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Published «very Thursday at Her­
miston, Umatilla County, Oregon by
Joseph 8. Harvey, editor and man­
Entered an second class matter
December, 190(, at the poetotftce at
Hermiston, Umatilla County, Oregon.
Is to provide the big thing—-to-w lt:
the >31,000,000 conal. To pay an
"equitable part of the operating ex­
penses at the dam" w ill be easy for
such operating expenses will be low.
The big charge In connection with
the dam will not be for the operation
but for interest payments and for
amortization of the construction cost.
If Secretary Work means for the lr-
rigationists to help meet such charges
he does not say so.
of Oregon for the current biennium,
an far an approved by the Joint ways
and means committee, aggregates >2.
200,000. This figure does not Include
a number of other proposed Improve­
ments sucb as additions to existing
state buildings and necessary repairs.
The number of holidays that may be
celebrated by schools of the. state
would be limited by Representative
Paulson’s bill, which requires that all
public schools throughout the state
shall hold at least eight months of
classes and must teach ISO days ex
elusive of holidays.
All lands registered under the Tor­
rens land act are restored to the reg­
ular method of recording titles, under
provisions of a house hill introduced
by Representative Clark. The bill
provides that all recorders of deeds
are directed, without payment of any
fees therefor, to proceed immediately
to record in the regular deed and
mortgages records all deeds, leases
which do not appear to have expired,
all mortgages not fully released, and
assignments and partial releases there­
of and other instruments in their of­
fices registered under the provisions
of the Torrens act.
Representative Collier . . . ,umg that
all persons who vole at aa. election la
this state shall be reglstere<L The res
olutlon was previously adopted by the
Representative Cramer’s proposal to
authorise the couaty commissioner* ol
the various counties to tlx the salar­
ies of all county officer* and employee
except their own failed to meet ap
proval of the senate committee on
Judiciary which reported it out un
favorably. The senate accepted th<
report and killed the bill without de
Eggs may be sold by weight by the
terms of a hill introduced in the hous«
by the Marion county delegation. The
present law requires grading of eggs
Subscription Sates
One Tear — .......................... ..... >2.0>
It will be evident from the fore­
8 « Months ---------- ----- — ......... >1.00 going sections and from other sec­
tions of Dr. Work's report on the
Colorado project that he expects the
power sales to carry the project
For several years farmers In Ore- through. It is estimated that this
gon on Irrigated projects have real- ean be done by selling the power at
Textbook Report Adopted
Ized that their plan of farming must three mills per K. W. II. at the
textbook adoptions made by th,
be changed so that cheap bulky crops switchboard.
state texibook commission last No
that are sold in the raw state may be
It has aiready been estimated by
vember "were in all respects régula?
replaced by concentrates. It is one ■ engineers of the interior department
and free from any fraud or bad faith
thing In farming to know the pro- that the entire cost of the Umatilla
on the purl of either the state com
duction plans must be changed and rapids project, including power de­
mission or any member thereof oi
an even bigger thing to bring about veiopinent, irrigation, navigation,
any representatives of any of the pub
the change.
canal, railway relocation, etc., can
lishing companies,’’ according to a re
Stanfield district farmers have de- j)e pa|d front the profits frow power
port of the special senate committe«
finitely turned their faces toward the ; sold at two mln8 per knowat hour, or
named to investigate the text book
new order wherein specialty rash one mm iower than the estimated
situation. The senate adopted the re
crops will be Introduced to replace sen,ng price of the Colorado river
port of the committee.
acreage now devoted to alfalfa. The ' power.
Portland State Building Proposed
A memorial urging congress to en
Grange has committed itself to the
A building for Portland,
Rapid* Project More Feasible
legislation for the protection ol
movement, and a well attended meet­
If the Interior secretary will apply to cost >60 J,000, and to be a substitute
ing of that body was held Monday to the Umutilla rapids project the for the proposed structure of the same agricultural products along the lint
night. Hermiston growers talked In­ same policy he upholds on the Colo­ cost provided for at Salem in another of the McNary-Haugen bill has beer
formally of methods followed here in rado our project can not only be bill, is the object of a house bill in­ adopted by both houses.
