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    SIX - Heppner Gazette-Times, Heppner, Oregon Wednesday, July 20, 2016
7-Wheel Drive to perform July 25 at Irrigon
The band 7-Wheel
Drive will perform for the
Music in the Parks free out-
door summer concert series
at 7 p.m. on Monday, July
25, at the Irrigon Marina
Park, located off Highway
730 in Irrigon. The Tri-
Cities area band plays a mix
of R & B and jazz.
The group features
singer Lori Tyler with Steve
Haberman on piano, Gary
Danielson on baritone sax,
Wayne Land on alto sax,
Stan Pitman on trumpet,
Dave Campbell on bass
and Jerry Larson on drums.
Admission to the concert
is free. Visitors are encour-
aged to bring chairs or
rigon Marina Parks. The
concerts are free to the
public and begin at 7 p.m.
on Mondays through to
Aug. 22. The Music in the
Parks series is funded by
the Morrow County Uni-
fied Recreation District and
Portland General Electric
and sponsored by the North
Morrow Community Foun-
Additional dates and
performers during the sea-
son include Brass Fire in
Boardman on Aug. 1; Da-
7-Wheel Drive will perform at Music in the Parks in Irrigon next Monday. -Contributed photo kota Brown in Irrigon on
Aug. 8; Jamie Nasario in
blankets. Concessions will Judy’s Chuck Wagon.
summer alternating be- Boardman on Aug. 15 and
be available for purchase
The Music in the Parks tween Boardman and Ir- the band Fallout in Irrigon
at the event, courtesy of concert series is held each
on Aug. 22.
The next lunch meeting
of the Heppner Chamber
of Commerce will be an all
entities report on Thursday,
Aug. 4, at noon in Heppner
City Hall conference room.
Cost of lunch is $10;
Murray’s will cater.
Chamber lunch attend-
ees are asked to RSVP at
541-676-5536 no later than
the Tuesday before to guar-
antee a lunch.
Female veterans given a chance to make their voices heard
Two listening sessions planned for Morrow County
Elizabeth Estabrooks,
the Women Veterans Co-
ordinator from Oregon
Department of Veterans
Affairs, will be visiting
Morrow County in July and
will be holding listening
sessions for women who
have served in the military.
Listening sessions will
take place Tuesday, July
26, from 2:30-4 p.m. at the
Bartholomew Building in
Heppner and Wednesday,
July 27, from 3-4:30 p.m.
at the Port of Morrow Riv-
erfront Center, Boardman.
Estabrooks is interested
in hearing from women
veterans and finding out
the “good, the bad and the
ugly” of their experiences
with the VA. She says she
is looking for answers to
questions like:
-What are your experi-
ences in obtaining services
where you are?
-What are the problems
you have had with filing
a claim, recently or in the
-What is the one thing
you would do to improve
services, if you could?
-How can she help?
All women who have
served are invited to come
to a listening session to
share their thoughts. Any-
one who cannot attend the
listening session but who
would like to share their
story, call 971-720-9116
or e-mail elizabeth.esta-
sold the vehicle for $150.
March 30: -A female
in Irrigon advised Morrow
County Sheriff’s Office that
she was robbed at gunpoint;
the male was on foot but it
was unknown if he was still
-MCSO received report
of a traffic hazard at the
I-84 overpass in Boardman,
white bags of feed.
-MCSO received report
of a green Polaris side-by-
side stolen off Hwy. 207
near Porcupine Ln.
-A female in Boardman
reported that $200 cash and
a coat were missing from
her home. She advised an
individual had been doing
yard work for her the last
three weeks; she had no-
ticed the missing items the
week before.
-A female in Boardman
requested to speak with a
deputy regarding a vehicle
she sold to a female the year
before on a verbal contract;
she advised she gave the fe-
male the title but the female
hadn’t made any payments.
MCSO determined it was a
civil problem.
-MCSO arrested Rob-
ert Edwin Cool, 29, on a
Umatilla parole and proba-
tion detainer.
-MCSO received a
driving complaint from Ir-
rigon; someone was making
dirt fly in the area.
-MCSO served Marco
Antonio Garcia, 30, a Mor-
row County Circuit Court
warrant for Conspiracy to
Commit Delivery of a Con-
trolled Substance.
