Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, May 29, 1980, Page TEN, Image 10

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    TEN The Heppner Giette-Time, Heppner, Oregon, Thursday, May 29. IWtO
'Lifeline Energy9 plan may hurt elderly, Bellamy tells Blue Mountain council in Heppner
people who will abuse a law
like that. How would you write
it so the police wouldn't have
to go to the same houses
everv month? Police are not
marriage counselors. Provid
ing shelter to homes does not
solve the problem," but he
said he still supports limited
funding of them.
Bellamy said he will en
courage legislation that will
make it easier for the five
counties in the Blue Mountain
Region to obtain liability
insurance for their buses.
The council showed concern
that the federal government
will cut federal revenue shar
ing in an effort to balance its
budget. The Heppner
Neighborhood Center, accord
ing to Pal Brindlc. receives
half of its funding from
revenue sharing.
Bellamy said he does not
support federal revenue Khar
lug, although he does support
many of the programs' It
funds, lie aid money Ij
federal revenue sharing
should be kept at the state
A legislative hearing
between the Blue Mountain
Economic Development
Council (BMEDC) and State
.Representative Billy Bellamy
took place recently at the
Neighborhood Center in Hep
pner. - John Canaday,, chairman,
presided at the hearing.
The BMEDC discussed in
creasing its council member
ship to ' ave more partici
pation. Member Don Hanson
said it is hard to get interest
because, "When people get
older, they feel they have done
all they should. They complain
when they dont get enough
but they wont do anything
about it. It is nice when
someone else does the work
for them."
The BMEDC has more than
$1.S million budget and the
council is meant to represent
displaced persons, the elderly.
Head Start programs, foster
child and -parents organiza
tions, senior meals, and the
low-income elderly in the Blue
Mountain Region.
Bellamy then commented
on some of the topics concern
ing the council.
Bellamy said the Lifeline
Energy Plan sounds good but
it may hurt the low-income
Lifeline would adjust utility
rates so the more a person
uses, the more he is charged.
That would reverse the pre
sent rate systems which do not
penalize for inefficiency. Life
line would end up hurting the
elderly in big older homes that
have not been insulated prop
erly, Bellamy said.
Bellamy said utility comp
anies may endorse the Lifeline
plan but he feels money for the
weatherization of older homes
should be made readily avail
able. He said he is against the
Energy Coupon concept for
low-income persons.
"I don't like any coupons
because then you have to look
for fraud and you spend more
money monitoring and polic
ing the program than you do
on the program itself," Bel
lamy said.
Bellamy commented that he
does not know what commit
tees he will be on at the next
legislative session because
that depends on the Speaker of
the House. Last session he was
on the Education Committee
and the Environment and
Energy Committee.
"I had excellent input." he
said. "Seniors show a lot of
support and they have an
effective voice. We always
seem to be able to get money
for programs but with so
many rules and regulations
we are not allowed to spend it
the way we wnat to."
BMEDC member Hanson
told Bellamy that his goal as a
member of the council is to see
to it that senior citizens
receive meals five days a
week in Hermiston.
'Those are the only meals
many of them get," he said.
"We (the United States) feed
the world but not our own
The BMEDC. which has 11
members but only six were
present, decided to have
Bellamy respond to some of its
The council and Bellamy
agreed that the Adult and
Family Services hours should
be extended. The Heppner
office is only open from 8 a.m.
to noon Wednesdays.
They also agreed that a
landlord-tenant bill should be
made so the landlord would
receive some kind of credit for
weatherizing a renter's home
or apartment. The bill should
include rules that the landlord
could not raise the rent to help
pay for the weatherization,
they agreed.
' The BMEDC asked Bellamy
if he supports state funding for
shelter homes for battered
persons. The council said it is
against the present law that
states that a restraining order
cannot be filed against a
person unless the spouse has
filed for divorce.
"It is a danger for police to
mix in family disputes,"
Bellamy responded. "Police
will waste a lot of time with
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