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    SIX - Heppner Gazette-Tim es, Heppner, Oregon Wednesday, November 2 6 ,1 9 9 7
Barton E. Clark
Barton E. Clark, 84, of Hepp­
ner, died Friday, November
21,1997 at Pioneer Memorial
Hospital in Heppner.
The funeral for Mr. Clark was
Wednesday, November 26, 1997
in Heppner. Concluding service
and interment followed at the
Heppner Masonic Cemetery.
Barton E. Clark was bom Oc­
tober 3, 1913, at Newton, Illinois,
to Noah and Leona Kibler Clark,
He attended schools at Newton
for a time then moved to Morrow
County with his family and at­
tended Liberty Schoolhouse. He
attended lone High School gradu­
ating in 1931. He attended
Lmfield College, then the Univer­
sity o f Oregon, graduating in
On October 29, 1936, he mar­
ried Beth Wright at Eugene. He
was a teacher, supenntendent and
school administrator at Monu­
ment and Pine City. He began
ranching in Morrow County dur­
ing the 1940s, continuing until his
Mr. Clark was also active in the
insurance industry as an agent and
as a member of the board of di­
rectors for Grange Mutual Insur­
ance Association of Oregon, the
Grange Insurance Association of
Seattle and Grange Mutual Life
Insurance Company in Nampa,
He had been a chairman of the
Morrow County school board, a
member of the Morrow County
Historical Society and had served
as chairman of the board of the
Morrow County Grain Growers
for a number of years. He was a
member o f the Heppner Elks
Lodge, the Grange, and was a se­
nior warden at All Saints Episco­
pal Church.
Survivors include his wife,
Beth o f Heppner; son, Ned of
Heppner; daughter, Nonda
Harwick of Bend; sister, Betty
Fouts of Twin Falls, Idaho; seven
grandchildren and 10 g reat­
grandchildren. A sister, Nellie
Allen, preceded him in death.
Memorial contributions may
be made to Pioneer Memorial
Home Health Care, P.O. Box 9,
Heppner, OR 97836, or to All
Saints Episcopal Church Memo­
rial Fund, P.O. Box 246, Hepp­
ner, OR 97836.
Sweeney Mortuary, Heppner,
was in charge of arrangements.
James E. Campbell
Marriage licenses
Irma L. Morrison
Irma L. Momson, 84, of The
Dalles, died Wednesday, Novem­
ber 19, 1997, at her home.
Memorial services were held
Tuesday, November 25, 1997 in
The Dalles. Private interment fol­
lowed at the IOOF Cemetery in
The Dalles.
The first of three children, she
was bom November 27,1911, on
a farm near Wasco, to Ernest and
Edna Everett Ferrell. She spent
her early years in Sherm an
County and graduated as valtdic-
tonan from Wasco High School
in 1927. She attended Oregon
Normal School at Monmouth
(now Western Oregon Univer­
On September 15, 1936, she
married Jodie K. Morrison at
•Spokane. After working as office
manager for Walther Williams
Motors in The Dalles, she and her
husband moved to a wheat ranch
near lone. They operated the
wheat and cattle ranch until Mr.
Morrison’s death in May, 1977.
Mrs. Morrison retired to The
Dalles in 1979.
She enjoyed politics, reading
and spending time with family
and friends.
Survivors include children,
M ichaele K. DeBisschop of
Beaverton, Tass F. Momson of
Albany, and Meredith J. M om­
son of Portland; five grandchil­
dren and three great-grandchil­
dren; two stepgrandchildren and
two step great-grandchildren; and
a brother, Robert Ferrell of En­
terprise. She was preceded in
death by a sister, Elda Clough;
and a granddaughter, Megan
Memorial contributions may
be made to the Devers Eye Insti­
tute at Good Samaritan Hospital
in Portland, through Smith
Callaway Chapel, 311 Union
Street, The Dalles, OR 97058.
4-H News
Kool Kitchen Kids
by Leland Rill
The 4-H club, the Kool Kitchen
Kids, held their first meeting Nov.
