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    SIX - Heppner Gazette-Times, Heppner, Oregon Wednesday, October 22,1997
HHS homecoming court crowned
Devils singe the Cards, 52-28
Heppner High School homecoming royalty was crowned during homecoming festivities at the HHS
fottball game against Stanfield, Thursday. Oct. 9.
Pictured left to right are: front row-junior Prince Derek Gunderson, senior Prince Josh Roy. crown
bearer Tayler.Disque, senior Prince Adam Doherty, flower girl Kathryn Strouse, senior King Travis Wilhelm,
junior Prince Shane Matheny
Second row-junior Princess Jill Barber, senior Princess Annie Hisler, senior Queen Josie Proctor, se­
nior Princess Lexi Matteson, junior Princess Amber Peck.
Back row-fathers Don Barber, Paul Hisler, Mike Proctor, Chuck Matteson and Allen Peck.
Dan Scott carries ball for lone.
The Condon Blue Devils over­
powered the lone Cardinals 52-
28 during lone’s homecoming
game, Friday, Oct. 17.
lone began the game with the
ball but was forced to punt, which
led to a 40 yard touchdown run
by Condon’s Brad Camine. This
was just one of Camine’s touch­
downs; among them was a 33
yard run and a 36 yard pass, his
only completion of the game.
Camine wound up with 205 yards
on 18 carries by the end of the
At half time, lone’s homecom­
ing court was decided, while the
scoreboard read, “Guest: 22,
Home: 8.” During half time,
lone’s 1997 homecoming queen
Brenda Burright was crowned by
king Jake McElligott.
lone began the second half with
a spark, with a 30 yard pass from
Mark McElligott to Marc Orem,
but Condon added 16 third quar­
ter points.
In the fourth quarter, the two
teams were even, each scoring 14
points. Tragically, lone freshman
Dustin Haguewood was injured
during a punt. Haguew ood
fumbled a snap and when he tried
to recover it, several Blue Devils
pounced on him, which resulted
in a broken femur. Condon also
scored a safety on the play.
Statistics: lone: 8-0-6-14-28
Condon: 8-14-16-14-52
Mustangs JV team work upends Huskies
In front o f a large home crowd,
the Heppner Mustang JV volley­
ball team took the Sherman
County team in two, to win their
last home match of the season,
15-4, 15-4.
H eppner playing 13 girls
strong in the match, displayed
why they sport a 14-0 record.
“Unselfish play, talent and deter-
rmnation carry this team of girls
through their games each week.
Learning to play with many
player combinations to under­
mine their opponents has been
their strength,” said coach Susan
Brooke Boyer, no. 1 setter-
server, set the tone with setting
and 6-6 service attempts. Ashley
Mustangs blast Rockets
By Molly Rhsa
Pilot Rock rocketed over to
Heppner on Tuesday, October
14, and the Mustang net squads
blasted them right back over the
hill as all three of the home-girl
teams won their matches.
The C team started out the
evening o f volleyball action
winning their match 7-15, 15-6,
15-8. The Heppner C's hadn't
had a match since September 30
and it was evident in die opening
game, as they looked a little flat.
The C's had trouble just getting
the ball over the net, both with
serving and returns, and ended up
dropping the first game, 7-15.
In game two Heppner managed
to switch off the Rockets'
boosters for good. Krista Adams
started off the game with an ace
and the young Mustangs were off
and running to a 6-0 lead. Maja
Dietiker had four kills to lead the
attack and the Mustangs won ,
The third game was like a
continuation of the prior. The
C's allowed Pilot Rock's first
server to score one point, then
the Mustangs' Beth Baker went
behind the service line to score
points one through six to put the
home team out front for good.
Heppner was up 13-4 when the
Rockets tried to fire up, but the
charged up C's quickly quenched
the flames and took the game and
the match, 15-8.
Serving 100 percent for the
match were Dietiker, 9/9,
Lindsey Ward, 9/9, Macy Rhea,
1/1, while Baker went 10/11 and
Marissa McCabe was 4/5.
