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    TWO-The Heppner Gazette-Times, Heppner, Oregon, Thursday, October 30, 1980
s. rf Th Official Nawipaper of th
j 5 City of Heppner and the
JliffiOL ' County of Morrow
The Heppner .
Morrow Canity's Hmt-0wid Weekly Nwspipr
U SPS 240-420
Published every Thursday and entered as second-class
matter at the Post Office at Heppner, Oregon under the
Act of March 3. 1879. Second-class postage paid at
Heppner. Oregon.
Office at 147 West Willow Street. Telephone (503)
Address communications to the Heppner Gazette
Times. P.O Box 337. Heppner. Oregon 97836.
$8.00 in Morrow. Umatilla. Wheeler & Gilliam counties;
$10.00 elsewhere.
David and April Hilton Sykes, Publishers
G-T marks its ballot
Although we feel that we have not lived in
Morrow County long enough to fairly "call
the shots," so to speak with regard to
endorsing local candidates, the editorial staff
of the Gazette-Times "marks its ballot" for
the following state and national candidates
and issues :
For President - Jimmy Carter
For US Senator - Bob Packwood
For Representative in Congress, 2nd
Congressional District - Denny Smith-Al
Ullman (Being registered Republican and
Democrat, respectively, my husband and I
cannot agree.)
For Secretary of State - Norma Paulus
For State Treasurer - Clay Myers
For Attorney General - Dave Frohnmayer
For State Senator, 28th District - Ken
For State Representative, 55th District -Bill
For Judge of the District Court, Morrow
and Umatilla counties - John Smallmon
Ballot Measure 1: Repeal of constitutional
provision requiring elected superintendent of
public instruction - No
Ballot Measure 2: Guarantees mentally
handicapped voting rights, unless adjudged -incompetent
to vote - Yes
Ballot Measure 3: Dedicates oil, natural
gas taxes to common school fund - Yes
Ballot Measure 4: Increases gas tax from
seven to nine cents per gallon - No
Ballot Measure 5: Forbids use, sale of
snare, leghold traps for most purposes - No
Ballot Measure 6: Constitutional real
property tax limit preserving 85 percent
districts' 1977 revenue - No
Ballot Measure 7: Nuclear plant licensing
requires voter approval, waste disposal
facility existence - Yes
Ballot Measure 8: State bonds for fund to
finance correctional facilities - Yes
Ballot Measure 9: - Tax base for operating
Morrow County School District's educational
programs - Yes
Ballot Measure 10: Tax base, partially
state-funded for community college purposes
- Yes
Shall a new tax base of $125,000.00 be
established for Heppner, Oregon, to become
effective in the 1981-1982 fiscal year? - Yes
April Hilton-Sykes,
School superintendent
urges "no" vote on 6
To the Editor:
As Oregon State Superin
tendent of Public Instruction,
I understandably am concern
ed about the 'devastating
effect the passage of Ballot
Measure 6 will have on local
school districts and commun
ity colleges.
Something else troubles me.
Measure 6 will enact a
constitutional amendment
which will limit the right of
citizens to make local decis
ions affecting their public
schools and other local gov
ernments. Under present law, voters
can say "Yes" or "No" to
higher taxes. Under Measure
6. even if an overwhelming
majority of the voters wanted
to exceed the levy limitation in
order to provide more servic
es, they would be prohibited in
practically all circumstances
from doing so by the State
Why have more state reg
ulation? Oregon's present
local budget law provides a
greater degree of control over
local government budgets
than the law of any other state
in the Union.
It makes good sense to me to
keep the control we have now,
rather than lose it to a state
constitutional amendment.
Verne A. Duncan
16911 S.E. River Road
Milwaukie.OR 97222
Postage stamp which have
stuck together will come
apart more easily after fif
teen minute! in the freeier.
Ullman has Oregon approach
The campaign season is
entering its final phase and, as
usual, the charges and counter-charges
are flying. I, for
one, would like to say some
thing good about an outstand
ing public servant and cand
idate for re-election. Con
gressman Al Ullman. .
