Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, September 13, 1979, Page SIX, Image 6

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    SIX The Heppner Gazette-Times, Heppner, Oregon, Thursday, SepteiiiUer 13, 1979
Mule deer diminished but hunting for other big game looks good
The outlook for the hunting
seasons this fall is going to
vary depending on the species
of game you hunt. If you hunt
mule deer, expect to find your
opportunities diminished. But
if upland game is your sport
the outlook is much improved.
Prospects for elk, black-tailed ,
deer, other big game and
waterfolw may be pretty
much on par with last year.
A sever winter in parts of
eastern Oregon this last yeat
has reduced populations oi
younger age-class mule deer
in many areas, and even
though there was a generally
good carry-over of older
bucks, hunters will find their ;
prospects reduced in many
units. A 12-day mule deer "
season beginning September ;
29 is again on tap this year
except in 11 management
units where it will be only
seven days long.
A 4-point buck regulation
applies only to Steens Unit and
the southwest one quarter of
Whitehorse Unit this year and
a special permit is required to
hunt there. Permits were
issued first come, first served,
and no more are availalbe.
Black-tailed deer popula
tions are in generally good
shape, and long seasons have
again been set for western
Oregon. In the northwest part
of the state hunters will again
have a five-day either -sex
season at the end of the
C to C team
still unbeaten
Leading in the Tuesday
Night Women's Bowling
Sparetimers League is C to C
with a 4-0 game record and
2,060 in total pins. Peterson's
is second with 3-1, 2,066,
Central Market, third, 2-2,
1,813, Bucknum's fourth, 2-2,
1,693, Morrow County Grain
Growers, 2-2, 1,688, Jerry's
Mobil, 2-2, 1,537, Sears 1-3,
1,619 and Gardner's, 0-4, 1,790.
High individual game this
week (scratch) Karen Pal
mer, 186; high individual
series, Palmer, 469, High
team game, Peterson's 704
and high team series, Peter
son's, 2,066. -
The league bowls at Hepp
ner Bowl.
Three bowling
tied for first
Koffee Kup Keglers have
started their bowling season
at the Heppner Bowl with
three teams tied for first,
Weary Wives, 3-1, Newcom
ers, 3-1, and Three Holers, 3-1
trailed by the Hi-Ho's, 2-2,
Gutter Duster, 2-2, Three l's,
1-3 The Dregs, 1-3 and the
Pitts, 1-3.
High game was turned in by
Maureen Howard with a 189
score and Iris Campbell had
the high series, 481. The high
team game was scored by
Hi-Ho's, 581 and the high team
series won by the Weary
Wives, 1,570 pins.
Wilson leads
women golfers.
by Cindy Kerr
Beverly Wilson was low
gross winner in Tuesday's
Ladies play.
Roxie Lovgren turned in the
second low gross and Judy
Stevens had least putts.
Rule changes foi
school lunches
Under a new Department of
Agriculture rule, schools now
have the option of sending .
parents eligibility information
only for reduced price meals
served in the school lunch and
breakfast programs.
Previously, schools were
required to send notices to
parents giving income and
family size criteria for both
free meals and reduced price
general buck season. In south
western Oregon that system
was replaced this year with
controlled management unit
permits valid only in conjunc
tion with an unused black
tailed deer tag to take an
antlerless animal.
Elk herds are generally
stable throughout the state
although some reduction in
productivity was seen in a few
units, and a few areas there
were also some winter losses .
of calves. In western Oregon,
mainly on the west slopes of
the Cascades and central
Coast Range, small herds are
gradually expanding and pro
viding additional new hunting
Heavy hunting pressure on
the opening weekend contin
ued to be a problem in more
popular units last year, and a
regyjatignja!as. adopted for
this season which splits the elk,
season for both Rocky Moun
tain and Roosevelt elk: In
eastern Oregon the first sea
son runs October 27 .through
,31, and the second period is
November 3 through 11. In
western Oregon dates are ;
November 10 through 13 and
November 17 through 23. .The
huner chooses one period
when he buys his tag and his
hunting is limited to that
.period. V,
: In western Oregon three
point bull regulations will
again be in effect in Saddle
Mountain and Tioga units and
hunters in those units must
have a permit which restricts
them to one unit or the other.
' There is no limit on the
numbers of permits available.
Chetco and Dixon units are
also under a 3-point rule but
anyone with a valid Roosevelt
elk tag can hunt in these units.
On the east side, the
Chesnimnus Unit is restricted
to 3,000 permit holders again
this year, and Snake River is
restricted to 1,000 permit
holders and a 3-point bull
regulation remains in effect.
Hunters are reminded that
the sale of deer and elk tags
will end again this year before
the general season begins. No
deer tags will be sold after
September 28, no Rocky
Mountain elk tags after Octo
ber 26, and no Roosevelt elk
tags after Novermber 9. Bear
tag sales ended August 31, the
day before the general season
Vehicle restrictions will
again be in effect in many
parts of the state. In these
closure areas a few main
roads remain open to provide
access, but side roads are
closed and all off-road vehicle
use is prohibited. Road clo
sures are generally applied in
areas where excessive road
construction, usually for for
est management purposes,
has left game herds too
vulnerable. They have been
widely accepted by the hunt
ing public, and they are all
listed along with their effec
tive dates in the game
mammal synopsis.
Prices Effective September 12 thru
September 16, 1979
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