Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, November 06, 1980, Image 1

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EUGENE OR 974 0 3
The Heppner
by Don Gilliam
Morrow County's Home-Owned Weekly Newspaper
VOL. M. NO. 38
High Low Precip.
Tue.Oct.28 54 30
Wed.,Oct.29 53 30
Thu.,Oct.30 30
Fri.,0ct.31 50 - 35 .04
Sat.. Nov. 1 64 38 .05
Sun.. Nov. 2 61 43
Mon..Nov.3 58 46 .11 .
Oct.. 1980 Precip. 1.23
Normal -1.29
Oct.. 1979 Precip. - 2.33
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Spicer sworn in as county DA
. wn
t it
Former Morrow Colunty Assistant District Attorney Annetta Spicer was sworn in as district
attorney by Judge Don McElligott on Monday at the Morrow County Courthouse in Heppner.
Spicer replaces Dennis Doherty who resigned the end of October to establish a private law
practice in Hermiston.
Juvenile Services Comm.
to consider county plans
The Morrow County Juven
ile Services Commission met
Monday, Oct. 27, in the
Lexington School.
The State Juvenile Commis
sion hearing scheduled to be
held in Hood River has been
changed to Portland on Nov. 6.
Representation of the com
mission from Morrow County
will travel to Portland to
present the program planned
for area youth. If the program
is accepted Morrow County is
scheduled to receive $13,300
from the State of Oregon for
operation of the program.
A discussion was held on
Oct. 27 as to the possibility of
hiring students at the rate of
$1 per hour to help with the
Latch Key program in the
North end of Morrow County,
and to assist Mr. Jim Ackley
with the recreational program
in the south end. This would
give some students a small
income while helping younger
children learn new skills.
The major goal of the
an effort to help them master
a skill, achieve in school or
work and feel good about
Some of the ideas worked on
for next year were the Latch
Key program for Irrigon, an
alternative school (for Board
man) and the need for a
shelter home.
Laymembers present at "the v
meeting were Nancy Moore,
John Edmundson, Pat Wilson,
Elain Nelson, Mary Bryant,
Rikka Tews, Anita Boyer and
Bernice Lott. Advisory mem
bers present were Bill Sheir
bon, Carolyn Holt, Terry
Templeman and Bonnie Tem-pleman.
frrigon girl dead
by Frances Rose Wilson
The community of Irrigon
was shocked to learn of the
death of Melody Wain Kestler,
18, who apparently died of
carbon monoxide poisoning.
She was found with a compan
ion, Bartolo Ybarra, who was
unconscious and in serious
condition. He was taken to
Good Shepherd Hospital,
They were found in a car
parked in the Umatilla Wild
life Refuge near Irrigon with
the car keys in the ignition in
the on position.
Wildlife biologists working
in the area discovered the pair
and notified authorities.
Gazette-Times features
mental health series
In this issue of the Gazette-Times, we will begin publishing
a series of articles on mental health. Look on page three for
"Your mental health," by Dr. Terry Templeman, Morrow
County Mental Health Services.
Objections must now be made
known to planning commission
Anyone who wishes to ap
peal a Heppner City Planning
Commission decision to the
ity council must now make
bjections in front of the
ommission, the city council
uled Monday night.
Amending a city ordinance,
.appeals (may be made)
ly after an objection is
In other business at the
Monday meeting, the council:
- accepted a Land Conser
vation and Development
Commission grant to the city
for $2,370. The money is to be
used "for review of the city's
comprehensive plan" in
1980-81 ;
- agreed to hold a special
meeting Friday night, Nov. 7,
at 6:30 p.m. to canvas the vote
from the Nov. 4 election and to
discuss plans to trade in the
city police car on a new
- instructed John Weygandt,
530 E. Matlock, Heppner, to
restrict certain repair activ
ities in a garage at thaT
address. Weygandt has a
permit from the city to
operate a beekeeping estab
lishment there.
The amendment was appar- Baker, MtUlkerS,
1. 1 1 1 1 wwn rn r nf,nH n . .
Hinnlp um in I aw-
tanning commission decision -""jf " " ni
The fourth candidate, Floyd
Borman. took 37 votes.
zoning for a
The decision was appealed
o the city council, but
ilanning commission mem
ers were apparently un-
Ed Baker has been elected
Lexington's mayor. Baker got
70 votes to William Sheirbon's
57 in Tuesday's election.
In the council race, unoffic
ial returns show Gary Munk
ers with 89 and John Ripple
with 55 to win the two seats.
However, Charlene Papineau
was a close third with 54 votes.
meet on Tues.
The Heppner Chamber of
Commerce will not meet next
week, Tuesday, Nov. U,
because of the Veterans Day
The Chamber will meet the
following week at its regular
time, 12 noon on Tuesday at
the Elks Club.