Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, October 07, 2015, Page SIX, Image 6

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    SIX - Heppner Gazette-Times, Heppner, Oregon Wednesday, October 7, 2015
DA’s Report
Sheriff’s Report
August 18 (cont.):
-MCSO received report
from an Irrigon woman
who said she had received
a phone call from someone
claiming to be an officer
from the IRS. She requested
a deputy to make contact
and advised she had the
message saved on her an-
swering machine.
-MCSO received report
of a semi following another
semi with a dump truck that
was swerving back and
forth between lanes. The
caller said the load didn’t
seem stable and seemed to
be handmade.
-MCSO received report
from a woman who said
she was at her ex’s house
and wanted to get her car
back; her ex had the car and
he was not home. She said
she told her ex sister-in-law
that she was going to get the
car back and she thinks the
sister told him to leave.
-MCSO received report
of a missing female York-
shire in Heppner.
August 23: -Morrow
County Sheriff ’s Office
received a report of a party
going on with possible
minors consuming alcohol.
MCSO stayed in the area
and checked vehicles, also
came in contact with the
home owner who advised
there were no minors in
the home.
-MCSO received a
phone call from a female
who advised she was out-
side the hospital and no one
was coming to let them in.
As dispatch was about to
call the hospital she said
saw someone coming and
got off the phone. Dispatch
contacted the hospital to
make sure she was able to
get in and get help.
-MCSO received a re-
port about an animal com-
plaint. Called advised that
there is a Chihuahua at her
house, and has been there
since Tuesday. She had
been unable to catch it,
but it won’t leave. Caller
did not know where the
dog belongs, just wanted
someone to go and catch it,
and take it.
-Richard Nicolas Wil-
son, 25, was arrested by
Wasco County on MCSO
warrant #V 9494-13 for
Failure to Appear for driv-
ing while suspended.
-72 year old male had
trouble breathing, Hep-
pner Ambulance responded.
Male was later transferred
to Good Shepherd.
August 24: -Morrow
County Sheriff’s Office re-
ceived eight fire calls in the
South Morrow County area.
-Caller notified MCSO
that her husband has Al-
zheimer’s and she wanted
to let them know that he
does have a tendency to
wander. Caller advised that
he does have a wrist brace-
let with his info.
-Citizen of Irrigon
called and advised MCSO
that there was a Cascade
Natural Gas truck parked
next to her fence. The Call-
er advised that there was
no one around the truck
or the area. Caller wanted
it checked on. A Deputy
advised the caller there was
an employee out marking
spots on the roadway.
August 26: -Boardman
Ambulance was advised an
adult male was exposed to
sulfuric acid on his arm.
The ambulance responded
and transported the patient.
Morrow County Sher-
iff’s Office was advised of
a motor vehicle accident
at hwy. 206 and Clarks
Canyon Road. The caller
advised the vehicle went
off the embankment and
that the car was screwed
up pretty good but there
was no blood or anything.
MCSO made contact with
the car’s owner, who ad-
vised they would get the
vehicle moved.
-A female in Board-
man advised MCSO that
an individual was on her
property and needed to be
trespassed. MCSO made
contact with the individual
and advised him that he
was trespassed from the
-A female in Lexington
reported that there were
subjects riding a dirt bike
on the road across the creek
from her house. She ad-
vised to check toward the
cemetery to locate them and
said she was available for
contact if the deputy needed
directions. MCSO checked
the area but was unable to
-MCSO was advised
of a deer in a field on the
edge of Heppner. The caller
advised it had a severely
broken leg and was not do-
ing very well, and said they
thought it needed to be put
-An individual con-
tacted MCSO and advised
that he had a warrant and
wanted to turn himself in. A
deputy made phone contact
with the subject and advised
him that he did not have
a warrant out of Morrow
August 28: -Morrow
County Sheriff ’s office
reported assisting another
agency with locating a fa-
ther for a meeting.
-MCSO was advised
that Umatilla PD arrested
Wendy Lynn Long on a
Morrow County warrant.
The subject was also ar-
rested on Umatilla County
warrants and was lodged at
Umatilla County Jail.
-MCSO received report
of a suicidal subject in Ir-
rigon. It was determined it
was threats only; the subject
did not have any weapons.
