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    TWELVE The Heppner Gatette-Ttmei, Heppner, Oregon, Thursday, March 20, 19X0
No savings to taxpayer, more paperwork, Sweek says
of less-than-100 valuation law for property
By Stf vf n A. Powell
Property owners will not be
paying taxes on 100 percent of
true market value this year
but, "It is not going to save the
taxpayer anything as far as I
' can see," said Greg Sweek.
Morrow County tax assessor.
"It's a bad program." he
said. "It just gives us (at the
assessor's office) more paper
work." The new law. House Bill
2540. requires that property
not be assessed at 100 percent
true market value. Sweek said
the percentage will change
yearly depending on the rising
market but this year home
steads will be assessed at 84.2
percent of true cash value and
other property will pay 87.6
This means taxpayers will
be paying a higher cost per
$1,000 in valuation than if they
were taxed at true cash value
but the total taxes will be the
same. A mythical example
would be that instead of
paying $15 per $1 .000 valuation
for true cash value as in the
past, this year taxpayers
would pay $16.50 per $1,000
valuation because of the
reduced rate at taxing at 84.2
percent of total valuation. The
total amount of taxes paid,
however, would be about the
A review of taxing informa
tion available from the county
assessor's office for the last
five years shows that Heppner
is the most expensive city to
live in with average taxes
being $91 4. .08 each year. lone
is second at $710.88. Irrigon
third at $701.04. Boardman
next with $679.76 and Lexing
ton is the least expensive city
in Morrow County to live in
with taxes at $679.76 an
nually for an average.
In Heppner. property tax
payers on $40,000 property
paid $1,036 in taxes in 1975.
$951.20 in 1976. $752.80 in 1977,
$970 in 1978 and $860.40 in 1979.
In Irrigon. on $40,000 proper
ty taxpayers paid $681.20 in
1975. $754 in 1976, $618.40 in
1977. $799.20 in 1978 and $672.40
in 1979.
In Ixington. for the same
valued property, taxpayers
spent $582 in 1975. $544.80 in
1976. $476 in 1977. $591.60 in
1978 and $618 in 1979.
A person who owned a
$40,000 home and property in
lone in 1975 paid $735.20. in
1976 $695.20. in 1977 $662.40 in
1978 $768.80 and in 1979 $692.80.
In Boardman. a $40,000
property owner paid $707 in
1975. $624.80 in 1976, $589.60 in
1977. $764.80 in 1978 and $712.40
in 1979.
The entire county valuation
more than doubled in the last
five years from $193,125,965 in
1975 to $472,159,408 in 1979.
The valuation of Heppner
has gone up from $11,619,769 in
1975 to $13,212,988 in 1976 to
$14,971,188 in 1977 to
$16,801,106 in 1978 to
$20,826,751 in 1979.
Irrigon -s valuation has in
creased from $1,706,540 in 1975
to $2,482,873 in 1976 to
$3,698,581 in 1977 to $4,513,778
in 1978 to $6,463,556 in 1979.
The valuation of Lexington
has increased slightly each
year from $2,028,183 in 1975 to
$2,316,529 in 1976 to $2,674,197
in 1977 to $3,000,621 in 1978 to
$3,290,520 in 1979.
tone's valuation has only
slightly increased each year
from $2,151,539 in 1975 to
$2,286,844 in 1976 to $2,939,642
in 1977 to $3,161,105 in 1978 to
$3,474,740 in 1979.
Boardman's valuation has
increased almost 300 percent
in the last five years from
$5,193,512 in 1975 to $6,754,540
in 1976 to $12,057,386 in 1977 to
$17,447,739 in 1978 to
$21,622,351 in 1979.
The Morrow County School
District taxed the county
taxpayers at a rate of $9.19 per
$1,000 valuation in 1975, $8.82
per $1,000 in 1976, $7.58 in 1977,
$9.59 in 1978 and $7.73 per
$1,000 in 1979.
Blue Mountain Community
College taxed Morrow County
property owners for $1.91 per
$1,000 in 1975, $1.76 in 1976,
$1.87 in 1977. $1.54 in 1978 and
$1.41 in 1979.
Taxes to fund the county
budget were at $2.39 per $1,000
in 1975. $2.02 per $1,000 in 1976.
