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    TW O - Heppner Gazette-Tim es, Heppner, Oregon Wednesday, July 2, 1 9 9 7
The Official Newspaper of the
City of Heppner and the
County of Morrow
U.S.P S 240-420
Morrow County’s Home-Owned Weekly Newspaper
Published weekly ami entered as periodical matter at the Post Office at Heppner.
Oregon under the Act of March 3, 1879. Periodical postage paid at Heppner.
Oregon. Office at 147 West Willow Street. Telephone (541) 676-9228 Postmaster
send address changes to the Heppner Gazette-Times, P.O. Box 337, Heppner.
Oregon 97836. Subscriptions: $18 in Morrow, Wheeler, Gilliam and Grant Coun­
ties; $25 elsewhere.
April Hilton-Svkes.................................................................................News Editor
Stephanie Jensen ................................................................................... Typesetting
Monique D evin..................................................... Advertising Layout & Graphics
Bonnie Bennett ................................................................................... Distribution
Penni Keersemaker ........................................................................................Printer
David Sykes, Publisher
Editor 's note: Letters to the editor must be signed The G azette- Times will
not publish unsigned letters Please include your address and phone num ber
on all letters for use by the G -T office. The G -T reserves the right to edit
lone has drop box
To the Editor:
After reading in the Heppner
paper about the newspaper
recycling drop boxes being
removed for a few weeks due to
construction. I'd like to draw it to
everyone's attention that the
American Legion Auxiliary
maintains a newspaper drop box
behind the post office in lone.
The lone American Legion
organization, who supports our
Local teens capture state high
school titles; head to nationals
Justin and Lexi Matteson and
Emmet Evans, all Heppner, and
Angela and Tiffanie Munkers,
Lexington, all took state
championship titles at the
Oregon High School Rodeo
Finals held June 20-22 at
Pnneville, and eartied a trip to
the National High School Rodeo
Finals planned July 14-20 at
Pueblo, Colorado.
The Intermountain boys' team
and the Columbia Basin girls’
team took the championships.
Intermountain's Annie Hisler of
Heppner finished fifth and eighth
in her events at state finals,
qualifying for the Silver State
International Rodeo this weekend
at Fallon, Nevada.
Justin Matteson, leader of the
Intermountam boys' team, won
the calf roping event with
second, and finished fifth in steer
wrestling. He also teamed up
with Columbia Basin's Katie
McCoin, Condon, to take eighth
in team roping.
Angela and Tiffanie Munkers
and McCoin were leaders of the
Columbia Basin girls' team.
Angela Munkers won the goat
tying event and finished 12th in
breakaway roping and 14th in
barrel racing.
Tiffanie Munkers took fourth
in goat tying, eighth in pole
bending, 15th in barrel racing
and 17th in breakaway.
Lexi Matteson, Intermountain
team, finished second in barrel
racing and pole bending. She also
took sixth in goat tying and 15th
in breakaway roping.
Intermountain's Emmet Evans
won the team roping event, along
with Vic Thompson, Pendleton.
Evans was also third in steer
wrestling and seventh in calf
roping and saddle bronc.
McCoin finished third in barrel
racing, 14th in pole bending, tied
for 16th in goat tying and 18th in
breakaway roping.
Cleveland, Pendleton, finished
fourth in bareback riding to
qualify for nationals.
Columbia Basin's boys were
lead by Nate Filbin of Dufur and
Ty Wilkins of Arlington. Both
qualified for nationals in two
Filbin finished second in
bareback riding and third in
saddle bronc riding. Wilkins
placed third in bull riding and
fourth in saddle bronc.
Intermountain's Zane Gibbs,
Stanfield, finished sixth in saddle
Amber Evans of Pilot Rock
finished seventh in barrel racing.
Following are top four and
local competitors' final standings
for the Oregon High School
Rodeo finals, Prineville:
(Top four go to national finals;
placers five-eight go to Silver
Bareback: 1 st-Ross Coleman,
150; 2nd-Nate Filbin, Dufur, CB,
136-1/2; 3rd-Andy Cleveland,
Pendleton, IM, 94; 4th-Bill
Jepsen, 92.