11. The club started the meeting
by watching a video on how to
prepare a yeast bread. They then
started to make bread and mixed
all of the ingredients and set it to
Members then started a busi­
ness meeting. They started with
the election of officers. President
is Claire Anderson, vice president
is Megan Bailey, secretary is
Shelley Rietmann, reporter is
Leland Rill, and sargent at arms
is Jodie Carlson.
After the business meeting,
members tried their bread. The
group agreed it was a success.
Kasey Patrick Kroske-a son
Kasey Patrick was bom to Kami
and Gary Kroske of Imgon on
November 14, 1997 at Good
Shepherd Community Hospital in
Hermiston. The baby weighed 8
lbs. 4 oz.
Justice Court
The Justice Court office at the
courthouse annex building in
Heppner reports handling the fol­
lowing business during the past
Nathan N. Georges, 25, Port-
land-Failure to Validate Tag, $57
Ron Kahl Georges, 58, Port-
land-Failure to Validate Tag, $57
James W. Pigg, 69, Portland-
Failure to Properly Validate Elk
Tag, $57 fine;
Calvin Doyle Baty, 65, Spring­
field-Hunting with the Aid of a
Motor Vehicle, $57 fine;
Cary Scott Davis, 47, Heppner-
No Big Game Tag, $57 fine;
Scott Ray Medlock, 20, Her-
miston-Illegal Motorized Travel,
$57 fine;
Valone Jean Rumble, 47, Fos­
sil-Violation of the Basic Speed
Rule, 74 mph in a 55 mph zone,
$72 fine;
Jacklyn T. R obinson, 29,
Ontario-No Operator’s License,
$72 fine;
Dane Timothy Creger, 19, Pen-
dleton-Violation o f the Basic
Speed Rule, 73 mph in a 55 mph
zone, Driving While License Sus­
pended, $275 fine;
Al J. Parent, 64, Prineville-Pos-
sessing Deer in Field 48 hrs Af­
ter Close o f Season W ithout
Proper Tag, $57 fine;
Jam es M ichael Prock, 41,
Heppner-Truck Speeding, 66
mph in a 55 mph zone, $82 fine;
Luc J. Khuat, 39, Portland-
Shootmg from a Public Road, $57
John Luther M oore, 46,
Clackamas-Shooting from Public
Road, $57 fine, and Offensive
Littering, $122 fine.
William D. Horsey, 22, Salem-
Failure to Validate Deer Tag, $57
fine, and Criminal Trespass II,
$385 fine, 10 days in jail, $100
and jail sentence suspended.
Dale Munkers, 41, Lexington-
Allowing Dog to Run at Large,
$79 fine, and Failure to Appear,
$620 fine and 90 days in jail, $250
and jail sentence suspended.
Cynthia Putnam, 36, Heppner-
Child Neglect II, $197 fine;
Richard Web Bissett, 33, Or­
egon City-Failure to Validate
Tag, $77 fine;
Richard C. Loid, 31, Heppner-
Illegal Motorized Travel, $77
Brian Koffler, 19, Heppner-
Violation of the Basic Speed
Rule, 70 mph in a 55 mph zone,
$106 fine.
LaGrande Ford New Holland
1-84 Exit 265, LaGrande, OR
Call RICK OSMIN at 1-800-872-0773
mobile 541-962-1248, hom e 541-534-6023
Inventori'R cHnction
All equipment A S IS FO B LaGrande • Financing O A C -Subject to add Recondition Coat
t r a c
I T I 1 II \ \ I t I M s s \ \ \ l III K s IH M
i o k s
M< »N I K S
i t
h e
................................. S U M .____ S«M
f i f t H a (ictflnt, 25 Np _______________... U M ... ......U N I 1 W 440 r a t
fori 1220 Compact
41 bn. 17 Np___ SI SM _ ___ $7.510 1 M 440 0* a t |M d r a t _______________ $2.000 ...___ U . M
............................ U M
.___ U M
ftrd » 7 1 4WD H qa Wpn i c l H Hp —
SFIDO! — $71000 1 M 470 r a t
|M i i ) t ^ M b
_ $5.000 _ ___ U M
$11.400 IN 400 f a t b it madri
i ford
m MM
/Ww a w /7
i n 14
e ma»
............ ..I I I . FU
$17.000 IN 405 12* rribr m i .................................. $).200 _ ___ U M
fori TW i t . b v b n 143 I p ____________ _ I I V N
$21.000 IN 400 12* nrm f taafw ............................_ $7I N ......... U M
Fol 11# 01 04 Np 4WD o k m
...H I M
SI 500 ...___ S I M
$10.500 MC 000 f o t n o
Fm UN DT I0S Up. ak. w . HCFWO
...H I M
_ $7.011...___ U M
$3.000 1 CASI M 1)70 14* hydra nra* .
