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    FOUR - Heppner Gazette-Times, Heppner, Oregon Wednesday, January 3, 2018
December 7 (cont):
Morrow County Sheriff’s
Office received a report on
SE Utah Ave, Irrigon that
gold Suburban with ski
racks came down the road
and peeled out in front of
his residence. RP went
out into the road, held up
his hands, tried to get the
plate and the vehicle drove
off. Deputy responded and
warned female driver of
driving habits.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Irrigon Learning
Center on Columbia Ln,
Irrigon of a compulsory
attendance citation for a ju-
venile. Under investigation.
-MCSO received a re-
port on Depot Ln, Irrigon of
visible flames south of Hwy
730, east of Paterson Ferry.
Fire was controlled burning
of brush piles.
-MCSO received a re-
port on NE Third St, Irri-
gon that a black small car,
similar to an Acura, travels
south on Third from Wash-
ington every day around
720 am. Advised the ve-
hicle speeds and wants the
driver contacted and slowed
-MCSO received a re-
port on E Hwy 730, Irrigon
that there is a big piece of
lumber in the road.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Hwy 730/W Eighth
Rd, Irrigon that a black cow
is running down W Eighth,
going across Hwy 730 in
the turn lane. Vehicle hit
cow while on the phone.
December 8: Morrow
County Sheriff ’s Office
received a report on Hwy
730/W Eighth Rd that a cow
was struck at this location.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Green Acres on Pat-
erson Ferry Rd, Irrigon that
a domestic is in progress.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Boardman Bombing
Range on Bombing Range
Rd, Boardman that three
dogs, two puppies and a
pit bull, are running on the
road. Unable to locate.
-MCSO received a re-
port on W Water St, Lexing-
ton that there are wild cats
at her house and she wants
the cats removed. Three or
four cats from the house up
the road.
-MCSO received a re-
port on I 84 W, Boardman
that a semi pulling a Cov-
enant transport trailer just
passed subject at 80+ mph.
Referred to other agency.
-MCSO received a re-
port on Willow Fork Dr,
Boardman that 97 year-old
grandmother passed appx
30 minutes ago. Grand-
mother has been sick for
a while.
-MCSO received a re-
port on I 84 E, Boardman
that a white Freightliner is
on the side of the road.
-MCSO received a re-
port on I 84 E, Boardman
that there is a motor vehicle
-MCSO received a
report at Love’s Travel
Stop and Country Store on
Tower Rd, Boardman that
56 year-old female skin is
getting red blistering and
throat is closing off. Trans-
-MCSO received a
report at W Hwy 730/W
Fourth Rd, Irrigon that she
moved a cow from the road-
way to her property to keep
it from getting hit.
-MCSO received a re-
port on Bombing Range Rd,
Boardman that a pit bull is
running down the road. Un-
able to locate.
-MCSO received a re-
port on Columbia Ln, Irri-
gon that a kitten showed up
at his property three weeks
ago and he would like it
Morrow County Health District is
happy to announce the addition of Physical Therapy
services in Boardman. Services are planned to begin
February 2018 at our new building located at
101 Kinkade Road
Watch for more details to come…
picked up and taken to pet
-MCSO received a re-
port at Black Mountain,
Heppner that an 18 wheeler
went off the side of the hill
with entrapment.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Frontage Ln/Desert
Rd of a two motor vehicle
accident. Maria Teresa Ven-
egas was issued citation
for unsafe passing in the
left lane.
-MCSO received a
report at W Seventh Rd/
Washington Ln, Irrigon that
cows are out at the location.
Spoke with cow owner and
they are going to go get it.
December 11: Mor-
row County Sheriff’s Of-
fice received a report on I
84 E, Boardman that he is
somewhere E of Boardman
and they hit a deer and then
pulled off the road. Airbags
did deploy. One subject
can’t hear out of his ear,
one is vomiting all over
and the driver advised that
he is bleeding possibly out
of his ear and has a cut on
his hand. Bert’s Towing re-
sponded and towed vehicle.
