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Walking as exercise
By Steven I. Subotnick,
D.P.M., M.S.
The running craze has almost
become a revolution in the Uni
ted States. It's estimated that 30
million people now run or jog
daily, but what about those who
find running or jogging too
What about those who have
tried jogging and gotten hurt?
What about those who only wish
to do gentle exercises such as
Walking is an excellent form
of aerobic exercise. Aerobic
means that you are increasing
your body's ability to utilize
Walking gently elevates your
heart rate and increases the effi
ciency of your heart as a pump.
It also increases your body's
ability to more efficiently utilize
oxygen. The metabolism of
your body is likewise made
more efficient.
Who should walk? Everyone!
Everyone should walk 30 min
utes per day at a brisk pace, five
days a week. You should not be
out of breath when you're walk
ing since this may over-stress
vour heart.
It's a good idea to do some
gentle stretching exercises be
fore and after you walk. Exer
cises which are helpful are those
to stretch the muscles in the
back of your leg. This can be
easily accomplished by just
leaning against the wall.
I am often asked what type of
shoes are best for walking. I find
that the jogging shoes currently
being used are excellent for
walking. Likewise, crepe-soled
oxford type shoes are good for
What about foot pain as
sociated with walking ? It is pos
sible that with walking you can
have pain anywhere in the foot.
Usually you will have this
pain before you started your
walking program, but the walk
ing program may aggravate it.
If this is the case, you should
see a podiatrist. A podiatrist
may find an imbalance in the
foot which needs some form of
accommodation or correction.
An orthotic foot device (custom
made foot support) usually will
take care of the problem.
. Who should run? Those
people who have been on a
walking program for four to six
weeks and have had absolutely
no problems adapting to it, may
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Wednesday, Feb. 20, 1980-Page 3
try gentle jogging.
When you do gentle jogging
you should shuffle, much like
doing a fox trot, and not lift your
knees too high.
I suggest jogging for about 10
minutes, walking for 10 min
utes, jogging for another 10 min
utes, and then walking for 10
This should be done for two
to three weeks before you at
tempt to jog a total of 30-40
minutes per day.
The more you jog or run, the
more necessary it will be to use
stretching exercises before and
alter you run.
Likewise, when you begin
running, any mild to moderate
imbalance you have in your foot
may cause some form of stiff
ness or overuse injury and. if
this is the case, a sports-oriented
podiatrist will be able to balance
your feet with some form of
Sporthotic device.
The Langer Group, the
world's foremost laboratory en
gaged in the manufacture of cus
tom podiatric devices, publishes
a free brochure, "When Your
Feet Hurt. You Hurt All Over,"
which discusses fool problems
in general and how they can be
helped through biomechanical
devices, such as Sporthotics.
To obtain this informative
brochure, and a listing of qual
ified podiatrists in your area,
write to: The Langer Group,
Dept. M, 21 Last Industry
Court, Deer Park. NY 1172').
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Heart Stopper" r
KINGSTON; R.J: ',' More '
' than 8.000 people a year drown
in the U.S. . .
" "Although intoxication and'
inability to swim are factors
contributing to these deaths, in
more than half of these drown
. ings," the unrecognized killer is
'hypothermia.' caused by cold
water,",, says Neil W. Ross,
specialist with the University of
Rhode Island marine service.
Hypothermia is the lowering
of the body's internal core
temperature to a point at which
the heart stops. It can occur in
any water temperature below
that of body temperature.