Barrels: lst-Hayley Atwood,
Heppner, IM, 121; 3rd-Katie
McCoin, Condon, CB, 116; 4th-
Catrina McVey, 94; 7th-Amber
Evans, Pilot Rock, IM, 67; 8th-
Annie Hisler, Heppner, IM, 56;
14th-A ngela
M unkers,
Lexington, CB, 26; 15th-Tiffanie
Munkers, Lexington, CB, 24;
Pendleton, IM, 23; 20th-Laina
Mathews, Pendleton, IM, 11.
Breakaway Roping: lst-Tnsha
McComas, 89; 4th-Jenny Tatte,
87; 12th-A. Munkers, 33; 15th-L.
Matteson, 20; 17th-T. Munkers,
18; 18th-McCoin, 14; 21st- A.
Justin and Lexi Matteson
L-R: Katie McCoin, Tiffanie Munkers, Angela Munkers
veterans, veterans' hospital gift
Christmastime, girls' state and
many other worthwhile projects
throughout the year.
This convenience could save
someone a trip to Hermiston or
Pendleton and we certainly do
appreciate anyone who utilizes
this service.
(s) Jean Jepsen
R a in b O W G a t h e r i n g s
g a t h e r in p e a c e
To the Editor:
I have been going to Rainbow
gatherings for nearly a decade
now, and so I know the impact
such a large group o f our family
have on
communities we gather near.
There are positive and negative
impacts, I know, but we are here
to gather in peace and want to
share our vision for world peace
and healing through prayer and
silent meditation on the 4th of
July, from dawn until noon.
No one individual can speak
for the Rainbow Family.
However, I know firsthand that
many in the family are very
disturbed about the flyers
threatening "your children" and
something about "damnation".
Rainbows are very protective
of their children and care for
them carefully and with love, as
I'm sure every one of your
readers does. We have a record
of peaceful non-violent behavior
during the entire 25 years of our
gatherings. We are not child
The gathering is a free, non­
commercial public event. In
other words, everybody who has
a bellybutton is a Rainbow. And
everyone is welcome to observe
and participate in the Rainbow
vision of community focus, but
w e are not here to steal your
If you come, please leave your
alcohol behind. Bring your
flashlight, cup and a spoon.
Contributions are welcomed for
our free kitchens, but all other
uses of money are strongly
commercial, free events.
In peace,
(s) Laurie Solomon
An entry in the Sheriffs Report
in the June 25 issue o f the
Gazette-Times was in error.
A patient at Pioneer Memorial
Hospital in Heppner reported to
a PMH employee that the patient
had been punched in the eye and
had a gun pulled on her.
The entry for June 7 erroneously
reported that a hospital employee
had been punched and had a gun
pulled on her.
US should meet China's challenge
To the Editor:
As reported June 29 on CNN
leaders in Hong Kong plan to
have a ratio of two students to
every computer by the year 2002.
AH teachers will be using
computers in their classrooms.
We in the USA will become
second-class world citizens if we
do not meet this challenge. Who
amongst us wants to take their
orders from Beijing?
(s) Meg Murray
Pioneer Memorial's nurses fully trained
To the Editor:
In regards to the letter written
by Lon Straley, RN, that was
published in the June 25 edition
of the Heppner Gazette, I would
like to assure the citizens of
Morrow County that the use of
uneducated, untrained "RN"s is
only a proposal that is being
brought before the Oregon State
Ms. Straley, I
believe, was attempting to call
the community’s attention to a
potential problem if this proposal
is successfully adopted by the
I have been informed that there
are many people in the
community who are under the
impression that the use of
untrained, uneducated "RN"s is
our current practice at Pioneer
Memorial Hospital. It is not and
there is no intention of adopting
this practice. I can ensure that
any person who presents at
Pioneer Memorial will be
assessed by a registered nurse
who holds a degree in nursing
and is licensed as such with the
Oregon State Board of Nursing.
I would encourage every
citizen to contact your legislator
concerning this issue, in order to
prevent the use o f "pseudo­
nurses" in the hospital setting.
As Ms. Straley eloquently
pointed out, you do deserve a
real nurse and you will get one at
Pioneer Memorial Hospital and
Nursing Home.
Yours truly,
(s) Peggy Johnson, RN
Director of Nursing
Pioneer Memorial Clinic
will be closed Friday,
July 4th.