Three patients transported
to GSH.
-MCSO received a re-
port on NE Third St, Ir-
rigon that a black small
car, similar to an Acura,
that travels south on Third
from Washington everyday
around 720 am speeds and
wants the driver contacted
and slowed down.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Wilson Rd SW,
Boardman that a dog is
getting out and going into
Boardman City, needs to be
addressed with owner.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Frontage Ln/Pole
Line Rd that a group of 20
cows are in the area.
-MCSO received a re-
port on W Sperry St, Hep-
pner that a brown lab is
out, RP will attempt to put
it back in the yard.
-MCSO received an
anonymous report at Sub
Zero motel on S First St,
Irrigon that two subjects are
living in a van between the
Shell and Sub Zero. Has a
six year old male child liv-
ing in the van as well.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Frontage Ln/Pole
Line Rd that she was in a
small red car and the chip
trucks aren’t stopping at
Pole Line and Frontage and
almost hit her. She would
like a deputy to respond and
address the situation with
the company.
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-Continued from PAGE ONE
The commission also
received a monthly report
from the Sheriff’s Depart-
ment, which said there were
44 arrests in November
with 34 of those lodged
in jail. There were also
28 warrants issued, three
assaults, three thefts and
one each of the following:
DUI, possession of meth,
stalking order violation,
parole violation, driving
while suspended, criminal
trespass, criminal mischief,
disorderly conduct, custo-
dial interference and dog as
a public nuisance within the
department’s jurisdiction
area (does not include the
city of Boardman which has
its own police department).
In other business at a
Dec. 13 meeting the com-
mission heard a report from
Undersheriff John Bowles
who presented an idea to of-
fer transitional housing for
males just released from jail
or prison but still are on pa-
role or probation. These in-
dividuals are required to be
released back to the county
of conviction. Correction
Lieutenant Dan Robbins
explained that Oregon De-
partment of Corrections is
releasing inmates early to
reduce the prison popula-
tion. This however, shifts
the burden to the counties
to find places for them to
stay for up to 90 days while
they are under the county’s
Bowles said these in-
dividuals are already in
our communities, often
times moving from place
to place when they have
no family or residence. He
said it makes it harder for
parole and probation to
monitor them. Bowles said
in the past the only option
was to house these people
in local motels. Sheriff Ken
Matlack is proposing to fix
a foreclosed property in Ir-
rigon owned by the county
for use as transitional hous-
ing, with the stipulation that
no sex offenders could be
there. Because there were
several unanswered ques-
tions surrounding this topic,
Commission Chair Melissa
Lindsay requested the sher-
iff send the proposal to the
Local Public Safety Coor-
dinating Council with pos-
sible action by that group.
In other action the
commission reappointed
Don Russell to the Colum-
bia River Enterprise Zone
board, with Greg Sweek as
the alternate.
The commission also
heard that Kathy Neal had
resigned from the Morrow
County Planning Commis-
sion. Planner Carla McLane
said Bobbi Childers from
Ione had expressed interest
in being on the planning
commission, but at this
time there are no vacant
positions there. The com-
mission discussed ways
to use the at-large position
to shift representation for
current members and that
a south county member
might be resigning which
would open up a vacancy
for Childers to serve. The
Boardman vacancy created
by Neal’s resignation is still
unfilled with no interest
expressed from the com-
munity, McLane said. The
commission voted to reap-
point planning commission
members Mifflin Devin and
Rod Taylor.
In other discussion the
commission heard from
Boardman Police Chief
Rick Stokoe, who talked
about the situation regard-
ing people with mental
health issues and under
the influence of controlled
substances, who find them-
selves incarcerated. Stokoe
said these people are often
out of control but cannot
be treated because they
are under the influence. He
said in most cases they do
not belong in jail but are
there because of no other
alternatives. He said these
people cannot be housed in
the general jail population
but jails do not have the
staff to deal with the issues.
