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1981-82 school budget up on expenses, down on expected revenues
School district budget com
mittee members were presen
ted with the proposed 1981-82
budget Monday night a
budget up on expenditures and
down on revenues.
The proposed budget to
operate the schools next year
is up 17 8 percent over this
year, an increase of $983,839.
The total proposed budget is
On the revenue side, com
mittee members were told to
expect less money from out
side sources, and less money
left over from this year.
In a message to the commit
tee, budget officer Matt
Doherty said that federal
d-sl fees paid to the district
expected to be off next
year, and that cash carrv-over
hands as
, !
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- a" - -j
Cliff Green (left) presents pUtque to ex-mayor Jerry Sueeney
The reins of leadership in
Heppner City government
changed hands Monday niht
when Heppner 's mayor for the
lone Mayor LaRue, council
members sworn in Monday
lone's mayor and city court
cilmeinbers received their
oaths of office in a ceremony
Monday night.
Linda La Hue was given the
mayor's oath of office, and
Laurel Cannon, Cloo Childors
and Dorothy Stefani were
sworn in us councilmcmhcrs.
After receiving her oath, the
Farewell, roast
Friends of Morrow County
Extension Afjent Harold Kerr
and his wife, Carol, are invited
to a farewell party and "roast
and toast" ceremony on
Thursday, Jan. 15, at the
Morrow County Fair pavilion
in Heppner.
A social hour will be held
from 6 to 7 p.m., and a family
potluck dessert will be from 7
to 9 p.m. The roast and toast
ceremony will highlight some
of the lighter moments of the
Kerr's 12 years in Morrow
County. A money tree will be
Tl f FT7rrV
mm w m mm mm m mm. mm m m m mm mmmikMamwrn
Morrow County's Home-Owned
into the new budget would be
drastically reduced also,
Doherty said the district will
most likely lose about $20,000
in forest fees because of
depressed lumber market.
He added that last year the
district started with a cash
balance of $507,'W8. but. be
cause of repayment of taxes,
under-real 1 7.at ion of basic
school support, loss of forest
money, some flood damage
and heavy inflation this year's
estimated cash carryover has
been reduced to only I.KI.OOO.
What this means. Doherty
said, is that the loss of this
revenue "will place a heavier
burden on local taxes in order
to provide revenue to balance
the proposed budget."
"Taxes required for the
proposed budget and for the
district's bonds and interest
obligations would be $5,948.
City management
Green succeeds Sweeney
past seven years. Jerry
Sweeney, swore in Cliff Green.
Green, a native of Heppner,
has served on the city council
mayor appointed committees
for the coming year 1981:
Water Garbage - Laurel
Cannon, ("loo Childors and
Kibe Akers;
Street-City Elmer lloltz.
Dorothy Stefani and Bill
Health-Police Laurel Can
non. Cleo Childors and Linda
and toast to
presented to the Kerrs after
the dessert.
Harold and Carol are mov
ing to The Dalles so that he
may assume a new position as
head Extension agent for
Wasco County in early Feb
ruary. Prior to Harold's 12 years as
Morrow County Extension
agent, he was a 4 11 Extension
agent In Crook County.
For more information con
cerning the event, contact Bob
Jepsen. chairman of the
Extension Advisory Commit
The Heppner
233. ..This would require a tax
rate of $10.30 per thousand of
valuation. This is $2 18 per
thousand more than the cur
rent tax rate." Doherty point
ed out.
As proposed, the budget will
require a vote by the people on
both an A and B ballot.
"The amount of money
which the district can levy for
the support of the budget
...within the A ballot (partially
funded by the state) is
$5,311,184. The total levy
required for all funds includ
ing bond debt is $5,948,233.
This leaves $637,049 to be
funded by the addition of a B
ballott." Doherty said.
A vote on the school budget
is tentatively scheduled for
March 31.
On the expenditure side.
for the past four and one half
years He was elected to the
mayor's spot unopposed in the
November elections.
Budget Preparation - Bill
Rietmann. Linda LaRue and
Laurel Cannon; and
Civil Defense - Elbe Akers.
Bill Rietmann. Elinor Holtz
and Kldon Tucker.
The council also discussed
the city's audit, which, after
some changes, will be sent on
to the state.
honor Kerrs
tee, or Betty Carlson, who is in
charge of the money tree.
1st Baby
no show
The first baby of the year
had not yet made his or her
appearance at Pioneer Mem
orial Hospital in Heppn r as of
the Gazette-Times prosstime.
Look (hopefully) in next
week's issue for the first baby
of 198t.
Weekly Newspaper
Doherty pointed to five major
causes for an increase of
nearly 18 percent.
He said salary costs are up
15 percent, mainly because of
more part time summer help
required for building main
tenance ($18,404). and the
proposed addition of a gifted
student program in the dis
trict ($29,888).
Employee benefits are up 21
percent next year, with the
major cost here being addition
of a dental plan for employees.
Cost of utilities, mainten
ance and repair, and travel
are up 15 0 percent.
