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19C0 Morrow
Gentry telies AH Around, ftelatt best coli5
Jerry Gntry, Heppner,
walked away with the All
Around Cowboy honors this
year, as the 1980 Morrow
County Rodeo came to a close
Joedy Marlatt, also of
Heppner, claimed the Ama
teur Calf Roping title winding
up three days of Rodeo action
which saw attendance up over
last year.
For his efforts. Gentry won
several prizes, including a
handmade Severe saddle don
ated by the Morrow County
Grain Growers, a two foot
high trophy, and a $50 cash
award from the Orvllle Cuts
forth family.
Marlatt picked up a Severe
saddle also, this one donated
by the Kinrua Corp. of
O Attendance for this year's
ree days of rodeo action was
apparently up over 1979, as
rodeo organizers said they
took in over $700 more in gate
Spectators were treated to
some fine rodeo action start
ing with Morrow County Only
contestants competing Friday
. night. . ;.
Saturday and Sunday saw
the action open up as cowboys
from throughout the north
west competed in the WRA
NRA sanctioned events.
Ail-Around winner in the
open events was Pat Minor of
Ellensburg. Minor also won
the calf roping with a time of
Qjl In Morrow County action,
Bob Steagall and Roice Fulle
ton took first place in team
roping and won a pair of
Jerry Gentry took first in
Morrow County Steer Wrestl
ing. Tony Currin and Joedy
Marlatt captured first In the
Cow Milking, Janice Healy
won the barrels in a time of
17.95; and Libby Britt won the
Pee Wee Barrels. In Cow
Riding, Jerry Gentry took top
honors, and In Open Calf
Roping. Dick Hoffman won it
all. In the Breakaway, Steve
Currin won first with a time of
4.63, end tn Cow Pony Race,
Dick Hoffman and Tami
Smith won first place on
Saturday and Sunday respect
ively. In the Baton Relay Heppner
managed second on both
Saturday and Sunday against
iron Umatilla riders. How
ever, Heppner did capture
Firemen took about forty five
t , - r. , J well received.
I ,,"- , , J". " I Smith says
I . . - !', -t. k L made six
l'lr .'r --r. yfv -Si Smith says
j . .--V : 1 .V JM'A. -4 district, and
i Tv:v-.-:' 'v-'ir-r'--' t'; --v -ipianto
lU&T'ik f ttitt'i be here
u y.. -"i k' , d A 4?". v . f' vt inaddition
4d BOl's Body Shop building on RlverSde aVeeu
The fire burned grata, part of a wood fence and some wood that
tarted around lpjn.
0 Of ORE'l;.'
Morrow County's Home-Owned Weekly Newspaper
M. N0.29
County Rodeo
first in the Pony Express run
on Sunday, beating Umatilla.
They took second to Umatilla
' on the Saturday run.
The Mahoney family won
the Hard Luck Cowboy award
this year, after their horse
was injured seriously Friday
night on the grass at the rodeo
Following is a complete list
of winners In the Morrow
County rodeo:
All Around: Jerry Gentry
Amateur Calf Roping: 1.'
Joedy Marlatt, 27.58; 2. Tony
Currin, 28.6; S. Cliff Dough
erty. 31.66.
Team Roping: 1. Bob Stea
gall -Roice Fulleton; 2. Cliff
Dougherty-Monte Evans; 3.
Rick Samples-Blair Phllippl;
4. Cliff Dougherty-Roice
Steer Wrestling: 1. Jerry
Gentry, 2. Tim Daly, 3. Brett
Sherer. 4. Joedy Marlatt, 5.
Blair Philippt. 6. Rocky Stea
gall. Cow Milking : 1 . Tony Currin
- Joedy Marlatt: 2. Rocky
Steagall Eric Clow; 3 Max
Heilberg - Carl Smith; 4. Bob
Steagall - Monte Stookey; 5.
Bob Mahoney Joe Taylor; 6.
Don Papineau Wayne Papin-
Barrels: 1. Janice Healy,
17.95; 2. Maureen Healy.
18 06 ; 3. Trisha Mahoney,
18.24; 4. Andrea Ball. 18 28 ; 5.
