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    The Heppner Gazette-Times, Heppner, Oregon, Thursday, October 18, 1979 NINE
Backseat Coach
By Steven A. Powell
Heppner's football team is cruising its way to another
undefeated season in Columbia Basin League play so like
most fans in Heppner, I am looking forward to seeing the
games against tougher opponents in Class A Playoff games.
The Mustang team was beaten soundly in the playoffs
last year and to prevent that from happening again, John
Sporseen and the varsity team should work on its passing
John Bier has proven himself to be an accurate passer as
he has hit 64 percent of his passes this year but the team just
does not pass enough.
And now is the perfect time to practice the passing game.
With three games left on the schedule, Heppner is almost
assured of a playoff berth. Now that they don't have to worry
about getting into the playoffs, they can worry about how
they are going to do in the playoffs.
If the Mustangs finish first, they will play the second
place finisher in District VI which, according to Sporseen,
will probably be either Bonanza or Culver. The game will be
here in Heppner.
If they win that one, the team will again play at home in
the second round of the playoffs and they could play possibly
all of the playoff games in Heppner, including the state
championship game.
But to do that, Heppner will need to do some more
passing. In the weak CBL, the Mustangs are cleaning up, but
what will happen when they take on tougher teams? Heppner
really has not had a close, nail-biting game this year and they
definitely will have to come up with something in the
Heppner's defense is excellent but what will happen
when they meet a team with just as good a defense? It will be
up to the best offensive team to win the game. But since
Heppner's running game is so good, they seem to rely on it
' too much. The team needs to work on its passing game so
opposing defensive squads cannot concentrate on the running
game. It makes it a lot easier to form a defensive game plan
since Heppner runs the ball 80 percent of the time.
Heppner's excellent running game needs the threat of a
passing attack to make it all the more effective. Bier has
caught opposing defenses by surprise a few times this year
with his passing but he could be even more effective if he
passed the ball more often and that would make the run more
Instead of handing the ball off to John Murray on first
down, which has come to be predictable this year, why not
pass the ball to tight end Dale Holland for a big gain? Coach
Sporseen likes to catch the defense by surprise with the
passing attack but why not surprise the defense even more
by passing more often?
Heppner can win its league by ramming the ball down its
opponent's throats but they cannot win the state title that
way. And the state title is within the team's grasp this year if
it works on its weaknesses and is not just satisfied with
winning the league title.
Winning the league title is no longer a big enough goal for
Heppner. Heppner is simply playing in a league with teams
that are not good enough for it. So when the real games come
up in about a month, the squad will really know how good it is
against teams as good as Heppner.
The only question marks on the team are the defensive
backfield and passing game.
I was glad to see the success last week in the game
against Wahtonka when Bier passed for 158 yards hitting
10-of-15 passes for three touchdowns. But that was against
the worst team in the league with an 0-6 record. Bier needs to
do that well in every game if Heppner is going to challenge
for the state championship.
Since Heppner is playing weaker opponents in the next
few weeks, now is a good time to practice on its passing
game. The only way to have a successful passing game is to
practice it in game situations so the team will build
confidence in it. Then, if the team does fall behind in the
playoffs and has to throw the ball, they will be used to passing
and it will help the team rather than hurt it.
Even if the ball is intercepted a few times Heppner will
still be able to win its next three games, although maybe not
by as many points. It would be good for the team to have a
close game or two going into the playoffs. So Heppner should
gamble a little bit and throw about 20 times a game in the
next three contests so they can develop the passing attack
that will take them to the state title
If Heppner gets to the state playoff games and does not
have to use its improving passing game all that much great.
But just in case they do need a passing game, isn't now a good
time to start developing one?
Heppner plays Wasco
Measuring wood,
no simple matter
If you're buying wood to
help trim your heating bills, it
pays to know what you're
paying for, according to
experts at the U.S. Forest
Usually wood is sold by the
cord or fraction thereof. But
the cord you order may not be
the cord you get because there
are different types of cords.
There is a standard cord, face
cord, short cord, long cord, a
solid cord and maybe others.
