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Truck drivers form highway blockade
Four charged with kidnap, robbery of Richland man
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NO. 13
VOL. 115
6 Pages Wednesday. March 27, 1996,
Lancaster to attend conference
Shannon Lancaster
Shannon Lancaster, Head
Start parent and member of the
Head Start Policy Council, was
recently elected by the council
to be their representative at the
National Head Start Associa­
tion training conference in New
Orleans, March 25-29.
The training conference is for
all parents and staff from all
Head Start programs through­
out the nation. The local policy
council is made up of represen­
tatives from all of the area com­
munities served by Umatilla-
Morrow County Head Start,
Inc., (UMCHS) including
Heppner/Ione, Pendleton, Her-
miston, Umatilla, Irrigon,
Enterprise, Wallowa, John Day
and Milton-Freewater.
"Shannon was chosen by her
peers because of her long-time
commitment to the program
and input on the policy coun­
cil," said Head Start staff
member, Kathy Cutsforth.
UMCHS has been in south
Morrow County since 1993.
The Head Start program pro­
vides services to 10 children
and their families through a
home-based model. The focus
of the home-based program is
the family unit. Cutsforth
makes weekly home visits to
children and parents. The
children attend either the
Creative Care Preschool in lone
or the Heppner Day Care
Preschool, with their tuition
paid by the Head Start pro­
gram. Parents are directly in­
volved in the activities plann­
ed for their children, says
"In Head Start, parents have
the opportunity to expand their
role as the primary educator in
their child's lif e ," adds
Cutsforth. "They do this by
participating on committees,
volunteering in the classroom
and with projects, attending
parent education classes and
trainings or by serving on the
policy council.”
UMCHS offers many other
programs and services in the
south Morrow County area,
says Cutsforth. Child Care
Resource and Referral provides
training and technical assist­
ance to child care providers and
assists parents seeking child
care. In addition, WIC (Wo­
men, Infants and Children
Nutrition Education program)
has a WIC certifier coming to
Heppner the third Tuesday of
each month to certify families
for the program. Those in­
terested in applying for the
WIC program, should call the
Morrow County Health De­
partment for an appointment.
For more information on any
of the services UMCHS pro­
vides, contact Cutsforth,
676-9150, or call the Pendleton
office, 1-800-559-5878 or
BPA seeks information on vandals
The Bonneville Power Ad­
ministration (BPA) needs help
identifying the criminals who
vandalized one of its power
lines in Morrow County on
Saturday, Feb. 24.
Damage to the Ione-Board-
man 69,000 volt transmission
line caused it to relay out of ser­
vice, disrupting power to Col­
umbia Basin Electric Co-op
customers for four and a half
hours. BPA crews dispatched
to the trouble spot discovered
gunshot damage on three in­
sulator strings which caused
the line failure.
The lone-Boardman trans­
mission line runs in a north-
south direction through the
middle of Morrow County.
Gunshots damaged the power
lines at a transmission structure
located about one half mile off
Juniper Canyon Road between
the towns of Boardman and
The price to repair the dam­
age from this incident is esti­
mated at almost S3,000. Indirect
costs to BPA customers re­
sulting from lost power total an
additional $4,000, said a BPA
news release.
Anyone with further infor­
mation that could lead to the
vandals is encouraged to call
BPA's Crime Witness hotline,
1-800-437-2744. Information is
worth up to $1,000. Witnesses'
names are kept confidential,
said the news release.
Local Internet access possible
Morrow County Heppner, Oregon
Youth advisory
A new youth committee was
recently organized to assist the
Morrow County Commission
on Children and Families
(MCCCF) on issues dealing
with youth.
Philip Spicerkuhn was elect­
ed as the chairman, with Ben
Ewing as the representative to
the MCCCF and Toni Kemp
was chosen as the recorder.
Other members of the commit­
tee are Traci Dickenson and
Brandi Marshall. All of these
youth are students at Heppner
High School.
This is the first of two com­
mittees that will be formed to
assist the commission, said Dar
Merrill, executive director. This
one is comprised of youth from
the south end of the county
and another is currently being
established in the north end.
Each committee will develop
their own by-laws, goals and
procedures. They will deter­
mine the issues they feel are
needed in their particular area
and work with the commission
to accomplish their goals. They
will also be asked by the com­
mission to assist in various pro­
jects applicable to their age
groups, said Merrill.