O km SS fas rtb«di « f w . bvt p m PTO
U M .
.___ U M
Cau 10)0 Itfcwk. 100 Np
_ $1 JS k ..._____ liso
|D D éO dK N W I W o a d ....................... $0400 _ ___ U M
HK H w/Wr tncydt
— $4.47$ _ — U M
»au IN S f t a M I c u i
IK « 4 . In K * |H ----------------------- .... S F .M ..- K M
IK 440 t* M
• * lit b *
IK M r . IN uk. » . IM H»
1F JS I _ _
S IM M — S U M
■ d M w U x r n e a r . I ll I f _ . S U M — S U M
p IH * U a r h a « I f --------------------- S F M . ___ U M
P (PH ardk lit I h ì k . H i f _______ - S U M __ SI I M
P MM. 4M). n o M 111 1 0 -------- S U M __ s u m
S U M __ U L M
« m a k SIS. !W0 PIS). 1 yaat a a , i W
Vanitala I l)k
t i *nW
IM pm
A . J 111
O ......- S s i mo — S U M
pi PT
a i i— ™
■_ ft ------
{ ¡.n o
____________ S I M _
■( Tilt b r a CAI o k n o k y i ------------- U M !___ U M
C al I M Tr a d u t o a ra * k a i l ............... U M . — U M
l a i SSS» t o t t u . cak. » . m I n ------- _ MF MO — U l . M
I s i l l
I I 1 1>
p i . kyira. ilk. a ---------------- - S U M
( a ybutary 1/1 o k
o k m a p k n d -------------------- H U N
t à a .M « d t
- su m
i n i o k a . total to u *
........ _ S U M
i n i c * . a . to n i « • *
M ll«S.
■ I M
S .T .
\\ I M I H i m
N MS* I f
■ ns* i f
*00« ? m
» lis i i r
( M O T T I
C . R I M X
■ ISS f a t o MB. r a o t o f t i k a i * i _
ms M
1 R S
m 2 7 1 1 4 ill pam hritn -......... -....... . _ S i .M . _____$000
____H M
— sum
_ SU M
— H IM !
_ su m
— U M
■ IN a M M aa i
M 449 a / M wrm
HAI. 1 R S
„ $ 1 1 4 0 0 — $11050
„ $11500 ___$ I U M
$7.000 .____$4.000
Hm 5545
Raykaa* I l i M i k d i N a to ................ - S F M ------ U M
( O M ISI \ 1 s
o i M t i a m a s o* c o m m i con tm om ii m m i m i m i
... >I«TM i — WPVW
n 44 W J f 071 hOr
— $I2$JM L $05.000
S I M . ....... U M
■ n k a a a k * t o a i t o --------------------- - U M
$4J00 .___ U M
$11011 — S U M
- $4.400 , ___ I S M
N DIM a d u l i kdar
— .. « j a
t o p a i a * ------------------ - S U M
U r I « 1 ...........................- - S U M
k*. i n s
................. _
— SU M
I f hay Mr ........................... ....H I M
U rc* . a
m u n uK i a *
1 K
■ l i l t . It t o U r a u r a a r r ----------
m u . i r k * , m a --------------------
■1 M il I f
IS A M \V . \ C a O \
IN 1041 LfW . rapar apdain
_ S U M - _____$050
IN 202 lé s i ! HO
M 21) I4mlt n o
..........- .... - .............. U M .___ $1051
U M .— $1711
m i t i i * i i n o
$S.*M , — $1000
m «25 M fm bri*
MI 425 t « fm t a t o --------------------------- U M . ___ $5.000
MI 424 n o N É r ------------------------------ _ S F M . — HO M
i m
s |
MI 424 n o britt
S I M ___ $2,710
— SU M
IN 474 PTO kiirr
.... S I M -___ U M
in i i i l i . i l prò
_ S I M .___ $ J H
— SU M
jD 444 ) 4 i i | prò faad
_ U M . ___$ 1.000
— SU M
N SIS n i n o m a h «
-S IS M — S lim
— SU M
Fraaau l i d i tyl Dio. n a i a * ------- - S I M M — $15.0»
— SU M
- U F . M — $ 10.000
k t y y i r S a * . F I -------- . K M
..S IM
___ H M
James Edwin Campbell, 63, of
Heppner, died Sunday, Novem­
ber 23, 1997, at his home.
