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    The Heppner Curette l ime. Heppner. Oregon, Thursday, July 24, I9S0-THREE
Willi llislinr Meulhi rliud J
Last week I made my first trip north on Thursday and
south on Saturday along Highway 15 through Washington.
The villainous Mt. St. Helens was not visible either day, but I
saw much damage it had wrought around the Toutle River
area. I turned off the freeway on the Toutle River Park Road
on Saturday and was able to shoot two pictures of the grey
desolation there. Many other curious folks were looking at
the greyness and the broken trees that had drifted down the
Toutle where landowners and the timber companies are
fighting over removal of the logs.
For miles around Kelso and north of there some ash was
still along the highway, and as I looked west toward the
Columbia in the Castle Rock vicinity I could see acres of
grey, dried mudflow and ash and dead-looking deciduous
On Thursday I had stopped at Woodland for lunch and
managed a nic e visit with former Heppner residents Roberta
Kliius and son Kick. 1 had carried along some golf clubs that
Francis Dnherty through! belonged to the Klaus Family but
Roberta said they did not. She took the golfball marked Ron
Klaus out of the bag and said she would give it to her younger
son She thought that the clubs might belong to the Lowe boy
whose father worked with the First National Bank here and
who used to play golf with Ronnie Klaus. The Klauses are
happy to live in the new home they built along the Lewis
River just a few miles out of Woodland. Rick has been elected
vice president of the high school student body for next year.
Daughter Debra will be a freshman at the Universily of Puet
Sound and is pleased that Heppner's Todd Harrison will be in
the same class there.
Several exciting births look place last week. On
Wednesday afternoon when Charlene Isom was working at
fixing my hair, she had a telephone call from her daughter
telling her that Charlene's grandson and his wife had just
lxcome the parents of twin sons. Cus and Ouy. This makes
very vigorous bowler and golfer Charlene a great grand
mother, which is hard to believe.
On Friday morning In Karla Wealherford Weaver's Port
Orchard. Washington home we two received a call from her
brother Rill telling of the arrival of baby Bonnie Ann
Wealherford. Now that I have four sets of grandchildren,
each consisting of an older brother and younger sister,
exp-ctant Karla and husband Rick hope that they can
continue this nice pattern.
Heppner's volunteer firemen had several opportunities
to prove their efficiency last week. On Wednesday evening
they were very prompt in controlling and extinguishing a
grass fire that was creeping up the west hill near the west end
of Center Street. On Thursday morning they put out a smaller
grass fire in front of the Paul Jones and C.A. Warren homes
near the foot of the Condon -Heppner Highway, or on South
Mam Street.
Two summer travelers have had bad luck leaving
things behind them. Gary McElhany and his family Just had
an Oregon Coast vacation. They left the Sea Lions' Cave
without Gary's glasses which had fallen out of his
pocket- but. after telephoning back, they were surprised at
the quick UPS service that brought the glasses home to
.;irv the very next day. That was lots faster than my last
letter got to Port Orchard I mailed it to Karla on Monday,
July 14. telling her I would arrive on Thursday afternoon. It
reached her mailbox on Friday. July 18. the day after I
I am the other traveler who left something. I left my
wallet at Karla's and am hoping that either the U.P.S. or the
mail will be able to get it to me soon. Although I didn't miss
my cash and license and other cards until noon on Saturday, I
was panicked when I couldn't find them. Thoughtful Karla
had phoned my cousin at Woodland that she had them and
would get them off !o Heppner on Monday. 1 surely did my
most careful driving from Woodland home; so afraid I might
te stopped and asked to show my driver's license.
Incidentally my cousin. Dwight Kleinsorge, lives in the
western foothills of Ml. St. Helens inside Governor Dixie's
' Red Zone." He has to show a pass every time he leaves his
home, and it is about impossible for him to have visitors. He
says everyone near the mountain is depressed and so is the
value of all property in the area.
Faye and Gene Pierce have had visiting family from
Oklahoma who were so happy to get away from the terrible
heat there for a time. Dee Crist had a call from her sister in
Missouri telling how terrible their weather is and about the
many heat deaths there. Aren't we lucky to live in Oregon?
Some of us have been complaining about the cold and
wetness more than the heat this year.
The Methodist minister, Rev. Mike Sheridan, has Just
spent ten days working with youth at the Methodist's Camp
Magiudcr near Kockaway on the Oregon Coast.
When he returned last Saturday he was followed by a
busload of youth from churches between Heppner and Boise.