"The Commission on Child­
ren and Families is excited
about getting some valuable
feedback from the youth," said
Merrill. "All too often, adults
make decisions affecting youth
without knowing fully what the
impact of their decisions will
be. This will allow the commi­
sion to receive excellent advice
from a youth's perspective
prior to dedicating resources to
programs that might or might
not be needed nor wanted by
the youth. It will provide a
much better focus on the issues
the kids feel are important."
Everyone interested in the
service should leave informa­
tion at Bob Ployhar Insurance
in Heppner, 676-5818. Informa­
tion on Oregon Trail Internet is
also available at Ployhar In­
A month of full service is ex­
pected to be around $25, with
quarterly service at $70, bian­
nual, $140, and annual, $270.
Oregon Trail Internet of
Pendleton is interested in
becoming a full service Internet
server with local access in
Oregon Trail Internet is will­
ing to offer the service as soon
as hardware can be installed in
there is enough local interest-
at least 20 local users.
Ducks Unlimited banquet April 5
$15 for adults and $10 for
children 12 and under from
Rhea, Russ Morgan, Craig
Gutierrez and Bob Krein.
The Ducks Unlimited dinner
and auction is planned for Fri­
day, April 5, at the Heppner
Elks Club. Social hour will get
underway at 6 p.m., with din­
ner at 7 p.m. and the auction
beginning at 8 p.m.
Local coordinator Steve Rhea
said that there will be from
$3,000 to $4,000 in prizes to
give away. Those attending will
also get a chance to bid on art­
work, prints and decoys. Pro­
ceeds will go to help support
wetlands habitat management.
All ages are welcome to at­
tend. Tickets are available at
74 and then released Thomas
into the desert.
Thomas then made his way
back to 1-84. Luckily, the third
car that passed him was driven
by an Oregon State Police of­
ficer, who alerted all police
agencies westbound on 1-84 to
be on the lookout for the 1992
Ford pickup. Woods said that
a Wasco County Sheriff's
Deputy observed the vehicle
almost immediately near the
Sherman-Wasco County line
and gave chase.
Woods said that the suspects
attempted to elude the police
by fleeing at a very high rate of
speed, however, three truck
drivers foiled the suspects'
escape attempt.
According to Woods, the
three truck drivers overheard
the report of the kidnapping on
their scanners. They then ar­
ranged their trucks three-
abreast on the highway and
slowed their pace to around 20
miles an hour and finally stop­
ped their vehicles.
The kidnappers didn't realize
what the truckers were doing
and were eventually blocked
from escape because cars also
came up behind them.
Woods said that the four
were then arrested "almost
without incident".
He said that in addition to
their .22 magnum revolver and
the switchblade, they also had
taken a 9 mm. semi-automatic
pistol from Thomas. The guns,
knife and $200 stolen from
Thomas were all retrieved by
Doolin, Anello, Leduc and
Kell were lodged at the
Umatilla County Jail. They
were arraigned in district court
and will appear before the Mor­
row County Grand Jury on
March 28.
A dramatic production, "Live
from Golgotha", sponsored by
the South Morrow County
Ministerial Association, will be
presented on Wednesday,
April 3, at 7:30 p.m. at the St.
Patrick's Catholic Church
Parish Hall.
The production will drama­
tize, through a "liv e" news
broadcast, actual events during
the trial and crucifixion of
Jesus. "Reporters" Bill Cren­
shaw and Connie Lawson will
"report" back live from the first
century AD to a 20th century
news broadcast special report.
They will interview Judas Is­
cariot, the betrayer, Pilate, the
governor of Jerusalem, Caia-
phas, the high priest, the Disci­
ple John and others.
A free will offering of $1 per
person at the door is suggested.
The drama is written by Jesse
Lee and presented by special
arrangements with I.E. Clark,
Inc., Schulenburg, Texas.
Father Gerry Condon is
well attended
Seventy-two people walked
in the 10 kilometer Heppner St.
Patrick's Celebration Volkswalk
event on Saturday, March 16.
The walk was sponsored by the
Heppner Chamber of Com­
merce and the Pendleton Blue
Mountain Trekkers.
A total of 25 volunteers from
Heppner and Pendleton assist­
ed with registration, check
points and rest stops.