As one who's devoted most
of his adult life to public
affairs and the concerns of
Oregonians, I am particularly
interested in issues which
affect us here in Oregon.
From my experience as for
mer secretary of the Oregon
Cattlemen's Association, ex
ecutive for Legislative Agri
culture Interim Committees,
the same for fish and game, I
have had the pleasure of
working with Al on numerous
related issues of importance
to Oregon's economy.
As we near the crucial
November 4 election, I hope
that every voter in the 2nd
District takes the time to
study the thousands of things
Al has done for the prosperity
of the district and for individ
uals. As the Oregonian stated in
its endorsement of Al, "will
ingness to sail against the
wind should be looked upon as
a political virtue." That's
particularly true in Al's pos
ition as chairman of the Ways
and Means Committee-a
Elect Denny Smith
To the Editor:
The voters of the Second
Congressional District have
an opportunity to deliver a
powerful message to Wash
ington D.C. The way to do it is
to elect Denny Smith this
Denny Smith will represent
all the people of the Second
District and bring a fresh
thoughtful approach to our
problems. He lives in Oregon;
he is a good listener; and he is
willing to do battle with
regard to big government and. .
runaway spending.
Al Ullman is one of the most
powerful men in Washington,
and he takes full credit for
running the Ways and Means
Committee. That's where all
the spending bills originate.
He tries to tell us he is a fiscal
conservative, but the Ways
and Means Committee under
his leadership, has thrown us'
Ullman's ways without means
To the Editor:
To me the name of "Al
Ullman" means taxes, in the
form of national sales taxes. I
am sure since it is his idea he
will not forget about it.
Knowing how Oregonians feel
about sales taxes, leads me to
believe he is the tool of the
If Al Ullman influence and
judgement in Congress is so
Six would kill veterans' loans
To the Editor:
I just wanted the voters to
be aware that the passage of
Measure 6 would have some
devastating effects. Measure 6
deals only with property
taxes. Property taxes finance
the local services provided by
schools, community colleges,
cities and counties. The state
and federal budgets do not
rely on property taxes.
If Measure 6 passes, it will
kill the Oregon veteran's
Yes on city tax; no on 6
To the Editor:
By this means I would like to
inform the citizens of the City
of Heppner of the proposed
$125,000 tax base for the city.
The voters approved $74,050
outside of the six percent
limitation for the Fiscal Year
1980-81. That figure combined
with the city's present tax
base of $49,409 within the six
percent limitation makes a
total property tax levy of
$123,459 or $1,541 less than the
proposed tax base. If we want
to maintain services at the
present level our tax base
proposal should be supported,
as inflation is rapidly out
growing tax revenues.
committee made up almost
, entirely of urban represent
atives. ( Al is only one of three
or four who don't represent a
big city.)
His committee doesn't al
ways respond enthusiastically
to things like Al's Meat Import
Act; or his wind, solar,
geothermal or gasohol tax
incentives; or his tax legislat
ion to correct a problem
forced upon our wheat ranch
ers by the 1977-78 drought; or
Al's western approach to
Welfare assistance that em
phasizes the responsibilities
and obligations of the individ
ual and his family.
But, year after year, Al
somehow persuasively' gets
the Oregon approach through
his committee. Sure, he has to
buck the strong winds of the
citified interests, but they
respect him, listen to him and
more often than not, agree
that his approach-our approach-has
Nov. 4 is a critical day here
in Oregon. A day when we will
decide to continue Oregon's
clout in Washington-or des
troy it. I sincerely urge all
voters to take a close look at
Al's outstanding record of
service to Oregon and Oregon
individual citizens.
Thank you very much.
Cecil L. Edwards
2375 High Street S.E.
Salem, Oregon
into a 60-billion-dollar deficit
this year instead of the
balanced budget he promised.
