Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, August 19, 2015, Page FIVE, Image 5

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    Heppner Gazette-Times, Heppner, Oregon Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Sheriff’s Report
her boyfriend at Penland
Lake and on their way home
they got in a verbal argu-
ment and he dropped her off
at Cutsforth Park where she
was stranded with no tent or
sleeping bag. Female ad-
vised she lived in Heppner
and needed a ride home.
MCSO responded and gave
her a courtesy ride home.
-MCSO was advised
that Umatilla County Sher-
iff’s Office arrested Doug-
las C. Robertson, 44, on an
Irrigon Justice Court war-
rant for Failure to Appear
on Failure to Appear.
-A person at the I-84
westbound rest stop near
Boardman advised that
there was a woman who
appeared to be under the
influence of drugs at the rest
area. There were two young
children in the car, and the
children looked very hot.
When the caller took a pic-
ture of the license plate, the
female drove away at a high
rate of speed. Oregon State
Police was advised.
-A man in Irrigon ad-
vised MCSO of a vehicle
parked in his driveway
with a male slumped over
in the driver’s seat. MCSO
responded and arrested
Ramon Garcia Hernandez,
58, for DUII with blood
alcohol of .17. The subject
was cited and released to
appear at court later.
July 14: -A woman
in Lexington advised that
her stepson left with his
mother on Sunday evening
at 5 p.m. and they were
supposed to meet on that
evening (Tuesday) at 5 p.m.
at Heppner City Park, but
the mother and son never
arrived. MCSO responded
and determined it to be a
civil matter.
-MCSO was advised
of a single-vehicle motor
vehicle accident with un-
known injuries. MCSO, Or-
egon State Police, Heppner
Fire, Heppner Ambulance,
Ione Fire and Lexington
Quick Response Team all
July 15: -Morrow
County Sheriff ’s Office
received a report from a
male in Irrigon who said a
brown and black Rottwei-
ler/lab mix with a red col-
lar was following his sister
home. MCSO responded
and transported the dog to
Pet Rescue.
-A caller in Heppner
advised MCSO that con-
struction trucks hauling
pallets of concrete were go-
ing up August St. the wrong
way. The caller did not need
contact, just wanted the
trucks to stop before they
caused an accident.
-MCSO reported assist-
ing Gilliam County Sher-
iff’s Office with a motor
vehicle accident that started
a fire.
-A caller in Heppner
advised MCSO that a male
threatened her because she
put up a sign saying not to
turn their vehicle around.
The male subject had been
in and out of the residence
for the past year, removing
thing; the house belongs to
the subject’s ex-wife and
is in foreclosure proceed-
ings. The male told the
caller he would run the sign
over. The sign and many
of the caller’s belongings
are parked on the subject’s
-MCSO was advised
that Zachary David Phil-
pott, 29, was brought in to
Umatilla County Jail on
a Morrow County Circuit
Court warrant for Parole
Use of a Motor Vehicle.
-A female in Irrigon
advised MCSO that her
husband was threatening
to kick her out of the resi-
dence the next day and lock
the door. She requested to
speak to a deputy regard-
ing whether or not he could
legally do that.
-A female in Heppner
reported “shady charac-
ters” hanging around the
apartment parking lot. She
advised they were leaning
on her truck. It looked like
they left the area but came
back. The caller requested
a deputy drive through the
-A male in Heppner
reported a pit bull was loose
and chasing his horse. The
person stated that the dog
was not friendly.
July 16: -A Morrow
County Sheriff ’s Office
deputy advised he was out
with two juveniles in Irri-
gon at 1 a.m. Two juvenile
males were each cited for
curfew violation.
-A male in Irrigon ad-
vised that another male had
just broken into his vehicle
and stolen multiple items.
-MCSO received a
call regarding a female in
Boardman who was tear-
ing up the downstairs. Lois
Anne Hibbits, 48, was ar-
rested for Criminal Mis-
chief III and Assault IV –
Domestice Violence Misde-
menaor. Subject was lodged
at Umatilla County Jail.
-A male in Irrigon re-
quested contact regarding
his missing wife.
-A female in Heppner
advised she saw two high
school kids going into a
red Toyota with two other
high school kids and she
believed it was a drug deal.
MCSO made contact with
the female and advised her
that deputies would keep
an eye out for sure activity.
-A female in Irrigon ad-
vised that her three-legged
Border collie was missing.
-MCSO reported of-
ficer-initiated activity on
Highway 207 Echo-Lex-
ington; a deputy was out
with a disabled vehicle. The
driver was having trouble
with her weather stripping.
The deputy put some duct
tape on it.
-A deputy was on Hwy.
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74 near Heppner with sheep
on the road. The deputy
contacted the owners and
put the sheep back in.