-MCSO was advised
that a male in Lexing-
ton had a pit bull running
around loose. The caller
stated the male was refusing
to tie the dog up and that he
had been warned the week
-MCSO was advised of
four or five kids in Heppner,
two with black masks and
what appeared to be pellet
guns, in the area behind a
residence. The caller ad-
vised there were animals
back there and it was un-
known what the juveniles
were doing. The caller re-
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1:00 pm — 6:00 pm
quested that a deputy check
it out and requested deputy
-MCSO received a 911
call from a female in Lex-
ington who said her friend
was on Hwy. 74 headed
toward Lexington and that
they were to meet and go
camping. She advised she
was concerned because she
had not heard from them
and they might be wrecked
or stranded with no cell
phone service. MCSO
searched Hwy. 74 and was
unable to locate a vehicle
matching that description.
The subject called back
and advised she went up
to the campground and her
friends were waiting at the
camp spot.
-A subject advised
MCSO that he was on his
way to Penland Lake and
his car broke down before
Cutsforth Park. He advised
the car was off the road
and he had a friend coming
to get him, but he wanted
MCSO to know.
-A manager at a mo-
bile home park in Irrigon
advised MCSO that there
were some kids causing a
dispute at the location and
that they were possibly in-
toxicated somehow. They
kept getting out of their
vehicles, couldn’t stand
up, and were being loud.
MCSO responded and was
unable to locate.
-Boardman Police De-
partment was advised of
an unresponsive male at
the restrooms at the Board-
man marina campground.
Boardman PD and Board-
man fire responded and
made contact with the sub-
ject; he was sleeping. He
was advised to leave and
that if he came back he
would be trespassed from
the location.
-A male in Irrigon re-
ported his vehicles were
broken into during the night
but advised he did not see
anything of value missing.
A female in the same area
reported both of her ve-
hicles were broken into the
previous night and advised
she would like to make a
-A female in Heppner
advised MCSO that dogs
at a nearby house had been
barking and it didn’t stop all
day long. The caller advised
he did not want contact but
would like a deputy to make
contact with the owners.
-A Heppner resident
reported that a package was
stolen out of their mailbox.
-A Lexington resident
advised MCSO that there
was a disturbance at his
residence; a female left
intoxicated with a child in
the vehicle. He requested a
welfare check on the driver
and child. MCSO was un-
able to locate.
August 29: -A male
in Irrigon reported that his
wife was drunk and throw-
ing stuff. There were weap-
ons/guns at the location but
she didn’t have access to
them. MCSO made contact
with the subjects and deter-
mined no crime had been
-MCSO was advised
of low visibility due to
blowing dust and sunlight
in several locations.
-A person in Irrigon
called MCSO and advised
that his neighbor called to
let him know that someone
had put a camera on the
roof of a residence the caller
owned. Caller requested
contact. MCSO arrested
Albert LeRoy Hart, 45,
on charges of two counts
of Criminal Trespass II
and one count of Theft of
-MCSO was advised
of a sick doe that needed
dispatched near Hwy. 74,
Heppner. The caller advised
the doe appeared very ill but
they were unsure what was
wrong with it. The animal
was dispatched.
-A female in Heppner
requested contact concern-
ing a lost driver’s license.
-A person in Ione ad-
vised there was a black lab
dog that was bleeding from
the mouth in front of the
post office. The dog had a
collar but wouldn’t let the
caller get close enough to
see it. MCSO was unable
to locate.
-A male in Heppner
called MCSO and requested
to speak to a deputy con-
cerning having his brother
removed from the resi-
dence. A deputy made con-
tact with the subjects and
the brother was advised to
-A subject contacted
MCSO about a possible lost
wallet in Lexington.
-Someone in Board-
man advised MCSO that
subjects were trying to
break into an apartment unit
through the porch. Board-
man Police responded and
two subjects were tres-
passed from the unit.
-A person in Irrigon
advised that a Honda dirt
bike had been stolen some-
time the night before and
requested contact. MCSO
responded and arrested
Chester Brent Paradiso,
44, on two Benton County
-A male contacted
MCSO trying to find his
girlfriend; he was not sure
where she was and hadn’t
spoken to her since she
left for work that morning.
MCSO made contact with
her employer and the fe-
male was still at work.
-Pioneer Memorial
Hospital advised MCSO
of a male patient with an
accidental, self-inflicted
gunshot wound to his hand.
August 30: -A male in
Heppner advised Morrow
County Sheriff’s Office that
a female and male subject
had come down from Corps
property with bows. The
caller wanted to advise
MCSO that someone had
possibly been hunting but
he did not know for sure.
They did not have an animal
and he did not know if they
had permission to be there.
