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    The llpppnpr Cazrttr-Timrs, Hcppnrr. Oregon, Thursday, May 29, 1980 THREI
1j fmim
V"t 'M VJ:
rr MH,
MfinhrrN of (hp American legion Auxiliary In llrppner told
poppirN on thf direct In front of Pf trrnon'i Jewelry laat week,
h'ron left, Donna I'apineau who bought one of the paper
flouiTK made by hospitalized war veterans, and Alberta
Johunnrs and Millie Kvana. The annual poppy tale waa part
of (lie area'! Memorial Day ohtiervanre.
Ione's Larry Snider receives
Principal Chuck Starr be
gan the awards presentation
at the lone High School
graduation last Saturday with
some very unusual awards.
He called the awards "I got
in (rouble at school returned
Hems." They were items
collected from senior students
during their school yean that
Starr had no use for. So he
decided to return them.
Senior Citizens
Because not many seniors
indicated positive interest in
attending a camping session
ut Cutslorth Park, it seems
th.it this exciting plan is about
to be abandoned
Senior meals for the coming
week will include, on Monday,
June 2. at Irrigon-Fried
chicken. Mashed Potatoes and
chicken gravy, fresh aspara
gus, cucumbers and celery
relish dish, pear and cheese
on lettuce, bread, butter
and jelly and St. Patrick's
On Tuesday. June 3. in
Heppner. diners will be offer
ed Swiss .steak with mush
room gravy, baked sliced
potatoes, tit-luxe green beans,
tossed vegetable salad, corn-
Heppner Garden
Club meets
The Heppner Garden Club
will meet on Monday, June 9.
at ti 'W p m in the Main Street
Park for a potluck picnic.
It is planned that a repre
sentative of the American
Legion will speak to the group
about flag etiquette. The 1980
club officers will Step down,
as the officers for the coming
year assume their duties.
There will be some prelim
inary planning ol club pro
grams aiid activities for the
coming f ear. Plans will be
completed for incoming presi
dent. Julia Hill, to attend the
Oregon State Federation fo
Garden Clubs state convention
at Klamath Falls.
Public input
asked on BLM
land exchange
During the past several
years, the Prineville District
of the Bureau of Land Man
agement (BLM) has been
considering an exchange of
public land in the area south
east of Arlington, Oregon for
private properties south of
Maupin, Oregon.
To gain additional public
input, BLM has scheduled two
One will be June 3, at 7:30 in
the library at Arlington High
The other will be June 4, at
7:30 in the library at Maupin
Grade School.
Persons desiring to com
ment or provide information
concerning the proposed ex
change are encouraged to
attend one of the meetings.
Martha McElligott was
given back her cane that she
used to herd students with.
Jerry Rietmann was pre
sented with a rocketship that
he was caught with just as he
was ready to launch it.
Glenn Krebs was presented
a silver lid from a can with
coffee grounds in it.
On a more serious note,
Starr went on to present the
bread and jelly and rice and
raisin custard.
On Wednesday. June 4. at
lone and Heppner the menu
will include: Spaghetti with
meatballs, buttered peas and
carrots, cheese sticks. Hono
lulu slaw, plain and garlic
French bread with parmesan
cheese and lemon pudding
with topping.
Seniors end
Riverside years
(Continued from page I)
Blue Mt Community
College presented a
full-tuition award for the
1980-81 year to Larry Higel
Morrow County 4 H leaders
award of $500 went to Lori
The Charles Kydd award
was presented by Mrs. Kydd,
whose former husband's
greatest pleasure was to help
kids. Scholarships went to
Todd Harrison of Heppner
High and to Kristie Baker of
Boardman for $200 each.
From the Tillicum Club.
$200 went to Stacy Coleman.
From the Union Pacific
Railroad. $500 went to Pat
Sharkey for Vo-ag acheive
ment. From the Irrtgon Lions
Club, $250 was presented to
Curtis Viall.
Talk 10 Minutes For ADoIlar.
You can call Bend or anywhere else in Oregon
and talk a full 10 minutes for $1 or less; additional
minutes are only 10C each. Just dial without
operator assistance any tune between 10pm and 8am.
And bend ah ear while talk is cheap in Oregon.
3 Heppner grads receive full-tuition
Three- Heppner Hih School
students hnvp received full
luillon scholnrships to attend
post high school educational
Institutions. It was announced
at Heppner's graduation lust
Jiickic Gentry and If
McCnrl received the two
scholarships that on granted
each year to Heppner students
from Blue Mountain Com
munity College.
Debbie Patistian received a
full-tuition scholarship from
Modern Business College.
Paustian also received the
first Heppner I. ions
vocational-technical scholar
ship in the amount of $500.
Alice Abrams received two
scholarships and two other
awards. She received a $500
scholarship from Kinzua Corp
other awards and scholarships
for lone students.
Larry Snider was honored
as an Oregon state scholar for
being in the top five percent in
the state scholaslically.
lone Cardinal Club present
ed Cathy Gutierrez with a $256
Lori Edwards was present
ed with one year's full tuition
scholarship from Blue Mount
ain Community College. The
high school faculty voted on
the award.
Heppner Elks Lodge No. 358
presented scholarships to
Larry Snider and Terry Starr.