Stokoe said these people
often take up space in the
jail that needs to be used
for people who have com-
mitted a crime, but there is
no space available.
Stokoe said this is a
nationwide problem ex-
plaining that in the past
there were facilities for
detox and then that treat-
ment went away “many
years ago.” He said he met
with Representative Greg
Smith who plans to convene
a meeting between law en-
forcement and legislators to
address these issues. Stokoe
asked the commissioners to
consider drafting a letter of
support if the need arises.
Commissioner Doherty said
he would support Chief Sto-
koe’s efforts to find funds at
the state level.
-MCSO received a re-
port on SE Skyline Dr,
Heppner that a large brown
fat Malamute with a curly
tail ran off and hasn’t come
home yet, dog is not at all
-MCSO received a re-
port on I 84 E, Boardman
that there is a trucker on
her tail and crowding cars
going 85+. Teal colored cab
with white trailer. Referred
to other agency.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Green Acres on
Paterson Ferry Rd, Irrigon
that he has a medical dis-
ability and needs assistance,
reports he is hearing things.
-MCSO received a re-
port on Boardman Ave NE,
Boardman that he found a
brown pit bull on Bombing
Range, looks like she may
have recently had puppies.
Dog was dropped off at pet
-MCSO received a re-
port on Ridge Crest Ln,
Boardman that she has a
dog at her house that just
tried to bite her son. She
would like the dog picked
-MCSO received a re-
port at Irrigon Medical
Clinic on NE Main Ave,
Irrigon that a 26 year old
male jumped out of a mov-
ing vehicle with a head
injury. Transported to GSH.
-MCSO received a re-
port on SE Utah Ave/SE Di-
vision St, Irrigon that there
is a semi parked on the road
for at least an hour. There
is no room to get through.
Unable to locate.
-MCSO received a re-
port on W Hwy 730, Irrigon
that there is a red Toyota
Corolla all over the road,
going about 40 mph.
-MCSO received a re-
port that Anthony TJ Kes-
tler was arrested by UCSO
on MCSO warrant. Subject
cited and released.
Thompson Corrals. Depu-
ty responded, animal had
gotten itself free. ODFW
-MCSO received a re-
port at NE Seventh St/
NE main Ave, Irrigon that
there were three juveniles
vandalizing the vehicle
behind the fire hall. Deputy
responded and contacted
two juveniles. Vandalism
occurred last week and
these juveniles do not ap-
pear to have been involved.
-MCSO received a re-
port on NE Third St, Irrigon
that a black small car simi-
lar to an Acura travels down
Third from Washington to
Hwy 730 everyday around
720 am. RP advised the
vehicle speeds and wants
the driver contacted and
slowed down.
-MCSO received a re-
port on NW Minor St, Hep-
pner of telephonic harass-
ment issue. Deputy made
contact with female subject
and advised her to stop tex-
ting RP and his wife.
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LCD flat panels or CRTs from someone other than the company that manufactured
the LCD flat panel or CRT component, such as from an electronics retailer or a device
manufacturer other than one of the Defendants. “Natural persons” means a human, not
a business.
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How Do I Get More Information?
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hold Jan.
The LCAC January
meeting will be held on Jan.
4 at 9 a.m. in the upstairs
conference room in the Bar-
tholomew building located
at 110 N Court St., Heppner.
Advantage Dental Group, PC
Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum has resolved two lawsuits she brought
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December 12: Morrow
County Sheriff ’s Office
received a report at Willow
Creek Rd/Balm Fork Rd,
Heppner tat there is a deer
stuck on the fence just past
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Sheriff’s Report
with the purchase of new patient exam and necessary x-rays.
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This Notice is an official legal notice of the Oregon Department of Justice
Offer valid January 1, 2018 thru February 28, 2018. Offer cannot be combined. Additional
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