-A female in Heppner
advised that her boyfriend
was pushing her and caus-
ing a commotion. MCSO
-An MCSO deputy con-
ducted an officer-initiated
walkthrough at Bucknum’s
in Heppner and arrested
Shawn Eugene Cowett,
50, on a Umatilla County
-MCSO was advised
that Umatilla County ar-
rested Nicholas Ryan Schil-
ler on an Irrigon Justice
Court warrant for Failure
to Appear on Disorderly
Conduct, no local charges.
-A male in Heppner ad-
vised MCSO that a deputy
had taken his “other half”
to a neighbor’s house but
that she was back and in
the safe, and that the deputy
needed to come back and
pick her up. The male stated
that they were not fighting
at that time, the female just
needed picked up and re-
located. MCSO responded
and all was well.
-A caller in Irrigon re-
ported witnessing a pos-
sible drug deal. MCSO
responded and located the
vehicle but no one was
-A female in Irrigon
reported that she received
information from her moth-
er regarding a possible fist
fight. MCSO responded and
the subjects had already
-A caller in Irrigon
reported that about eight
minutes before a vehicle
stopped and a subject got
out of the car and came up
to the caller’s car and threat-
ened the male with words
like, “I know who you are.
You better not run or I will
find you.” The driver of the
car, the caller’s wife, took
off; they had been home
and seen the vehicle pass
two times already. MCSO
responded and was unable
to located the suspect but
made contact with the re-
porting person.
July 18: -A female in
Irrigon reported that she
went to dinner and got
home to find her TV and
stereo had been taken. The
DVD player possible had
fingerprints on it. She re-
quested contact.
-A person on Sand Hol-
low Rd./Hwy. 74-Lena,
Heppner reported that a
brown and white Chihua-
hua was running around
Lexington, unsure of own-
er. The dog went up over by
Black Horse Canyon.
-A caller in Heppner
advised that a vehicle was
backed up to a nearby resi-
dence. The caller believed it
was the son’s. The caller ad-
vised the son had power of
attorney but he didn’t think
he had the right to remove
things from the residence.
Caller did not want contact,
just wanted to make MCSO
aware of it.
-MCSO was advised
of a keys locked in a car in
Ione, no animals or children
in vehicle. MCSO advised
the caller that Brannon Auto
could help them and gave
them the phone number.
-A deputy received a
call about trash all over the
road outside of Heppner;
the deputy responded and
picked up the trash.
-A caller in Irrigon ad-
vised of a suspicious ve-
hicle by the softball field
with people possible having
July 20: -A Morrow
County Sheriff’s deputy
advised he was checking
his tires after running over
a porcupine on I-84, Board-
man. The tires were fine and
he removed the porcupine
from the road.
-MCSO arrested Albert
Leroy Hart, 45, for Viola-
tion of Restraining Order.
-A female in Lexing-
ton advised that a female
driver almost hit her son
while he was on his bike.
She advised that she ap-
proached the driver and she
smelled of alcohol. MCSO
responded but was unable
to locate the driver.
-A female in Heppner
reported seeing a driver she
knew to be in driving while
suspended violation driving
consistently about the same
time in the evening.
-A person in Irrigon
advised of a pickup parked
with the lights on. They had
been there for a long time.
Could only see one person.
MCSO responded and de-
termined the driver pulled
over to send a text message.
July 21: -A caller in
Heppner advised Morrow
County Sheriff ’s Office
that a brown Aussie cow
dog showed up at his resi-
dence. The dog appeared
old and had a purple nylon
collar, no tags. The caller
requested that the dog be
picked up, and advised that
he thought the dog might
be injured or bruised, pos-
sible from jumping out of
a pickup.
-A female in Heppner
advised that someone just
had the power shut off at
the house where she was
-MCSO received a re-
port of two juveniles hiding
in a basement in a Board-
man residence; the kids
stated that someone was
trying to break into the
-A person reported that
the trucks hauling from the
old mill zone were losing
part of their loads; a piece
of plywood blew off and
was lying near the fog line.
-MCSO received report
of a code violation near
Lexington, an RV trailer
that had been converted into
a dwelling with attached
-A female in Irrigon re-
ported that a snake had been
in her house; they had got-
ten in out but it was under
the steps outside. They were
unsure what type of snake it
was. The female called back
and advised they killed the
July 22: -A person in
Heppner reported that a
large, black, mangy-look-
ing dog went running by
with a cat in its mouth. A
Morrow County Sheriff’s
deputy responded but was
unable to locate.
-A person advised
Hermiston PD on Wednes-
day that he was assaulted
Monday with a crowbar in
Irrigon and now wanted to
report it. A deputy took a
-A caller on Hwy. 207
Echo-Lexington advised
that he just saw a subject
driving whom he knew had
a suspended license. The
subject was located and is-
sued a citation.
-MCSO received report
of a person’s mom and
stepdad arguing, stepdad
was drunk, yelling at the
time. MCSO arrested Hec-
tor Alejandro Ortiz-Guizar,
27, for Harassment.