The Cliff Williams Memor
ial Scholarship for a person
planning on attending a voca
tional school in the amount of
$100 went to Brenda Patton
We Are Overstocked With
gssswes 1 1
AA,C and D
35 each 4 for J 25
S Check for CB antennas and accessories
S SONY and Pioneer Radios
Pacific Northwest Bell
and a $200 scholarship from
the Heppner Klks. She re
ceived an Oregon Scholar
Aw ard for being one of the lop
scholars in the State of
Oregon. Ahrams received a
trophy for being the l!)R0
graduating class valedictor
ian, Todd Harrison won two
scholarships, a grant and
received two other awards. He
won a $400 Heppner Klks
scholarship and one of two
Charles Kyd Memorial
Scholarships that are given in
Morrow County for $200.
Harrison also received Hep
pner honor scholar plaque and
a Carl Troedson Education
Fund grant for $700. He
received an Oregon Scholar
Award for bring one of the top
high school scholars in the
Carl Troedson Foundation
grants in the amount of $700
each per year were awarded
to Tim Holtz, Martha McElli
gott and Larry Snider. If the
students receive satisfactory
grades in college, the grants
will be continued.
It was also mentioned that
Mike Conklin won a $200
scholarship last year from the
Oddfellows Lodge.
The salutatorian award go
ing to the person with the
second best grade point
average at lone High School
for the last four years went to
Terry Starr. Larry Snider won
the valedictorian award for
having the best g p. a.
Terry Starr received a
plaque and gavel for being the
lone student body president
this vear.
Nos 13-41-312
and 675 also
Nos. 1 3 and 675
C 136 N. Gale Next to
1st National Bank Parking Lot
Jana Steagall won the $150
Chris Wright Memorial
Scholarship and a $200
scholarship from the Oregon
School Employees of Morrow
Geri Grieb won a $100
scholarship from the Heppner
Marie Van Schoiack wan a
$100 scholarship from the
Heppner Elks and received an
honor scholar plaque.
Paula Heinrichs won a $100
scholarship from the Heppner
American Icgion Auxiliary,
which goes each year fo a
velerap's son or daughter. She
received an honor scholar
Readiness program
set June 4
The last meetings this
spring in the rural pre school
readiness program will be
June 4. at 7:30 p.m. in the
reading room at Heppner
Elementary School and June
5. at 7:30 p.m. in the lone High
School library.
Bill Miller, physical thera
pist for the Umatilla ESD. will
provide information about the
physical development of the
child and its relation to a
successful school experience.
Also featured will be ideas
and packets of material for
use in developing a child's
readiness for reading, math,
and penmanship skills.
These meetings will be the
final ones in the current
session. Follow-up activities
are planned for fall when
parents will be asked to
evaluate the useful lness of the
ideas and materials offered at
the current sessions.
Grocery 676-9614 Meat-676-9288
V Beef
fiab'uco 15 ox.
Cheese INips
ftorteegian 2
lied &
New Potatoes
HjTuw u'jrQ!ifLTi,u,nV''li'"'U""'li' uv"""U'"
Jo jean Stevens won a $100
scholarship from Jim Ackley
Enterprises in the form of the
Bill Kenny Scholarship. It is
not an annual scholarship but
only given when a student is
exceptional in music.
Jim Parker and Dale Hoi-
r diiii'n.
Larry Gorden
Mental Health
counselor resigns
to seek doctorate
Larry Gordon, who has been
on the staff of the Morrow
County Mental Health Center
for 1 1 j years, has resigned and
intends to seek a doctorate.
He left here last week
enroute to his home in
Concord. N.H.
Gordon, a psychologist, did
counseling at the clinics in
Heppner and Boardman and
acted as school psychologist.
His consultations included
drug and alcohol counseling,
outpatient-inpatient counsel
ing and working with the
Children's Services Depart
ment. He holds a master of
science degree from George
Peabody College in Nashville.
Oregon Chief
Dinner Franks
2 lb. pkg.
MJJD. Reg.65'
Assorted Flavors
Rice Mixes
Pacific Frien d 6Hoz.
Minced Clams
79 c
Hi oz.
"' '''""Y"-iM-,'""iJ"'r'-j-"'Tj u
land II were honored as the
Jim Barrett Award recipients
as the top scholar-athletes at
Heppner this year.
Parker. Holland, Larry
Palmer and Sandra Husdon
received Carl Troedson grants
for $700. Almost 50 students
applied for the grants, which
are given throughout the
county to students with
scholastic achievement and
Holland received the
salutatorian trophy and
Lfji -mm A OLD
Next time that you're in the mood
teak . ... and v our wife wants seaiooa, come see
( us We prepare aH of
I our choice steaks with
I the same care given
to our delicious
seafood. And. the
S as reasonable Cl! QCQ
This Weekend
Friday &
Steak Seafood Pi
iHi june7
toMI EJki & Out of Town Guests Only (I
Efftcthrt Tlssrtday - Sctvrday , May 29-31
Oregon Chief
Pork Sausage
Our Choice
Heath 8oz.
Miniature Bars
2 B
uf - - tf'rTi'x) 'u "u "u ' j u'"njr1T"ij',,u,,ij,""'uTifVTriuiT-j""r' ,'in i.r"u ' hi i
an honor
lone United Church
A union & Bar-B-Q
Jane 7, 10:00 a.m.
Willow Grange Hall
Fun for the whole family.
I !
( m$
for a juicy
Palmer received
scholar plaque.
Saturday Dinners
I '
i ,
2 J
n IT
ead 09 c