Teresa Proctor, 18 66 ; 6. Tara
Mahoney, 18 68.
Pee Wee Barrels: 1. Libby
Britt, 4. Angie Ashbeck, 5.
Jennifer Currin,
Cow Riding: 1. Jerry Gent
ry, 2. Rocky Steagall, 3. Lee
Rice, 4. Tony Currin, 5. Jim
Van Winkle, 6 Jeff Bailey and
Brett Sherer,
Open Calf Roping: 1. Dick
Hoffman. 2. Tony Currin, 3.
Jerry Gentry, 4. Joedy Mar
latt, 5. Tim Daly, 6. Wayne
Breakaway: 1. Steve Cur
rin, 4 63; 2. Janice Healy, 4.88;
3. Cindy Dougherty, 5.83; 4.
Dalarie Philippi, 6.04; 5. Jana
Steagall, 7.42; 6. Pat Schwarz,
. H 0.
Cow Pony Races : Saturday -1.
Dick Hoffman, 2. Katrina
Ray, 3. Fatti Smith. Sunday
1. Tami Smith. 2. Patti Smith,
3. Gail Papineau.
Baton Relay: Saturday 1.
Umatilla, 2. Heppner; Sunday
- 1. Umatilla, 2. Heppner.
Pony Express: Saturday 1.
Umatilla, 2. Heppner; Sunday
- 1. Heppner, 2. Umatilla.
4 !WU.
minutes to douse the flames of a fire
f ..... v .. 7.. .tfj v i: i
Xl 1 K'Z V doesyu,.man.
The Heppner
' " ' ' """ f
hi--'' - :'"M IK1 n m i
The 1980 Rodeo Court (left to right ) Nancy Miller. Queen Lori Edwards and Lottie Laughlin
present Joedy Marlatt with the Amateur Calf Roping saddle donated by Kinzua Corp.
Bob Laughlin, (right) on behalf of the Morrow County Grain Growers, presents Jerry Gentry
with the Morrow County Ail-Around saddle.
Smith sous he will soend
more time in district
Republican candidate for
theSecond Congressional Dis
trit, Denny Smith, said last
week that if elected he will
in Heppner Friday behind the
was stacked there. Hie fire
lET 11 WWllfiS)
28, 1980
spend more time in the home
district than has incumbent
democrat Al UHman.
Smith was in Heppner
Wednesday to attend the
Morrow County Fair. He was
on a campaign swing through
the area preparing for his
November election bid against
"I was encouraged five
years ago to run (for Con
gress)," says Smith. "And at
that time I noticed that
he( Ullman) didn't come back
here very often, nor was he
Ullman only
trips back to his
, and eight trips
a congressman
per year to his
that he will use
those trips than
maintain a house
says, "I plan to
he says he wll be
up front with his constituents.
"He (Ullman), talks one way
in Washington, and another
Rodeo picturos...Puf!0 4
way in Oregon."
Smith hits on several issues
when explaining his goals if
elected to congress, all stand
ard Republican themes.
Smith says the United States
budget must be balanced, and
that taxes and government
must be reduced. "There has
been one balanced budget in
the last 20 years," says
Smith. He says he is convinced
inflation will come under
control once the budget is'
He says the government
benefits from the high inflat
ion rate, and does not neces
sarily wish it to come down.
Smith says that because of
"bracket . creep" (inflation
pushing people into higher tax
brackets), the government
collects more money in taxes.
Smith says taxes must be
cut back. "The proposed
budget for 80-81 is $613.7 bill
ion." "To arrive at this budget
there have been large tax
increases," says Smith. "The
vision in government is we
Xue.,Aug. 12
' Wed., Aug. 13
Thurs., Aug. 14
Fri., aug. 15
Sat., Aug. 16
sun., Aug. 17
Mon., Aug. 18
VJiatcr says county clerk shouldn't
have promoted registration at fair
Pauline Winter, candidate
for Morrow County Clerk said
Monday that incumbent clerk
Barbara Bloodsworth should
not have promoted voter
registration at the Democratic
Party fair booth last week.
In a written statement
released to the press. Winter
"The incumbent county
clerk had voter registration
materials at the Democratic
Party fair booth last wek.