He has consistently voted for
creation of huge spending
monstrosities, like the De
partment of Energy and the
Department of Education,
that rob us all of precious tax
dollars. He has voted for most
of the spending bills and
policies that have brought this
nation to the brink of bank
ruptcy. The list goes on and
on; he is a big spender, and he ;
should not be representing
district that believes in prif
vate enterprise and hard
We can't afford any more
years of Al Ullman. Send a
message to the big spenders in
Washington-do yourself and
this nation a favor-elect
Denny Smith this November.
2950 GrandviewDr.
Baker, Ore 97814
indispensable, then we should
give him credit (after 24
years) for inflation, deficits,
and high interest. Yes his
committee has found ways to
spend without means. I would
sure like to do the same, but
everyone I do business with
wants cash or good credit.
A vote for Denny Smith is a
vote for change.
Paul Taylor
home loan and improvement
program. Why? Because the
state would not be able to sell
bonds to raise funds for these
I urge every voter to take a
good look at Measure 6, and to
make sure you understand it
before voting on it.
Sharon Biddle
P.O. Box 93
If Ballot Measure No. 6
should pass, the City of
Heppner would be faced with a
reduction in the operation levy
of $K0.282 based on the 1979-80
valuation and tax rate. This
comparison should help indi
cate how these measures
would affect the city operating
levy. The impact of Ballot
Measure No. 6 on city operat
ions would be staggering. Vote
yes for the City Tax Base and
no on Ballot Measure No. 6.
Marshall Lovgren
240 South Court
Box 91
Letters to the Editor
For a realistic school tax base
To the Editor:
Among the many Items on
the Nov. 4 ballot in Morrow
Colunty, will be a request to
establish a realistic tax base
for the Morrow County School
A tax base is the dollar
amount of property taxes
which may be levied for
schools without a vote of the
people. This tax base may be
increased up to six percent
annually. Districts who wish
to exceed this base must ask
approval by a vote of the
people. If a district does not
wish to hold an election or is
not successful on passing a tax
levy, it must live within the 6
percent limitation. Then, at
least in theory, it should be
able to operate in a scaled
down way and stay within its
tax base. Obviously this would
Rathbun for the
Letter to the Editor:
Elections will be upon us,
very soon and one of the most
important things to decide is
the election of our Morrow
County Sheriff.
Being a resident of Board
man for the past five years
and seeing the growth of our
area we can also see that we
have not had the most
adequate coverage by the
sheriff's department. We have
a large population with its
share of crime and we need
and have the right to expect
the proper coverage for that.
If we want these changes
then we must have the right
man in office. That change, we
Smith tax proposal absurd
To the Editor:
It has just come to my
attention that Congressional
candidate, Dennis Smith, has
called for the elimination of
the alternative energy tax
credits. This proposal is
Mr. Smith apparently
doesn't realize that we have a
crisis brewing that's going to
result in hardships for every
one unless we all contribute to
the battle for energy self-sufficiency.
Fortunately, there is
a way each of us as individuals
can participate. We can insul
ate our homes, install storm
windows, and invest in alter
native energy devices.
Obviously, the federal tax
credits are a primary motiva
tion for individuals to make
these investments. With them,
millions of Americans have
participated in America's
struggle to end its dangerous
dependence on imported pet
roleum products. Thousands
of Oregonians have installed
Time for Rathbun
To the Editor:
There is a time for every
thing. It's time to stand up and
be counted. It's time to speak
your mind. It's time that
Morrow county got a new
I've served as a police
officer in three different
Oregon counties, including
Morrow County. I still work in
Morrow County, though not as
a polite officer. I've observed
too many professional and
personnel problems in the
sheriff's department, too
many requests for assistance
ignored, too many refusals to
transport prisoners, too many
incompleted projects, too
much emphasis on "hard
ware" and too little emphasis
on people and results.
The Republican candidate is
not certified and has not been
in law enforcement for over 20
years. New criminal and
Think on it
letter to the Editor:
Oregon has the most power
ful man in the United States.
No aircraft carrier, aircraft or
powerhouse can be built
without his committee's OK.
