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    Heppner Gazette-Times, Heppner, Oregon Wednesday, August 3, 2016
~ Letters to the Editor ~
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criteria met: letters submitted to the newspaper will need to have the name
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“Card of Thanks” at a cost of $10.
Blessed to have known
Bob Jepsen
To the Editor:
Julie and I were unable to attend Bob Jepsen’s funeral
service, so I wish to take this opportunity to share a testimony
of Bob and Suzanne’s impact on our life. In the beginning of
our ministry in Eastern Oregon over three decades ago, we were
living in our mountain cabin—no electricity or running water.
With three kids, and Julie ready to return to Australia, Bob and
Suzanne arrived with a generator. We hardly knew them. They
were the first to encourage and support us on our first ministry
trip across America in 1986.
It is rare to say that a man, in this case a man of God,
died too soon at 86. Julie and I are grateful to have known and
been blessed by Bob and Suzanne Jepsen. May his memory
and heritage inspire others to know and serve Jesus Christ as
Lord and Savior.
(s) Stuart and Julie Dick, Irrigon
The View from the Green
Over the Tee Cup
The 16 ladies who teed
off at Willow Creek Coun-
try Club July 26 deemed
the day “hot but nice,”
with the course in beautiful
Low gross of the field
went to Nancy Propheter,
with low net of the field
to Karen Haguewood and
least putts of the field to Loa
For Flight A, Karen
Thompson had low gross.
For Flight B, Judy Har-
ris had low gross, with low
net going to Shirley Martin
and Pat Dougherty. Betty
Burns had least putts.
For Flight C, Lorrene
Montgomery had low gross,
Sue Edson low net and Kris
Lindner least putts.
Chip-ins were: Loa
Heideman #2, Karen
Haguewood #3 and #5,
Karen Thompson #3, Kathy
Martin #8, and Nancy
Propheter #3.
In other events, Kris
Lindner and Sue Edson
were named most improved.
For coming events, the
ladies are reminded of the
invitational at Walla Walla
County Club.
WCCC Sunday
men’s play results
Twenty-three partici-
pated in Sunday men’s play
at Willow Creek Country
Club on July 31. Prizes
were awarded based on net
score only. The results are
as follows:
Net—1 st , Greg Grant,
52; 2 nd , Stacy Wilson, 53;
3 rd , John Edmundson, 57;
and 4 th , Duane Disque,
Ralph Walker, Bob Mac-
Donald and Ron Bowman,
In other events, KP 9/18
went to Derek Gunderson at
10’, while Greg Grant had
least putts at 22.
In a correction from
last week, Bob MacDonald
won third net. There will
be no men’s play on Aug.
7 because of the couples’
The next men’s play
will be Aug. 14 with Tim
Hedman, Rod Wilson and
Tim Wright hosting. Aug.
21 is the shootout, which is
a two-man event.
Local athletes gear up for East-West
Shrine game
Morrow County foot-
ball players are already in
Baker City, OR, gearing
up for Oregon’s 64 th annual
East West Shrine All-Star
Football Game.
The annual game fea-
tures senior football players
from 1A to 4A high schools,
who play to benefit the
Portland Shriners Hospital
for Children.
Representing Morrow
County on the East team
this Saturday, Aug. 6, will
be CJ Kindle and Patrick
Collins of Heppner and
Fredy Vera of Irrigon.
Selected as alternates
for the team were Weston
Putman and Kaden Clark
from Heppner and Cougar
Kroske from Irrigon. Kel-
len Grant of Heppner also
was selected as a student
manager for the East team.
The players will prac-
tice all week for Saturday’s
game at Bull Dog Stadium
in Baker City.
L-R: CJ Kindle of Heppner, Fredy Vera of Irrigon and Patrick Collins of Heppner will all
represent Morrow County at the East West Shrine All-Star Football Game in Baker City this
Saturday. -Contributed photo
Festivities will include
The game will be aired subscribers). Check local
a parade at 11 a.m. on game on ROOT Sports Network listings for availability.
day, with kick-off at 7 p.m. (channel 426 for DISH
A View from the Hill
By Doris Brosnan
Although no Willow
Creek Terrace Residents
journeyed to Ione for its
Independence-Day celebra-
tion, they were treated to a
view of many of that day’s
Cruise-In entries. The driv-
ers from Hermiston offered
a “heads up” the day before
and then—en route to Ione
on the Fourth—came as a
group to parade past the
Residents who watched
from their lawn chairs and
from their apartment win-
Waiting for winds to
subside, the Community
on the Hill chose the fol-
lowing Monday for watch-
ing their private fireworks
show while enjoying their
ice cream treats. Thanks
to the largesse of the Lions
Club, the budgeted funds
for purchasing fireworks
went much further than ex-
pected, and the long show
was totally satisfactory.
