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    Heppner Gazette-Times, Heppner, Oregon Wednesday, December 27, 2017
ODOT prepares for
winter conditions
ODOT crews in east-
ern and central Oregon
are preparing for winter
storms, expected to create
challenging winter driving
Travelers are advised
to check road and weather
conditions at TripCheck.
com before hitting the road.
Links to winter driving
safety tips are also avail-
able on TripCheck under
the “Road and Weather”
tab at the top of the website.
Just open the “Winter Trav-
el” and “Winter Driving
Safety” drop down menus
where you’ll find helpful
messages. Here are a few
to keep in mind:
- Be ready to use your
chains. Be patient. Go slow.
- Turn off cruise con-
trol. Never use cruise con-
trol in wet, icy, snowy or
slippery conditions.
- Expect a long com-
mute that could last hours.
You never know when
weather or traffic incidents
will cause the road to be
closed for extended periods.
- Along with snow and
slick conditions, expect vis-
ibility to be limited.
- Make sure your wip-
ers, headlights, turn signals,
heater, etc. are in good
working order.
- Keep fuel tank full (in
case you get stuck in road
- Keep cell phone
- Avoid following GPS
navigation directions onto
remote or unfamiliar road-
ways if detoured off of the
main highway. Most routes
not considered main high-
ways are not maintained in
winter conditions.
- Carry emergency sup-
plies (water, food, warm
clothes, flashlight, etc.)
- Increase the following
distance between you and
the vehicle ahead of you.
- Use extra caution and
keep safety in mind when
installing tire chains along
the side of the roadway.
Other drivers may not be
able to see you clearly.
- Drive according to
conditions of the road, re-
gardless of posted speed
- Don’t abandon your
vehicle, even in the shoul-
ders. It could be towed at
your expense.
- Keep a watch on
weather conditions through-
out the day in anticipation
of the next snow storm
which could make current
road conditions worse.
- At the end of your
trip, wash off your vehicle
to remove mud, snow, road
salt and deicer residue.
Know Before You Go:
Call 5-1-1 or visit www.
TripCheck.com for the lat-
est real-time traffic updates
and camera views of Or-
egon’s highways. Outside
of Oregon, travelers can call
c h r is t ma s
s ea s o n
Me s s a g e s
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ing the entire case load.
This is a critically needed
position,” the memo added.
Meier also said that
98 percent of the juveniles
in the system are from the
north end of the county,
while the department of-
fices are in the south end
with two thirds of the staff
“office bound” there. Com-
missioner Jim Doherty said
he was in favor of the job
change. “I like boots on
the ground,” he said in
reference to adding another
field worker to deal with ju-
veniles. “We need to realize
that with a growing county
we are going to have more
issues,” added Commis-
sioner Melissa Lindsey.
Doherty also wanted to
be sure the request would
totally eliminate the assis-
tant position and not add
more cost and staff to the
department, pointing out
that the two positions were
“like oil and water.” Meier
assured the commission-
ers saying the eliminated
position’s work would be
“spread around the office,”
and handled by other em-
In other business at the
meeting the commission
briefly discussed a pro-
posed contract with Crow
Engineering to handle facil-
ity planning for the north
end. The county is con-
sidering what to do about
needed new facilities for
county offices and services
in Boardman and Irrigon.
The commission authorized
the county administrator to
sign documents related to
the agreement. No contract
was made public however.
In other business at
an earlier Dec. 6 meet-
ing the commission had
heard from Columbia Basin
Electric Cooperative CEO
and General Manager Tom
Wolff about an apparent
breakthrough in resolving
a dispute about how elec-
tric power would be trans-
ported, or “wheeled” from
a proposed new windfarm
in the county.
CBEC and Umatilla
Electric, UEC, have been
in a legal dispute about
which co-op would handle
the wheeling when the new
Wheatridge Wind Farm is
constructed in the next year.
In a letter to the commission
Wolff said, “the transmis-
sion line that will transmit
the project’s output to the
Bonneville grid is to be
constructed and owned by
the local electric utility – in
mid-Morrow County this
is Columbia Basin Electric
Wolff presented a map,
(he was also in attendance
at the meeting) showing
the following power line
construction route: “it will
run from a switchyard and
collector substation on
Strawberry Lane at the
southern end to the Onion
Plant road in the north –
Cascade Specialty Lane?
UEC is to build the line on
northward, within their ser-
vice territory, to the Port of
Morrow complex,” Wolff’s
letter said.