The the early morning hours unti
producing asparagus and strawber­
built but it can be paid for more eas­ troduced by Lonergan, Rushlight and 3 o'clock may be spent In dancing ii
ily than the Boulder canyon pro­ Olson. It Is proposed that the build­
The decision taken by the Grange ject. The matter for pumping for ing be financed by borrowed funds the counties of smaller population wll
be the effect of a house bill intri
at Stanfield is of great importance,
Irrigation at Umatilla rapids offers from the industrial accident commis­ duced by Peirce. The present lav
not only to Stanfield but to the en­
no difficulties because such pumping
prohibits thia pastime after midnight
tire west end of the county. Increas­ will be during summer months when
Fearing there might be the result
The administration measure to rais
ed volume is what local growers have
the demand for power for heating of harming the highway program
been striving for in order to facili­ and for illumination will be slack. wrapped up in Senator Eddy’s bill to salaries of the governor’s secretary
chiof clerks in the office of the seert
tate marketing, and the fact that
The energy of the river may as well relieve counties of a share of the cost tary of state and state treasurer an,
Stanfield growers are deciding to
of constructing highway crossings
be used.
the pay of the state tax commissions
make the change is the best of good
over railway lines, the house recalled
The policy of making power sales It from the senate, after having passed passed the house.
When a new venture is started It carry the cost of a reclamation pro­ It
should be undertaken with every pos­ ject is sound. It means that the peo­
As is done at practically every leg
sible condition as ntarly right as ple of th e region affected, will help illative session a committee made up
possible, and the Herald suggests that
of house and senate members will con
Stanfield farmers ami business men a development of general public ad­ fer with a like committee from the
Herald Want Adi Bring Ton Results
arrange for a trip into the Kennewick vantage within the region. That Washington legislature relative to fish
district to see at first hand Just what
ing rights on the Columbia river be
growers in that district are doing the policy of making such payments tween the two states.
and have been doing for a number of out of the federal treasury.
The secretary of agriculture, under
years. Hermlston started Its work on
The Umatilla project is feasible a memorial introduced by Senator In the Matter of the Application of
on the new crop with such a tour, and can be built whenever congress Miller and adopted by the senate
0. D. Teel, to Include Certain
and the enthusiasm engendered by wishes to act. The essential thing would take steps to have the state of
Lands in the Westland Ir­
the facts brought to light on that is that the northwest be given the California complete unfinished federal
rigation District.
trip is with local people to this day. benefits If the wise policy that has
Notice is hereby given that on the i
Seeing is believing, and the prospec­ been suggested with a view to aiding
18th day of January, 1927, the p eti-1
tive grower of asparagus or straw­ the southwest. Surely the people of state has completed its main trun! tion of O D. Teel, holder of the title
berries will feeel much more confld- the northwest and tholr representa- lines, but that the connecting road3 1« or evidence of title to land adjacent!
ent of the soundne s of his decision j tjyej( ¡n COHgreSH wm |)e justified in northern California remain unfinished to the Boundaries of the Westland
The house adopted a senate concur
to launch into these crops as a »Id*-| askjng BUCjj treatment. Perhaps the
Irrigation District, was filed with the
rent resolution by Senators Edoy, Cor­
lino If he first secures all the infor-1 secretnry of the Interior is not aware
directors of said district, praying
mation he can from those who have I ,)f lhe fact
he discriminating
that the land of said petitioner be
proved both crops are profit makers. agalni4t lhe 8tat,,H of the great north. Hall, Upton, Joseph and J. E. Dunne, included in the Westland Irrigation
due the west, and that the Columbia, now requesting , congress immediately to District. The name of the petitioner
Grange qt Stanfield. May it carry! entirely unused, is the greatest power ropeal the federal tax on inheritances and description of land mentioned in
and leave that field entirely to the
through to success the worthy enter­ river of the west.
said petition is as follows:
various stat33 of the Union.
prise it has launched.
O. D. Teel. The South Half of the
Auto Licenses Cut
Southwest Quarter of the Southwest
The names of Senator Upton and
Quarter and the South Half of the
Speaker Carkin of the house are on a
Southeast Quarter of the Southwest
senate bill providing that after an
Quarter, of Section Twelve, Township
automobile has been licensed three Three north of range twenty-eight
(E. B. Aldrich in the East Oregonian)
consecutive years the regular license east of W illamette Meridian. All per­
Secretary Work's objections to the
fee on the vehicle shall be cut in half
sons interested in the matter of said
Umatilla rapids project seem based on , .
