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    EIGHT- Heppner Gazette-Times, Heppner, Oregon Wednesday, July 20, 2016
View from the
drivers seat
-Continued from PAGE ONE
Combine harvesting a field near Sand Hollow lane on the
Turner Ranch in Heppner - Contributed Photo
Morrow County School
District VEHICLE Surplus
Morrow County School
District will surplus five
vehicles that are available
to view on the following
dates: July 21st, 28th and
August 4th from 8:00 a.m.
to 12:00 p.m.
The following vehicles are
located at A.C. Houghton
Elementary, 1105 North
Main Street, Irrigon,
Oregon 97844.
1983 Chevrolet Pickup,
¾ ton, 4 speed, mileage
Minimum Bid: $250.00
1999 Ford Econoline
Va n ( 9 9 - 1 ) , m i l e a g e
Minimum Bid: $250.00
The following vehicles
are located at Heppner
Elementary bus shed, 20
Hwy. 74 East, Heppner,
Oregon 97836.
1985 Chevrolet Pickup,
½ ton, 4 speed, 2 wheel
drive, mileage 151,842.
Minimum Bid: $500.00
1999 Ford Econoline Van
(99-2), mileage 136,000.
Minimum Bid: $750.00
1999 Ford Econoline Van
(99-4), mileage 138,500.
Minimum Bid: $600.00
ALL vehicles are being sold
“AS IS” and NO warranty
is being given by the school
district or any other party.
1. SEALED Bids will be
turned into Jan Huddleston,
Morrow County School
District, no later than
August 12, 2016 at 4pm.
2. Bids must contain the
vehicle description and
corresponding VIN#.
3. Address to turn in
bids: 235 East Stansbury,
H e p p n e r, O R 9 7 8 3 6
(Heppner Elementary
School building, District
Office, Room 13) OR
mailed to MCSD, P.O. Box
100, Heppner, OR 97836,
Attn: Jan Huddleston.
If mailed, bids must be
received in our office by
August 12, 2016.
All expenses
associated with transferring
the title and removal of
the vehicles lies with the
auction winners. ALL
additional questions,
contact Jan Huddleston at
541-676-9128, ext. 2011.
Published: July 20, 27 and
August 3, 2016
Get your ads and articles in for
The Gt's 2016 special fair edition
The Morrow County Fair &
Rodeo is August 17-21
The Special Fair Edition
of The Heppner Gazette will be
published August 10th.
The deadline to submit articles
and advertisements
is August 1st.
INFOMATION at 541-676-9228
or stop by our office at
188 W. Willow in Heppner.
Eric Slyter and presentation assistant Michael Jones demonstrate a medieval fighting technique during their presentation at
the Heppner library last week. -Photo by Andrea Di Salvo
nowned in the Middle Ages
for its versatility and deadli-
ness. The audience was sur-
prised to find that the sword
was smaller and lighter
than they expected—ap-
proximately 48 inches in
overall length with a grip
long enough for both hands,
but typically weighing only
2.5 to 3.5 pounds.
Slyter and Jones also
used their faithful replica
weapons to demonstrate the
many ways the sword could
be used—as a mace, a short
spear and even a pole axe—
and the two-handed maneu-
vering that made it such
an accurate weapon. The
audience also learned the
three guard positions used
with the weapon—“ox”
(high), “plow” (middle) and
“fool” (low).
Of course, with a sword
comes armor, and the
knights also demonstrated
what it took to put on the
approximately 60 pounds
of gear a knight would
wear into battle. The armor
worn by Slyter and Jones
was high-quality replica
steel armor to faithfully
depict the armor of knights
in the late 1300s. The audi-
ence learned that, while the
mass of the armor was in-
deed heavy, the distribution
made it easier to carry than
the heavy pack of a modern
soldier or firefighter.
“Though you’d feel
it in your shoulders and
legs by the end of the day,”
Slyter added.
At the end of the pre-
sentation, young audience
members—and a few older
ones—had the chance to
hold a sword, wear a helmet
and look through medieval
artifacts. They were also
sent away with a copy of the
knight’s code of chivalry
and that message that, as
important as the knightly
skills were, the true mea-
sure of a knight lay in the
Penny’s Puppets to promote summer
reading in Ione
Penny Walter displays a marionette for a group at the Heppner library earlier this month. The
show will come to Ione next Tuesday, July 26, at 11 a.m. at the Ione Public Library. -Photo by
Andrea Di Salvo
SALEM—The Oregon
College Savings Plan is
bringing puppeteer Penny
Walter back to Morrow
County next week. Walter
shared her Penny’s Puppets
show at the Oregon Trail
Library District’s Heppner
branch on July 7 and will
return to the area for a show
at the Ione Public Library
on July 26 at 11 a.m.
Penny’s Puppets is an
“imaginative show that
takes the audience on a
magical, musical journey
packed full of comedy,
laughter and audience par-
ticipation, blurring the
boundaries between fantasy
and reality to create a fun,
make-believe world where
anything can happen and
usually does.”
The performance is
part of this year’s annual
summer reading program,
On Your Mark, Get Set,
Save! The Oregon College
Savings Plan is underwrit-
ing a series of free special
performances in libraries in
communities with a popu-
lation of 10,000 or less to
engage and motivate young
readers, while helping these
smaller libraries drive traf-
fic and encourage summer
While at the libraries,
parents are encouraged to
pick up an entry form for
a chance to win a $529
Oregon College Savings
Plan account, plus $500
for the winner’s library. To
participate, parents must
first enroll their children
in the 2016 summer read-
ing program, then fill out
a postage‐paid entry card,
available at the library,
and drop it in the mail. All
entries must be postmarked
by Aug. 26 and received by
Sept. 1. Visit www.Oregon-
CollegeSavings.com for of-
ficial rules and prize details.