-MCSO received a tres-
passing complaint outside
of Heppner; the neighbors
had been driving on an ac-
cess road on his property
where signs had been put
for no trespassing. Also, the
neighbor’s dog keeps com-
ing on his porch and agitat-
ing his dog. The caller did
not know who they were.
He requested contact.
-A man in Irrigon re-
ported that his daughter had
been followed by a suspi-
cious vehicle from Irrigon
High School to the Shell
Station. The vehicle then
went by the caller’s resi-
dence and turned around,
but he had lost track of the
vehicle after that.
-MCSO was advised
that Stanfield PD arrested
Anthony Joadam Kestler,
21, on an Irrigon Justice
Court warrant for failure to
appear on failure to appear.
-A man in Irrigon re-
ports his neighbor is out of
control again; the subject
was outside a couple of
hours ago walking around
with a bat saying some-
one was trying to get him.
Subject was inside the resi-
dence now and not causing
a problem. The caller also
advised he had contact with
the neighbor at 4:30 that
morning by the caller’s car.
March 31: -Boardman
PD assisted Hermiston PD
in an area check in Board-
man to see if a suspect
vehicle in a hit-and-run was
at the location.
-Morrow County Sher-
iff’s Office received report
of two women fighting in
a parking lot in Boardman.
MCSO responded.
-A female in Ione re-
quested an ambulance for a
67-year-old male who was
having trouble breathing.
MCSO, Ione ambulance,
Ione fire, Heppner ambu-
lance and Sweeney Mortu-
ary responded.
-A female in Irrigon
reported a fire at the Ir-
rigon wildlife refuge. Law
enforcement determined
that, per the controlled burn
log, Oregon Dept. of Fish
and Wildlife and Oregon
Dept. of Transportation
were burning in the area
that day. The Irrigon fire
chief was advised and said
that it would be smoldering
for weeks.
-A deputy advised be-
ing en route to contact the
Heppner City Manager re-
garding a previous incident.
-A male in Irrigon ad-
vised he had seen another
male subject about 20 min-
utes before headed toward
the Shel station. The caller
advised he believed the sub-
ject might have a warrant
out. MCSO was unable to
locate the subject.
-MCSO received report
that a person driving on I-84
near Boardman had seen in
his rear view mirror that a
vehicle came off a trailer
and rolled in the median;
unknown if anyone was
injured. MCSO, Boardman
fire and Oregon State Po-
lice responded. Boardman
ambulance also responded
but was canceled before
-A deputy advised be-
ing out at the Darcy Coil
Memorial Building at
Cutsforth Park; the build-
ing appeared to have been
burglarized with the right
entry window broken. Un-
sure if anything was taken
but would contact the park
manager to let him know.
-A man advised he had
purchased a house at a lo-
cation in Lexington and a
female was at the address
taking pictures, yelling and
harassing the neighbors.
He advised he received
the information from the
Sheriff’s Report
March 26 (cont.):
-MCSO arrested Justin Is-
mael Garza, 25, on a felony
warrant out of Umatilla
County for Failure to Ap-
pear. He was lodged at
Umatilla County Jail with
$5,000 bail.
March 27: -Morrow
County Sheriff’s Office, Ir-
rigon Ambulance received
report from a subject on
Wyoming Ave. in Irrigon
that a 16-year-old male
beat him up. He reported
that the was hit in the face
with a Pendleton bottle
and his brother was in the
house. The subject was
-MCSO received re-
port from a subject on
Eighth Rd. in Irrigon that
his neighbor’s bull was out
and headed for the road. He
said his neighbors were not
-MCSO received report
from a subject on Main
St. in Ione that his dad as-
saulted him and started to
choke and hit him. He said
his dad went downstairs.
-MCSO received report
from a subject on Main St.
in Heppner that two guns
were taken from their shed
and there was property
damage as well. A report
was taken and a gun entered
as stolen.
-MCSO received report
of a female locked in a
bathroom with a duffel bag
at El Sol II on Kinkade Rd.
in Boardman.
-MCSO received report
of a violation of a restrain-
ing order at a residence on
Paul Smith Rd. in Board-
man with a subject sitting
in a white vehicle in the
driveway and then getting
out of the vehicle. MCSO
arrested Kevin James Tay-
lor, 51, for Violation of
Restraining Order. He was
lodged at Umatilla County
Jail with $5,000 bail.