July held a good num-
ber of days dedicated to
special persons, places, and
things that have won spots
on the national register
of celebrations. Everyone
could remember the “Law-
rence Welk Show,” which
started in 1955 and ran
for 27-1/2 years; Cracker
Jacks, which hit the mar-
kets in 1893 and added a
prize inside in 1912 (yes,
still available); and the
“Newlywed Game Show,”
1966-1974 (a new version
now shows). National Fried
Chicken Day is always a
hit (July 6); Macaroni Day
was agreeable (14 th ); Gum-
my Worm Day was sweet
(15 th ); National Ice Cream
Day is a favorite (17 th );
Junk Food Day stimulated
some talk about preferences
(21 st ); Ice Cream Cone Day
was delicious (23 rd ), as was
Chocolate Milkshake Day
(26th); and Lasagne Day
was “delizioso!” (29 th ).
Morning conversations also
focused on Telling the Truth
(the seventh); the Major
League Baseball All-Star
Game (12 th ); what happens
when the Moon Is Full
(19 th ); Hammocks (22 nd );
Gorgeous Grandmas (23 rd );
Aunties, and Telling Jokes
(24 th ); Acting Like a Cave-
man (25 th ); Fathers-in-Law
(30 th ); and Mutts (31 st ).
Some “civilized, good
conversations,” says Man-
ager George Nairns, also
resulted in July from the
Residents’ following of the
national “Campaign 2016”
-Continued from PAGE ONE cussed taking some areas
of Morrow and Morrow
County Court, all members
of the CREZ.
The maximum size an
enterprise zone can be is 15
square miles, so the CREZ
is considering adding other
areas also, and expanding
to the maximum.
The board also dis-
out of the CREZ that have
not been producing new
The purpose of the
CREZ, as with the other
enterprise zones around the
state of Oregon, is to offer
reduced or no property tax-
es for a number of years as
an incentive to locate there.
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coverage on the news. Two
characteristics of this gen-
eration are general interest
in the political climate and
the belief that “It’s okay to
A sad loss for the Ter-
race in July was a happy
gain for Ed Struthers, for
he and wife, Marie, moved
to Pendleton. They gained
a closer proximity to their
Pendleton children. The
Terrace lost its devoted
volunteer who brought a
variety of library books
to the avid readers on the
Hill. Wishing Ed well, the
Residents also wish for
a replacement who will
continue this wonderful
Three especially spe-
cial days in July were those
celebrating Terrace birth-
days: Donna Bergstrom was
a year older on the eighth.
Meg Murray celebrated her
birthday on the 12 th . And
Velma Wight was only 99
years old on the 30 th !
The Community will
have no birthdays to cel-
ebrate in August but will
have other dates to look
forward to.
Some Residents at-
tended Music in the Park
last month and will return
for the August concert. On
the 11 th , Kelly Weaver of
Irrigon will entertain with
an accordion concert. They
will also take in the enter-
tainment and the entries in
the Morrow County Fair on
the 17 th .
August began with con-
versation about Girlfriends
(the first) and Smile Week
(first through seventh). The
Olympics will begin this
weekend, and the Terrace’s
version of their own Olym-
pic games will bring out
competitors through next
week. On the fifth, Staff
may have some surprises
for the Residents on Twins
Day, and Sisters will be the
topic for morning conversa-
tion on the seventh. Prime
rib will be a tasty feature of
the 13 th , and Residents will
dine on the patio as August
ends with Eat Outside Day.
But what Residents
view as especially special
this month is that it also be-
gan with the moving-in of
a new neighbor but familiar
face. They are so pleased
that Gladys Van Winkle
has returned to Heppner
after a few years in Salem
and will add her warm heart
and sense of humor to the
Terrace Community.
A public hearing will be
held later before the expan-
sion is completed.
In other business at
the CREZ meeting last
week, the board heard
that the sawmill located in
the poplar tree farm near
Boardman, which is shut-
ting down, will have to pay
back the exempted property
taxes it received while in
The entire poplar farm
is being shut down and con-
verted back to agriculture
use, so the sawmill will no
longer have trees to cut.
When established, the
mill had received tax ex-
emption from the CREZ.
The amount of back taxes
to be paid back was not
disclosed at the meeting.
Morrow County Assessor
Mike Gorman said he had
not calculated an exact
figure yet.
The board also heard
that an auditor from the
state had been asking ques-
tions about CREZ opera-
CREZ administrator
Carla McLane said there
weren’t any problems, she
just felt the state was just
trying to get an understand-
ing how the enterprise
zones were working, and
that CREZ is one of the
more active ones in Oregon,
so it made sense for them
to call.
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