Have a safe and happy
4th of July!
you ’re invited to an
80 th Birthday
for t d V tck
at his Lake Ventand cabin
beginning at 2 p.m., Saturday, }uty 12
(your presence is your gift)
July 4th
CLOSED. Have a good Fourth of July!
July 5th
Alumni Golf Tournament.
July 12th
Class of ’77 Reunion. Fund raiser - Family Portraits
For details, call the lodge at 676-9181, 676-5304 or
July 19th
Class of ’57 Reunion.
Bingo every W e d n e s d a y , starting at 7 p .m .
D ining Friday & S atu rd ay — G R E A T FO O D
at reas o n a b le prices! 6 -9 p .m .
Many THANKS to all of those who helped with
breakfast and dinner for 400 BMW motorcycle riders.
The food was great and they will return next year.
Emmet Evans
Evans, 10; 23rd-Swanson, 8-1/2;
24th-L. Mathews, 8.
Bull Riding: 1 st-Ross Coleman,
136; 2nd-Jimmy Floyd, 114; 3rd-
Ty Wilkins, Arlington, CB, 103-
1 / 2 .
Calf Roping:
Matteson, Heppner, IM, 112;
2nd-Ben Rodriguez, Stanfield,
IM, 106; Jrd-Bobby Alexander,
103; 4th-Jack Pearce, 87-1/2;
7th-Emmet Evans, Heppner, IM,
Pendleton, IM, 24.
Goat Tying: lst-A. Munkers,
125; 2nd-Legg, 108; 3rd-
Hammers, 105; 4th-T. Munkers,
101; 6th-L. Matteson, 79; 16th
(tie)-McCoin, 13; 18th (tie)-
Mathews, 11; 22nd (tie)-A.
Evans, 5.
Pole Bending: lst-Atwood,
134; 2nd-L. Matteson, 114; 3rd-
Amy Landrus, 112; 4th-Legg, 89;
fifth-Hisler, 82; 8th-T. Munkers,
65; 14th-McCoin, 23; 16th-
Mathews, 19; 18th-Swanson, 14.
Saddle Bronc: 1st-Jared
McFarlane, 120; 2nd-Coleman,
116; 3rd-Filbin, 110-1/2; 4th-
Wilkins, 99; 6th-Gibbs, 62-1/2;
7th-E. Evans, 42.
Steer Wrestling: lst-Jake
Seavert, LaGrande, 130; 2nd-
Pearce, 128; 3rd-E. Evans, 126;
4th-Trevor Knowles, 99; 5th-J.
Rodriguez, Stanfield, IM, 71.
Team Roping: 1 st-Thompson/E
Evans, IM, 101-1/2; 2nd-Jared
McFarlane/Bobby Alexander, 90;
3rd (tie)-Bobby Bewley/Kyle
Birdine Tullis' name was
misspelled in the June 25 edition
of the G-T. Tullis had been
selected grand marshal o f this
year's annual Fourth of July
celebration in lone.
Annie Hisler
Jacobs, 72; 6th (tie)-Rodnguez/
S e a v e r t , 61;
8 t h - J .
Matteson/McCoin, 58; 11th (tie)-
Wes Young/Jerry Young, both
Hermiston, IM, 27; 19th-Katie
T h o m p son,
P endleton/
Thompson, 17.
In the story entitled, "Measure
50 gives out tax bases", Morrow
County's one-year serial levy was
$3 million, not $4 million as
stated in the story.
In the same story, Heppner
City Manager Gary Marks spoke
before the Oregon Senate
Revenue Committee, not the
Heppner Elks 358
"Where Friends M eet"
142 N. Main
^Jox tfjo u ’i <SummEx ÇPti E d l U X E . . .
\jlu e . < S t% an d
£be.xC i
Effective July 9, 1997, the Fire
Chief of the City of Heppner is
imposing a closed season for
open burning based on local fire
safety concerns. This burning
ban is for the City of Heppner. A
reminder that open burning also
includes a “burn barrel". The
closed season will remain in ef­
fect until further notice this fall
as per ORS 478.960.
Peterson’s ]
G44 «
Jewelers /
â fo ic d g j y 4tH