$1 .55 in 1977. $2.75 in 1978, and
$3,22 per $1,000 valuation in
In 1975. the city of Heppner
taxed the property owners
$11.62 per $1,000 valuation and
for all the taxing district.
Heppner owners paid $25.90
per $1,000. In 1976. the city of
Heppner taxed at $lo.56per
$1,000 and total taxes were
$23.78 per $1,000. The city of
Heppner taxed property own
ers $7.20 per $1,000 in 1977 and
they paid a total of $18.82 per
$1 .000 in valuation the lowest
in the five-year period. Tax
payers paid $24.25 per $1,000
totally in 1978 with $9.78 per
$1.01X1 going to the city of
Heppner. Of $21.51 per $1000
in 1979. $8.38 went to the city of
Irrigon taxpayers paid
$17.03 per $1,000 in 1975 with
only $1.33 going to the city of
Irrigon. Taxes went up to
$18.85 per $1,000 the next year
and the city received $4.54 per
$1.000 the most in the five
year period. In 1977. Irrigon
property owners paid $15.46
per $1,000 with $2 .89 going to
the city. The tax rate rose to
$19.48 per $1,000 in the next
year but $3.41 went to the city
of Irrigon. In 1979. they paid
$16.81 per $1,000 with $2.53 per
$1,000 entering the city bud
get. The city of Lexington has
barely taxed its property
owners until last year. The
rate was 67 cents per $1,000 in
1975. 62 cents in 1976. 57 cents
in 1977, 56 cents in 1978 and
then jumping to $2.78 per
$1,000 in 1979. Total taxes for
the city taxpayers were $14.55
in 1975. $13.62 in 1976. $11.90 in
1977. $14.79 in 1978 and $15.45
in 1979.
lone paid $18.38 per $1,000 in
1975 with $4.50 going to that
city budget for operation. In
1976. the rate dropped a dollar
to $17.38 with the city receiv
ing $4.38. Taxpayers paid $5.23
per $1,000 to the city of lone in
1977 and a total of $16.56. lone
paid its highest rate in 1978 at
$19.22 per $1,000 valuation but
the city received just $4 99
despite the jump. The city of
lone received $4.65 per $1,000
in 1979 out of a total of $17.32
per $1,000 that they were
Boardman property owners
paid $17.68 per $1,000 inl975
with $3.41 per $1,000 going to
the city of Boardman. In 1976.
they paid $15.87 with $2.75 to
the city. Its lowest total rate
was in 1977 with a rate of
$14 74 and $3.28 went to the
city budget. The total rate
jumped almost $5 per $1,000
valuation the next year to
$19.12 with $4.37 going to
Boardman itself. In 1979. the
rate totally was $17.81 per
$1,000 with $4.57 going to the
Boardman city budget.
Taxes that needed to be
raised by the different taxing
districts show why taxpayers
had to pay the different rates.
The figures are not the total
budgets but only the part that
needed to be raised by county
In 1975. the school district
needed. $1,822,837 while in 1976
it rose to $2,140,775. It
increased slightly to $2,167,704
in 1977 and $3,148,402 in 1978. It
jumped to $3,684,285 in 1979.
The county budget needed
only $473,931 in 1975 and
$490,276 in 1976. It actually
dropped to $450,985 in 1977 but
more than doubled the next
year to $905,324. It increaseed
on Morrow
nurse's Pay
The Morrow County nurse
will receive a salary of $16,488
rather than the figure re
ported in last week's Heppner
Gazette-Times of $18,468.
Nurse Pat Wright made
$14,242 this year.
The error was made be
cause a copy of the county
budget that was approved by
the budget committee was
given to the newspaper before
it had been updated from a
previous budget meeting.
even more in 1979 to $1 .538.707,
Blue Mountain Community
College needed $368,870. for
taxes in 1975 with $415,948 in
1076. The college taxed for
$534,776 in 1977. $505,582 in 1078
and $672,015 in 1070.
The Port of Morrow taxes
onlv slightlv each vear asking
for $32,831 in 1075. $33,775 in
m. $37,177 in 1077. $30,306 in
1078 and $42,869 in 1070.
The ritv of Heppner needed
taxes In he raised mounting to
$135,021 in 1075. $130,400 in
1076. dropping to $107,710 in
1077 and then increased to
$164,314 in 107K In 1070. the
citv budget needed $174,528
from county taxes paid by
property owners,
lone needed $0.(181 from
taxes in 1075. $10,010 in 1076.