Graveside service will be 1
p.m. Friday at Paterson Memorial
Cemetery, at Paterson, Washing­
James Edwin Campbell was
bom August 31, 1934, at Colo­
rado Springs, Colorado, to Darrel
and Edna Graves Campbell. He
grew up at Colorado Springs and
attended schools there, then
moved with his family to Wash­
ington where he attended Walla
Walla High School, graduating in
On April 1, 1956, he married
Judy B. Alexander at Kennewick,
He served as a paratrooper with
the 11th Airborne Division of the
U.S. Army in Germany and Leba­
non from December 1956-De­
cember 1958.
He was employed as a diesel
mechanic for most of his work­
ing years, working at several
shops in Pasco, Washington. He
also worked for Lampson Rail­
road and later Windust Park near
Kaklatus, Washington.
He was a m ember o f the
M achinist’s Union and the
Teamster’s Union at Pasco; the
National Rifle Association, the
Desert Rifle and Pistol Club, and
the Tri-Cities Metallic Silhouette
After his retirement in 1992, he
and his wife moved to Oregon,
where they were caretakers of a
ranch near Monument. In Janu­
ary 1997, they moved to a moun­
tain home near Heppner to enjoy
hunting and fishing, rockhound-
ing and their dogs.
Survivors include his wife,
Judy, at the home; son, James
Darrel Campbell of Kennewick;
daughter, Jill Cargill of Benton
City, Washington; sisters, Edna
Harris of Longview, Washington;
and Sally Reece of Kennewick;
and two grandchildren.
Memorial contributions may
be made to a charity of choice.
Sweeney Mortuary, Heppner,
is in charge of arrangements.
1l a * Kara k a a l a k a a a a la t o r n a i c n W
1 a r i m a * m m • 1 « r i M i • fam * «Ornivi
r i * p i f 9 M C 11 I * n • *mr
H k * mm 1 n M
The Morrow County Clerk’s
office at the courthouse in Hepp­
ner reports issuing the following
mamage licenses during the past
Nov. 17: Dave Charles Stnplin,
35, Boardman; and
Melinda Mane Thomas, 23,
Nov. 21: Bernard Patrick Lind­
say, 26, Lexington; and
Kimberly Lee Collins, 25,
Nov. 24: Jose G uerreru
Vasquez, 23, Umatilla; and
Petra Munoz, 30, Umatilla.
lone Topic
Club meets
The lone Topic Club met
November 19 at the home of
June Crowell. Hostesses were
June and Kristy Crowell.
The by-laws and constitution
were reviewed and revisions
The program, presented by June
Crowell, described the charitable
program for needy babies at
Good Shepherd Hospital in
Hermiston. The Topic Club
members decided to bnng gifts
for the babies to the December
meeting instead of their usual gift
Several members told of new
books they had read. Some of
the new books in the library this
month are: "The Clinic" by J.
Kellerman;"10 lb. Penalty" by
Dick Francis; "Into Thin Air" by
Jon Krakauer; "The Royals" by
Kitty Kelley; and "Unnatural
Exposure" by P. Cornwell.