Three new powerhouses being
built in the Northwest? - Al
It took him 15 years to get
there and we're contemplat
ing exchanging him for an
require a realistic tax base.
The Morrow County School
District tax base is far from
realistic. It was established In
1916 and amounts to $.rlin,5l0
which is only about one twelfth
of the taxes which must be
raised in Morrow County to
support schools.
Should the Morrow County
School budget fail to receive
approval by the voters, the
schools would not be able to
operate even on a limited
It's time we established a
realistic tax base for our
county school district.
I would urge a yes vote on
the Morrow County School tax
Kenneth Broadbent,
Morrow County School Board
whole county
believe, is Doug Rathbun.
..c 't iuiuwii uuu( miu n
family for about seven years
and know how dedicated he is
to his family and work. He has
the knowledge and back-
ground to handle our rapidly
growing county.
Efficiency in a sheriff's
department for a county this
large is imperative, Doug
Rathbun is our candidate to
work for all of Morrow County .
with fairness and efficiency.
So a vote for Doug Rathbun
will be an investment for the
whole of Morrow County.
Vote Nov. 4.
Robert E. Morris and
Elizabeth Morris
solar heaters, geothermal
space heating systems, and
numerous forms of insulation.
The tax incentive which en
courages energy conservation
should be retained.
In addition, Mr. Smith
opM)S4.'s the Equal Rights
Amendment, found his oppo
sition to Social Security un
popular and concocted a new
plan that would finance Social
Security by removing one
trillion dollars from the econ
omy. Mr. Smith's attempt to
unseat Representative Al Ull
man, chairman of the House
Ways and Means Committee,
seems to be based upon the
concept of "Its my turn."
rather than sound legislation.
It is not surprising to find
the polls indicate he will be
Earl Fowler
3946 Wy'east Road
Hood River, OR 97031
criminal procedures codes
have been enacted since he
had any experience. A new
traffic code has been adopted.
New policies and techniques
have been developed across-the-board.
He cannot expect to
master the sheriff's duties
overnight and he should not
expect (he taxpayers to sup
port him while he is trying to
do so. The big money behind
him should be spent to train
him before he runs for the
Doug Rathbun is trained,
experienced, able, interested,
stable and. by any other
standard, the best qualified
candidate for sheriff. He has
earned my respect, he will do
the best job and he deserves
your vote.
Donald E. Lien
288 S.W. 28th Drive
amateur who may never get
there at all. Can we afford it?
We have the first farmer in
the White House since George
Washington. The price of
wheat has doubled; (the price
of) cattle has tripled and the
farmers are going to throw
him out for another amateur.
Think on it.
O. W. Cutsforth
Frohnmayer a
To the Editor:
Recently I wns privileged to
meet a candidate for Attorney
general. I was very much
impressed with his sincerity
and his concern for the people
of Oregon. His name is Dave
Frohnmayer and after talking
with him, I feel that his
integrity Is unquestioned.
We, here In Oregon, need
some new leaders in this state.
Mr. Frohnmayer is intelll-
Yes on school tax base
To the Editor;
One of the chief advantages
of a realistic tax base Is that It
can provide for a full year of
school in the event that the
district was unable to pass a
Morrow County School dis-
trict now operates on a
$588,510.00 tax base which is
only a Bmall fraction of the
district budget.
The district could not run
M Um
on that tax base.
The action of the Oregon
wgisimure requires mat cer- 0704a
tain districts who do not have ,one
; . -
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man to trust
gent, was voted the most
effective legislator In Salem,
and, I feel, understands the
problems that now face the
state agencies.
I hop" you will consider
Dave Frohnmayer as attorney
general. I feel he Is a man we
can trust.
Mary E. Bryant
tflX hn(tps of wn0ftfl tax DnB,,H
are unrealistic must ask the
voters to approve an approp-
Hate base,
The legislature took the
action because some schools
in Oregon were closed down
when their budgets didn't
a realistic base would have
kept the schools open,
a YES vote on the Morrow
rft,intv School District tax
bnse BOd T' . -
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