith se v ria l hundrve. happened to be In the right."
r ’sv' lulicn in Mi. sic As a d m in is tra to r of th e e s ta te of
b ird s In som e of th e la rg e r flocks, n
According to m anuscripts. the play }
c o n sta n t Increase in th e size and Mother-in-Law G ives
G eorge A nderson, deceased.
Ing of the steel gultnr, which has made '
nu m b er of p o u ltry flocks— th ese are
Raley, R aley * W a rn e r St J o h n F.
Voice to Reflections
Inescapable facts th a t convince u:
K ilkenny,
“1 thought for a while (list Harold the world, wits orlgluuted by a Ha } A ttorneys for A d m in istra to r.
th a t progress 1 b b eing made.
was going to get out to the golf rourst
In d u s tria lly , th e U nited S ta te s h a
1-5 tc
placing an article on the fitigarhouni
been slow ing down for sever«1 uioue, but Just as he was leaving Min of U m gullur- while playing a uyve. j
nle'B new trousers were delivered.
m onths. In d u stry h as been ahead ol
The hoy ■
“Lamecli and I lived happily to sound con'd he proJuced.
a g ric u ltu re for sev eral years, an d my get her many years, but he nevei Joseph Kekuku, then u stu dent ai I
• Is h ereb y given th a t the
personal opoiuion Is th a t th e a g ri­ played a game of any kind a fter we
c u ltu ra l
d istric ts sta n d
a good were m arried except once. We went when he placed n pocket cotub on the j u n d e rrt ;ned has been ap p o in ted ex­
chanco to gain m ore th a n they lose, to the voluuteer firem an's picnic and fingerboard and b-o ’ -.flit a new tv.uug ecu trix of th e la s t w ill a n d te sta m e n t
even In these complex days, by u he played baseball for two o r more ■ rout the In -tru e ’ -nt. T lr? w as fol oi M arion P h y llis H o isin g to n , de­
lo,.ed by experim ents with th e hind ; ceased, In th e C ounty C ourt In th e
slow ing up
In d u stry . So th e minutes, lie was laid up four days.
"M innie's husbiiud w orks h arder at of a pocket knife and resulted In tin ; S ta te of O regon, fo r U m atilla C oun­
n a tio n a l recession In in d u stry may
his play than he does his Job. I.n use of a pleco of thick steel for the ty. All persons h av in g claim s a g a in st
be a blessin g to us.
tneclt used to watch the w eather signs I urposc. Tho ‘'new in isle" took th< the said e s ta te a re h ereby req u ired
to keep front losing Ills crops. Many's I. lauds by storm bHd tutor spread ovei > to p re se n t such claim s duly verified,
the time Ida rheum atic knee has gjyen the entire w rid.
"Tills luveution of the H aw aiian I and w ith p ro p er vouchers a tta c h e d ,
LESS NOW THAN BEFORE WAR him w arning to get the hay Io off "the schoolboy." says survey, "Is t h e m o s t to th e u n d ersig n ed a t tb e office of
south forty. In the spring and turn
significant contribution of H awaii to , Raley, R aley & W a rn e r In th e F irst
D ecreased ra te s for electric se r­ nier Harold reads the forecasts to see music, the Introduction of an eulirely N atio n al B an k B u ild lag . In P endle­
If the w eather Is likely to tie bad
vice anil Im provem ents In th e mod­
new technique for the playing of ton. O regon, w ith in six m o n th s from
enough to make hl in go to the ofilee.
e rn ele c tric lam p have m ade possi­
“Of course. Mtnnle m akes him take stringed Instrum ents, a t least aa ta r us d ate of th is notice, th e sam e being
ble th e g re a tly
reduced cost of h ls'recreatlo n s seriously. I've noticed the western world Is concerned. ai j dated and published th e firs t tim e
lig h tin g in th e U nited S tates, w here , a woman who ean wear «port rlothoe though tlie Jap au ese employ a sim ilar
technique with one ef th eir stringed th is 24th day of F e b ru a ry , 1927.
u n d e r th e Im petus of p riv a te ow ner- [ n.Mtally advocates golf for her bus
Eve H. Hoisington
iu eu ts and »»nte A frican tribes
s h ip an d o p eratio n of re g u la te d com ­ hand But If Minnie Isn't any better
Executrix of the last will and tsat-
panies, th e cost of service by elec­ swinging a eluti than site Is a broom
aataa with the musical bow, using a ment of Marlon Phyllis Hoisington.
tric ity Is now 11.1 per r e n t below It lu a w aste of good all-wool cloth to ■boil ou a knlfa blado.”
th e p re-w ar av erag e, and la th e only
A J 3 ^ * tk
R aley, R aley A W a rn e r an d Jo h n
Item on th e g o v ern m en t's eufat of-
Dr. M. S. K ern w aa a business vL)- F. Kllkem^y, Attorneys for Execu­
llv ln g list te show a decrease.
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trix 25 tte.
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a ls o
H e a v y
M o le s k in ,
v e r y d u r­
- Sb .
V i <-■
C om pass Brand
O ld Surfaces
... .
f t
W h ale P eculiar F eed er
W hales a re the m ortal enemy of
herring and baby muckerel, for a big
w hale will eat several tons of these
toothsom e though bony little fry in a
day. They don’t bother about the
bones. They go about it Uke a steam
shovel, says a w riter In th e Pathfinder
Magaelne. They simply gulp In a great
m ass of fish und w ater, and screen the
fish out with their peculiar "baleen”
strainers, or they swallow the flsii and
blow out the w ater through a hand
some fountain in the top of their head,
according to the model on which their
w orks ure constructed.
V .41.»
W ork Gloves
F o r R ough W e a r
“Big P a y ”
W ork Sock.«
Men’s Work Sock»
For Men
M ade for service and dur­
ability, of heavy tw o-ply
tw isted yarn-; e x tra re in ­
forcem ent for heel and toe.
Colors black and cordo­
van. Sizes up to 13. Low
priced a t—
J u s t the gloves for w ear
and service. Made oi d u ra ­
ble leath er. Low price range,
G auntletG loves
B lack
Shop Cap»
, Unioa taade ; lirtit-wolght;'
For Hard Wear
Made of stout
Very serviceable.
49c t9 $1.9$
T hese “R ockford” W or
Socks are in grey and bin
m ixtures.
W ell-m ade !
real w orkers. Very i
able w ith no sewed seam
across toes. I ay in a supplj
now at these low prices—
Hardtto-Wet Cap
Onion Mad-
Black Poplin, ventilatsdl
non-breakable band—.
Also Carpenter’s Overall«, Painter’» Overall», Ccok’s Pant», Hickcry Vesta and
Express Stripe Overalls.
Modern business is constantly increasing the uses in which it can profit-
ably employ printing.
W hether business is quiet, or rushing, printing may be used by the wide
awake m erchant to improve his lot.
A dvertising
Is the life blood of merchandising, in the country town as well as in the
metropolis. It stimulates demand, disseminates information, creates good
will and builds for the future.
Printed Forms
Are needed in evero line of business. They create favorable impressions
and effect economy in handling details.
Take stock right now of the possibilities in ycur busiress for the econcmi-
cal use of more printing. Maybe we can help you. We will cheerfully be of
any assistance possible.
• ■