Strong net play was displayed by
Ward, Amanda Sneddon and
The JVs grabbed up their reins
and never let go as they defeated
the Rockets, 15-4, 15-13.
Brooke Boyer started out by
serving up the first three points
and the Mustangs never looked
back as they raced to a 15-4 win.
Casey Ingraham was relentless in
the first game as she went 100
percent from behind the service
line (4/4) and had nine hits on
nine attempts with five kills.
The score was tied up at three
apiece in the second game when
Kathleen Greenup stepped back
and scored points four through
11. With consistent serving and
strong net play the Mustangs
were up 13-4, then 14-5. Then
the next twelve Mustangs served
for game point. It was drawn out
to watch, but the team looked
like they were having a great
time as they repeatedly dug out
the hits and set up the hitters, but
the JVs just couldn't seem to put
a lid on the game. The girls
definitely got in some playing
time and finally took the game,
The JVs served 81 percent for
the match. One hundred percent
serving efforts were contributed
by Allison Sykes, 8/8, Amy
Papineau, 5/5, and Ingraham,
4/4, while Greenup went 10/11.
Lady Cardinals
fall short with
loss to Condon
- j
photo by Joyce Hughes
Jayme Hansen in JV action against Pilot Rock
IMS loses to Echo Cougars
By Colin McElligott
and Adam McCabe
photo by Joyce Hughes
Lexi Matteson gets one over the net against the Rockets
Abby Kahl played tough at the
net, 12/12 with four kills,
Stephanie Clough went 4/5.
Brooke Boyer, Ashley Ropp and
Kahl shared the setting duties.
Consistent all around play was
seen from Trisha Adams, Macy
Rhea, Papineau and Sykes.
The Heppner varsity team
hardly gave the Rockets a chance
to rev their engines as they
knocked them off in two quick
games, 15-5, 15-3.
Mustangs maintained their high
intensity attack in spite of a Pilot
Rock team that was missing
their core players.
Heppner used only six servers
(one complete rotation) to win
game one with 100 percent
service success. Game two was
almost as quick as the Mustangs
continued to pound the Rockets.
Heppner went 20/22 from behind
the service line in the second
game, a 95 percent service
success for the match.
Mustangs contributing 100
percent serve success include Jill
Barber, 9/9, Jessie VanWinkle,
6/6, Brooke Boyer, 5/5, Linsey
Jaci Hughes, Jayme
Hansen and Annie Hisler, all 3/3,
Amber Peck and
Ingraham, 2/2, while Mindy
Binschus and Petra Elguezabal
served 1/1.
Smashing the leather to the
hardwood for the Mustangs were
Hisler who successfully hit six
for six attempts with five kills,
Lexi Matteson, 7/9 with five
kills, Elguezabal, 5/7 with four
kills and Binschus, 2/3 with two
Janelle Healy made several
good passes to set up the hitters.
Setting duties for the match were
shared by Hisler, Barber, Boyer
and Hansen.
"I was pleased with our
intensity tonight," said Coach
Terri Gentry. "Sometimes it's
difficult to maintain a high
aggression level when playing a
team that isn't very challenging.
Our girls really kept up their
mental game tonight."
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W ill ow C reek
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W orship Service at 3 p.m .
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560 North Minor
Ropp, Jayme Hansen and Abby
Kahl followed up nicely while
assisting their teammates with
setting abilities. Kahl also served
7-7 on the night. Chipping in 7-9
was Trisha Adams, and Kathleen
Greenup, a 91 percent accuracy
server on the season, was 3-3.
Heppner saw another 90 per­
cent team service for the team in
game one. Excellent hitting op­
portunities were taken up by
sophomores Casey Ingraham,
Kim Pointer and Amy Drake.
Pointer and Drake continued to do
damage at the net with spiking
and blocking expertise. Adams,
Amy Papineau, Leah Denton,
Greenup, Stephanie Clough and
Allison Sykes provided net sup­
port. Pointer and Greenup an­
chored down the middle back row
duties, along with sophomores
Sykes, Ropp, Adams, Papineau
and Denton.