The Judiciary committee of the sen­
his view that the irrigation end of j Income Tax and Tithing Meas- ate introduced a bill which would re- petition or who may be interested or
affected by such change in the boun
the project should stand on its own
poal the law requiring that men re­
ures Sponsored by Gov­
daries of said District, are hereby
ftet and not be added to the power
ceive physical examination when se­
notified to appear at tbe office of the
feature of the project.
curing marriage licenses.
board of directors of the Westland
The secretary does not assume the
New requirements for teachers be­ Irrigation District at Hermiston, Ore­
irrigation end of the Colorado project
fore certificates to teach shall be is gon, on the le t day of March, 1927
should pay Its own way. On Janu­ T ith in g Bill H it * Qame and Highw ay sued to them, and higher standards
at eight o’clock P. M. of said day, be­
Fund*— Requir* Schools to Teach
ary 12, 1926, the interior department
for the profession, are sought to be ing the next regular meeting of the
1#0 Days— Pnsum atlo T lre a for All
gave to the press the official report
establlrhed in a house bill.
board after the expiration of the time
T ru cks Proposed— Congress Mem
of the secretary approving the con­
A bill was introduced by Represen­
of publication of this notice, then and
struction of the Colorado project by
tative Howard removing trucks with there to show cause, if any they have,
the federal government. Here is ont
solid tires, having a rated capacity of
Salem.—As a result of Governor more than 3\4 tong, from highways why said petition should not be
paragraph from that report.
Patterson’s message to the legislature of the state. This wculd permit oper granted.
On the Colorado
Dated this 18th day of January,
.ast week outlining hl* plan for solv­ aticn of such trucks until after Janu
‘‘The money for this development ing the state'* financial difficulties,
should, 1 believe, be provided by a practically all revenue bills have been
bond issue of the United States. It sidetracked and attention centered on tunlty to make the desired charges Secretary of the Board of Directors
should be fqr a sum sufficient to pro­ the revenue bills sponsored by the by owners of vehicles affected. Such
of Westland Irrigation District.
j trucks after the date set must be 20-4tc
vide for the construction of the dam, governor.
equipped with pneumatic tires by the
the power plant and the ALL, AMERI­
In his message the governor sug­
CAN CANAL. An additional sum gested an income tax with a graduat­ ! terms of the bill.
Would Increase Members' Pay
should be included in lhe authoriza ed rute, the maximum not to exceed
tion to pay interest on bonds sold 3 per cent. To meet the present
In the County Court of the State of
during the period of construction, emergency until an Income tax can
Oregon For Umatilla County.
a house joint resolution calling ter a
and until such time as the revenue
operate he advised that 6 per cent be change In the constitution to permit In the Matter of the Estate
will meet intert it charges. Provid­ taken from the revenues of self sus­
ing the inonoy for this development taining boards and commissions dur­ the payment of >8 dally Instead of >3 William C White, deceased.
ns at present. The lawmakers at this
through a special bond Issue will ob­
Notice is hereby given that the un­
ing 1927 and thereafter 2% per cent, i BesHlo^ have vo(ed >5 daily to each
viate disturbance of the regular fis­
dersigned as administrator with will
member In addition to the legal >3 annexed of the estate of William C.
cal operations of the government. It
Monday bills to carry out the gover per diem for “expenses."
will obviate provision by the budget
White, deceased, and pursuant to an.
nor’s Idea* were ready for attention
The senate rejected a house reso­
for the money needed «luring con
The Income tax bill provides exemp­ lution providing for appointment of a order of the above entitled Court
structlon. The bonds could be sold
made and entered on the 8th day of
as money would be needed. Con­ tions of >1,000 for single, and >2.000 committee of the Oregon legislature January 1927, will sell for cash In,
to confer with similar committees hand in one parcel at private rale
struction would extend over a period
of between five and 10 years if work tnd >400 for each dependent, with * from the Washington and California upon sealed bids at the First National
were cairied on nt a iqte to secure graduated schedule from one to three .legislatures with regard to a uniform Bank In Hermiston, Oregon, subject
per cent. The measure is to he re- Income tax.
the greatest efficiency."
to confirmation by the above entitled
A state motor vehicle department
The Al! American canal is to cost erred Io lhe people at a special elee-
Court, all of the following described
>31.000.000, according to the call- I
lands located in Umatilla County,
. office was proposed in a bill intro-
mains. Al the present time the 1 to raise >2,000,000.
