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    Heppner Gazette-Times, Heppner, Oregon Wednesday, December 6, 2017
A view from the hill
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rolet and the family moved
to Heppner. With Roice
selling cars (also horse trail-
ers) and Betty managing
the business accounting,
Fulleton Chevrolet earned
national sales awards that
took them to the Bahamas
and Singapore. The busi-
ness was located on the site
where the current U.S. For-
est Service building stands
on Main Street in Heppner,
until they sold the business
in 1983.
Roice and Betty built
a brick house in Shobe
Canyon, two miles south
of Heppner and later pur-
chased the acreage sur-
rounding the home to farm
and raise registered quarter
horses. Their daughter Re-
becca was born in Heppner
in 1953.
Some locals will viv-
idly remember 1975, when
they decided to reduce the
size of their horse operation
and herded nearly one hun-
dred horses, three miles to
the north on highway 207 to
Heppner and then on to the
rodeo grounds for the Ful-
leton Quarter Horse Sale.
While residing in Vale,
Roice became acquainted
with and learned to rope
cattle from Sylvan William-
son, a well-known rancher
and Quarter Horse breeder.
Roping became a life-long
hobby. In 1956, Roice won
the Morrow County rodeo
amateur calf roping and
award saddle. Roice taught
many youth in the area
to ride horses and rope
cattle. The Fulleton girls
raced horses and competed
in rodeo throughout their
younger years. Becky con-
tinued to rodeo in college
and competed profession-
ally in the National Finals
Rodeo in 1978-79.
In the late 1970s, Betty
and Roice also purchased a
small ranch on the Umatilla
River between Echo and
Reith. Betty was employed
as deputy clerk of the Echo
School District, still man-
aged the bookkeeping for
Fulleton Chevrolet and
moved irrigation pipe ev-
ery summer day during the
week - well into her 60s.
In retirement, Roice
continued to participate in
team roping and later in life
traveled to Arizona during
winter seasons to live and
rope steers until he was
near 80 years of age. He
won the National Senior
Pro Rodeo team roping
award in 1990. Roice’s life
is a bit less eventful now;
in this 100 th year, he resides
at Willow Creek Terrace in
Heppner, with many stories
still to tell.
DEC. 24 &
JAN. 31
Morrow County Transfer
Stations. South end 57185
Hwy 74, Lexington and North
End 69900 Frontage Ln,
Boardman. Will be closed
for the following Holidays
Sunday December 24 , 2017
Sunday January 31, 2018
Thank you for your cooperation it allows our attendants
to be with their families this holiday season. Morrow
County Public works 541-989-9500.
La estacion de transferencia de
el Condado de Morrow en las
siguientes localidades, 57185
Hwy 74, Lexington, y
69900 Frontage Ln en Boardman
Estaron Cerrados
Domingo Diciembre 24, 2017
Y tambien Domingo Enero 31, 2017
Gracias por su coperacion, esto les da tiempo
para que los empleados tambien pasen tiempo con
Sus familias duranted las vacaciones. Condado de
Morrow Servcios Publicos 541-989-9500
We don’t fly airplanes
We can’t train elephants
We’re not good cooks
We don’t build computers
We can’t raise wheat
We don’t practice law
We can’t set a broken leg
We don’t put out forest fires
We can’t measure & cut lumber
We don’t sell fat quarters
We don’t rent movies
We won’t charm snakes
We don’t rotate tires
We’re not painters
We can’t resole shoes
We don’t fill cavities
We don’t sell antiques
We don’t know jewelry
We can’t fill prescriptions
We don’t savvy hardware
We can’t fill propane tanks
(and set up
We don’t sell or bag groceries
We shouldn’t run with scissors
By Doris Brosnan
“Well, I’ll never do that
again,” was Roice Fulle-
ton’s response when asked
on his Dec. 2 birthday if he
had a good 100 th birthday.
Great to know that his sense
of humor is as sharp as ever.
And he did have a good
100 th birthday because the
residents at Willow Creek
Terrace were happy for
him, and he shared it with
his family, enjoying food
and conversation in the sun
room to mark the occasion.
Mary Ramey will cel-
ebrate her 91 st birthday on
the 17 th , so residents and
staff have another special
occasion to look forward to.
One special occasion
on the Hill in November
was, of course, Thanksgiv-
ing. This year just over
thirty diners enjoyed the 26-
lb. turkey and all the trim-
mings. And the family-like
atmosphere was heightened
by the guests who pitched in
to help in the kitchen with
The residents also en-
joyed their first participa-
tion in the “Tie-One-On
Day” custom of distributing
among neighbors loaves of
breads tied up with bows
and accompanied with little
Thanksgiving prayers. The
evening staff members were
commended for their get-
ting the loaves of sweet
breads made, getting them
wrapped and getting the
cards that contained all
residents’ names and the
little prayers attached. Thir-
teen neighbors in the Ter-
race neighborhood received
these thoughtful and tasty
gifts, adding another reason
for being thankful.