Heppner JVs finished up regu­
lar season play Tuesday, Oct. 21
at Weston.
room to move, lone tried a fake
The lone Middle School Car­ punt and got 30 yards, but then
dinals football team played the lone couldn’t make it any further
Echo Cougars at Echo, Thursday, and Echo took over on downs.
Oct. 9. lone lost to the Cougars, After that, Echo moved the ball
down to lone’s three yard line, but
22 - 12 .
On the opening kick-off, lone the offense couldn't score. lone
received the ball and started at took control but the clock
their 36 yard line. They moved the wouldn’t let them score in the last
ball down to the Cougars’ 20. part of the third.
In the fourth quarter, lone
From there, Echo took over on
much like they did in the
downs. They couldn’t move the
almost scored when
ball and were forced to punt. Then
a 15 yard pass
lone took the ball to the Cougars’
they tried to
25 yard line where the quarter
and a Cou­
ended with the score, 0-0.
the ball to
In the second quarter, lone still
he was
had the ball and tried to score but
were unsuccessful and the Cou­
gars took over at the three yard
line. From there, they moved the
ball to their 30 yard line and ran a ber 25 of Echo ran the ball into
sweep around the end to score on the endzone and Echo moved the
lone. Echo couldn’t convert the ball in for the extra point.
lone got the ball back and
extra point and lone took control
o f the ball. They m oved it moved it to the 30 yard line be­
downfield, but failed to score and fore fumbling. Echo’s number 25
ran the ball back for a touchdown.
were forced to punt.
When Echo took control, they With one minute left, the coaches
tried a sweep, but Adam Neiffer took out all of the eighth graders
hit number 25 and the ball was and some seventh graders. lone
knocked loose. lo n e ’s Adam tried to stop Echo from scoring
McCabe picked up the ball and their conversion, but couldn’t do
ran it 15 yards before he was tack­
On the kick-off, lone’s Mike
led. After that, lone began to turn Raidie ran 65 yards to score a
around and scored on that drive. touchdown with 35 seconds left.
Brad Burright couldn’t score the The extra point failed. With one
extra point and then the second second left, lone kicked off, the
half came to a close with the score Cougars fumbled, and lone al­
tied, 6-6.
most scored again, but were pre­
In the third quarter, lone kicked vented by a tackle at the 20 yard
off to the Cougars. From there, line. The game ended 22-12, Echo
Echo moved the ball to the 35 on top of the Cardinals.
yard line and scored a touchdown,
IMS’s next game was Oct. 17
lone got the ball back and they against Condon at lone.
moved it downfield, but Echo’s
defense refused to give them
By Salli McElligott
and Amellia Peck
lone Middle School volleyball
team lost to Condon in three
games, Friday, Oct. 17, in lone.
lone was slow to start in the
first game, which ended with a
score of 7-15 in Condon’s favor.
lone made an extraordinary re­
covery in the second game, with
a score of 15-3, lone, but they
were beginning to look tired.
In the third game, lone lead
with a score of 3-0 at the begin­
ning. Then Condon began to show
determination and beat lone, 3-
The top Cardinal servers for the
game were Amellia Peck and
Diana M cElligott, both with
seven points. Coach Barb Collins
commented, “We played well. If
a few more serves would have
gone over, that would have
helped.” “We played our hardest
which was our goal. We seemed
to be tired which hurt us,” added
Natalie McElligott.
lone’s next game will be Fri­
day, Oct. 24, at 2 p.m. against
Heppner at lone.
DA7s Report
The Morrow County District
Attorney’s office in Heppner re­
ports handling the following busi­
, Andrew Evan Burt, 19, o f
Heppner, was convicted of Un­
lawful Possession of a Weapon -
A/Misdemeanor on Sept. 24, 97
and sentenced by Judge Rudy M.
Murgo to five years probation,
180 days in jail, suspended on the
condition that he have no weap­
ons and successfully complete a
hunter safety class. Burt was also
convicted of Possession of Less
Than One Oz. Marijuana-U/Vio-
lation on Sept. 24, 97 and was
sentenced by Judge Rudy M.
Murgo and ordered to pay $1,125
in fines and assessments.