These young people unfurled their sleeping bags in the
Heppner Methodist's Church's basement for over Saturday
night and were breakfasted on Sunday morning by the local
youth, led by Ron Young and Lela Breidenbach. After
attending Sunday worship, they re-loaded their gear and
themselves on the bus and headed east toward Idaho, with a
series of stops along the way.
It is so good to have Rachel Dick back home after a
period of medical attention in Portland. If you have some
time in Pendleton, you might stop to check on Jack Loyd at
St. Anthony's Hospital.
While I was away, Mary Benge kept the picture of the
Heppner High students that Madge Thomson had loaned to
me last Wednesday. Mary and Terrel and friends had lots of
fun trying to identify the students and teachers.
The clippings Madge has saved from 1930 Hehisches are
so interesting, too. In next week's column we plan to share
exerpts from some of them with you.
Our reservoirs have been drawn down as
low as 3 feet during the night. We need your
cooperation for fire safety. PLEASE observe
watering restrictions.
Earl Papineau
Water Supt.
Published July 24, I960
O Irrigon news
Francis Rose Wilson 922-3352
Alma Green retires as
spciii it week in Ontario
f'.-inada. where thev toured
T"pinin jukI aiiendcd several
Shakespearean plavs in SI rat -t.rd
While In the area, thev
,-iNo visited Niacara Falls. On
the way home, they stayed
overnight with Mr and Mrs.
Ron Berg in Seattle. From
Seai'le tlir drove to Port
land where Sherrv met Deb
lte MeCov a i the airport, and
Mie two t'irls led for Honolulu,
where thev are attending
summer si IumiI al the I'niver
ii'v of Hawaii
CMC meels
Christian Women Chili met
Columbia View Fellowship
Church in Irrit'on Mondav
evenim.'. with over W in
ai'endanee The ladies were
entertained bv the "Three
Fishies" iiinihlini! class of
llermislnn. blessed Ihrnnuh
the music sune bv Ixtri
Srhnell. and inspired through
the evenim? speaker, l.i?
Tliaver l.iz related the exper
ience of her familv escaping
from Fast German v when she
was a small child, and also
spoke on the protecting hand
o( God throiiL'hoiil her life i.ir
and her husband. Don. are
ciirronllv involved with the
Tri Cilv Gospel Mission
Christian Womens Cluh in
Irrit'on meets the second
Mondav of each month at
Columbia View Fellowship at
7-rWp m All ladies are invited
to attend. You mav make vour
reservation bv calling 922-XHO
or 922-
Jiinel Itwwn honored al
Janet Brown was honored at
a bridal shower .lulv 1 at the
Fellowship Hall of the Irrigon
Assembly of God Janet is the
bride-elect of Billy Griffin
Both tire of Irrit'on
Several Cames were plaved
helore the manv beautiful
t'ts were opened Oonna
Driver helped Janet record
her oifls
Rettv Morrow and Julia
Rivens served the sweetheart
cakes that thev had made and
decorated The cakes were
formed in the shape of two
hearts joined together and
were decorated with roses
l ns iiltenil corneal inn
Mr and Mrs Warren Me
Cov of Irrit'on. attended the
slate convention of the Veter
ans of Foreign Wars in
McCov was elected senior
vice president and Mrs. Mc
Cov i chairman of hospital
work Her duties include
UM'int' the veteran's hospi
tals The Slate of Oregon has
("in- such hospitals, located in
ledl.ini Portland. Rosehurg
ail White Ciiv. The hospital in
White Ciiv is a live-in type of
hospital Frances McCov
keep in touch with the
chairmen of the various
auxiliaries of the slate that
provide handmade items to
the veterans, especially re
membering them on birthdays
and at Christmas.
I'aillows tour Canada
Mr Al Pari low and Sherrv
Warners honored on 50th
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Warner were honored on their 50th
wedding anniversary. Saturday. July 12. The occasion was
co-hosted by their four daughters and three of their
sons-in-law, Esther Copeland of Pasadena. Ca., Cyril and
Beth McLellan of Springfield. Mo., Ponteleis and Ruth
Vrontakis and Salem. Or., and Arland and Linda Pember of
Springfield. Mo. This was the first time in 28 years the four
sisters had been together at one time.
Cyril McLellan was master of ceremonies for the
informal program and entertainment of the afternoon. '
McLellan is the director of the Revivaltime Choir, an
Assembly of God National program heard worldwide on
radio. His mother. Florence McLellan Robe of Vancouver,
B C. was also an honored guest.
One of the highlights of the afternoon was singing by Mrs.
Warner's cousin. Creston Marshall. Mr. Marshall had also
sung al the Warner's wedding 50 years ago. He and his wife
came from Vancouver, Wash. The Warner's grandson,
Richard Pember, also entertained by playing several pieces
at the piano. Friends told of interesting and often humorous
happenings in their encounters with the Warner family.