Thoughts have now
turned to Christmas, and
as of yesterday, the Ter-
race looks truly festive. It
was the annual “Deck the
Halls” event that leaves
the hallways, the living
and dining room festooned
with all things Christmas.
It also left tummies full
with homemade soups and
breads and hearts feeling a
bit fuller with the messages
of the carols that everyone
As the residents and
friends decorated the tree
last evening, they were
made aware that on Dec.
22, 1882, the first electric
tree lights were available,
replacing the candles pre-
viously used on Christmas
trees. Of course, thanks
to Thomas Edison, the
wealthy class was able to
enjoy a safer Christmas
that year.
Today marks the first of
the December Wednesdays
that will feature a prize
drawing at the reading of
the Heppner Gazette Times.
One fortunate participant
will win a Christmas-relat-
ed prize. All participants
will enjoy the conversations
that the reading of the local
news stimulates.
This Friday will cel-
ebrate gingerbread and
competition will be in the
LCAC to meet
188 West Willow • 676-9228
ing a special treat. And he
doesn’t stop with that. He
also leaves an extra special
treat for each resident under
the tree. (Helping him know
who will be happy with
what, the Terrace Angels
will again have kept their
eyes open and their ears
keen to hear residents men-
tion anything they might
wish for on Christmas.)
After breakfast, residents
will check their stockings
and open the gifts picked
out especially for each of
Maintaining the holi-
day atmosphere at the Ter-
race will be fairly easy as
special events on the 27 th ,
28 th and 29 th will almost fill
the days until New Year’s
Eve. “Fruitcake Day” on
the 27 th is often maligned
but a favorite of others.
“Card Playing Day” on the
28 th will be an opportunity
for residents and staff to
play an assortment of card
games. And on the bowling
ball’s 1862 birthdate on the
29 th , residents will be up
for some friendly bowling
New Year’s Eve might
find some residents watch-
ing the dropping of the ball
in Manhattan, since that
occurs at 9 p.m. our time,
but more residents will be
passing that up and look-
ing forward to the festive
breakfast always served on
New Year’s Day. Most resi-
dents and staff view that as
a great way to begin 2018.
Marriage Licenses
The Morrow County Clerk’s office has released the
The November LCAC meeting is scheduled for
Thursday, Dec. 7 at 9 a.m. in the Well Springs room of following report of marriage licenses:
November 30, 2017: -Kate A Brown, 29, Boardman
the Port of Morrow conference center at 2 Marine Drive,
and Robert E Myers, 29, Boardman.
Chamber and community events
The Murray’s Christ-
mas Wish list activity is
happening now, so stop by
and make your wish list.
One adult and one child will
win a $100 shopping spree
at Murray’s. Winners will
be drawn on Dec. 20. Also,
if we have your permission
to file them, your friends
and family can shop from
a custom list that you made.
Now through Friday,
Jan. 12, nominations will
be accepted for Heppner
Chamber’s Annual Town
and Country Community
Awards. Pick up nomina-
tion forms at the Bank of
Eastern Oregon, Heppner
Chamber, city hall, Com-
munity Bank and the Post
Office to submit nomina-
tions for Man and Woman
of the Year, Business of the
Year, Youth Award, Citi-
zen-Educator of the Year
and Lifetime Achievement
Award. The nomination
forms can be dropped off
at Kuhn Law Office or the
Heppner Chamber of Com-
merce or emailed to hep-
net. Contact the Chamber
office at 541-676-5536 for
more information.
Now through Thursday,
Dec. 14, the Rewards Cards
program starts for shopping
local. Start collecting your
rewards cards when you
shop local at participating
businesses. The denomina-
tions are $10, $20 and $50
and cannot be given on pay-
ments to accounts. Bring
your family and come out
to spend a great evening
on Thursday, Dec. 14 and
spend your rewards cards
on prizes that have been
donated by local and out
of town merchants. There
will be pictures with Santa,
a dinner available for pur-
chase and Scrooge will
also be there. Contact the
Chamber if you have any
questions at 541-676-5536.
Now through Friday,
Dec. 8, Giving Tree at Les
Schwab. Stop by and pick
up a card and help support
our local foster children
in Morrow County. Gifts
need to be returned to Les
Schwab by Friday, Dec. 8.
Now through Wednes-
day, Dec. 20, Community
Bank Charity Drive Food
Bank. Drop off any mon-
etary donation to the Hep-
pner Community Bank and
they will match up to $500
at .50 cents on every dollar
collected. The donations
will support The Heppner
Neighborhood Center.
Thursday, Dec. 7, Hep-
pner Downtown Merchants
Open House organized by
the Heppner Chamber.