The standard cord, which
you should specify when
ordering wood, is a pile of
wood measuring 4 feet high, 8
feet wide and 4 feet long. A
face cord measure 4 feet high
by 8 feet wide but the pieces
may be any length. So a face
cord of stovelength (10 inch)
wood would be only one-third
of a standard cord. "Short
cord" is another way of saying
"face cord."
In addition to knowing what
type cord you order, be sure
the pile you measure is tightly
stacked with all the wood
pieces lying in the same
direction. Otherwise you will
pay for air space instead of
wood. Even piled carefully, a
cord has only 80 cubic feet of
solid wood in it, though its
dimensions measure 128 cubic
, feet.
The size and straightness of
the wood in the pile have a lot
to do with how much wood you
will get. Crooked pieces add to
air space but large pieces add
up to more wood in the pile
even though the spaces may
look larger.
Pound for pound, most
species of wood produce about
the same amount of heat if the
wood is dry. However, some
species of wood are lighter
than others so a cord of wood
such as aspen will weigh about
half as much as a cord of dry
white oak and will therefore
have about half the heat value.
It would seem buying wood
by weight would avoid ques
tions about piling and measur
ing. But practice and theory
clash because wood always
contains moisture. Up to half
the weight of "green" wood,
fresh-cut from living tees, can
be water. At today's wood
prices, that is expensive
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On the season, Parker leads
in defensive points with 104
followed by Joedy Marlatt
with 78 and Dale Holland with
Bier's passing on the year is
at 64 percent hitting 30-of-47
for 430 yards and five touch
downs and only one intercep
tion. Murray leads the team in
scoring with 102 points. He
also is the leading rusher with
574 yards on 96 carries for a 6
yard average.
Doug Holland is the second
leading rusher with 265 yards
on 61 carries for a 4.8 average.
Dale Holland leads the
receivers with 15 catches for
243 yards for a 16.2 average
per catch.
Heppner has outscored its
opponents 68-3 in the first
quarter, 61-7 in the second,
33-12 in the third and 13-0 in the
fourth period for a total of 175
points to 22 for the opponents.
First downs made passing
are even at 15-15 but Heppner
has 71 first downs rushing to 17
for opponents.
As a team, Heppner has
passed 63 times and comple
ted 34 for 489 yards while the
opponents are 39-of 116 for 564
In 287 attempts, Heppner
has gained 1,286 yards on the
ground while the opponents
have gained only 178 yards on
48 carries for a pitiful average
of 1.2 yards per carry.
Penalties have been the only
thing that has stopped Hepp
ner this year. The team has
been penalized 40 times for 460
yards while opponents have
Nov. 5 date of
MCGG annual
The 49th annual meeting of
the Morrow County Grain
Growers will be Nov. 5 at the
fair pavillion in Heppner.
The meeting will start with
dinner at 6:30 p.m. The
featured speaker will be
Kenneth Krueger, vice presi
dent of the Spokane Bank for
Cooperatives. His topic will be
"Managing With Inflation."
The meeting agenda will
include reports from company
officers and the election of
directors and associate direc
tors. Lewis Halvorsen, nomina
ting committee chairman,
announced the following slate
of candidates for the positions
of director and associate
The nominees for director
are: Ron Haguewood, Hepp
ner; Gene Majeske, Lexing
gon; Larry Lindsay, Lexing
ton; and Joe McElligott, lone.
The nominees for associate
director are: Jim Swanson,
lone; Wm. Doherty, Lexing
ton; Leonard Munkers, Lex
ington; Chuck Nelson, Lexing
ton; and Monte Evans, Hepp
ner. Nominations may be
made from the floor at the
Something new will be
added for the annual meeting
this year. Free babysitting
service will be provided in the
dormitory building next door
to the fair pavillion. This
service will better enable
members to attend the annual
Arts Commission
to meet in
The Oregon Arts Commis
sion will hold a regional public
hearing on arts programs,
services, and planning on
Friday, Nov. 2, at 7:30 p.m. in
Ontario City Hall.
On Saturday, November 3,
the Eastern Oregon Regional
Arts Council will hold its
quarterly board of directors'
meeting, also at Ontario City
Hall, at 11:30 a.m. Regional
Arts Council members are
welcome to attend this meeting.
had 27 penalties for 255 yards.