There were many visitors from the surrounding areas of
Umatilla and Hermiston. Out of town visitors included:
Edwin Schoolcraft of Forest Grove; Margaret Wooley and
Mr. and Mrs. David Rand of Portland; Mr. and Mrs. Vernon
Bolton of The Dalles; Dan and Violet Hill of Gresham; and
Robert Ford of Gaston.
Stealing the show, of course, was the Warner's first
great-grandson. Paul, the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. James
Copeland. Mr. Copeland was unable to attend because of
work responsibilities.
The Sunday morning service at the Assembly of God
Church in Irrigon was dedicated to the Warner family. Arlan
Pember sang "Give Them All to Jesus." He was
accompanied by his wife Linda. Their son, Richard, played a
piano solo and Cyril McLellan played several numbers on the
violin, Beth McLellan told a missionary story and later
played the clarinet in a duet with her husband who was
playing the violin.
Mr. and Mrs. Warner have lived in Irrigon the entire 50
years of their marriage. Harvey Warner attended school and
graduated from Irrigon High School. Both were active in
community affairs until recent years. Mrs. Warner teaches
the adult Bible class at the Assembly of God Church and has
been the pianist for most of those 50 years. She is also the
church treasurer. Warner is a member of the church board.
Umatilla 1
Ready -Mix
is Still in Business in
Cement deliveries scheduled twice
weekly to South Morrow County.
Regularly on
Wednesdays and Fridays .
Alma llrceii .! ear em
plnsee nt Morrow Counts
retired last week
Alma started with the
ciiiiiv in March of I'lj" She
worked for the health depart
ment us ,-i serrdarv for manv
wars liefi, re moving to the
judge's oifice as secretary
Owi-the ear Alma has been
secretarv for four separate
Mni savs the biggest
el'.'inge sin- lux seen in the
i-. iimU In vears is the
hrr nt en iin ef.'
Hccaiise oi changes in me
i"imi the coal fired plant,
circle irrigation, and larger
forest products production
and food processing. Alma
nv i ) eounlv government
and the number of employees
ha e increased
"I have good memories. I
enjoved mv job verv much."
Alma savs of her vcars al the
("iiiiiv building
She savs now that she is
retired she plans to do some
v ,'n-d work "and mnvlie travel
a h"le hit
county secretary
A dream realized
' eTii - . ,J I V'l
LtsJ I
Janet McElligntl. lone, will
he leav ing soon to spend 10
months in Salzhere. Austria,
attending school at the I'ni
versjiv of Portland, Salzbere.
"Naturallv I'm excited."
she savs. explaining how she
and a group of other students
will he traveling to Europe
helore school starts the second
week of September.
Janet . the daughter of Jerrv
and Marvan McElligntl. lone,
savs she will be flving to
lindou sometime the last
week of August From there
she will join with other
students and lake a boat to
Paris for several davs of
sightseeing Then it's on the
Belgium. Luxiimberg. Inns
hruk. Austria, and finally to
Salhurg in lime to start
The school is a sister school
of the University of Portland,
which Janet attended as a
freshman last year. She grad
uated from lone High in 1979.
While attending the Univer
sity. Janet savs she will be
slaving in a pension (boarding
house) in a town about one
quarter mile from where she
savs the castle seen in the
musical "The Sound Of
f "v, V
' i
i I ' I
Janet McElligott
Music" is located.
Janet, who was very active
in school events both at lone
High and the University of
Portland, says she applied for
the overseas studv through the
Universily and was one of .18
people chosen from the U.S.
"When you finally realize
you're going, you really can't
believe you're actually going
to do it." Janet says. "I have
mv passport and my visa-and
I'm ready to go."
Alma Green (left) with replacement
Judv Lfllivhlin
Monday Friday
7 A.M.-6 P.M.
7 A.M.-5 P.M.
Complete Line Of
r2orrovv County .
StS Grain Growers, E 13 :
Main Office 989-8221
676-9614 676-9288
Western Family
Pineapple (gj)
In Juice
Crushed, Chunk, Sliced
Western Family
Macaroni & Cheese
call collect
for dispatch
,HrMlt,Wi a j r fcS2v. II
7 ah Flavors Mm S We Nave Canning Jors & Supplies
II I Pork Back Ribs I S- I
I l LI mV lb. I
Cauliflower I Radishes & Green Onions
e I 51 i h"
fWrD Na,,ey I j$ I Smoked
MZirm Banquet Dill Pickles JM I d:h!m
Hp (mem S p,cnics
rff' 32 oz j I KuJy lb.