The letter went on
to say that the windfarm
builder, NextEra Energy,
is “providing CBEC with
compensation to property
owners for this transmis-
sion line route. Morrow
County will be compen-
sated the same as the other
property owners for the use
of the land – ie county road
“Be assured this
transmission line is being
planned and designed in
conjunction with the “one
Utility Corridor” concept
for north Morrow County.
It will be built to accom-
modate future renewable
energy projects and their
need to transmit electrical
power to the Bonneville
grid along the Columbia
River,” the letter said.
port on I 84 E, Boardman
that they hit a large rock
with their truck and would
like someone to pick it up.
Referred to other agency.
December 3: Morrow
County Sheriff ’s Office
received a report on SE
Utah Ave, Irrigon that a
blue Ford Ranger extended
cab 87 or older flew down
the road. RP reports that
he yelled at the driver this
morning to slow down and
now it is occurring again.
-MCSO is meeting OSP
in Arlington to transport
transient to Pendleton for
mental health appointment.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Wilson Ln/Bomb-
ing Range Rd, Boardman
that a female Jack Russell/
Chihuahua was found on
Bombing Range. Extreme-
ly skinny, looks partially
blind, has a sweater on, long
finger nail, extremely dirty.
Advised they will be taking
the dog to Oregon Trail Vet
Clinic tomorrow and will
post it on Facebook as well.
-MCSO received a re-
port pm Toms Camp Rd,
Boardman that person go-
ing to school in Ione, lives
in the Boardman area with
grandparents posted on
Instagram that she took 12
-MCSO received a re-
port on SE Utah Ave, Ir-
rigon that an older blue
extended cab chrome strip
Ford Ranger was speeding
through the area.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Threemile Canyon
Farms (office) on Three-
mile Rd, Boardman that he
just had a semi fly past the
guard shack and is parked
in the yard near the weigh
station. Tried banging on
the sleeper and he is not
responding. He would like
assistance because he is
217 North Main St., Heppner, OR Phone 676-9158 • Floral 676-9426 not supposed to be there.
Christopher Alvin Fuller
was trespassed from Three
Mile Canyon farms per
deputy on scene.
-MCSO received a re-
port on W Fourth Rd, Ir-
rigon that there are cows
loose in property running
down the road and through
the orchard and onto the
neighbors property.
December 4: Morrow
County Sheriff ’s Office
received a report on W
Sperry St, Heppner that a
dog is barking constantly
and he would like a deputy
to respond and deal with it.
Unable to locate.
-MCSO received a re-
port on Kunze Ln/Mountain
View Dr, Boardman that
there is a horse brown in
color in the road and he wit-
nessed someone almost hit
it. Referred to other agency.
-MCSO received a re-
port on SE Park Pl, Irrigon
that she needed a deputy
because she was attacked.
Female advised male at-
tacked her when she went
to his residence to get her
-MCSO received a re-
port at Green Acres on
Paterson Ferry Rd, Irrigon
that there is a male having
breathing problems. Trans-
ported to GSH.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Irrigon High School
on SE Wyoming Ave, Irri-
gon that there is a stalking
issue. Under investigation.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Green Acres on
Paterson Ferry Rd, Irrigon
that she is coming to get
her children and she has a
threatening message from
her mother-in-law. Would
like to speak to a deputy
about getting an escort. Ad-
vised RP unable to provide
escort without a court order.
RP picked up the children.
Editors note: The following Christmas message was in-
advertently omitted from the December 20 edition of the
Christmas Message 2017
So much effort goes
into preparing for Christ-
mas. We bake. We shop.
We wrap. We decorate.
We sing. We worship. We
lie awake with anxious
thoughts. It’s all good, ex-
cept for that last bit. But
then another Christmas
comes and goes and nothing
really changes. Most of us
do after Christmas exactly
what we did before—eat,
sleep, work, play, spend,
sing rarely, consult with
God in times of crisis only.
What if each of us did
things differently this year?
What if, instead of focus-
ing all our attention on the
run up to Christmas, we
used that day to mark a
beginning--as a launching
pad rather than a place to
land? What if, on Decem-
ber 26 and every day after,
we began to share more
freely, sing more often, pray
without ceasing, give away
more of our time, look out
for others first and be more
deliberate about spreading
the good news of God’s
love for all of creation?
Michael Curry, Presid-
ing Bishop of the Episcopal
Church, posted a stirring
Christmas message this
year that highlighted a poem
written by Howard Thur-
man, an African-American
theologian, educator and
civil rights leader until his
death in 1981. Thurman’s
poem, “Now the Work of
Christmas Begins,” cap-
tures my point exactly, and
says it far better:
When the song of the
angels is stilled,
when the star in the sky
is gone,
when the kings and
princes are home,
when the shepherds are
back with their flocks,
the work of Christmas
to find the lost,
to heal the broken,
to feed the hungry,
to release the prisoner,
to rebuild the nations,
to bring peace among
the people,
to make music in the
May peace flourish,
and music fill your heart.