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-A person in Heppner
reported that he could hear
glass breaking outside and
when he looked out his
window he could see at
least one person breaking
windows at Pettyjohn’s.
MCSO responded.
-A caller in Irrigon
advised MCSO that the
last three days someone
had been peeking over the
caller’s fence looking at his
dog. The caller thought the
person would take his dog,
and requested contact.
-MCSO kept receiving
calls from a Spanish speak-
ing male who kept hanging
up before the language line
could be connected. MCSO
was finally advised of a
male subject in Boardman
who was covered in blood,
stating he was just assaulted
by six males. Boardman PD
and Boardman Ambulance
responded but the patient
refused transport.
July 23: -A female in
Irrigon contacted Morrow
County Sheriff ’s Office
and requested phone con-
tact regarding phone scam
calls she is receiving. The
subjects said she would be
arrested for tax fraud and
back taxes. MCSO made
contact and advised her to
hang up next time they call.
-A person on Sand Hol-
low Rd., Heppner, advised
MCSO that around 6:30
a.m. a guy on a bike asked
for directions to Heppner.
When the caller talked to
his daughter she stated that
she had seen the subject a
couple of weeks previous
lying by the side of the road
on Hwy. 207 with a pickup
and trailer stopped there;
they suspected at the time
that he had been hit by a
car but never heard any-
thing. The caller though it
suspicious that the subject
showed up all that time later
asking for directions.
-A female requested a
welfare check on her sister
in Irrigon, stating that the
sister hadn’t contacted the
family in several months
and that was unlike her.
MCSO responded and lo-
cated the sister, who was
-A male in Irrigon re-
ported that there was a bull
in his yard with a purple
ear tag in the left ear and a
white tag in the right.
-MCSO received a call
from a subject in Irrigon
who stated who was feeling
down that night and was
upset because his daughter
threatened him through the
phone and advised him not
to call or come around again
or she would call the cops.
The caller thought it was the
daughter’s husband making
her threaten him. The caller
stated he had antique coins
at the daughter’s house and
would like to get them back.
Community Counseling
Solutions was advised.
-MCSO was advised
that Umatilla County Sher-
iff’s Office arrested Tasha
L. Bales, 23, on a warrant
for Failure to Appear on Ini-
tiating a False Report. Bales
was lodged at Umatilla
County Jail on that warrant
and a Umatilla County Pa-
role and probation retainer.
-MCSO was advised
of a subject in Irrigon who
violated a no contact order
by returning to a residence.
-A person in Ione re-
quested contact regarding a
hit and run in Lexington the
day before; another party
hit the caller and took off.
-A female in Irrigon
requested contact about a
neighbor’s chickens getting
into her yard, and wanted
to know about her liability
if her hunting dogs were to
kill the chickens in her yard.
Northeast Oregon
forests seek members
for RAC
John Day, Pendleton
and Baker City, OR—The
Northeast Oregon Forests
Resource Advisory Com-
mittee is seeking nominees
to serve on a 15-member
Resource Advisory Com-
mittee (RAC). The com-
mittee’s duties include rec-
ommending projects and
funding to improve forest
health, watersheds, roads
and facilities on or adjacent
to the Malheur, Umatilla
and Wallowa-Whitman Na-
tional Forests.
The Northeast Oregon
Forests RAC works across
a wide variety of interests
to propose projects and
associated funding for im-
provements that benefit the
residents of northeast Or-
egon, as well as those who
come to visit the Malheur,
Umatilla, and Wallowa-
Whitman National Forests.
Past projects include; nox-
ious weed control, trail con-
struction, thinning and im-
provement of fish passage
to restore native species.
Many of these projects are
accomplished by employ-
ing youth crews.
RAC committee mem-
bers will be officially ap-
pointed by the Secretary of
Agriculture for a term of
two years; shall not receive
compensation; and must
be able to commit the time
necessary to carry out the
committee responsibili-
ties of one or two full-day
meetings each year. Travel
and per diem will be paid
to compensate for expenses
associated with attending
New advisory commit-
tee members must represent
a wide variety of interests.
These committees are to be
balanced and diverse with
equal representation from
industry, environmental
groups, recreation groups,
elected officials, and local
residents. Current vacan-
cies on the Northeast Or-
egon Forests RAC exist in
all categories.
Nominees will be eval-
uated based on their train-
ing and experience working
with the interest they rep-
resent, their demonstrated
commitment to collabora-
tive decision-making, and
their contribution to the
balance and diversity of the
RAC. Nominations will be
accepted until August 31,
For more information
about the responsibilities
of the RAC, contact Jeff
Tomac, Northeast Oregon
Forests RAC Coordina-
tor, at 541-523-1301 or
jtomac@fs.fed.us, or Ian
Reid, Umatilla NF RAC
Coordinator, at 541-427-
5316 or ireid@fs.fed.us.
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