Northeast Oregon Assembled
Land Exchange
The Prineville and Vale Dis­
tricts of the Bureau of Land Man­
agement are considering an ex­
change o f public and private
lands, with Clearwater Land Ex­
change of Orofino, Idaho acting
as facilitator. The exchange could
result in the transfer o f up to
90,000 acres o f public lands
within the counties of Baker,
Grant, Morrow, Umatilla, Union
and Wheeler to private owner­
ship. Private lands of like value
would be transferred into public
ownership. A draft Environmen­
tal Impact Statement has been
prepared and is available for re­
view. A public comment period
is in effect until December 31,
1997. Written comments should
be submitted by that date to the
BLM office at 3165 10th Street,
Baker City, OR 97814 or P.O.Box
550, Prineville, OR 97754. For
more information, contact BLM
at 541-523-1256 (Baker City) or
541-416-6700 (Prineville).
Published: November 26, 1997
P.O. Box 368
Lexington, Or. 97839
You are invited to bid on labo­
ratory equipment for Heppner
Elementary School, Heppner, Or.
and described as follows:
Provide and install laboratory
tables and Instructor’s desk for
the Biology room at Heppner El­
ementary School.
Proposals will be accepted by
the District until 2:00 P.M. Pa­
cific Time, on Dec. 18, 1997 at
the District Office in Lexington,
Or. Proposals will be opened pub­
licly and read aloud. Interested
parties are invited to attend. Fax
proposals will not be accepted.
Plans and specifications are
available from the Owner. To
obtain bidding documents contact
R.E. Baker, P.O. Box 3863,
Pasco, Wa. 99302, telephone 509-
547-5112, fax 509-547-5482. Bid
security amounting to 5% of the
total base bid must accompany
each Bidder’s proposal in accor­
dance with the Instructions to
No Bidder may withdraw his
proposal after the date and time
set for opening thereof or before
Award of Contract, unless said
award is delayed beyond 45 days.
The District reserves the right
to accept or reject any or all pro­
posals, and in particular, to reject
a proposal not accompanied by
the required bid security or data
(s) Chuck Starr
Published: November 26, 1997
Morrow County Health Dis­
trict is taking bids on cleaning of
the following buildings: Board-
man Medical Clinic, Boardman
Dental Office, Imgon Medical
Clinic and Heppner Dental Of­
fice. All bidders are encouraged
Dale and Natalie Hodges,
visit the sites they are bidding
Lien Claimant,
Prospective bidders may re­
specifications from Pioneer
Darwin Hodges,
Memorial Hospital either by call­
Lien Debtor.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN ing Gary Nolan at 541-676-2922
that Dale and Natalie Hodges, or by picking up the specifications
hereinafter called “Lien Claim­ at 564 E. Pioneer Drive in Hepp­
ant,” claim a possessory lien upon ner. All bids must be received no
later than 1:00 P.M. at Pioneer
the following chattels:
See Exhibit 1, attached hereto Memorial Hospital on Friday,
and incorporated herein by refer­ December 12, 1997. Bids will be
opened on Friday December 12
(“the property”), which lien is at 2:00 P.M.. Successful bidder
claimed for and on account of la­ will be announced on Monday
bor performed, services rendered December 15, 1997. Morrow
and/or materials furnished in the County health District reserves
alteration, repair, transportation the right to refuse any or all bids.
and/or storage of the property in Morrow County Health District is
Morrow County, Oregon. The la­ an Equal Opportunity Employer
bor, materials and/or services are committed to providing equal
employment opportunities to all
described as follows:
Storage of the property from classes protected by law.
October 3,1997, at a rate of $5.00 Published: November 26, and
December 3, 1997
per day.
The name of the owner or re­ Affid
puted owner of the property is
Darwin H odges, hereinafter
called “Lien Debtor,” at whose
request and for whose benefit the
foregoing labor, services and/or
Tuesdays at 12 :00 N o o n
materials were provided. The
Lien Debtor’s last known address
Dear Friends and Relatives-
80919 Cooney Lane
Your beautiful cards, letters and
Hermiston, OR 97838
well wishes have overwhelmed
The close of the furnishing of us. It means so much to us that
the foregoing labor, services and/ you thought as much of Leland as
or materials was on October 25, we did. Your sym pathetic
1997, and the date on which pay­ thoughts, prayers and heartfelt
ment was due for the foregoing offers of comfort have touched all
labor, services and/or materials of us in a very special way. Our
was October 25, 1997.
loss was devastating, but you have
On account of the storage of the helped up to move past the initial
property as identified in this No­ grief.