Rev. Katy Anderson
The Shared Ministry
of All Saints Episcopal &
Hope Lutheran
Sheriff’s Report
The Morrow County Sheriff’s Office has released the following information:
December 1: Morrow
-MCSO received a re- one has been bitten.
-MCSO received a re-
County Sheriff ’s Office port on NW Gale St, Hep-
received a report at Hwy pner that there is graffiti on port at Columbia River
207 Echo/Butter Creek Rd the sidewalk in front of her Ranch on Kunze Ln, Board-
man that a female is staying
that a newer car was seen residence.
on the side of the road out
-MCSO received a re- there that has a warrant
in a field. RP drove past the port at Cain Ln, Irrigon that issued out of their county.
-MCSO received a re-
car, saw the interior light there is a fire, appears to be
come on. Seems like they someone burning tires and port on NW Gale St/NW
Church St, Heppner that
are out there waiting for uncontrolled.
something. RP thought it
-MCSO received a re- a dog is barking all day.
was suspicious.
port at Washington Ln, Ir- Attempted contact, under
-MCSO received a re- rigon that there is a puppy investigation.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Green Acres on Pat- in the road. Puppy looks to
erson Ferry Rd, Irrigon that be a couple of months old port that RP accidently
RP is keeping an eye on the and appears ill. Unable to threw away her passport
neighbor’s house and saw a locate owner. Transported and driver’s license and
would like us to be aware
male leaving with a duffel puppy to pet rescue.
bag. Josh (unknown last)
-MCSO received a re- in case anyone uses it.
lives in the park and RP port of a structure fire on
December 2: Morrow
believes he is taking items Columbia Ave, Boardman, County Sheriff’s Office re-
from the residence.
appears to be shop or ga- ceived a report Oregon Trail
-MCSO received a re- rage.
Library on N Main St, Hep-
quest on Tower Rd, Board-
-MCSO received a re- pner that he just drove by
man Intertribe Enforcement port on SE Cowins St, Hep- the library in Heppner and
would like extra patrol pner that four or five dogs there were several children
around their building north come out of the yard and that appeared to be beating
of I 84 on Tower Rd. They chase people on the walk- up on each other.
have had some vandalism ing trail that leads up to the
-MCSO received a
that they have taken a case dam. City hall advised the report at Ione School on
dogs are not licensed and no Spring St, Ione that there is
a silver pickup that pulled
behind the shop at the high
school and has been sitting
there for about an hour. RP
finds it suspicious since
there is nothing there. The
driver was sleeping there
until the tournament tomor-
-MCSO received a re-
port at Columbia Ln/Pater-
son Ferry Rd, Irrigon that
a vehicle is totaled. Ernest
Hollingsworth was issued a
citation for careless driving.
-MCSO received a re-
port on SE Utah Ave, Irri-
gon that a gray Ford Escape
and a white Landcruiser
were speeding on gravel
like they were chasing each
other headed towards tenth
on the gravel.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Bank of Eastern
Oregon on N Main St, Hep-
pner that person came with
a found debit card.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Sinclair station on W
Main St, Lexington that one
of her employees went into
the bathroom this morning
and noticed that one of the
ceiling tiles looked a bit off
and climbed up to check it
and found a loaded air soft
-MCSO received a re-
port on Magic Garden Ln,
Irrigon that she is hearing
subject calling for help, he
has cancer. RP has called
his caregiver and she is
on her way but the RP is
tired of hearing him yell
and wants an ambulance to
come out.
-MCSO received a re-
port at Green Acres on
Paterson Ferry Rd, Irrigon
that there appears to be a
domestic going on. He be-
lieves the male was hitting
the female with a pistol. RP
gave false report in order to
get a response, he wanted to
report fishing poles stolen.
Warned for filing a false
-MCSO received a re-
port on N Main Ave, Ir-
rigon that an assessor from
LaGrande was at the loca-
tion and advised the front
door was kicked in and it
appeared transients are liv-
ing in it.
-MCSO received a re-
port that UCSO arrested Ja-
cob Michael Spaulding on
probation violation. Lodged
at UCJ, no bail.
-MCSO received a
report that Monica Lee
Longoria was arrested on
Umatilla County probation
violation. Lodged at UCJ,
no bail.
-MCSO received a re-
Sunday Dec. 31st
Monday Jan. 1st
Remaining Christmas
Merchandise 50% OFF
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