Walkers came from a wide
variety of communities in Ore­
gon and Washington, including
Eugene, Tigard, Gresham,
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Hurry! Sale ends M arch 30
Morrow County Grain Growers
Lexington 989-8221
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*■ vV
: Great Buys on Fencing
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<; . y
Judias Iscariot (the Reverend Stan Hoobing) is interviewed by
Jim Boswell (Dan Calvert) in preparation for the presentation of
“ Live from Golgotha".
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• ■ •* . - *«.-*• V-
a.4 •, • • ' *v , . *
sat in on the various proficien-
cies to interview the contes­
The chapter is currently rais­
ing money for the state conven­
tion in Canbv during spring
- ; I
* - v ; - v ‘v
Walla Walla and Puyallup.
The Blue Mountain Trekkers
are sponsoring a 10 kilometer
walk in Pendleton on Saturday,
April 20, the same day as the
"Underground Comes to Life"
live performance event.
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»V. - v;w. “ • -
V • • *.
Kemp places first in FFA contest
Tina Kemp from the Hepp­
ner High School Future Farm­
ers of America chapter placed
first for fruit and vegetable pro­
duction proficiency in the Blue
Mountain Proficiency Contest
held in Pendleton in February.
Kemp grew corn and pump­
kins for her project. This was
the first vegetable proficiency
for the chapter.
Other members attending
were: Toni Kemp, Mandi
Gutierrez, Frank Martin, Elliott
Strouse, Donald White, Tom
Zumwalt, Joe Kindle and Dus­
ty Rollis. Members attending
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• ’ a * v A -i
director and Marsha 5v>eek,
assistant director.
Gail Arbogast will narrate the
drama with the Rev. Tim Van-
Cleave as Bill Crenshaw, Sam
Silva as Connie Lawson. Other
characters include: Dan
Calvert-Jim Boswell; the Rev.
Lea Mathieu-Peterson-Pauline
Chandler; the Rev. Stan
Hoobing-Judas Iscariot; the
Rev. Andrew Johnson-John;
Dan VanSchoiack-Caiaphas;
the Rev. A1 Trachsel-Pontius
Pilate; Paul Marshall-Joseph of
Arimathea; Doris Brosnan-
witness; Kathy Jones-Mary (off
stage); the Rev. Duane Jones-
first thief; and the Rev. A1
Miller-Jesus (off stage).
The Rev. Duane Jones was in
charge of publicity and adver­
tising, with Gary McElhany,
Kim Cutsforth Armato and
Nelson Connor in charge of the
set and lighting. Martha
Munkers handled makeup,
with Pam Worden in charge of
costumes and Judy Laughlin,
■ * /
Live from Golgotha drama April 3
*. *•% ».
• .
commit unauthorized use of a
motor vehicle, conspiracy to
commit kidnapping and con­
spiracy to commit robbery.
All four charged in the crime
are from the Kelso, WA, area.
According to Woods, the four
individuals had taken a freight
train from the Kelso area and
obtained three or four rides
hitchhiking. Near Boardman,
they were picked up by Brett
Vernon Thomas, 29, of Rich­
land, who was a graduate stu­
dent though the Washington
State University extension pro­
gram at the Tri-Cities.
The two men got into the cab
of Thomas' pickup, which was
traveling westbound on 1-84,
and the two women got into
the back, which was covered by
a canopy.
Shortly after they entered the
pickup, Doolin produced a
handgun and Anello, a switch­
blade knife, both of which were
pointed at Thomas. According
to Woods, Doolin and Anello
ordered Thomas to drive to a
remote location near the in­
tersection of 1-84 and highway
Four people have been charg­
ed in connection with a kidnap
and robbery on Interstate 84
near Boardman on March 19,
according to Morrow County
District Attorney Earl R.
Woods, Jr.
Tyson Lynn Doolin, 19, has
been charged with kidnap I,
robbery I, theft I, unlawful use
of a weapon, unauthorized use
of a motor vehicle, pointing a
firearm at another, unlawful
possession of a firearm with in­
tent to use, theft III, recklessly
endangering another person
and menacing another person.
Aaron Anello, 17, has been
charged as an adult with kid­
nap I and robbery I. Woods
said that because Anello was
under 18 years of age, he can­
not be remanded as an adult for
the other crimes, according to
Ballot Measure 11.
Two women were also charg­
ed in connection with the inci­
dent. Laura Ann Leduc, 18,
and Michelle R. Kell, 18, were
charged with conspiracy to
’ - : •
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