tice, the Lien Claimant claims a
A very special thanks to Helen
lien upon the property in the McCabe-Crawford who planned
amount of $ 110 through October the luncheon, and all of the won­
25,1997, which is a true and bona derful lone ladies that helped to '
fide debt as of the date of the prepare it. You have helped many
families in this same manner and
In addition, the Lien Claimant your hospitality has added to your
is entitled to recover storage fees fame. Additional special thanks to
in the amount of $320, for stor- “Good Neighbors,” those friends
’ ig d ofthe jttrijferty at ffie rate of and family from ione, Heppner,
$5.00 per day from October 26, Condon and Arlington that helped
1997, until the date of sale, pur­ supply the rest of the meal.
suant to ORS 87.176, and to re­
Donations to the Condon Fire
cover the costs and expenses of Dept, can be made in memory of
the sale.
Leland H. Eubanks, in care of the
FURTHER NOTICE IS Bank of Eastern Oregon, Condon
HEREBY GIVEN that on the Branch. He loved his time with
29th day of December, 1997, at the fire department and we felt
69959 Ella Road, lone, Oregon, that it would be something he
97843, at the hour of 9 o’clock, would have approved.
a.m., the Lien Claimant shall pro­
ceed to sell the property at public
Marlene Pointer
auction to the highest bidder for
and the Eubanks Family
________________ 11 -26-1 p
DATED this 17 day of Novem­
ber 1997.
Dale and Natalie Hodges, Lien
Now accepting applications for
art-tim e cook at Heppner
By: (s) Derek L. Caplinger, Of
Call 541-676-9112 or 676-
Attorneys for Lien Claimant
9706 to arrange an interview.
The chattels include the follow­ _____________________11-19-2C
Position: “C” team girls bas­
1979 3/4 ton Chevrolet ketball coach; Location: Hepp­
S cotsdale 4x4 pickup, VIN ner High School, Heppner, Or­
egon; Application: Contact Hepp­
Assorted shelving and storage ner High School at (541) 676-9138
equipment. Assorted shotgun for information and applications.
equipment and reloading equip­ Successful candidates may be sub­
ment. Assorted record albums, ject to fingerprinting. EOE.
and music albums. Assorted ____________________11-26-lc
books. Assorted photographs and
M orrow C o u n ty P u b lic
memorabilia. Assorted hunting Health Department has the fol­
and fishing equipment. Assorted lowing openings: Part-time Public
furniture and furnishings. As­ Health nurse. R.N. license and
sorted horse equipment and horse valid Oregon driver’s license re­
tack. Assorted hand tools, power quired. Public health experience
tools and garden tools. Assorted and/or bilingual Spanish/English
auto parts and tools, and assorted preferred. $14.30 per hour.
equipment. Assorted linens. As­
Part-time office clerk. Eight
sorted sporting equipment. As­ hours/week. Basic office experi­
sorted games and toys. Assorted ence including computer skills, fil­
electronic equipment. Assorted ing, some bookkeeping and recep­
kitchenware and kitchen sundries. tion skills required. $7.96/hour.
Assorted camping equipment and Bilingual preference.
Part-time translator. Bilingual in
1 freezer. 1 double bed with English and Spanish with interest
frame. 1 queen box springs. 1 full in promoting health. Preference
box springs. 1 Magnavox 19” for health-related experience, cer­
color television. 1 air conditioner. tification as translator. $6.50/hr.
1 GE washing machine. 1 Whirl­ DOE.
pool dryer. 1 gas barbeque, with
Contact Andrea Denton, Mor­
row County Courthouse, P.O. Box
Other items of miscellaneous 788, Heppner, OR 97836, phone
personal property.
(541) 676-5620 for |pplications.
An itemized list of the chattels Return same address by 5 p.m.
described above is available at the Dec. 19, 1997.
offices of Lien Creditors’ attor­
Morrow County is an Equal
neys, Corey, Byler, Rew, Opportunity Employer and does
Lorenzen & Hojem, L.L.P., 222 not discriminate on the basis of
SE Donon, Pendleton, Oregon race, color, national ongin, sex,
religion, age, or disability in em­
Published: November 26, and ployment or the provision of ser­
December 3, 1997