$15,370 in 1077, $15,773 in 1078
and $16,157 in 1070
I'nlil 1070. Lexington city
taxes were minimal. In 1075.
the budget needed $1,358 and
in 107fi $1,410 In 1077 it went
up to $1,504 and in 1078 $1,680.
The big jump in 1070 brought
B60 -
k:: J
the city budget to $0,147.
Irrigon "s city budget took a
400 percent jump from 1075 to
107fi but has leveled off since
then. In 1075, Irrigon's city
budget required $2,260 in taxes
but in 1076 it rose to $11,314. In
1077. it dropped to $10,602 but
increased to $15,449 in 1978 and
$16,352 in 1070,
J - ? ft
Members of the Heppner
square-dancinK show for their
9 f
60 series
F.60-H- IK. 73
FfiO-M 5 1. IX
53. SI
F.1HM5 ;,i,ir
K.o-1 r. 5 ;,
(110-15 51.71
I .(id-1 5 (i3.ll
Plus FFT and ex hangp
13x6... 46.96
14x6. ..51. 14
14x6. ..34.57
15x6 ...36.22
15x7. ..37.42
Honrdman's city budget has
grown tremendously in the
five-year criod from $17,700
required by taxes in 1075 to
$08,844 required by taxes in
1070. It only jumped to $18,520
in 1976 hut doubled to $30,403 in
1078 then practically doubled
auain to $76,246 in 1070.
Grade School put
parents last week.
spring with
Belted 70 series
j 441 II. Mdn
Sj rZfT mi
MK u;(iiai)
on water
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The President announced
last Friday in a nationwide
televised address that $13
billion must be cut from
federal spending projects in
the fight against inflation.
At a special council meeting
this week, Mayor Jerome
Sweeney mentioned the possi
bility that funding for the dam
and reservoir might be
dropped. His comment was
made during discussion of
water system improvements
the city must undertake as a
result of the project.
The U S. Army Corps of
Engineers has agreed to
relocate the city's reservoir,
which would require upgrad
ing for water distribution
The meeting had been called
to decide on the reservoir
capacity and to adopt an
ordinance for a Iwind issue
election. The present reser
voir's capacity is 780,000
gallons. The council expressed
Plus I IT
Add tl if mi (rude
Fit most Import cars
13x6... 46.08
14x6... 37.99
15x6. ..41.50
15x7... 43.75
Council calls for bond vote
system improvements
preference for a new concrete
reservoir, rather than s!cel;
and in place of increased
stonige capacity, to spend the
difference in funds on improv
ing Well No. 6, known as the
Thorpe Well, situated above
Balm Fork. ,
The choices for increasing
the reservoir size were to
enlarge it to one million
gallons, to P i million gallons
or l's million gallons, at
difference in cost ranging
from $60,000 to $140,000.
The bond election, for gen
eral obligation bonds totalling
$430,000. would be scheduled
May 20. The funds would cover
the new Thorpe Well, a
transmission line from the
reservoir, a high-pressure line
to the Rock Street area, and
associated costs including le
gal and engineering fees,
surveying and mapping, a
rate study and contingency
Citv Aitornev William Kuhn
Radial 60
adial 70
, i I
mmmmmmmmmm ,
1 'i
offered, instead of an ordi
nance, a resolution that he
said would be sufficient for
authorizing an election. A
resolution would not require a
unanimous vote for "emer
gency" passage in order to set
the May election date. Kuhn
said he had not expected a
unanimous vote and he was
The vote on the resolution
was three to one, with one
abstention. Councilmen Frank ,
Pearson. Cliff Green and
Robert Laughlin voted yes,
Councilman Warren Plochar
sky no, and Councilman Joe
Miller abstained, apparently
for philosophical reasons.
Sweeney said it is the right
of the council members to
abstain from voting without
giving a reason. "I never
ask." he commented.
Later, Miller said; "I feel
we still have to act as a group.
Rather than voting against it,
this shows that we see things
Frlill-ll .!
I It (in it 71 k:i
(.Kiiii-M 75.24
(.H (ill 15 77. IIH
IK (.or, 87.31
Pin J I T
ETC 4 6
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;H7!I -15
1 1 1 70 15
Plus FKT
PtssiStfsa 276-1571
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