-A person in Irrigon ad-
vised MCSO she had heard
gunshots in the Umatilla
National Wildlife Refuge
about 45 minutes before.
She advised she did not be-
lieve any of the bird seasons
had opened yet. A deputy
made contact with the sub-
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Morrow County Dis-
trict Attorney Justin Nelson
has released the following
-Miguel Angel Guti-
errez, 44, was convicted
of Menacing – Constitut-
ing Domestic Violence, a
Class A Misdemeanor. Of
the sentence of 180 days
jail time, execution of 170
days was suspended and
the defendant sentenced to
24 months bench probation,
to include 40 hours of com-
munity service, no contact
with the victims, 10 days
jail time with credit for
time served, and defendant
agrees to drop objections
in additional cases. An ad-
ditional count was disposed
without conviction. Fines,
fees and assessments to-
taled $543.
-Miguel Angel Gutier-
rez, 44, was convicted of
five counts of Contempt of
Court. On each count, ex-
ecution of 90 days of incar-
ceration was suspended and
the defendant sentenced to
24 months bench probation,
to include 10 hours of com-
munity service, no contact
with the victim, dropping
of objections to restrain-
ing and stalking orders in
other cases, and mental
health evaluation, with the
court to be kept informed of
progress. Additional counts
were disposed without con-
viction. Fines, fees and
assessments totaled $250.
-Travis Lane Thomas,
44, was convicted of As-
sault IV – Constituting
Domestic Violence, a Class
A Misdemeanor. Of the
sentence of 180 days jail
time, execution of 160 days
was suspended and the
defendant sentenced to 24
months bench probation,
to include 20 days jail time
with credit for time served
and to run consecutive to
previously imposed sen-
tences, 60 hours of com-
munity service, no contact
with the victim, and suc-
cessful completion of bat-
terer intervention evalua-
tion and any recommended
treatment. Additionally,
Thomas was convicted of
Menacing – Constituting
Domestic Violence, a Class
A Misdemeanor. Of the
sentence of 180 days jail
time, execution of 170 days
was suspended and the
defendant sentenced to 24
months bench probation,
to include 10 days jail time
with credit for time served
and to run consecutive to
previously imposed sen-
tences, 60 hours of commu-
nity service, no contact with
the victim, and successful
completion of batterer in-
tervention evaluation and
any recommended treat-
ment. Additional counts of
Strangulation – CDV and
Harassment were disposed
without conviction. Fines,
fees and assessments to-
taled $300.
jects; they all had tags for
a special hunt in Umatilla
Refuge only.
-A deputy reported he
was out with a female in
Irrigon regarding a stalk-
ing order. Albert LeRoy
Hart, 45, was served with
a temporary stalking order
and given a verbal warning
for telephonic harassment.
-MCSO received a 911
call with yelling and pro-
fanity in the background.
MCSO responded and
determined it was verbal
only, but arrested Jack Deal
Castator, 31, on a Uma-
tilla County Sheriff’s Office
-MCSO was advised an
ambulance was requested
for a suicidal subject in
Irrigon. The caller advised
the male subject was okay
at that time and she would
call back if needed.
August 31: -Morrow
County Sheriff ’s Office
was advised that Umatilla
County arrested John Ar-
thur Baxter, 25, on a Mor-
row County Circuit Court
warrant for Theft II.
-A male in Irrigon ad-
vised MCSO that he be-
lieved he had some stolen
items at his residence. He
requested that a deputy
come and check.
-MCSO arrested Kenny
Stookey on a Heppner Jus-
tice Court Commitment
order to serve 30 days; sub-
ject was lodged at Umatilla
County Jail.
-MCSO was advised
that an individual was sit-
ting on a porch in Board-
man and they would like a
deputy to respond. Board-
man Police Department
arrested James Town, 23,
on a charge of Disorderly
Conduct II.
-An individual in Ir-
rigon reported they were
digging to build a fence and
found some bones that they
did not believe were animal
bones, and requested some-
one come and check them
out. A deputy responded
and determined they were
not human remains, but
were elk bones.
-MCSO was advised
that Albany PD arrested
Marion Preston Sager, 36,
on a Heppner Justice Court
warrant. Subject was lodged
at Linn County Jail.
-A caller at the Board-
man clinic advised there
was a man in a vehicle
outside the clinic having
seizures. Boardman Ambu-
lance responded and trans-
ported the patient to Good
Shepherd Hospital.
Call the Morrow County Sheriff's Office
at 541-676-5317 and give them your name &
number before you burn
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