Supply costs are up 22
percent because of general
inflation, and the cost of
capital outlay is up 16 8
percent. Doherty concluded.
"In summary, the proposed
budget request reflects a
changes Ordinance needed for flood insurance
'ed'on "the"
... . i . , , .. . . .... . - -V
Sweeney, who serv
council from 1967-73 before
being elected mayor, announ
ced last summer he would not
seek re-election.
"I enjoyed it and there was
a great deal of satisfaction in
it." said Sweeney of his
"We haven't always agreed
on how, but we always agreed
on why," Green said when
presenting Sweeney with a
plaque of appreciation Mon
day for his service to the city.
Sweeney said one of the
major accomplishments he
feels the city achieved during
his term was the city's taking
over the county water system.
This allowed quite a bit of
development in Heppner, he
He also cites two new
bridges and three new subdi
visions in Heppner over the
past seven years.
Green. 38. has lived in
Heppner all his life and is
owner-operator of the Hepp
ner Garbage Disposal Service.
Growers elect
'81 officers
The Morrow County Live
stock Growers have announ
ced officers for 1981.
Elected 1981 president was
Wayne Evans. Jim Ward was
elected vice-president, John
Nordheim, secretary, and
Tom Currin, treasurer.
Other directors for 1981 are:
Ned Clark, Don Bennett, Ray
French, Dwight Bailey, Mark
Rietmann. Bob VanSchoiack,
Merlin Hughes, and Eddie
Six area men register
for selective service
Heppner Postmaster Ken
Nairn said Tuesday that six
area young men registered for
the Selective Service Monday.
Teenagers born in 19(i2 are
to register through this Satur
December precipitation
wan .74.
considerable increase over the
previous year, while at the
same time the proposed avail
able revenue from sources
other than local taxes repre
sents a significant decrease,"
he told the committee.
"It remains the task of the
budget committee to deter
mine how much of this
difference is to be passed on
to the district's taxpayers and
how much is to be reduced by
reducing the budget re
quests." he added.
The budget committee took
no action on the budget
Monday night, but members
did elect Judy Currin of Butter
Creek as budget chairman.
The next meeting of the
committee will be next Mon
day. Jan. 12. at Riverside High
in Boardman. The meeting
will begin at 7:30 p.m.
The Heppner City Council
Monday received a proposed
floodplain ordinance that may
'"frday govern construction
in parts of Heppner and insure
the continuance of low-cost
national flood insurance.
In order for Heppner resi
dents to continue having
national flood insurance, it
will be necessary for the city
to enact a floodplain ordin
ance, attorney Bill Kuhn told
the council.
The ordinance would set
uown guidelines for the con
struction of houses and build
ings in those areas of Heppner
in the flood plain.
The city has been operating
under a resolution governing
construction. Kuhn said, but
an ordinance is now needed.
Without the ordinance there
would be no flood insurance
available, and consequently
no lending institutions, the
Veteran's Administration or
the FHA would loan money for
home mortgages, Kuhn
Anything we can do for the
people of Heppner to make it
easier for them to build, we
want to do," said newly
elected Mayor Clifford Green.
He said it would be almost
impossible to replace an old,
burned or decrepit house if no
flood ordinance is adopted.
The council did not take
action, but decided to study
the proposed ordinance and
present it to the planning
commission for review.
In other business. Green
made the following committee
appointments on the city
council :
Joyce Winter - General
Government Revenue Sharing
and Budget;
Joe Miller - Streets:
Jim Ackley - Police and
Robert Laughlin - Water
and Sewer: and
day for a possible future
military draft.
After this week, males are
required to register within 30
days of their 18th birthdays.
by Don Gilliam
Is 1.38. December 1979 precipitation
1 1
! 1
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!r-l! j
School budget committee begins deliberations
Ron Forrar - Parks and
In other business, the coun
cil voted Warren Plocharsky
as council chairman; an
-J k T-"-,
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" - ' ..."
7 An H i!nifTlin
High ,1-aw
Tue.. Dec. 30 55 4
Wed.. Dee. 31 44 VI
Thur.. .'fan. I 41 41
Fri.. Jan. 2 45 41
Sat.. .Ian. .1 4.1 25
Sun.. .Ian. 4 45 34)
Man.. Jan. 5 41 30
For the year lK. the
compared to a normal
Precipitation for the year
announcement was made that
work on the Willow Creek
Dam road would begin Jan.
12: and discussion on painting
the Heppner pool was held.
Among the ruins
Morrow County Treasurer Margo Sherer stands amid
rubble of the future home of the treasurer's and tax
collector's office.
A wall is in the process of being torn down so that the two
offices may be housed together. Once the remodeling is
complete, the county planner's office (now located on the
other side of the wall) will be moved across the hall, where
the treasurer and tax collector are now located.
toUl precipitation was H.25,
year's precipitation of 13.28.
I97t was 15.24.
It was estimated that it
would cost $700 to paint the
pool, and city officials said no
money ' was included In this
year's budget for the job.