Check out all that is going
on during the day by our
local merchants and plan
on staying after the light
parade until 7 p.m. to take
in the activities and pick
up a couple of Christmas
presents while you are at
it. Contact the Heppner
Chamber for more info at
Thursday, Dec. 7 at
5:30 p.m., Parade of Lights
organized by the City of
Heppner. Pick up a parade
entry form at city hall. The
parade will be start at 5:30
p.m., with all participants
at the city park by 5 p.m. to
F oster G randparents
W anted !
air, for this will be the day
of the annual Gingerbread-
House competition. Teams
representing the two hall-
ways will vie for brag-
ging rights, incorporating
as many team-members’
ideas into their creations as
possible. Manager Nairns
reports that this event has
to be staff member Kim
Henrichs’s very favorite
activity at the Terrace.
December usually
brings the magic of music
to the Terrace. And the first
group of carolers, sched-
uled for the 16 th , will be
from the Episcopal and
Methodist Churches. On
the 19 th , residents will enjoy
another piano recital. Many
other dates are available for
carolers and musicians who
want to share their talents
with the community on
the hill.
One of the Saturday
matinees this month will
feature It’s a Wonderful
Life, which has been en-
tertaining and inspiring
viewers since 1946. Fea-
tured this month among the
always-available drinks in
the Terrace’s dining room
will be eggnog.
On Christmas Eve,
the Community will share
a lite evening meal and
snacks while carols play, a
quiet, soothing atmosphere
before… to bed so Santa
Claus can come. While the
good girls and boys sleep,
he will visit the stockings at
each apartment door, leav-
Eastern Oregon Foster Grandparent Program
Seeks persons 55+ (Income limit apply) to help
students in Heppner area schools with reading.
Receive a stipend of up to $450 month tax free.
Call 541-276-4474 (Pendleton) or
1-800-541-5116 (toll free throughout Oregon).
line up. Contact the Hep-
pner City Hall at 541-676-
9618 for more information.
Sunday, Dec. 10 from
2-4 p.m., open house at
Heppner Christian Church
parsonage. Stop by and visit
and enjoy some refresh-
ments at Pastor Ray and
Rhonda DeLoe’s home.
Sunday, Dec. 10 at
6:30 p.m., Free Community
Concert with Christopher
Duffley. This event is being
sponsored by Community
Counseling Solutions and
will be held at Heppner
High School. Concessions
will be organized by the
FBLA Club and will offer
light dinner selections and
will open at 5 p.m.
Dec. 11-14, Heppner
High School Greens Work-
shop. They are accepting
orders for wreaths and need
volunteers to help with
this project. They are mak-
ing wreaths, swags, candy
canes, crosses ($20 each)
and centerpieces ($10-$20).
Contact Beth Dickenson
at 541-676-9138 or email
for more information or to
place an order.
Thursday, Dec. 14 at 6
p.m., Heppner Christmas
Event at Morrow County
Fairgrounds. A spaghetti
dinner prepared and served
by the Track and Cross
Country Team parents will
be limited to the first 200
people (you will receive a
$10 reward card for each
meal purchased). There
will be pictures taken with
Santa and his elves from
6-7 p.m. for $5. Scrooge
will be around to grump-
ily hand over $10 rewards
cards and drawing of the
rewards cards, raffle and
penny board winners will
wrap up the evening.
Thursday, Jan. 18 from
12 noon to 1 p.m., Heppner
Chamber of Commerce an-
nual luncheon in the Senior
Center dining room. The
Chamber Board decided to
move the annual luncheon
to Jan. 18 instead of right
after the holidays. Mark
the date and time on your
calendar and plan on join-
ing us. There will be more
information available closer
to the event.
Thursday, Jan. 25,
Business Education and
Training seminars co-
ordinated by Boardman
Chamber of Commerce.
The Boardman Chamber is
coordinating a seminar pre-
sented by Paul Hutter. The
seminar will include morn-
ing and afternoon sessions
with morning to be Health
Care Update, marijuana in
the workplace and Oregon
overtime rules for manufac-
turers. The afternoon ses-
sion will include discussion
on motivating and retaining
your employee. Cost for
a half day as a Chamber
member is $200, $250 for
a non- member. Heppner
chamber members will re-
ceive the member rate. Cost
for a full day is $350 as a
member, $400 for a non-
member. Small businesses
with 10 employees or less
are offered a $50 discount.
Multiple employees from
the same company may at-
tend for one price. Contact
the Boardman Chamber
at 541-481-3014 for more
information. Registration
begins on Nov. 13.
Thursday, Feb. 8 at 6
p.m., Heppner Chamber’s
Annual Town and Coun-
try Community Awards
Event at Morrow County
Fairgrounds. Nomination
forms are available now
and tickets will be available
for purchase soon. Plan to
come and spend a great
community evening as we
celebrate our recognition
of the Man and Woman of
the Year, Business of the
Year, Youth Award, Citi-
zen-Educator of the Year
and Lifetime Achievement