Heppner's game tomorrow
night is against Wasco County
in Maupin beginning at 7 p.m.
Wasco County beat Sher
man last week 7-6 and they are
3-2 this year.
"They beat Pilot Rock in an
upset this year in overtime
and they are a big team with a
back who is a real scooter so
you never know because they
have an outside chance at
second place but we should
win," Coach Sporseen said.
The Redsides Tony Martin
ran for 118 yards on 30 carries
against Sherman last week.
County has pulled a few upsets
this year but even though they
are playing at home, the
Redsides do not have enough
defense to stop Heppner. The
team knows how important it
is to Heppner because Spor
seen says that if they win
tomorrow night, they have at
least a tie for first place
The Redsides will be ready
to play so it may be one of the
tougher games this year but
the Mustangs will win 30-7.
After tomorrow night's
game, Heppner has only a
non-league game against Lyle
Oct. 27 at 1:30 and a home
game against Pilot Rock Nov.
After those games, Heppner
will probably be going to the
district playoffs.
Coach Sporseen said Hepp
ner's chances in the playoffs
will be good if the team can
avoid penalties at "dumb
"I don't know if it's the way
I coach or what but my teams
always have more penalties
than the opposing teams,"
Sporseen admitted.
Sporseen said he likes to
pass the ball when he wants to
and not when they are
desperate. He said his re
ceivers are good this year and
the offensive line gives the
quarterbacks good protection
so he is not afraid to pass the
ball this year.
"My ideal game is to have
half as many yards passing as
we get rushing," Sporseen
Sporseen added, "I am not a
huge fan of the playoffs but I
will enjoy it when we get
The Heppner coach said the
Mustangs will play the first
two games of the district
playoffs at home and they
could host all four of the Class
A football playoffs if the team
can keep winning.
The first playoff game for
Heppner, if they come in first
place, will be at home against
the second place finisher of
District VI. Sporseen said
Heppner will probably take on
either Bonanza or Culver in
the first game.
Mustang volleyball team
tied for first place
Heppner beat Wahtonka last
Thursday to raise its record to
7-1 in league play and the team
is tied for first place with
The Mustangs traveled to
Condon Oct. 16 to take on the
defending champions to see
who would sit alone atop the
league standings.
Heppner beat Wahtonka in
two games 15-12 and 15-12.
Lynn Dee Devin served for 10
points and Jana Steagall was
the high server with 11.
The JV team also won but it
took them three games. Wah
tonka won the first game 15-11
but Heppner came back and
won the next two 15-12 and
The C team won in two
games 15-10 and 18-16.
Condon lost to Sherman and
that is why Heppner is tied for
first. Heppner lost to Condon
earlier this season.
"The game Tuesday could
decide the league champ, that
is assuming we win our next
three games against River
side, Sherman and lone,"
Coach Sheri Brock said.
The next home match for
Heppner is this Saturday at
noon against Hermiston. Next
Tuesday, Sherman comes to
The top two teams in the
league, which are Condon and
Heppner right now, will parti
cipate in the district playoffs.
If any teams tie lor a playoff
berth, the teams would playoff
on a neutral court to decide
which team would go.
Morrow County Court
Effective November 1st the Turner Landfill will be
open to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on
Saturday and Sunday only. Rates: 50c a can, $2.50 for a
pickup load, and $10.00 for a truck load. If attendants
are asked to open the site for special dumping during
the week, the charge will be $5.00 for a pickup load and
$10.00 for a truck load. The attendants may he reached
at 670-5525 or 676-9!!i3.
The Lexington site will continue to be open on the
first and third Saturday mornings between the hours of
8:00 and 12:00 noon, for receiving tires, cars, and
"white goods".
Publish Oct. 18, 29; Nov. 1, 1979.
Guns ! Guns ! Guns!
Starting October 18th
Reduced $5 each day
until October 26th
Stop &. Saw$$$
Scopes -Ammo-Bags-Knives-Game
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ff M&MitlS00''' ..-
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