Oregon, and all belonging-to said es­
water for irrigating Imperial valky
tate, na follows: Beginning 346 feet
comes from a canal that runs in part i Generally speaking, the reaction to mlttee of the senate. The bill author- west and 30 feet south from the cen­
through Mexico. The All-American the Income tax recommendation ia Isea the employment of a motor ve- ter of the southeast Quarter of Sec­
canal is undoubti'illy needed and i ,'avorable nmong the members both of hide commissioner at a salary ol tion 10, Tp. 4 N. R. 28 E. W. M..
i $3600 a year.
should be built as should the other ) senate and house.
thence west 157.5 feet; thence south
Under the tithing bill, which levies i Motorists who invite their friends 300 feet; thence east 157.5 feet;
features of the Colorado project.
The charges dial Secretary Work 5 per cent on tbe revenues of state for a ride but who later face suits for thence north 300 feet to the place of
would impose upon water users there hoards and commissions during 1927 damages it they have an accident and beginning in Umatilla County, Ore­
may be understood from the follow­ and 2H per cent thereafter. It Is be- injure their guests may not be sued gon. and that said administrator will
lived that the fish and game Iunds for personal liability if the bill intro­ receive bids for said land from and
ing paragraph from his report:
“Water supplied for domestic, lu­ .tnd the highway funds would contrib­ duced In the house by Representative after Monday, the 21st day of Febru­
be delivered at the dam, at points ute most of the income of >1.000.000 Graham becomes a law.
ary, 1927, and will sell said land to
Complete Roosevelt Highway
along the river agreed upon and at fixed by Secretary of State Koaer as
the highest bidder for cash, provided
Forcing the state highway commis- said bid is satisfactory to the Judge I
the terminal of the All-American the probable charge during 1917 and
canal. Prices for this water should 1928. There will undoubtedly be some "Ion to sell sufficient bonds to finish of the above entitled Court.
be such as to at least repay all of the 1 ohjectlon among highway enthusiasts the Roosevelt highway and expedite
This notice is published four con-l
coat of OPERATION AND MAINTE­ over the f respect of using highway completion of that rood. along the secutlve weeks in the Hermiston Har-i
coast. I* the purpose of a senate Joint aid, a newspaper of general elreula-'
NANCE of lhe canals and an iquit- money for general stats purpose*.
able part qf the operating expenses
Some members fear the proposed resolution fathered by Norblad and tion published weekly in Hermiston..
of the dam. This with the revenue tithing tax. as far aa the highway de­ HaU.
Umatilla County, Oregon and by post-'
County Judge* from many sections ing the aame notice in threa public
front power will, we believe, repay partment was concerned, might result
the en tlie Investment In thia de­ disastrously, aa the greater part of of the state appeared before the places in said County and State, all
velopment with four per cent Inter­ the highway fund* already were obi I house roads and highway* committee ,
, he mBBner and form as by law
gated for new construction. and for ,B<* protested against the passage ol provided.
that reason, virtually the entire 6 par house bill 150. providing that cities j Dated thia 20th day of January,
Power End Carries Load
What that means Is that settlers cent tax. aa It affected the highway should receive 70 per cent of the taxes j j j 27<
in Imperial valley will be required department, would fall upon that per- levied within their boundaries fo r1
to pay tor the operation and the Gon of tbe receipts available for new road purposes.
Administrator with will annexed of
maintenance of their canal but not construction.
The senate by a vote of 17 t-
the estate of William C. W hite, de­
for its construction charge. In other
'Idlng Program T o ta ls » 4 0 0 ,0 0 0 orod submitting to tbo »'
word* the power end of the project
building procrum of the state Oregog a resolutl •
Where an American
H a n g s H is H a t
Once a hat was not just a h at; it was also a badge
of sectionalism. That was when the broad-brimm­
ed Stetson and the nobby derby seldom met. When
South, East, North, West lived differently, dressed
differently, thought differently. When a traveling
American could feel like a stranger in his own land.
Before advertising—
But now Mrs. Green of Boston and Mrs. Brown
of El Paso use the same vacuum cleaner, face pow­
der, soap; Adams of Boston and Sims of Seattle are
alike in the cut of their clothes. And where an
American hangs his hat within the borders of these
United States, he feels at home. Advertising did
that. . , -
Advertising is still at work helping to make these
states united. Here is abetter bed, a handsome
shoe, a more delicious food. Let it be known from
Maine to California, from Washington state to
Florida! Here is a healthier way to live, another
safeguard for your family, a new service of self-
improvement Spread the news everywhere!
Read them. They are Couriers of Progress and
Unity. Without them you’d lack half the comforts
you now have. Ignore them and you’ll miss many
a good thing to come.
7o Keep Pace
W ith the 7 imes, •
R ead the Advertisements
3 .