-MCSO received report
that Hermiston Police De-
partment arrested Ernesto
Jiminez Espino, 46, on
an Irrigon Justice Court
warrant. He was lodged at
Umatilla County Jail with
$2,328 bail in full.
-MCSO, Boardman
Ambulance received report
from a woman in the Tri-
Cities that her daughter
in Boardman told her she
wanted to cut herself and
she wanted to die. The
mother said she did not
have a phone but needed
Community Counseling
Solutions to respond.
-Boardman Ambulance
received report from a sub-
ject who said he was on the
phone with his 21-year-old
girlfriend when he heard
her collapse and become
unresponsive. He said she
worked at the River Lodge
Morrow County Road Department would
like to remind all motorists that with any
road maintenance project to be aware of the
workers, they are very important to us.
Watch for signs, flags and work-zone employees
and equipment. Morrow County’s goal is to provide
a safe roadway. However, it is always up to the
motorist to drive according to conditions. Be patient
and plan ahead. Leave early if you know you will be
driving through work zones. Please use extreme
caution and common sense. They will do their
best and would appreciate your patience.
Some areas to be aware of and use
caution this summer/fall around are
July 11-21 Ione-Gooseberry / Dry—
Fork chip seal project. On or around
July 25 – Aug. 12. Bombing Range
Road Overlay Project. July 25— 28
Big Butter Creek Chip seal
project. August 1–4 Basey
Canyon / Upper Rhea Creek
chip seal Project. August
8—11 Jordan Grade Overlay
Project. August 15—18 Dee
Cox Overlay Project. As the
time and equipment allows
Laurel/Wilson Intersection.
Keene bridge and Snider Bridge on Rhea creek and some
overlay projects on the North end. Kunze and Tower road
overlay along with Paterson Ferry road included with some
smaller overlay projects. 3rd street and others.
Again be prepared and be safe.
Questions or concerns may be
addressed to 541-989-9500
Morrow County Road Department.
& Grill. The patient refused
-MCSO received report
from a subject at the Board-
man Ambulance Hall that
her son said he was bitten
by something, possibly
a rattlesnake and said he
was having trouble breath-
ing. He was transported to
Good Shepherd Hospital in
March 28: -A female
in Irrigon advised Morrow
County Sheriff’s Office of a
pair of dentures she found.
A deputy made contact; she
advised she just wanted law
enforcement to know about
-A motor vehicle ac-
cident was report east of
the Port of Morrow exit
on I-84, a semi on its side,
a milk truck spilling its
contents. MCSO, Board-
man PD, Boardman fire
and Boardman ambulance
-MCSO was advised
of tumbleweeds blocking
a road. The county road
department was advised.
March 29: -Morrow
County Sheriff ’s Office
received a request for an
agency assist to check an
address out of the other
agency’s jurisdiction for a
missing person.
-An anonymous person
flagged down a deputy in
the Boardman area and
advised that every day at
the same time a co-worker
from the co-gen plant drove
erratically down the road
and once tailgated the re-
porting person to get them
to pull over. The person re-
quested extra patrol during
that time.
-A deputy responded
to multiple speeding com-
plaints on Division in Ir-
rigon. The deputy checked
the speed limit signs and
determined they were gone.
Morrow County Public
Works was advised.
-A female in Heppner
advised of a male dachs-
hund running loose at St.
Patrick’s apartments.
-MCSO responded to
report of a shell explod-
ing in a gun near the Army
Depot exit. Three victims
went to the hospital over
their own volition; ambu-
lances from Boardman and
Irrigon were paged out but
-A female in Heppner
advised that a subject was
parked in front of a res-
idence; the subject was
wearing a hoodie and sun
glasses and the motor was
running. The caller advised
the vehicle was parked near
the playground at the school
about 15 minutes prior.
-Umatilla County Sher-
iff’s Office advised they ar-
rest Robert Breeze on war-
rants and he was in posses-
sion of an Irrigon female’s
vehicle; UCSO requested
MCSO contact the female
and see if she knew where
her vehicle was or who was
in it. MCSO made contact
with the female, who had
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