Several people have asked me
about this.
"The county clerk is the
county's election officer and.
Boardman man named to plan coram
The Morrow County Com
mission appointed Jack
Strege, Boardman, to the
county planning commission
last Wednesday.
Inirjon man
The Morrow County Sher-
iff s "Department" says that
Benito Bedolls Villegas,
Irrigon, was involved in a one
car accident on old Hwy. 30
near 8th Street West in Irrigon
on Friday, Aug. 15.
Villegas was taken to the
Umatilla hospital by Irrigon
police, the sheriff's depart
ment says.
The department also reports
that Cecil Rock of Irrigon
reported a theft of welding
leads, valued at $354.95, from
his vehicle. Rock reported the
theft Monday, Aug. 18.
Heppner city council mem-
Fdr, BCTCm9 WlnnSrS ber aifford Grn has sub
mitted a petition to have his
ill t?5Xt WCSa name on the ballot in Novem-
, ber for mavor, city hall
Complete results of Morrow reports
County Fair events and Par- , . .... ,
. .... , , .. Green had originally plan-
ade winners will be featured in . . 6 .
week's Gazette-Times.
7' " "
Is it that timo already?
Fresh paint on the school crossing signs portends back to school days for Morrow County
School starts in county schools at 8:30 a.m. the day after Labor Day. Tuesday, September 2.
School will run only until 1:30 p.m. that aay. The regular school schedule troih:30!a.mt wtiim'
p.m. will resume on Wednesday, September 3.
Buses will run starting the first day, September S.
Peredo h!sh!i!iht3,....D!!i3 5
Tues. Aug. 19 81-$2
88-55. Wed.,Aug.20 '81-53
88-54 Thurs. Aug., 21 80-45
82-52 Thurs. Aug., 21 80-45
78-48 Fri , Aug. 22 81-48
80-48 Sat.,Aug.23 86 - 49
80-52 Sun.,Aug.24 80 - 52
75-50 Mon.,Aug.25 78-42
of course, it is important for
that official to encourage and
facilitate voter registration.
However, this incumbent
clerk is also a member of and
officer on the Democratic
Central Committee.
"It seems to me that an
inherent conflict is created
when a clerk promotes voter
registration at a political
campaign booth. That alone,
is reason not to do it. Just as
bad, however, is the possibil
ity of achieving a reverse
effect by actually discourag
ing people from registering
particularly, if they do not
share the political persuasion
That leaves one more posit
ion on the 9-member comm
ission to be filled.
Strege works for Portland
General Electric.
Hospital officials rmim
Portland recruiting trip
Hospital Administrator A.K.
"Lucky" Feit," Board -Chair-:
man Fred Martin and Vice
Chairman Ed Dick traveled to
Portland Thursday, Aug. 21, to
interview a doctor in the
hospital's continued effort to
recruit a physician into the
"So far we've talked to
about 50," says Felt, "I have a
file an inch thick."
Felt says the hospital is
Green to run for mayor
" lu ' u" ."'J
changed his mind when no one
had filed for the mayor's spot
Dm .CSsat
of the Democratic Party. '
"Among other things, my
"Fresh Approach" campaign
is aimed at this kind of
partisan practice that uses the
legal functions of the clerk's
office to the distinct ad van-'
tage of her political party.
"I believe voter registration
should be encouraged and a
non-partisan atmosphere pro
vided for that purpose to the
citizens of Morrow County. I
am committed to this phil
osophy." Winter will face Bloods
worth in the election this
In other business at the
meeting held last Wednesday,
Aug. 20, the commission
accepted an LCDC grant of
$7,630 for the county.
."deeply", involved with phys
ician recruitment fWe are
most concerned with quality
and people who have a desire
to live in a small community
such as this (Heppner)," Felt
Earlier he said the recently
added $500,000 in improve
ments to the hospital should
make it easier to recruit a
physician into the community.
by the filing deadline Tues
day. In addition to Green, as of
Tuesday morning, two others
have filed for city positions.
Joyce Winter and Ron Forrar
both submitted petitions for
two of three council seats.
Closing date for positions
was Tuesday, August 24, at 5